TB Joshua SCOANAs a child, Juan Ottenwalder grew up feeling rejected and dejected. As a young boy he was told that his father did not want him because he had desired him to be a girl instead of a boy. As a result, he started longing to be a girl and eventually started to feel like one. This paved the way for an evil spirit to enter, leading him to start having affection for men.

He recounted how the older he grew, the deeper involved in homosexuality he became – to the point where he began to even see himself as a female. The evil spirit began to push him to actively seek men out with whom to engage in sexual acts. As a local of another smaller city in the Dominican Republic, Juan came to the capital city, Santo Domingo to seek greener pastures. In need of money and unable to control the urge to sleep with men, Juan became a male prostitute. He said the urge to have sex with men was so unbearable that he could not control himself, oftentimes indulging in the act in public places.

Living a life of prostitution meant he came into contact with violent and hateful people who would maltreat and injure him. He recollects how one man intentionally set him on fire. This life led him to begin to take hard drugs, alcohol and sleeping tablets in order to go from day-to-day. In Juan’s words, “My life was hell”. Desolate. Rejected. Depressed. “Everything was terrible,” he surmised, stating how he often slept on the streets.

A few months ago, a stranger told him about a crusade due to take place in the Dominican Republic with Prophet T.B. Joshua. Initially reluctant to attend, he eventually decided to go ahead and give it a try – seeing how tragic his life was. It was during the mass prayer in the second day of the Crusade that he remembers feeling God embrace him and cleanse him from his past life of sin. During the mass prayer, he suddenly became overwhelmed by God’s power and began vomiting a white substance. Since the day of his deliverance, he said something has turned around dramatically in his life! All of a sudden he has started feeling attraction towards women, no more towards males. He now also finds it easy to relate with others because he said before he felt rejected and was unable to relate with others. Now a changed man, Juan said: “I look forward to having a wife and children of my own”. His advice, “Open your hearts to God and believe in Him”.


From a young age, Arodis Guzman was attracted to witchcraft. There seemed to be an almost eerie fascination with the spiritual realm, which soon led the young American down a dangerous path. What began with watching horror films, reading Harry Potter books and looking up horoscopes nosedived into deeper demonic entanglement as the young girl, egged on by her sister, began reading spiritual books and researching online about spells and charms. Her zeal for sinister spirituality soon took a heavy toll as depression and a feeling of overbearing emptiness increased their grip.

It reached a critical level when Arodis decided to attempt suicide, slitting her innocent wrists many times. Even then, her problems showed no signs of abating. Unhappy to see her daughter’s slow descent, her mother insisted that she travel to the Dominican Republic to attend the Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua. Even though Arodis didn’t know much about the prophet – she had only watched a few videos online – she decided to heed her mum’s advice and come to the Crusade. “I thought it would be painful when the prophet prayed for me,” she recalls, having witnessed people around her fall heavily to the floor after receiving prayer. “But the moment he touched me, I just found myself on the ground.” On the floor, all the feelings of heaviness, depression and suicide left. “I have enjoyed peace ever since then,” she testified. “I don’t want to have anything to do with witchcraft ever again!”


tb joshua scoanAs a supervisor in the Ministry of Education in Dominican Republic, Mrs Valentina de la Cruz Pichardo had a lot of responsibility heaped on her shoulders. However, a worsening health challenge threatened to cause her premature retirement. After developing a discal hernia, duties required by her high profile job suddenly became difficult and painful.

“I couldn’t do my daily things, bend down or carry heavy things,” she said. “My job as a supervisor required me to travel long distances which caused a lot of pain and I had to use a special support for my back when travelling.” The pain medication she used was strong but respite was only temporal. “When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for me, something went out of my body! From that moment, I don’t feel any pain!” Demonstrating her newfound freedom, Valentina began to exercise herself freely. “Have faith and wait for God’s time; He can do the miracle,” she advised.


tb joshua scoanAltagracia de la Cruz fractured her spine. It was an agonising experience that rendered the once active, exercise enthusiast almost bedridden. “It affected all areas of my life – my work, career and family,” the Dominican explained. Given an ‘advanced lumbar corset’ to aid her mobility, Altagracia woke each morning to the numbing reality that each new day meant more pain.

