PART ONE: Disunity Among Great Men

“….upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” – Mathew 16:18b

Nigeria is one of those nations blessed by God with great Ministers of the gospel called with a unique impartation of God’s supernatural grace to preach the gospel to nations of the world with power. These great Men of God are so mightily used by God that their names being mention, send waves of confusion in the kingdom of darkness. So great they are, that their names are in symbolic to modern Pentecostalism, but then comes the bone of contention, some among them doubt the calling of their compatriot professing the same Faith of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ and this Satan has used to sow seeds of contentions amongst the heads of the different dominations of the Church.

Indeed Christ warned the church to beware of fake Prophets, Pastors and false teachers who are wolves within but in disguise, comes outwardly in sheep’s clothing. However, Christ Jesus gave the Church a clue on how to know these false teachers – “By their Fruits”.

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits.” – Mathew 7: 15-16

This means the outcome of their works which must be measured only by biblical standards ought to be used to determine their genuineness. The standards spelt out by the scripture did not say we should determine their callings by what we hear other people say about them or from what we heard and read in the news media, but according to the light of God’s word. As Christians, the Bible is our standard, not public opinion or how logical the issue is to our reason faculty because the human interpretation of truth is always limited when it comes to the things of the Spirit.

God works in mysterious ways, He does not need anyone permission to call whom He wants to call nor does he always need the role of another man of God to anoints whom He wants to anoints; God does as He wills. Therefore, we should always be careful with what we say and conclude about others because the future is a mystery. Irrespective of our great works of spreading the gospel, the crowd we control and the calibres of men/women that look up to us for mentorship, God is still far-far ahead of us in everything we have accomplished. There is no perfect one on earth, as humans, we can make wrong judgements; only God is infallible. That’s why as believers we should always try and go deeper to find the truth of everything, instead of just taking whatever our pastors or anyone tell us and the purest truth is always right there before us in the word of God, the Bible.

I once heard a popular man of God said in one of his Sunday sermons that the work of God is so complicated that a genuine man of God can sometimes not recognised another man of God. I was like, how is that possible, I discovered that even in the scripture, there were controversies among God’s brethren. Some persons in the early Church challenged Paul’s calling to be an Apostle. They went as far as attacking his credibility and spiritual qualification. They believe he was not called by God and not worthy of the respect he was getting. In Paul’s second letter to the Corinthian Church, he responded and counsels the believers not to be led astray by those causing strife in the Church. He wrote that even if what he was about to say sound unreasonable and foolish, he would say it anyway so that they would return to the true gospel.

“Are they Hebrews? So am I. Are they Israelites? So am I. Are they the seed of Abraham? So am I. Are they ministers of Christ?—I speak as a fool—I am more: in labors more abundant, in stripes above measure, in prisons more frequently, in deaths often. From the Jews five times I received forty stripes minus one. Three times I was beaten with rods; once I was stoned; three times I was shipwrecked; a night and a day I have been in the deep; in journeys often, in perils of waters, in perils of robbers, in perils of my own countrymen, in perils of the Gentiles, in perils in the city, in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren; in weariness and toil, in sleeplessness often, in hunger and thirst, in fastings often, in cold and nakedness— besides the other things, what comes upon me daily: my deep concern for all the churches. Who is weak, and I am not weak? Who is made to stumble, and I do not burn with indignation?” –  2 Corinthian 11: 22-29

In the passage of the scripture above, Paul listed out what he has gone through for the sake of the gospel. He gave those lists to proof his genuineness. He was trying to make them understand that if indeed he was not genuinely called by God, he could not have been able to go through all those challenges and does all those great works he had done to spread the gospel. He was able to stand firm in Faith even in the face of tribulation and hardship because God was involved in his ministry.

What can we believers learn from Paul’s letter? Before anyone must take a conclusive stand about another minister of the gospel or any person, he/she should take a time to go through that person’s antecedents, what they have gone through for the sake of the gospel and how resolute they are in the kingdom business even in the face of tribulation and attack.

For anyone out there to even think of start castigating Prophet T.B. Joshua and his ministry, why not take a look at his unwavering passion for the work of Christ even in the face of persecutions, intimidations and rejection. There is an online video of the Prophet- “Where Will T.B. Joshua Go Next؟؟؟.” There is a scene in that video of the Prophet being welcome to the nation of Botswana for a crusade. He said something to the cheerful crowd that caught my attention. He said, “I am here to do what I was born for, and I am living for, and I am going to die for.” It only takes a man of great passion and a strong vision for the work of Christ to make such declaration. Can one die for what he was not genuinely called for? It only takes a genuine purpose to live and die for something. And indeed, one can clearly see that the life and ministry of the Prophet is a testimony to that declaration. TO BE CONTINUE


tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Many today have ignorantly changed the course of events in their lives without finding out what God says about it. Why? Because they are afraid of the pain and suffering they would go through in the course of their trials.

