We are constantly making decisions, some trivial and others fundamental and life changing. Common sense tells us that some decisions are much more important than others. However, unless the decisions we make are rooted in God’s Word, they cannot stand the test of time. Such decisions would soon fade out in the face of tests and trials because they are not based on God’s unchanging, unfailing Word. As a Christian, what is in the inspiration behind the decisions you make? Are you making decisions based on what your circumstances say or what God’s Word says about them? Are you reacting to your challenges according to how you feel or according to the principles of your faith?

Remember, there is no neutral kingdom. Like Joshua of old in Joshua 24:15 told his people, it is time for you to choose this day what you are making of God. Is He one of those things or the only thing in your life? Deciding to put your trust in Jesus as your Lord and Saviour is the most important decision you can make in life. In other words, life’s biggest decision is what you do with Jesus. Therefore make a decision born of faith to serve Jesus with all you are, all you have and all you can do. Learn to confess: “No matter what happens, no matter what comes – He is my Saviour. Whether trouble or not – He is my Redeemer. Come rain, come shine – He is my Shelter. I have no other refuge than this command of Jesus, ‘Only believe.’ ”

One thought on “A DECISION BORN OF FAITH – T.B. Joshua

  1. Amen. Thank You so much Lord Jesus.
    Thank you very much man of God Prophet Joshua for by your Faith and your Teaching of faith and God’s Power that so reveals in you and through you and with you and in you make me so desireful to believe and follow and practice The Written Words of God and obey. Now I give my life totally to our Lord Jesus Christ and I accept our Lord Jesus Christ and make Him to be my personal Lord and Saviour and my everything is Him Alone. My Determination and my Decision to Believe and Trust in our Lord Jesus Christ and obey His Commandments and to be a totally doer of His Commandments is my delightful and my final firmness Decision. Since I watching my Emmanuel TV and prayer along with prophet Joshua, I have a totally Peace with God Jesus Christ our Lord, I have strong inner peace and strength and happiness, God changes my life, my attitudes and so many, even I have financial crisis but that is not my sadness anymore, no matter whatever comes in my way, not even my flesh, nothing else that will make me stumble and fall away from my Lord Jesus Christ, I do not allow anything to worried me anymore, not even money, not even my families are my sadness anymore. Jesus is mine above all things. I keep praying to God for my families and I ask God to rescue my families too. I was lost but now I am found by God. Through Prophet Joshua I found our Lord Jesus. By my Prophet Joshua’s Ministry through the Emmanuel TV I have absolutely able to obedient to the Written Words of our Lord Jesus Christ. I only prayer along with prophet Joshua through the Emmanuel TV God healed me and delivering me, its shows to me that Prophet Joshua is a True genuines, faithfulness, obedient and a purely Servant of Jesus Christ our Creator, I have no doubt on Prophet Joshua at all. I believe that God heal and deliver my families too and protect them. I keep saying to myself that I believe in God and obey His Written Words is for eternal life with Him. By Prophet Joshua’s Teaching of Faith, I am Willingly gave up everything away and I totally Surrendering my life and my all to Jesus Christ our Lord, I want to be a slave to our Great God Jesus Christ from now and forevermore. Amen. Prophet Joshua or Mrs Evelyn or anyone of the Wisemen or anyone of the Evangelists man or woman that on the Altar Preaching the Words of God, I always Watching, listening and Prayer along with. I am so happy and rejoice to be part of the SCOAN through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Thank You Jesus my Beloved Lord.
    Thank you God’s Servant Dear Prophet Joshua and Dear Mrs Evelyn😊😍😄😘😍😘❤❤👍❤💪❤👍❤😀💪❤❤❤😘


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