Emmanuel TV Draws in an International Audience and Reaches Over 1m Subscribers on YouTube

Emmanuel TV – Over 1 Million Subscribers

Christian television station marks milestone with over 1 million subscribers on YouTube Channel

Emmanuel TV, a global Christian television station, has reached a subscriber base of over 1 million on its YouTube channel garnering over 387 million views, making it the most watched Christian ministry, not exclusively focused on music programming, on the platform.

With viewers from as wide as the Caribbean Islands to the South Pacific, Emmanuel TV has attracted a diverse audience in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America. Its programs are available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese; and each of the languages have their respective YouTube channels with considerable numbers collectively resulting in over 1.4 million subscribers and over 500 million views.

The global Christian channel has a burgeoning streaming service, which is available both on satellite and online.

Emmanuel TV is notable for the Sunday service transmitted live every week from its headquarters; yet it broadcasts numerous other Christian programs such as: Standard for Life, Prayer for Viewers, World Prophecies, Changing Lives Interviews, Christian Cartoon Series for Children, Musical Renditions from Emmanuel TV Singers and more. Additionally, Emmanuel TV records and broadcasts documentaries on a wide range of societal issues which include topics on migration and deportation; unemployment and education; foreigners stranded and seeking to return to their home countries; and life stories of Nigerian deportees from Libya.

In addition to television programming to a world-wide audience, Emmanuel TV’s humanitarian arm provides charitable assistance to prisons, rehabilitation centers and flood victims all around the world – under the catch-phrase “Straight Outta Emmanuel TV”.

Emmanuel TV’s programming is premised on three principles: Changing Lives, Changing Nations and Changing the World.

About Emmanuel TV 

Emmanuel TV was launched on March 8, 2006 by T.B. Joshua – founder of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations and Executive Producer of Emmanuel TV.

SOURCE Emmanuel TV

3 thoughts on “Emmanuel TV Draws in an International Audience and Reaches Over 1m Subscribers on YouTube

  1. Keep Watching Emmanuel.tv

    Naturally we say Congratulations to Emmanual.tv founders and sponsors, and also thank you Jesus. This is what we usually say to acknowledge every miracle coming out of SCOAN and relayed by the same Emmanuel.tv. But the story is bigger than that and it shows how our God works.

    A period before 2006 Christian programmes were relayed on national television stations but at a price to be paid by the organizers like SCOAN. It was part of “paid for TV adverts”. The government of the day then hated seeing miracles on tv but hundreds of miracles were already going out from SCOAN and broadcasted through national televisions. Because of the hatred, attack on Prophet T. B. Joshua and unbelief government of that day banned Christian broadcasts that would contain miracles.

    We don’t know what Prophet T. B. Joshua and the sponsors did but by the end of March 2006 we started seeing Emmanuel.tv channels. Mark this, in the town all Christian channels are called Emmanuel.tv channels even when only one of them is actually Emmanuel.tv.

    We have no doubt that Emmanuel.tv weill keep growing and independently where no government can censor it. However we need to keep praying along with Prophet T. B. Joshua who has lifted Christ and Christianity as a way of life rather than mere religion. The teachings, testimonies and programming coming out of Emmanuel.tv are backed by the Holy Spirit of God and they are edifying and changing lives. The channel has become a must watch for many homes. Many individuals don’t even want to attend their local churches on Sunday simply because they stay glue to Emmanuel.tv. We discourage that.

    From my association and personal interaction with Prophet T. B. Joshua, SCOAN or Emmanuel.tv the whole activity there is to produce genuine grown up Christians for the world and where each produced Christian will go out to produce more souls for Christ. The miracles, testimonies, charity works, are all together a symbol of the fruit of the Spirit. Hence when we say “Keep Watching Emmanue.tv” it is because we know it will grow your faith and obedience to live a better Christian life.



  2. Oh Dear man of God Prophet Joshua, I so hopefully in God that one of the Australian T. V. Channel may be Connection with the SCOAN and the Emmanuel T. V. that would be great enough and one day open SCOAN in NSW AUSTRALIA that would be very much good for us. Dear Prophet Joshua, I want to give donation to the SCOAN but I can only do it through the WESTERN UNION, I can’t do it on the Donation line because I don’t have Debit Card and Credit Card.
    Dear Prophet Joshua, you’re a truly genuinely and Faithful Servant of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. May God bless you and give you strength, healthy and long and long life, through Jesus Christ our Father. Amen!


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