“I went to many hospitals without any solution,” she described. Thus, faith prompted her attendance at the Dominican Republic Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua. “The moment he prayed for me, I knew my problems were over,” Altagracia explained. “I can now move my body freely; I even used an exercise machine in my house,” she happily testified. Advising people, the Dominican simply concluded: “God’s time is the best for you to receive your own healing.”


tb joshua scoanJulia Bido Pinales suffered for more than five years with arthritis and a deviation of the spine that almost left her paralysed. Walking became increasingly more challenging as time progressed and the afflictions tightened their grip on her health. The doctors had actually booked her for an operation in the month of November 2017 – the very same month Prophet T.B. Joshua was set to visit the nation of the Dominican Republic!

By God’s grace, Julia was among those at the prayer line as Prophet T.B. Joshua was ministering. A knee brace was strapped to her leg to aid her limited movement but the pains were still intense. “When Prophet T.B. Joshua touched me, I felt amazing,” she explained. “From that point forward, I started walking and running with ease; I can even wear high heels for the first time in five years!” Indeed, the evidence of God’s miracles is our rising and walking!


tb joshua scoanAnatalia Contreras couldn’t do any chores or daily tasks at home. It was simply too painful. Even driving became a seemingly impossible task as she couldn’t turn her head to the left or right. “I had to use my whole body to turn,” she explained, after the doctors diagnosed her with cervical arthritis, alongside osteoporosis.

“I had to use the neck collar 24/7 or else the pain would be paralysing,” she added. At the prayer line, Prophet T.B. Joshua simply tapped Anatalia on the head. “I suddenly felt this incredible warmth in my neck,” she testified. At that moment, ten years of pain and discomfort dissolved! The Dominican has been walking in the light of her testimony ever since – and freely moving her once stiff neck. Thank You, Jesus Christ!


tb joshua scoanCervia Ogando stood at a distance in the stands that day. From afar, she saw miracles unfold. She witnessed healing take place. She observed God’s power descend. When would it be her own turn? It was not physically possible for Prophet T.B. Joshua to touch everyone that day. Over 50,000 were inside the stadium. But Cervia knew God could touch each and every single soul there – and she put her trust in Him. As the Mass Prayer started, the Dominican poured out her heart before God. Heaven heard and responded!

“I had chronic diabetes and a tumour in my stomach,” she explained. “I couldn’t go to the toilet without drugs. However, when Prophet T.B. Joshua began offering Mass Prayer, I received my healing! After all the symptoms of diabetes disappeared, I went to a doctor who confirmed my blood sugar is now normal!” For the first time in many years, Cervia went to the toilet without any pain or discomfort. “T.B Joshua didn’t touch me yet his word reached me,” she counselled people. “Just believe!”


tb joshua scoanAmanda Mendez suffered with rheumatoid arthritis for nine long, painful years. What started as a gradual, slight pain soon nosedived into constant agony, causing the Dominican lady to leave her work. Restricted almost solely to her house, if Amanda wanted to go out, she would have to rely on the use of a wheelchair.

Aided by doting family members, Amanda was brought to the Dominican Republic Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua on a wheelchair. “I felt numb when the prophet prayed for me; it felt like a spiritual operation was taking place!” A strength from above fell upon Amanda as she rose from the wheelchair and began to walk on her own. Ever since then, Amanda has moved from strength to strength as the devil’s hand of sickness has been removed from her life. There are no natural words to describe it, except to say, ‘Thank You, Jesus!’


tb joshua scoanJasmeli Mendoza was born with inverted feet. Whilst in her mother’s womb, she did not have adequate space to develop properly and was thus born with an impediment that caused her to often fall down when walking. Running was not an option for the four-year old Dominican girl and she had to wear special boots in an attempt to reposition her feet.

During the Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua, Jasmeli was among those who received prayer on the first day. “Immediately after the prophet prayed for our daughter, she began to run,” her mum explained. “She has been running ever since and has not fallen down once.” No more using the special shoes, Jasmeli threw them away. “It is God who healed me,” the beautiful little girl happily testified!


tb joshua scoan

Soraya Agramonte was booked for surgery on her knee after fifteen years of pain with the debilitating condition of osteoarthritis. The cartilage was damaged, causing her to wear a knee brace constantly. “It got to a stage where I had to leave my work because the pain was too much,” Soraya explained.

