I just finished reading a book titled “The T.B. Joshua I Know: Deception Of The Age Unmasked” by one Bisola Hephzi-bah Johnson.

I am an avid reader and it took me just a few hours to read it.

After much thought I have come to the conclusion that the book is fit for only one of two places: either the dustbin or the garbage dump.

I say this because apart from the fact that it is a good example of what can best be described as a scandalous, mind-numbing and delusionary catalogue of disjointed verbiage and a horrific compilation of unsubstantiated and baseless allegations, it is also one of the most hideous, slanderous, uncharitable, wicked, callous and evil submissions that I have ever read in my entire life.

Written by a bitter and twisted soul who claims to be a God-fearing evangelist and yet who has attempted to pass off falsehood and fabrication for truth, I would urge Prophet T.B. Joshua and his SCOAN Church to sue her for libel and defamation of character.

Attempting to discredit selfless and genuine men of God is nothing new. It has happened from the beginning of time and through the ages and it will continue to happen till the end of time.

Yet at the end of the day those that choose that perfidious and heartless course always fail and end up in shame and utter destruction.

The case of this lady author shall be no different because regardless of her attempt to discredit him, T.B. Joshua and his ministry continues to flourish and go from strength to strength.

I am not surprised that other men of God, like the Ukraine-based Pastor (Dr.) Sunday Adelaja, would endorse and support the author and those that share her views as reflected in the foreward of the book because there is a whole load of envy in the Church.

This is especially so given the fact that Joshua appears to attract a far larger followership from all over the world and enjoys far more respect in the international community than Adelaja who, despite his massive following in the Ukraine, has not made the impact he would have loved to make in Nigeria and throughout the rest of the world.

To make matters worse I have been reliably informed that the author was commissioned, and the production and publication of the book paid for by Adelaja. This may or may not be true, but one thing is clear: it was a pretty effective and no-holds barred hatchet job which has been unleashed on the internet for the entire world to see.

It has one objective and one objective alone: to inflict as much damage to the reputation and ministry of the object of the author’s hate as possible. This is wickedness of the highest order and an attack on the entire body of Christ simply because, in my view, an attack against one is an attack against all.

It is made all the worst by the fact that Adelaja did not limit his criticisms to T.B. Joshua and SCOAN alone but went as far as to indict virtually all the Churches in Nigeria by writing that the atrocities that he has accused T.B. Joshua of goes on in “virtually all churches in Nigeria and Africa”. This is hogwash. It is a lie. It is wicked. It is evil.

The overwhelming majority of Nigerian Churches and men and women of God are doing a great job under difficult conditions and Adeaja knows this. There are a few bad eggs but to suggest that the majority of them are devil worshippers, crooks, sex maniacs, women and child-molesters and charlartans is not only unfair but also down right irresponsible.

Is it Pastor Adeboye’s Redeeed Church of God that he is referring to in this way? Or is it Bishop David Oyedipo’s Winners Chapel? Or is it Dr. Daniel Olukoya’s Mountain of Fire? Or is it Pastor David Ibiyeomie’s Salvation Ministries? Or is it Pastor Paul Enenche’s Dunamis? Or is it Apostle Johnson Suleiman’s Omega Fire Ministries?

Or is it Bishop Okonkwo’s TREM? Or is it Dr. B.O. Ezekiel’s CPM? Or is Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s House On The Rock? Or is it Pastor Tunde Bakare’s Latter Reign Assembly? Or is it Pastor Matthew Ashiomolowo’s KICC? Or is it Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Christ Embassy?

Or is it Pastor Wale Adefarasin’s Guiding Light Assembly? Or is it Pastor Tony Rapu’s This Present House? Or is it Sam Adeyemi’s Day Star Ministries? Or is it Archbishop Nichlas Duncan-Williams’ Action Faith Ministries? Or is it the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa’s Church of God Mission? Or is Apostle Emmanuel Kure’s Throneroom Trust Ministries? Or is it Archbishop John Praise’s Dominion Chapel International?