God can use detention to preserve one for greater things in life. This brings to mind the case of Joseph in the prison. It was in the prison that he met the link which saw him to the throne. God sometimes uses disappointment to achieve His purpose in our lives. Consider the case of Peter at the seaside after the fruitless effort all night.

Imagine the disappointment that could have been written all over his face as he washed his empty net by the riverside. Little would he have known that his failure to catch fish that night was meant to preserve him for a new level in life. Were he to catch fish early enough, he would have gone home earlier, thus missing the Saviour who would change the course of his breakthrough (Luke 5:1-11).

From my personal experience for instance, many things I went through eventually turned out to be necessary conditions for the grace of God in my life today. Which area will I mention?

Is it my circumstance of birth, parentage, education, lean finances? All these were sufficient to make any other person seek shortcuts in order to change the course of events.

Assuming I allowed my situation to dictate my direction, I would have been tempted to seek a shortcut and thus change the divine plan in my life. From what you see in my life today, certainly there was an unseen hand directing the affairs of my life, then and now.

What are you going through now that you think is not a necessary condition for God’s purpose in your life? On the other hand, what are you going through that you think is a necessary condition for God’s purpose in your life? This is a difficult question to answer and that is why it is wrong to either jubilate or murmur without finding out what God’s purpose is, for that situation you are facing.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, ask God in sincerity and humility of mind to make all things good for you in His own time. He is the unseen hand that brings all things to pass.

TB Joshua Ministries


tb joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

The question we need to ask ourselves is, ‘What can make one who once felt close to God feel distant?’ Can hardship, sickness, persecution? No – all these cannot stop anyone who diligently seeks God. Remember, this is not your first assembly; you have been a member of many assemblies/ churches in the past. Can we call your movement from one assembly to another a sign of one who is diligently seeking God? How do we seek God? Is it by running after men of God without faith? Remember, faith is the cause of victory, the means, the instrument and armour by which we overcome. When we run after men of God without faith, anything can stop us – persecution can stop us, hardship can stop us, sickness can stop us (Romans 8:35).

There is a need to include God in everything we do. If you go around churches without God, I mean without faith, you achieve nothing. If you go around men of God without faith, you achieve nothing. If you are in any assembly without faith, you would still leave for another because the thing that is chasing you would not stop except through faith.

TB Joshua Ministries


scoan tb joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

“When we love without expectation – I mean, when we show love without expecting it to be returned from the person we have shown love to, our love is being sown to the Spirit. To sow love to the Spirit is to honour God in our acts – in total humility and submission to His will.

Love without expectation earns us the love of our Heavenly Father. When you sow the love of God, you reap the love of God. We need to develop faith in this spiritual law. Love without expectation says, ‘Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you and you will receive the blessings of your Father in Heaven.’

Expectation of certain behaviours from relatives, loved ones and friends set us up for offence. Take for instance, I expect you to greet me because of help I rendered or my superiority in age or position and you ignore me. This is a major root of offence.

We often get disappointed and offended when our expectations are not met. Cut down on your expectations from people before you set yourself up for offence.

We are often shocked, confused and surprised when offended as if we are the only one wronged, as if no one else has ever been wronged. Yet Jesus made it abundantly clear that it is impossible to live this life and not have the opportunity to be offended – it is impossible that no offence should come. It is not a question of opportunity to be offended but what your response will be.

Often, the response we exhibit leave us vulnerable to a root of bitterness, envy, jealousy, anger, strife, outrage and resentment. We must therefore be ready, prepared and strongly armed for offenses because our response determines our future. When you are hurt, deeply hurt, your response determines your future.

Offence is very common – I mean, epidemic, rampant, unavoidable, happens everywhere – we have almost come to believe that it is a way of life. Due to lack of real love, offence comes. Love forgets wrongs so that there is hope for the future.”

-Prophet T.B. Joshua


tb joshua ministry

Prophet T.B. Joshua

As a child of God, you determine your own focus – nobody else can. You can complain and blame your situation on poor family background, bad counselling of friends and the economic situation of the country. But you are responsible for what you give your attention to. Your focus is your personal decision. Stop and take time to change your focus. Pay any price to protect your purpose in life, because no one else can do it for you.

When you don’t have a defined purpose of going to university, you would be ready to study any course because you just want to be a graduate. This is what brings about the high level of unemployment today.

On the other hand, we have some people who are still studying to meet the requirements for the course they intend to study. If you do not have a purpose for establishing a business, you cannot be constant in it. When things become tough, you easily switch to another business because you don’t have a purpose of doing it.

