Confess and be free – Those behind SCOAN Tragedy

Having read through most propaganda of TB Joshua haters online – the allegations of the people coming out of their woodwork with nooses and stakes crying prosecute Him, prosecute Him, at the top of their voices. Here are some thoughts on this new video for anyone who cares to be objective enough.

Watching the new CCTV video from TB Joshua on the synagogue building catastrophe really puts the tragedy in perspective for those who are not already impervious to the truth. The pressure fumes emanating from the sides of the building just seconds before its eventual dissolve shows that something most certainly exploded from within the building with excessive force. The fumes literally gushed out of the sides of the building with so much pressure that confirms the preceding effect of powerful explosives. The pressure fumes gushed out with such high velocity that they overtook a man hastily fleeing away from the disaster; though the man was already at a considerable distance from the building before the incident.

More so, if you watch the moment of the incident closely to the right of the screen, you can observe large concrete blocks literally flung high into the air at a far distance from the building; travelling in a parabolic path whilst in projectile motion. This confirms that the concrete blocks have gained momentum from an energy source (at a point) to be able to fly so high and far away from the building at such velocity. According to newton’s law of motion: A body will remain in its state of rest or uniform motion unless it is acted upon by a force. Thus, the forceful projection of those concrete blocks totally reveals they were given an initial velocity by the violent explosions that occurred. This is in stark contrast to critic’s alleged theory of a structural defect caused collapse. The ‘defect caused collapse’ theory would have been irrevocably established if and only if those concrete blocks were falling from rest with an initial velocity of zero – as a type of free fall under gravity.

Even If one were to be super-humanly gracious to these critics, by assuming the worst case scenario that the foundation structure of that building was weak, the truth resurfaces again that it had for long previously supported the building and hence was in some measure solid. Therefore, if their assumptions were in the least correct of it being a collapse due to structural defects, we should have witnessed the exact point where the dead and live weight of the building overwhelmed its allegedly ‘inadequate’ support. This would have been made known by cracks and fissures in the building walls and pillars. Hence, practically speaking, the building would not have collapsed entirely in just four seconds. If critic’s assumption were in the least correct, then, while the tragedy happened, the expected resistance of the allegedly inadequate support would also have been noticed according to newton’s third law which states that to every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. But there was nothing of this but the rapid dissolution of a six storey building in four seconds to an unrecognizable rubble.

In conformity with the above: A building and constructions expert who also attests to have watched several buildings being demolished during the Gautrain, reveals that a building that falls by itself due to a ‘structural defect’ will NOT:

1. Fall down COMPLETELY FLAT; some walls will remain standing.

2. Will NOT fall down INWARDLY; some will fall to the sides.

3. Will NOT fall down at the SPEED this one fell, which was about four seconds.

4. It should start showing CRACKS and FOREWARN that it is about to fall.

Someone on seeing this collapse said it collapsed like sugar crumbling. A South African survivor by name Van Der Byl who lost his wife in the tragedy insists that TB Joshua should not be blamed for the incident. His narration of the events leading to the incident gives further confirmations of the above points. The points gleaned from his statements can be summarized thus:

1. He stated that there was NO WARNING SIGN that such a thing would happen.

2. He affirmed that NONE of the PILLARS had broken off.

3. He stated that The building did not TILT to any SIDE

4. As they were in the dining room on the GROUND FLOOR, he just noticed that the opposite side BROKE OUT.

5. In THREE SECONDS; the whole building crashed on top of them.

6. HE classified the materials being used in the building at TOP QUALITY, including the steel.

Another survivor of the incident khathuathelo Ramovha speaking to the BBC expressed how He heard a very small sound shiiiiii….shiiiiii….shiiiiii – something like a wired bomb that had to run that wire before it could reach were the bomb is – rrrrrrrrrrrr…….grrrrrrrrrrrr so quick and wha… the building came down…..”
From about 00:34 of the video below:

It is very sad that people are feigning blindness to something as glaring as the truth that this is a premeditated and concerted attack on the SCOAN. How can anyone be so blind not to see that the dissolution of a large six storey building to a pile of rubble in just four seconds is not normal? Unfortunately, there as so many of such people, than those who have eyes and can see with them. Even If many people are so blind to these facts, we are glad not the leaders, especially the president of South Africa who is quoted to have said:

“…TB Joshua should be spared criticism for the collapse of a church building which resulted in the deaths of at least 84 South Africans…”The outpouring of criticism is unwarranted and calls for the Public Protector to be deployed to Nigeria are a gross over reaction,” the president said.
With this comment he seems to believe that the building was attacked, but this statement is a safe way of expressing what he believes while simultaneously not appearing to be subservient to TB Joshua’s stand on the issue. Nigeria, your hypocrisy stinks in every corner and alleyway, the manner in which you cry more than the bereaved.

Watch the full video below:

By J Harward UK Freelance Journalist

War against the Synagogue of God

The battle against Prophet T.B Joshua’s ministry is one of a continuous nature, the ministry is being fought on many fronts and the September 12th 2014; attack on the SCOAN visitor’s guesthouse is another dimension in the warfare to bring down the ministry. By bringing disrepute to Prophet T.B Joshua and creating situations that will warrant for him to be possibly charged with Homicide.

We will like to bring your attention to some recent happenings that many may not have taking note of, what you think you know was staged to tarnish the image of the Prophet and also cause people to doubt his calling:

Before the June 12, 2014 FIFA World cup there was a plan to implicate Ogenyi Onazi on the grounds of match-fixing allegations in other to stop him from participating in the FIFA world Cup and indirectly tarnish the image of his sponsor and mentor, Prophet T.B Joshua. Onazi happened to have had an encounter with Mr Okoroji who was a fellow Nigerian. Mr Okoroji who news report later confirmed to be a FIFA licensed agent invited Onazi to a meeting where match-fixing was being discussed, unknown to Onazi, he was the target in a setup. There were undercover agents with hidden cameras and recording devices in the meeting. But Onazi was a player that had the fear of God, so he told them NO to match-fixing and walked out of the meeting. The whole issue was exposed on News media and the internet (Here, Here), but since Onazi was found blameless in the whole saga, many overlooked it and didn’t take the matter serious.

Seeing that they did not succeed with their match fixing allegation to stop Onazi from participating in the world cup, there was another plot to injure him. They succeeded this time and it caused Nigeria to loss to France by 2goals to nil. Those who watched the match can attest to the fact that after Onazi left the field of play, Nigeria opponent started to have an upper hand in the game that later eliminated Nigeria out of the FIFA tournament. FIFA ignored all appeal to take disciplinary action against the player that injured Onazi, they acted as if nothing happened and swept the matter under the carpet, unlike Luis Suarez that was sanctioned after the incident with Giorgio Chiellini. (Here, Here)


Remember we are in a world under the authority of Satan and anything that will promote God and give glory to Him will always be resisted by his agents. They have taking over the institutions of the world and are working endlessly to promote Satan’s vendetta. Take for instance, the Jim Iyke story because he came to SCOAN for deliverance, they tried to destroy his relationship to prove that his deliverance was arranged (Here, Here). We will like to end it here, but we will also want the good people of the world to judge. This evil people are sending messages to the church and the world. Take for instance the “9/11” attack on the world trade center and recently a “9/12” attack on SCOAN guest-house that houses foreign visitors.

To the true church of God, it’s about time we woke up from our slumber and face the reality that is before us, there is a secret battle against the church and the church needs to be united to fight it.