VIDEO: TB Joshua fires back over controversial Sierra Leone testimony

Julius Maada Bio, Sierra Leone, tb joshua, scoanAfter news was widely circulated that a Sierra Leonean government official was ‘sacked’ following her testimony at T.B. Joshua’s church, the Nigerian cleric has responded by releasing a video of the lady’s controversial testimony.

International media outlets such as CNN reported the story of Mrs Fatmata Edna Kargbo, the Chief Protocol Officer of President Julius Maada Bio, whose testimony of ‘God’s blessings in her life’ after visiting Joshua’s church in Lagos, Nigeria, sparked public concern in Sierra Leone.

Kargbo was invited for questioning by the nation’s anti-corruption agency after insinuations were rife at the speed of her apparent rise in wealth.

However, Joshua’s television channel, Emmanuel TV, released the video of Kargbo’s actual testimony, which she shared on Sunday 21stJuly 2019.

According to Kargbo, after visiting The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) – “the house I constructed for 10 years without finishing – in exactly 14 years, I was able to complete it through the grace of God!”

This contradicts the narrative implied by most media reports that the Sierra Leonean politician amassed excessive finances within the short timeframe of her appointment as Bio’s Chief Protocol Officer in April 2018.

The clip released on Emmanuel TV also paints Kargbo as a patriotic figure who championed the cause of her nation during the deadly Ebola outbreak in the nation in 2014.

A letter from then President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma to Joshua, requesting his assistance in the nation to battle the deadly virus, is revealed, alongside a donation of $50,000 to Sierra Leone and 4,000 bottles of ‘Anointing Water’ to help curb the spread of the disease.

Kargbo reveals she personally received the gifts from Joshua – which were sent in a private jet chartered to the tune of $50,000 – and ensured they reached the affected areas, claiming that the regions where the ‘water’ reached were later declared Ebola free.

Although most media reports claimed Kargbo had been ‘sacked’ from her job, a statement from the presidential office indicated she had only been placed on leave pending the outcome of the corruption investigation.

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist



tb joshua scoanMr Julius Adams was diagnosed with the devastating disease of HIV/AIDS Positive-1 in 1995. He had lived with the terrible disease for the next five years. Not wanting to live the rest of his life in misery and even have a shortened life, he decided to seek a permanent solution from God Almighty.

He discovered The SCOAN and believed that only God could heal him from this incurable disease. The man of God, Prophet T B Joshua prayed for him and declared him free in Jesus’ name. After some time, Mr Adams decided to go for a confirmatory test to check his healing. To his wonderful surprise, the test results came back negative! He had received his complete healing in Jesus’ name! It has now been 16 good years that Mr Julius Adams has been free from the deadly disease of HIV/AIDS Positive-1. With his medical reports sitting side by side, Mr Adams proudly shows the congregation his before and after results. Glory be to God Almighty for this miraculous healing. He tells the crowd that there is no earthly cure available, that one must seek the Almighty hand of God to receive a permanent solution through Jesus Christ.

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Ms Maria Ikeuze came to The SCOAN with a severe problem of leg ulcer and skin disease. Hardly able to move because of the pain, her whole life revolved around this wound. She was unable to go to the toilet on her own. She had to urinate and defecate in a bucket due to the pain. Constantly in pain and discomfort, she went from hospital to hospital in search of solution, but finding none. She became so desperate that she even dabbled into native doctor treatments.

