Jesus knows there will be times fear will overwhelm us – the fear of loss, failure, false accusations, sickness and disease, today’s politics. Fear changes our focus. Fear is a more deceptive enemy than satan. Fear stops us from admitting our guilt. Not even your natural gifts, talent, education can help you to overcome fear.

The only way to overcome such fear is to build God’s character in your life. If you want to become God’s person, you must follow His process. For me, I meditate on the Word of God day and night and whatever I do prospers. No matter how unsteady your life appears to be, meditate on the Word of God day and night and whatever you do will prosper.

Your consistency in prayer and faithfulness is the way out. Please, constantly pray in your heart; pray without ceasing – in hymns, spiritual songs and making melodies in your heart to the Lord. A break in prayer would mean a break in faith and a break in faith is a break with God.

Remember, your enemy loses no time in plotting against you, so you should lose no time in committing yourself to God in prayer.

2 thoughts on “BUILD GOD’S CHARACTER

  1. Amen. Thank you very much for the Words of God, through Jesus Christ our Lord.
    Obedient to the Written Words of God is my duty, I know that I still not so much habit of meditate on the Word of God but I keep go on no matter what I want to get there, I mean I want to be so habit and so addiction of meditate on The Words of Lord, Amen in Jesus Mighty name Amen.


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