Or is Ituah Ighodalo’s Trinity House? Or is it Bishop El Buba’s Outreach Ministries International? Or is it Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere’s OPM? Or is it the Baptist Church, ECWA, CAC, the Methodist Church, the Anglican Church or the Catholic Church in Nigeria?

I really do wonder! Which are the exceptions and which are the rule? To indict virtually every Church and every man and woman of God in Nigeria and indeed Africa all the way from the comfort of his plushy Church in Kiev, Ukraine is insulting and it is wrong.

Has Dr. Sunday Adelaja forgotten that he is a Nigerian as well? Has he no self-respect and dignity? Has he no sense of patriotism? Is this his way of endearing himself to his near all-white congregation and the Ukrainian authorities?

I do not want to get into Church politics or fuel the petty rivalries of our revered men of God so I will go no further than that on Adelaja.

What I will say however is that T.B. Joshua is my friend and I can vouch for him any day, any time. Despite the fact that, like me, he is misunderstood by many and much-maligned, I have no hesitation in saying that he is a kind-hearted, humble, compassionate, selfless, disciplined and profoundly good man.

He is also a powerful, gifted, dedicated and generous servant of the Living God who has saved many lives, who has brought hope and strength to many lost causes and souls and who is worthy of our honor and respect.

Contrary to the author’s claims, he is not evil, he does not sleep with members of his congregation, he does not dabble in the occult, he is not a charlatan, he is not a hypnotist and he is not a servant of satan.

My prayer is that God forgives the author for her outrageous and slanderous submissions and that she finds peace. I pray that she is delivered from what can only be described as her bitter, evil and tormented soul.

I pray that she retraces her steps, desists from yielding herself to usage by malevolent and evil spirits and that she stops playing the role that the Holy Bible so graphically and aptly describes as that of “the accuser of the brethren”.

I have no doubt that she needs deliverance and judging from Sunday Adelaja’s equally slanderous, perfidious and insidious contribution as reflected in the foreward of the book, she is clearly not the only one that does so. May God forgive them both.

As for my dear friend and brother Prophet T.B. Joshua I have little doubt that he shall continue to go from strength to strength regardless of the efforts of his numerous accusers and detractors to pull him down. I say this because I know that God is with him.

By Femi Fani-Kayode



  1. Good Morning!

    Whoever this woman is, the so called, Bisola Hephzi-bah Johnson and her accomplice so called Pastor (Dr.) Sunday Adelaja are, I want them to know that nothing they say will change our minds regarding Prophet TBJ and SCOAN because I personally did not know TBJ from the media or books false accusers or whistle-blowers but from God himself. Unfortunately people like this, I mean the self-appointed Judges, are having tendencies of forgetting that they are not God . They always want to play God and JUDGE others, forgetting that they are all going to face the judgement of God. If they are of God as they claim, why they don’t commit this issue in the hands of God and ask God to deliver the Prophet, However they decided to write a book, so that they can deceive the mass and make money from the sales. Mr. Adelaja and Ms’ Johnson, I want you to put this in your mind: You will only deceive those who are like you, accusers and detractors, I mean Judges who are of these world, but those who are of God, and are controlled by the Holy Ghost will never yield to your demonic desires to overthrow the kingdom of God on those who are saved as well those who still need Jesus for their salvation. I pray to God that He delivers you both from the spirit of destruction in Jesus ‘name. Lastly, my advice to those who don’t know who Prophet TB Joshua is, please ask God who the Prophet is and He will reveal to you everything you want to know about him and the SCOAN ministry. Only God will tell you who Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua is and not Mr. Adelaja and Ms. Johnson because they are not God and they never will be because He is God Alone. May God forgive them
    As for my prophet, Man Of God TB Joshua, I know he does not yield to demonic attacks and temptations like this because he knows he has better and important things to do for God, delivering those in demonic bondage, economic oppression, taking care of the needy orphans, widows, and healing the sick in Jesus’ name the world over and not only in Ukrane where Mr Adelaja is based. We know that what this people are trying to do will only build and strengthen Prophet T.B Joshua. I am sure all these will never destruct him; he has previously passed this entire test with flying colours. Actually he is a graduate in persecutions, hatred, etc. if I am not mistaken he is now a professor. Remember everything close to God receives attacks, marked and targeted for destruction, so we are not surprised at all! This is just to prove that Prophet TBJ is a true Man of GOD

