Bisola tb joshua scoan

Bisola, under the influence of Legions of Demons – The Accuser of TB Joshua

Those Anti – TB Joshua’s gang who launched the 12th of September 2014 attacked at the SCOAN guest house that leads to the death of innocent believers in their determination to bring T.B. Joshua to a fall seems to be manifesting themselves again. But this time in a more shameless manner.

Since the news of the success of the meeting in Nazareth with T.B. Joshua goes viral, after a failed attempt by this same anti- TB Joshua lobbyist to mislead the political and religious leaders in the City of Nazareth to see that the invent did not hold.

They are now ridiculously accusing Prophet T.B Joshua of rape.

In the wake of the heavy outrage against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, COZA, over alleged rape and molestation of women.

As usual, the tricky manner of the devil to bring the Church of God into disrepute. They are now dragging TB Joshua into the saga.

Initially, they alleged that one Vicki Royce claimed she was raped by TB Joshua. After the Vicki Royce news went viral, the said Vicki Royce quickly came out to say that she never accuses TB Joshua of rape and vehemently debugged the rumour.

After that attempt failed, the person they are now sponsoring to accuse the T.B. Joshua of rape is Bisola – the seducer. The same lady who has admitted to having a mental problem and she had begged for forgiveness time without number that her accusations against T.B. Joshua in the past were false.

This time, she seems willing to be used again by these satanic agents to her own shame. She is under the influence of Legions of Demons. Please always remember Bisola in your Prayers.

Watch the Video below to hear her past confession:



  1. It seems obvious that there is ongoing organized systemic war against the Church of Christ. The organizers are the invisible principalities and powers from the pit of hell. Unfortunately these evil powers have infused and mingled with the Church of Christ at all levels.

    In this particular episode it is gratifying that SCOAN consistently keeps graphic records of it’s dealings to some details and we pray that the culture of record keeping should continue, though very expensive to do where the field of evangelism is looking for scarce resource. Secondly we all rely on the “Righteousness and Integrity of Jesus Christ” for our defence. The whole of SCOAN, and all saints serving Christ faithfully therein is covered by the saving and sanctifying Blood of Jesus. Darkness shall never prevail against the manifested light of Christ Jesus.

    While the Church should continually pray for everyone seeking one help or the other from SCOAN or from Prophet T. B. Joshua directly, it necessary to encourage the Church not to be discouraged because of a seeming betrayer. The devil doesn’t hesitate to attack us, even after a deliverance at SCOAN, or from any other living Church.

    One common problem presently affecting the Church of Christ is the lack of unity and oneness. The devil is attempting to attach one assembly after the other hoping to destroy the entire Body of Christ. Remember that this attack includes the devil’s ability to raise false pastors, prophets, church workers, in addition to the devil itself posing as agent of light.

    The work of Senior Prophet T. B. Joshua and his ministries, the new class of disciples being raised, the open vissible records should suffice and distraction shouldn’t be entertained. Many lives have been saved and transformed over the years through the work of T. B. Joshua and we are grateful.

    In my private devotion it came to mind that attention should be given to those losing their blessings, deliverance, breakthrough, etc, and testimonies from that class should be aired also. Presently only success stories are given at crusades. We have to work to maintain our deliverance also.


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