2019 Election: Alarming Prophecy For Nigeria

On Sunday 13th January 2019, Prophet T.B. Joshua sent a message to be read on his behalf with a serious prophetic message for the nation of Nigeria:

“I have been praying for you and the whole world. This year, 2019, is a very fearful year. You can imagine the revelation I have. I have to pray for God to give me wisdom on how to present this message to the world at large.

“I have a message for the nation of Nigeria: Nigeria should fast and pray this coming Thursday (17-01-19) and upper next Wednesday (23-01-19). We should pray so that God should change the bad happenings I see to good. I am not permitted to say exactly what will happen. This revelation will be read to you the moment God gives me the wisdom to present it to you.”

We encourage all our viewers around the world to join Nigeria in prayer and fasting during this important period.

2 thoughts on “2019 Election: Alarming Prophecy For Nigeria

  1. Oh God use the prayer of your servant Prophet TB Joshua and deliver us in this fearful year and set Nigeria free from every plots of the devil against us.
    Every political misunderstanding that want to cause civil war to this Nation, Father may arrest it Jesus name. Amen.

    Nigeria please arise, watch and pray for the servant of the Most High God has prophesy about danger on 17 & 23 January 2019, let us Joint our voice together and cry on to the Lord to cancel the plans of the enemy in this political season in Jesus name. AAmen..


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