Booked for a total knee replacement, the Dominican decided to attend the Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua as it was scheduled to hold shortly before her surgery. “When the prophet prayed for me, I felt the presence of God in an incredible way,” she recounted. Jumping up, she began to walk, jump and run! “There is no more knee replacement now!”


tb joshua scoanCatherine Felix, a dentist by profession, was stricken with pain as a result of scoliosis. Her daily life was filled with difficulties as simple tasks became burdensome and complicated. “As a dentist, I could not stand for long to attend to people because of the pain,” she recalled. The young Dominican was forced to wear a body brace – the only medical solution to try and straighten her curved spine. Nevertheless, the pain only seemed to get worse as time progressed

“When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for me, it felt like something was straightening my back,” Catherine recalled. She slept that night peacefully! Waking up the following morning, every pain associated with the scoliosis had gone! “I started to exercise myself, run and jump – things that were simply impossible for me to do before,” she testified. What a God we have to worship; what a Son we have to praise; what a future lies before us!


tb joshua scoan“See you after school mum! I love you,” said the sweet little girl as she heaved her heavy school bag over her shoulder and ran off into the playground. Her mother could never have expected the complications this seemingly ordinary act would have in her daughters life! Years later, with her back aching unbearably, she was taken to the hospital where the doctors discovered she had severe scoliosis of the spine.

As if the back problem she had was not enough, Miss Leofanys Tejada also had an acute problem with her adenoid glands which made her suffer difficulties in breathing. The problem seemed to be generic as her mum was a victim of fibromyalgia. This led to intense pain all over her body, coupled with three herniated discs in her spine. The problem affected both her arm, hands, knees and neck. She needed a neck collar to sleep at night, had an arm sling and wore braces on both her knees to alleviate the pain just a little.

With no other solution offered to the family than a risky surgery, they discovered the Crusade with Prophet TB Joshua and attended. On the prayer line, just a touch of prayer in the name of Jesus Christ brought the power of God on the scene and the years of debilitating pain were brought to a sudden end. Both fell to the ground under the heavy presence of the anointing of God and as they rose to their feet, their braces and supports were removed from them and they started twisting, turning and praising Jesus Christ for His perfect healing in their lives.

Now, both testified to sleeping well without any device or supports or sedative medication they had relied on for so many years and were able to do everything they had been unable to do for many years. Their advice was simple: “Give God time to perfect His plan in your life and when He moves, follow Him with all your heart, because if you don’t have faith, no matter what you do, you can’t please God.”


tb joshua scoanFor thirteen long years, Julio Alberto suffered from loss of hearing. As a young boy in school, he suffered rejection from his school mates who mocked his inability to hear properly. “It was very frustrating for me because I was constantly straining to hear when talking with people,” Julio explained.

The doctors recommended the student use hearing aids but there was still discernible change. After reading about the upcoming Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua in the Dominican Republic, Julio decided to attend. “When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for me, I felt fire in my ears,” the young man explained. As he removed the hearing aids, an incredible array of sounds became suddenly audible and clear! “I can now can hear normally and don’t have to shout like before!”


tb joshua scoanNallely Gomez Alcala suffered for five years with a bizarre fungal infection which particularly affected her scalp. Steadily losing her hair in that region, pus would regularly form and burst at random – causing both pain and embarrassment. The young Dominican would take strong medication in an attempt to manage the infection but no lasting result was visible.

“During the Mass Prayer with Prophet T.B. Joshua, he began to pray that all evil fluids should be flushed out,” Nallely explained. “Suddenly, something burst on my head and came out with blood!” God was uprooting the affliction! After that prayer, all the pain and irritation associated with the fungal infection have disappeared. “Also, no pus at all has come out of that region!” Thank You, Jesus Christ!


tb joshua scoanRuth Esteycl Nunez came with the problem of lumber scoliosis to the crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua. The problem started six years ago when she was just 8 years old. As a teenager, she could not walk freely nor engage in any sport. She had to constantly use a body brace and it was not working for her. Her multiple attempts at finding a solution were met with numerous doctors suggesting she undergo an operation in order to correct the curved spine. Even then, the surgery had a 50/50 chance of success.

