A Response to Bisola Hephzi-bah Johnson and Pastor (Dr.) Sunday Adelaja By A South African

Sunday Adelaja

This is a wonderful response from a South African on the Blasphemous Book published by one Sunday Adelaja and his anti-TB Joshua gang:

*Little editing done on the post.

Good Morning!

Whoever this woman is, the so-called, Bisola Hephzi-bah Johnson and her accomplice so-called Pastor (Dr.) Sunday Adelaja are, I want them to know that nothing they say will change our minds regarding Prophet T.B. Joshua and the SCOAN because I personally did not know T.B. Joshua from the media or false books accusers or whistle-blowers but, from God himself.

Unfortunately, people like this, I mean the self-appointed Judges, forget that they are not God. They always want to play God and JUDGE others, forgetting that they are all going to face the judgement of God. If they are of God as they claim, why they don’t commit this issue in the hands of God and ask God to deliver the Prophet. However, they decided to write a book, so that they can deceive the mass and make money from the sales.

Mr Adelaja and Ms’ Johnson, I want you to put this in your mind: You will only deceive those who are like you, accusers and detractors. I mean, Judges who are of this world, but those who are of God, and are controlled by the Holy Ghost will never yield to your demonic desires to overthrow the kingdom of God on those who are saved as well those who still need Jesus for their salvation. I pray to God that He delivers you both from the spirit of destruction in Jesus ‘name.

Lastly, my advice to those who don’t know who Prophet TB Joshua is, please ask God who the Prophet is, and He will reveal to you everything you want to know about him and the SCOAN ministry. Only God will tell you who Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua is and not Mr Adelaja and Ms Johnson because they are not God and they never will be because He is God Alone. May God forgive them

As for my prophet, Man Of God, T.B. Joshua, I know he does not yield to demonic attacks and temptations like this because he knows he has better and important things to do for God, delivering those in demonic bondage, economic oppression, taking care of the needy orphans, widows, and healing the sick in Jesus’ name in  the world over and not only in Ukraine where Mr Adelaja is based.

We know that what these people are trying to do will only build and strengthen Prophet T.B. Joshua. I am sure all these will never destruct him. He has previously passed this entire test with flying colours. Actually, he is a graduate in persecutions, hatred, etc. If I am not mistaken, he is now a professor. Remember everything close to God receives attacks, marked and targeted for destruction, so we are not surprised at all! This is just to prove that Prophet T.B. Joshua is a true Man of GOD

The so-called Mr Adelaja and Ms Johnson must ask themselves why people from Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Ukraine, etc. are flocking to SCOAN Nigeria traveling a thousand kilometers instead of visiting his ministry based in Ukraine. Mr Adelaja, my brother, you don’t need to write books or accuse others in order to be famous; you only need the POWER OF GOD, I MEAN ANOINTING FROM HEAVEN. SO PLEASE, SEEK THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND NOT CREATED FAME OR POPULARITY.

Oliphant Deborah from South Africa

One thought on “A Response to Bisola Hephzi-bah Johnson and Pastor (Dr.) Sunday Adelaja By A South African

  1. By the Mighty Name Jesus Christ.
    Hi, Mr / Mrs Oliphant Deborah, it is looks like you talked to me, but I tell you that I am Not Ms Bisola Hephzibah Johnson at all, okay.
    I am not angry or upset against you about the message. I love Prophet Joshua and Mrs Evelyn and I Honour them. I just want to tell you that I am not, she, (Ms Bisola Hephzibah Johnson).
    My name is Rita Da Costa Sarmento
    and I live in NSW, AUSTRALIA. I am Not Part of those who speaks evil against our Prophet Joshua, I am Not part of those who speaks evil against the Truth, I am Not part of those who are stand and speak against The Almightier Powers of Jesus Christ our God, I am also follower of Christ Jesus our Lord through His Servant Prophet T. B. Joshua, Mrs Evelyn, so I always have watching my Emmanuel TV and prayer along with Prophet Joshua, I have No doubt on Prophet Joshua at all. With and Through Prophet Joshua I found Jesus Christ our Lord, so SCOAN is my Church too.
    Those who are speak against God’s Anointed Servant, they are absolutely blinded by the devil, they only knew devil and devil’s power, they praise the devil that the devil have so power, they possess by devil that is why they don’t watching their words, Amen heir attitudes towards others.
    They don’t want to follow the truth and be safe, they don’t want to follow the True Man of God and be deliver and freedom but they want to judge the True Servant of Jesus Christ our God and speaks all kinds of evil words against him. We pray to God that they will come to SCOAN and be delivering by Prophet Joshua with the Mightier Power of Jesus Christ our Lord. Our Lord Jesus told us that we should always forgive. Prophet Joshua says, whether you are right or wrong you have to forgive, so if I do wrong to someone I have to apologize for that or say sorry, and if someone hurt me I have to forgive the person. I believe the Prophecy of Prophet Joshua I don’t really attention on people who speak against our brother and Prophet Joshua because God is in Control, God is Aware of that, God is Watching and God is protecting His Servant Prophet Joshua and Mrs Evelyn and all the Wisemen who are also now Powerful healing and deliverance instantly by The So Mightier Power of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!!!
    With Prophet Joshua, I have understand the Words of God much. I really do believe that Prophet Joshua does not pay Attention to those who speaks all kinds of evil words against him. Our Prophet Joshua Power forever by So much Mightier Powers of our Lord God Jesus Christ! Amen! May The Gospel of Christ Jesus our Lord be Preaching and Prophecy to every Nations around the Whole World Through Prophet Joshua in the Most Powerful Name Jesus Christ! Amen!


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