TB Joshua Leading Nigeria Religions Faithfull’s For Peaceful Co-existence.

Tb Joshua SCOAN

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Today we hear of great men and leader in Africa and around the world that has fight and preach for independent, peace, freedom, justices for their country to be liberated from the oppressors and authoritarian we have men like Mandela of South Africa (Apartheid icon), Nkrumah, Kofi Annan, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and other great heroes who have stand for what they believe in, who’s focus where not lost even in the midst of pain and hardship from their oppressors they were determine to achieved that which they stand for. This same heroism as being exhibited by the head pastor of the Synagogue church of all nation, TB Joshua, only the ignorant and prejudiced will question the fact that TB Joshua is a national hero in Nigeria even with all the hatred and persecution, just as the biblical Moses in is days, prophet TB Joshua have remain an icon of Peace and Love both in is nation and the international community, the prophet is setting a part for world religion peace, which have divided the world right from the unset of creation.

It’s seem to be mystery to many who are knowledgeable to the history of Nigerian especially on the subject matter of religion intolerance from both the two dominated religions group, the Muslim and Christian, from the North and Southern part of Nigeria respectively. It have never be hard that both religion group gather under one umbrella (in a church) to talk of love for peaceful coexistence in the nation. As we all know, this took place at the synagogue church of all nation were the inexplicable visit of the Northern (dominated by Muslim) youth group, known as the Arewa Youth Forum the umbrella organisation of other northern Youth organisation in Nigeria visit the synagogue church of all nation for the sake of love and peaceful coexistence of both harm of Faithful’s in the nation they came after a wide consultation among their folks, to present an award to Prophet TB Joshua, the only southern Christian whom they deem his fitted for this award was presented with the Award of Ambassador of Peace along side with the Grand Patronage of the Arewa Youth Forum.

Nigeria as at today is in the edge of division, even with the CIA’s prophesy of doom in 2015 is still fresh in the mind of every one, and the tension from both the North, South South and the South East part of Nigeria, by the BokoHaram, Niger delta militant and Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign state of Biafra (MASSOB) respectively make it seem that Nigeria may never remain the same again after or even before the 2015 election. But above all, the nation is destined to remain and indivisible entity, Nigeria will never be divided, many great and developed nation in the world today experience different internal crisis that almost lead to breakage and division of those nations (America Civil war is a good example) at the end of all their internal crisis, this nations sees the need for unity and peaceful coexistence. Nigeria as a Nation have a great mission not just in Africa but in the world at large, all this present crisis today are part of God’s master plan to elevate the nation to is rightful place in the comity of nation, just as it is being called the “Giant of Africa”.

As the Prophet always say, “my mother told me when your prayer is not answered look at your love work, we have pray, we have hope now it is time to act love, let love lead”. it is time for the world and the nation of Nigeria to let love lead, lets follow the Love train of TB Joshua, for peace to return to Nigeria, let’s follow the train that we take the nation to its destiny. Just as the National President of the Arewa Youth Forum, Alhaji Ibrahim Gambo, rightly said they have picked Prophet TB Joshua as a leader to bring back the lost love in Nigeria. Let’s allow TB Joshua to leads the way, it is time for everyone to follow for the sake of peace and unity.

Both Politicians and the religious leaders in Nigeria need to wake up from their slumber of hatred and prejudices against the ministry of TB Joshua, as at today it is all clear that it is only TB Joshua that can lead both the Muslim and Christian Faithfully in the nation on the part of love and peaceful coexistence. The quicker the leaders recognise this fact the better for the nation to recover from the present challenges of insurgent, bombing and killing.

This award presentation to the prophet goes a long way to tell the international community that Christian and Muslim per say are not the problem of Nigeria both Love, understand and tolerance need to be restore to is rightful place in the heart of the leaders and citizens of the nation. Today we have a group popularly call civilian JTF in the north who are working side by side with the military to restore peace in the troubled state in the north and this group of civilians are Muslim. This is to tell you and me that religion is not the problem of Nigeria but love and understanding need to take its rightful place in the heart of all. There is still great hope for Nigeria, there is no course for fear or panic, love need to be restore, let’s act love, let’s do love, let love lead, with Love in the heart of all, Nigeria and other nation of the world with internal crisis will experience peace.