    The so called Mr. Adelaja and Ms. Johnson must ask themselves why people from Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Ukraine, etc. are flocking to SCOAN Nigeria travelling thousand kilometres instead of visiting his ministry based in UKRAINE. Mr. Adelaja, my brother, you don’t need to write books or accuse others in order to be famous; you only need the POWER OF GOD, I MEAN ANOITING FROM HEAVEN. SO PLEASE, SEEK THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND NOT CREATED FAME OR POPULARITY

    Oliphant Deborah from South Africa


  2. The more they talk bad about my Mentor, Spiritual father, Prophet T B Joshua, the more they advertise him and the more we love him. This book came at the wrong time where many people are no longer interested in hearing these kind of stories. Without judging anyone, who in his rightful mind would endorse such a book in the year 2018? Unless he is living on another planet. Reading such a book is also time wasting. May the good Lord forgive them!


  3. By the Most Holy Name Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ is my God and my Creator and T. B. Joshua is my Prophet. I Love Prophet Joshua and Mrs Evelyn so much and I Love The SCOAN. Since I started watching Prophet Joshua and his preaching of faith and I prayer along with prophet Joshua through the Emmanuel TV and also I observe the man of God I see he manifestes his faith in many ways and in many other ways I see our Lord Jesus through Power in the SCOAN, he speaks and Prophecy with Powerful healing and deliverance instantly, I can see our Lord Jesus Christ in Prophet Joshua so I said to myself Prophet Joshua is a True Man of God, so I keep watching my Emmanuel TV and prayer along with prophet Joshua, also Mrs Evelyn and any of the Wisemen and the Evangelists on the Altar Preaching and Pray, I watch and Pray along too, my faith lift up I can obey the Written Words of God and so Practicing Them in every moment of my daily life, my attitude change and I see so many changes in myself, even I still have Struggling Financially but that’s not my worry and my sadness anymore, I obey and follow what Prophet Joshua Prophecy and teaching I am so happy and inner Peace indeed. I Watching my Emmanuel TV almost more than one year now but I have No Doubt on Prophet Joshua, with and through Prophet Joshua I have found our Lord Jesus Christ, so I keep continue obeying our Lord Jesus Christ and His Written Words and walking with Him. By my Dear Prophet Joshua and his prophecy so encouraging me, I make God’s Commandments are my daily duty.
    I have find out that out there some people are talking so badly against our brother and Prophet Joshua because of his Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, in the Bible says that we should pray for those who persecute us, much more also we learning from Prophet Joshua, so we pray for those who talk badly about our Prophet Joshua, because they are lost souls, they are using by devil, so they speak the language of the devil and demons, they’re Christians but they are possess by the devil so they always say that only the devil have power to hearing and delivering, they are absolutely journey with the devil and the devil blinded them but they don’t know that. To be a Christian and deny and Not knowing God’s Great Powerfulness is a very unacceptable. Be a Christian and Not look at the Almightier Power of God Jesus Christ, is a very dangerous one, because God says in the Bible that if we commit any other sins against God, God will forgive us, But if we sin against God’s Spirit, God will Not forgive us. We SCOAN Believe and Know that Our Most Dearly Beloved God Jesus Christ is So Much Powerfulness Over the Whole Universe and Over the whole darkness and Over all kinds of sicknessess, deseases of evils. We SCOAN Believe and Know that our Lord God Jesus Christ Powerful on Earth through His servant Prophet Joshua and all the Wisemen to Destroy and Demolish the devil and demons all powers and all works of devil utterly!!! Amen!! We are Praising and Glorifying and Honour and Adore our Lord God Jesus Christ forevermore! Our Dear Prophet T. B. Joshua and Mrs Evelyn, we love you and we honour you from now and forevermore, through Jesus Christ our Abba Father! Amen! I am in so I say yes, Amen! 😀😊😍😍😘😘🌷🌷❤❤🌹🌹😀😊❤❤😘😍


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