T.B. Joshua Caution Nigeria on Inconclusive Elections

tb joshua ministry

Prophet T.B. Joshua

On Sunday 17th March 2019, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a prophetic warning to the government of Nigeria concerning the handling of “inconclusive elections” in the nation.

These were his words: “I have a message for my country and I want to say it. What is the message? The government should be cautious of the way they go about inconclusive election. They should be cautious about it. This can be an open door for satan. You know satan kills, steals and destroys. They should be cautious the way they handle inconclusive elections. This can be an open door for satan. Satan kills, steals and destroys. Lift up your voice and pray. If here is not at peace, you cannot come here. So, lift up your voice and start your prayer from this country, Nigeria. Open your lips and pray for peace and harmony. Pray for the nation, Nigeria – for peace and harmony, for understanding, wisdom. God’s intervention! In Jesus Christ’s name we pray!”

In the aftermath of Nigeria’s contentious governorship elections, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) announced that polls in six states were inconclusive. Thus, supplementary elections in the affected states — Kano, Sokoto, Plateau, Benue, Bauchi and Adamawa — have been scheduled for March 23.

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