She resisted and eventually declined any surgery. When she finally attended the crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua, she was among those who received prayer. “At that moment, I felt my spine repositioning and moving back to normal,” she described. Accompanied by her aunt, Ruth Nunez came to glorify God and gave her testimony. After the prayer she is free of any pain and she moves and jumps freely.


tb joshua scoanMaria Vasquez came to the Crusade in the Dominican Republic with Prophet T.B. Joshua in a very dire condition. She had multiple health challenges, including arthritis, a herniated disc and an arm fracture following an accident. The pain was so critical that Maria relied on the use of a wheelchair which her daughters had to use to take her anywhere she went.

“When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for me, I felt the presence of God,” Maria testified. At that moment, Maria began to walk without the aid of a wheelchair! “I can now move freely without any pain,” she exclaimed joyfully. “Before the crusade, my mum could not even raise her hands,” Maria’s daughter happily added. “Now she can raise her hands high to worship God and move her body freely.”


tb joshua scoanPaulane Henry, a Haitian living in the Dominican Republic, was suffering the repercussions of a severe accident. “It was difficult for me to walk, work, and do things around the house because of the pain,” she explained. She was given a knee brace and a lumbar corset to support herself by the doctors but still, the problems persisted.

“When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for me, I felt something wonderful,” Paulane described. Inexplicably, her knee began to move! Suddenly rising to her feet, Paulane not only walked but ran – all traces of pain and discomfort gone as the glorious anointing touched her! “I want to tell the whole world that Jesus is real and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If He can heal me He can heal you too,” she happily advised!


tb joshua scoanDessy Aquino held onto life. Barely. Her body was riddled with a complicated array of infirmities. The doctors diagnosed lupus but no medical terminology could do justice in explaining the disastrous effects of the disease. Practically bedridden for seven years, Dessy took a cocktail of drugs just to make it through the day. Pain was an overwhelming understatement. “There was no part of my body which was not affected,” she explained.

Her fragility impeded any ability to work or cater for her young children. “Most of the day, I would stay at home on the bed.” Visits to doctors and hospitals became a nauseating norm and the news was mostly depressing. “I was told there was no cure to my affliction; it would only get worse and worse and worse.” In the midst of the physical trauma emerged a marital mess. Dessy’s husband left her, unable to cope with her debilitating condition. It was misery without mercy.

When all hope seemed lost, the young Dominican courageously resolved to attend the Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua, knowing that she needed a miracle. For ten months, she had been bleeding. Constantly. “When the prophet prayed for me, I fell to the floor. When I rose up, I was a new person!” That was it. One Divine moment of glory! One supernatural transferral of power! One glorious touch from Heaven! “Instantly, the bleeding stopped,” Dessy testified. “All the pain, fatigue and weakness have gone, as have the constant migraines.” Everything satan had stolen from her through sickness began getting gloriously restored. “I started working the following week – my first job in over one year and a half. God has given me back life!” No natural words can explain this turnaround; it can only be GOD!!!


tb joshua scoanLarissa Perez Santos was in intense pain. She had to use a neck collar constantly after the doctors diagnosed damage in her cervical area. While in university, she struggled to study effectively due to the pain and discomfort. “There was no permanent solution from the doctors,” the young Dominican revealed.

“During worship at the Crusade, I felt like a liquid pouring on my neck and the pain started reducing.” The Miracle Worker was at work! “When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for me, I felt instant relief as the Holy Spirit’s power touched me,” she described. At that instant, Divine healing took place. After the prayer, everything about Larissa changed – physically, spiritually and emotionally!

“Keep your mouth closed if you don’t have anything good to say about T.B. Joshua,” Larissa warned. “We are praying in the Dominican Republic that God would send him here again.” In fact, the young Dominican even wants to visit Nigeria for the first time because of the impact of the crusade in her life. “I want to go and visit Nigeria just because of TB Joshua!”


tb joshua scoanKenya Vasquez was medically diagnosed with a mental disorder known as bipolar. The Dominican became troubled when her father died 31 years earlier, eventually leading her to stop her studies, leave her work place and stay home alone. To make matters worse, Kenya delved into witchcraft in an attempt to find solace for her restless soul, which only ended up entangling her deeper in darkness.

“When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for me, I became extremely aggressive,” Ms Vasquez recounted. The demons behind her mental derangement manifested wildly! “When he touched me again, I felt something leave me,” she explained. Immediately after that deliverance, Kenya felt a sense of peace and happiness she had never experienced before. “I advise people not to seek for a solution from witchcraft because they will only make matters worse; they should seek the Lord!”