VIcki Royce, Tb Joshua

VIcki Royce

The accusation of sexual misconduct against Prophet T.B. Joshua, by one Vicki Royce has now taken a new twist with the admission of the lady involved that she was paid money to smear the name of the Prophet.

According to the Nigerian online portal The Pointer News , Vicki Royce, an upcoming singer based in Lagos State, confessed that “she was paid to carry out the evil act” in accusing Joshua of rape and experienced a mental breakdown ever since her name was embroiled in the scandal.

It would be recalled that shortly after the COZA rape scandal erupted, multiple Nigerian blogs carried the news alleging Royce was raped by Joshua in 2012, even though she didn’t specifically mention his name in the tweets where she recounted the purported assault.

Several days later, Royce retorted online that Joshua was not the one who abused her, although the story of his sordid involvement had already spread in the Nigerian social media sphere.

“I beg of you! I was paid to accuse you of rape,” Vicki is quoted as saying to Joshua after she was spotted deliriously ‘roaming’ the streets of Lagos. “Pray for me so that I can get better.”

The news comes on the heels of a viral video showcasing another prominent accuser of Joshua, Bisola Johnson, confessing to her own mental instability years earlier in Joshua’s church and ‘begging’ for his help.

It is not the first account of Joshua’s critics being paid to accuse him.

A video on Emmanuel TV’s YouTube channel detailing an ex-militant’s confession that he was recruited by a Nigerian church to badmouth Joshua in public crusades in exchange for monetary incentives has been viewed 200,000 times.

The cleric, who is known for his calm mien despite the numerous attacks levelled at him, has described his ‘haters’ as providing free advertisement for his ministry.

“Let people advertise you. Don’t fight back. If truly you are genuine, whatever people say about you – whether they condemn you or spoil your name – it is for your good. If truly you are sent by God, it will turn around to favour you,” he said.

Tawia Acheampong, a seasoned African journalist, is currently writing from Abuja, Nigeria



  1. Orchestrated and organized persecution of individual Christians, their leaders, the Church buildings, destroying the Bible or restricting it’s distribution is not new. For example, Paul and Silas were beaten with rods, cast into prison in chains (Acts 16). Their offence was that they delivered a demon possessed girl. Daniel was cast into the den of lions (Daniel 6) because he was too straight in his daily dealings. The early apostles suffered different degrees of persecutions, rejection, and castaway. This same trend went on in Europe, Asia, and now Africa.

    Today we think that Prophet T. B. Joshua and his Ministries, SCOAN, and all his disciples are of the order of the early apostolic Church. The early Church era was faced with the really evil. We still have glims of this today in many nations of the world where Christians are aledgedly burnt, beheaded, brutally treated, denied their basic rights, or killed in any form. In Nigeria many things suggest to us that Christian persecution is not abating but mixed with political, socioeconomic and regional pursuits.

    Again SCOAN and it’s founder and leader are in the forefront because they are a class on their own. They offer effective Christianity and producing many true believers across the globe. We are not praying for more persecution for Prophet T. B. Joshua, or for any Christian group, but we know the effect of persecution on the growth of the Church. It was like when Satan mistakingly brought Jesus to the Cross only for Satan to experience a defeat because Jesus went to Hell and opened the gates to let out captive Saints. But these persecutors don’t learn from the scriptures or even from history because they are blind and possessing contrary spirits. Their minds are closed to doing only evil perpetually

    Hence we shall continue to pray for Prophet T. B. Joshua, SCOAN, all Christians and the entire Church of Christ worldwide. Specifically, T. B. Joshua, his Ministries and all his followers at different levels (i.e. those who see Christ the way T. B. Joshua practically presents Him) should continually rest on the unfailing promised Word and the abiding presence of Jesus Christ.

    I was in Synagogue several times and benefitted from the large generosity of the Church through T. B. Joshua. I went to Arigidi to find out about T. B. Joshua. He is true man of God. It is so difficult to know when Prophet T. B. Joshua would have a free time for himself, or mix a life of sins with a life of doing exploit for God. We can understand persecution but it is difficult for a Christian to continue to live in sin expecting more anointing. The Church of Christ in Nigeria is therefore probably receiving organized attack from the goddesses and queens of various coasts from the pit of hell across world because Christ is currently in Nigeria. This same wave of opposition to the Church almost cancelled the Two-Day meeting of T. B. JOSHUA held in Nazareth, and certainly discouraged many from attending. But it was a success at the end.

    The Church of Christ should not only pray for their Church leaders and other Christians but also for it’s persecutors. Had these persecutors knowned the right thing they wouldn’t have ventured touching what even holy angels would dare to go near. There are things we see in the open and journalists are free to write their limited opinions on such, but those invisible are more in numbers and in strength. Hence, individuals or groups of individuals desirous to bring down the Church of Christ should be careful not to end up on a mission of self destruction.


    • @raipinyomi Good Morning! We would be posting this your comments as an article in our next post. We want you to know that we enjoy your comments. And if you have any post you want us to published about TB Joshua and SCOAN, feel free to send it to Watched TB Joshua for review and posting. Thanks and Remain Blessed!


      • I appreciate this opportunity that you have freely given me that I could send my comments for publication with you. I promise to do that responsibly and as the Holy Spirit will lead.

        The objective is “Building the Church of Christ on Truth and Love”, and letting everyone see Jesus as the Light of the world and the only Way. I have been blessed by the ministration and work of Prophet T. B. Joshua, especially his teaching on praying continuously.

        God bless you richly in Jesus’ mighty name.


  2. Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah. I love God of Prophet TBJoshua. I love Prophet TBJoshua. He teaches me how to love Jesus Christ. We are used to intimidation and name calling. Jesus is Glorified


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