TB Joshua on Four-Days Visit to “PRAYER MOUNTAIN” Over COVID-19

Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua has spent four days at an undisclosed “prayer mountain” to “present the nations” to God in prayer.

The cleric was notably absent from the usual Sunday broadcast from Emmanuel TV’s studios on Sunday 26th April 2020 but clips of him ‘crying unto God’ amidst a large expanse of rocks and trees were shown.

“In the name of Jesus, we present the nations, the world at large to You, Lord. Forgive them their iniquities. Forgive them their wrongs. Forgive them their sins,” Joshua prays with his face pressed against the rocks in supplication.

“Jesus, by the authority of the Scripture, help the world at large! Cure them of fear, Lord Jesus,” he continued.

The cleric then made a bold statement of prayer concerning the end of coronavirus, the deadly pandemic that has practically brought the world to a standstill.

“COVID-19, this is your end! Lord Jesus, You have done it before; do it again,” he declared, further praying for “sin’s power” and “every influence of COVID-19 all over the world” to “be broken”.

Joshua went further to pray for world leaders. “Give our leaders wisdom and understanding to guide their nations,” he appealed, insisting they needed Divine help in this “critical time”.

The prominent cleric then turned his attention towards fellow “ministers of the Gospel”, decrying the division that has infiltrated the “house of God” and asking God to bring “fresh anointing” for unity.

“Without anointing, no one can do Your work. Without anointing, our challenges will overwhelm us,” he bluntly stated, asking God to “refill” and “remould” ministers of God.

Joshua, who is well-known for the ‘miracles’ he regularly broadcasts on Emmanuel TV, also prayed for healing for those “on the sickbed”.

“Whatever sickness in your body, fluids, organs, whatever name they call it – COVID-19, whatever affliction – receive your healing, in the name of Jesus,” he declared.

Joshua then prayed for healthcare workers who have been in the heart of the battle against coronavirus, asking God to “use them to restore the health of sick ones”.

“Let them sense the presence of God… Lord Jesus, guide the surgeons’ hands,” he prayed.

The cleric, who was barefoot throughout the clip and simply clad in a long garment, showed where he slept outdoors for the duration of his stay at the ‘prayer mountain’.

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist

3 thoughts on “TB Joshua on Four-Days Visit to “PRAYER MOUNTAIN” Over COVID-19

  1. Amen hallelujah
    On Tue, Apr 28, 2020, 5:04 PM Watched TB Joshua Blog wrote:
    > Watched TB Joshua Blog posted: ” Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua has spent four > days at an undisclosed “prayer mountain” to “present the nations” to God in > prayer. The cleric was notably absent from the usual Sunday broadcast from > Emmanuel TV’s studios on Sunday 26th April 2020 but clip” >


  2. Amen Daddy,
    Oh God hear the voice of your servant senior Prophet TB Joshua and deliver the world from the influence of COVID 19 as You always hear him and heal our sickness and diseases, Oh God hear your Prophet and heal our Nations in Jesus Christ name. Amen.
    God bless you man of God for taking this bold step for the love of the world and pray for our freedom. May the world leaders listen to your advice and serve your God as King Darius listen to Daniel and put a degree for Nations to serve the God of Daniel. Amen. God bless you Daddy


  3. Good morning

    I am really speechless, but at the same time thanking God for sending such a Man of God to us. The Man who can just spend days out in the bush, praying for everyone. I mean praying for the world, nations , leaders, people infected by Corona virus, healthcare workers, other ministers of God. He never for once mention his own church, own family but he was crying to God so that He can heal our land, deliver us, fill the minister’s of God with fresh anointing. This show us that he is really a man intergrity, who is led by love and directed by the Holy Spirit. I pray that other ministers of God can learn from him and stop being jealous of him. Hating him will not change the anointing of God bestowing on him but it will bring him more closer to God, because the same hatred is the soil in which he flourishes. So instead of opposing him, let’s join him and pray for others and love, give and forgive as God has done the same for us in Jesus Christ’s name. Let’s join hands and break the chains of hatred, CoVid 19, disunity, killing, stealing and destruction.


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