Another history was made at the synagogue church of all nation, Lagos Nigeria, on August 4th, 2013. A group of unexpected persons from the Northern part of Nigeria, Arewa Youth Forum, a group known for representing the interest of Northern Nigeria which are predominately Muslim, came to give the charismatic Prophet of our time a prestigious merit award of is kind, an Ambassador Of Peace. This unexpected occurrence have more to say about the persons of TB Joshua, especially with the persons that are involve in this award presentation, the Nigeria Muslim community. Things of this kind have never took place before in the nation, Nigeria. Nigeria as a nation have experience several occurrence of religion crisis, just as the present killing and bombing by the Islamic sect Boko Haram is still fresh in the mind of everyone, a group which claim they want to create an Islamic state in northern part of Nigeria, an at this same particular point in time, when the nation is battling insurgent with a religion ideology have more to tell about the love impact TB Joshua have show in Nigeria and the International Community irrespective of religion, race, ethnicity.

TB Joshua has remain an advocate for Love and unity since the beginning of his ministry, Scoan, and the Muslims community in Nigeria recognized this great teaching of the prophet. A Muslim group of such have never give such a recognition of this scale to a man of God in the nation of Nigeria, here was what the National Director of Public Affairs, Arewa Youth Forum, Benue, Nigeria, Bello Abdulhamid said, He said,

“Prophet T.B. Joshua is a man with phenomenal vision. He shows a deep sense of compassion and unconditional love. Prophet T.B. Joshua is a blessing not only to us in Nigeria but also the international community. Prophet T.B. Joshua is the very first man of God that we are visiting and honoring. Our independent assessment has shown that The SCOAN has been committed to provide not only for the spiritual but also for the physical well being of people”

TB Joshua calling for Love for their to be unity and pease in the world

TB Joshua calling for let Love lead

If a group from the northern part of Nigeria, that is not a Christian, can recognize this great Love in the persons of TB Joshua and see the impact of his Love, if embrace by all will bring unity to his nation and the international community then, their is need for other men of God to emulate this great prophet of our time. Nigeria and other nations in the world is experiencing crisis today because Love is lost among those many look up to for example and mentorship, let learn to show and act love, let love Lead, if the world will emulate this great teacher of our time, TB Joshua the world will be a better place for all.

TB Joshua is a symbol of unity and love, he has show it countless of time, even when those who which him evil in time past comes for forgiveness he do show them more love more than to be unexpected by the persons from him.

The Nation of Nigeria need to rethink if they want the present crisis in the Northern part of the nation to come to an end, the leaders need to start acting and showing love. It is a blessing to have TB Joshua in your nation, all need to come together as one to map out how to uplift the nation from its present challenges irrespective of tribe, race, religion. Just as Bello Abdulhamid also said that,

“Fellow Nigerians, we are here because of the love we see in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua. We need love to come together as a nation. Where there is love, there is no killing, stealing or destruction. Where there is love, there is no segregation. Love is the solution to our problems in Nigeria”

Presentation of the Ambassador of Peace Award

Presentation of the Ambassador of Peace Award

TB Joshua is an embodiment of love, he is a gift to the world sent by God to save mankind irrespective of where you come from. When the world begin to key in this great teaching of love, their will be peace and unity among world leaders and nations of the world.

Those who are still not convince about the authenticity of the grace of God in the persons of TB Joshua, should rethink and ask them self this question

“If Satan can impact on the life of many at this magnitude then; where is God that is all powerful and merciful, is it that Satan has taken over from God”

We all know that is impossible, the God in scoan is the creator of heaven and earth and that God will continue to uplift TB Joshua’s day in and day out in Christ Jesus Amen.