Opinion: Let there be peace in Venezuela

My intention for this article is not to take side with either party in this conflict nor to condemn anyone, but out of love and a sense of concern for a peaceful Venezuela I wrote this.

We all know that even Prophet T.B. Joshua has exempted himself from the public eyes due to his deep concern for a peaceful world. The Prophet, whom by the nature of his love and compassion for humanity, is presently fasting and Praying for all of us, including the nation and citizens of Venezuela. The Prophet is hopeful for a crisis-free world, where everyone will leave in peace and harmony together with their neighbours.

To the leadership in Venezuela, shave your ego and give yourself to the spirit of good counsel!

The devil, whom in his deceptive ways, is out there massaging your ego and encouraging violence in your nation. Remember that you are there to serve the people and not yourself. Don’t allow the devil to use you to cause killing, stealing and destruction in your country.

Don’t be used to destroy your nation’s democracy. No nation or leadership is perfect. Even the so-called advanced democracies out there, are still struggling amongst themselves.

Satan is after the destiny of your nation. Why not ask yourself, why the so much interest in Venezuela.

Beware of those that seem to have taken a side. Any person that claims to love you will be calling for peace and understanding and not encouraging division amongst you people.

We should not allow outsiders to use our sense of greed and desperation for power to cause us to destroy our country. Because in all of this, it is the Venezuela people who will suffer and not those people outside there that seems to be instigating division amongst you.

Be wise and learn from history!

Why not learn from the Libya crisis? Once a nation but now in a state of anarchy. Those who took a side then, are they there in Libya now to feel the pain and disorderliness in that country. No!

Learn to put the safety of your people first before yourself ambition. No matter how good your intentions may be, no single blood of a Venezuelan should drop due to your role in this issue. Because one day we all will leave to face the creator of the universe to give an account on the role we played in this present crisis in Venezuela.

There is nothing wrong to be ambitious, but it will be more rewarding if we can accept to sacrifice our ambition on the altar of peace.

As for you, that seems to have taken a side. Remember that there is no nation and leadership on earth that is perfect. As the wise Prophet will rightly say, we all are fighting one battle but camouflage differently. I don’t doubt our good intentions for the nation and citizens of Venezuela, but we should also note that anything that is not done right is not done at all. We should be encouraging peace and harmony and not be seen as one that has taken a side. As T.B. Joshua will say, our response to a person who makes a mistake can also be a mistake if we are not careful.

The truth of the matter is that all this unrest in Venezuela and the world today is the handiwork of the devil. That’s why we should not allow those unpleasant words and actions from our fellow humans to cause us offence. Because they may be a victim of the devil’s trap and might not even know what they are doing. Instead of being offended and judgemental, always learn to commit them into prayers because it can be you tomorrow. Remember that no one is perfect. Instead of taken aside, while not commit the leadership of Venezuela to God in prayers.

If we can learn to pray for our neighbours including our enemies, the world will be at peace.

I pray a day will come when an American will say, I am not eating today because my Brother and Sister in Russian are facing unrest. When the Chines man will say, the pain of an American is our pain. And when the British people will say the people of North Korea are not being treated well, therefore we all are not going to work, until something is done about it. A world where the human race will come to the realization that all of us came from the same womb of one God. I pray for that world, in Jesus’ name… Amen!

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