If you don’t have any purpose for being in certain relationships, you would be nothing more than fair weather friends. That is, you are friends only when things are good. If you don’t have any purpose for being somebody’s friend, you would be looking for his weakness, limitation and shortcoming.

TB Joshua Ministries

The disturbing trend of Consistent Fake News

tb joshua fake news

Fake News Logo

What a world of propaganda and deceitful media, where things seem to be fallen apart and where half truth mixed with lies has taken over the media conglomerate? The adage “The pen is mightier than the sword” has been used to convey truth even in the face of deceitful might and tyranny. But it seems this adage is no longer the watchword of modern journalism due to the lies and deceit now spread by them. Is there still news worth believing? Where are those journalists and news media that still keep to the ethics of their profession?

Some journalists now sell their pens to the highest bidder, thereby overlooking the ethics of their profession. They are willing to poison the will of truth, spread lies across the social media for the sake of money and to those they hold allegiance to.

In recent times, many public figures have come out to speak about the alarming global rate of fake news and warned about the detrimental effects it has on the society. Consequently, this seemingly unpleasant global scenario has uncontrollably eaten deep into the fabrics of modern Journalism. The truth is that the big-shots in the media industries are those that are really involved in this sheer condemning and reprimanding act, thus disregarding the intended consequences on the entire populace.

Who are those benefiting from this fake news? What can be done by the world governing body and the officials of social media like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Google and others in regulating and minimising the spread of fake news? Those of good conscience have to take adequate measure to arrest and sanitise this ugly phenomenon before it gets out of hand; they have to save and restore the lost glory of the media and help their reputation.

The bad eggs in the media profession have allowed their personal interests to ruin the profession that supposed to be the pinnacle of truth and enlightenment. The truth is that many are now in doubt of a number of news published by the media; people are now sceptical of what comes out of these world media conglomerate.

scoan tb joshua fake news

T.B Joshua’s Ministry is the greatest Victim of Fake News

The ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua remains the greatest victim of fake news. Today, about 99% of the news out there concerning his ministry is either absolutely false or half-baked truth. There are blogs with high Google rankings, Facebook pages and other social media platforms that are specifically dedicated to spreading fabricated lies and fake news about the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua. It is now difficult for many to accept as truth any news from the media about SCOAN and Prophet T.B Joshua because the fake news has taken over the media space.

For example, the so-called information sites, Sahara Reporter knew for their general anti-people tendencies claimed among their numerous defamation and sponsored article again the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, that the Prophet bought an expensive private jet, using offensive headline and hate tone in the fake news report, this is a news site that has never for once report the charitable works of the Prophet or the millions of healings that take place in the SCOAN. Even when they were caught in their private jet lies, they never apologised. Till date, the fake news made-up by Sahara reporter is still being believed and accepted by many. What of the BBC News crew that went on an espionage mission into the SCOAN London branch with secret cameras and recording devices, then came out with their own fabricated HIV/AIDs death news about SCOAN discouraging patients from taking their medications. This news was absolutely false as there were no names or faces of the alleged deceased or any concrete proof to back up their claims. They even went as far as creating the impression that the Prophet was against medical healing. We hope they could still redeem their reputation again with an apology.

What of the fake news by Punch News which claimed three lives were lost in a stampede at the end of the year, 2016 SCOAN crusade? This falsehood went viral on social media, thus drawing the attention of the Lagos state government and the police for an investigation. We can go on and on. What about many other big-shot news outlets that derived joy in spreading thousands of slanderous and hateful reports about Prophet T.B. Joshua and his ministry especially during the SCOAN’s building collapse.

The world and its established institutions need to be sincere and take an intensive approach in addressing this issue of fake News if indeed we want to put an end to its spread because everyone knew those news media behind this fake news and it seems nobody can do anything about it. We hope that in time to come, honesty and credibility would be restored to the global media profession.


tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Will you be around tomorrow? This question, on a literal level requires a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer but on the deeper level, it expresses the uncertainties of life. It is surely reasonable to make plans for the future but we must always do so with an awareness of life’s uncertainties. As James 4:13-17 reminds us, life is a vapour that appears for a little time and then disappears. In James 1:10-11, James had earlier compared man and all that man could boast of to a beautiful flower which blossoms (prospers) for a while and then withers too soon. What then is the good in making long-term plans when you don’t even know what tomorrow will bring forth? God has purposely left us in the dark concerning future events.

James has nothing against making plans but he condemns the arrogance of those who think they can make their plans without reference to God. We must understand that we do not have any control over what becomes of us the next day. When we recognise who we are before God, we will see the need to always consider His will in everything we do, in everything we say and in every plan we make.

TB Joshua Ministries