The native doctors initiated her into a shrine and a ritual was performed on her to try to cure the wound, but all to no avail. On the brink of death, Ms Maria expressed her desperation for healing to her brother who told her about The SCOAN and the miracles he saw happening. In one last attempt to find a solution, Ms Maria came to The SCOAN with her brother. After the man of God prayed for her, the pain of her wound instantly stopped. It began to dry up and within a few days it was completely gone. A problem that persisted for six years, left in just an instant. As she was prayed for, she was also delivered and disconnected from the kingdom of darkness. She advised the congregation to have faith in God and that the answer to our problems lies in the hands of Jesus Christ


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Prophet T.B. Joshua

When Emmanuel enrolled at a university in his native Ghana to read Maritime, little did he know that striking acquaintance with a strange woman he’d caught sight of a first time would soon evolve into another journey in parallel to his academic pursuit. It all began when he offered to give her a lift home on his way from the university campus. It was there that a strange relationship started – and with it, his freedom drifted away. The first thing that she told him was that every first female in her family are kept for two weeks in a room and covered with red oil in a ritual. He did not consider it strange.

She became a regular at his house, and at one point she reduced herself into seclusion on the premise that it was required of every female in her family to stay indoors without involving in any activity for two consecutive weeks. During the woman’s two-week indoor stay, she also did not shower. Emmanuel thought that was not alarming enough to bother him, and so he continued the relationship.

As time went on, she began to shower him with very expensive material gifts. She bought him a car, pet dog, food, clothes, and even underwear. She did not only feed and clothe him, but she also filled his pockets with money. He found himself totally dependent on her.

emmanuel testimony


Little by little, his rational-self began to depart from him as strange occurrences did not take him unawares. The woman’s antics followed him to the bathroom each time he had to visit the washroom to urinate. Her interest? That was the question that initially puzzled him. She would harvest his urine and gulp it down her throat. On a number of occasions, she would literally kneel before him and open her mouth in the direction of the urine so that it entered directly into her mouth. Emmanuel neither blinked an eye nor objected each time the woman caught his urine and drank it. As she continued to defy bathroom ethics, Emmanuel got used to the strange practice. His fornication-biased relationship with the strange woman sparked an addiction to pornography. He became so addicted to watching pornographic DVDs to the extent that whenever any of the DVD broke he had it repaired.

He did not know that he was under evil manipulation and even the cream that she bought for him, was a means of monitoring his thoughts and movements. The mysterious girlfriend knew everything about him and was aware of his every move. She was the only contact on his phone and soon every other person ceased to exist as he became engulfed in this obsessive and possessive relationship. When he wanted to eat, he had to inform her and she would say, “Eat for me”. When he wanted to read, he would inform her and she would say, “Learn for me”. Blinded to the spiritual significance of these words, Emmanuel continued his life, plunging deeper and deeper into the manipulative relationship. He soon started noticing strange behaviour in the pet dog that she had bought him when pushed by an impulse to urinate outside in the sand: the dog started to eat his urine together with the sand.

One day, he felt as if his manhood was vibrating with a sensation of pins and needles in it. Each time he complained about it, she did not show any concern. Each time he went to bed, he found himself flying in the dream. The aftermath of such dreams manifested in excruciating knee problem in the physical.

There were times that after sleeping together, the woman would tell him: “If you call me and I don’t respond, don’t worry”. He did not know that she had travelled spiritually out of her body during such strange encounter.

emmanuel testimony


As his strange affair with the woman began to weigh on him and his academic marks recorded more failure grades than passes, he started to flip through TV channels in a hope of landing on a comforting or solution screen. He came across Emmanuel TV and began watching. As the events scrolling across the screen soon triggered his enthusiasm, he invited her to join him. She declined the invitation and rather elected to watch worldly entertainment programmes. Being divergent at the two choices, tension started to build between the pair. Amazed and absorbed by what he saw on Emmanuel TV, he started reading the Bible and destroying the pornographic materials. This provoked the girlfriend to anger. It slowly began to dawn on him that something was not only strange about the relationship but very wrong with it. It was at such point that he started looking for a way out. He stopped invited her to come over to his house. However, to his ultimate surprise, the woman continued to show up in his house uninvited. Through the help of his aunt, he visited The SCOAN in Accra, Ghana and was delivered through the Morning Water.

Following his deliverance, Emmanuel progressed with his academic work and bettered his examination results by gaining more A-grades. He graduated with his first degree and is now gainfully employed in the oil industry in the USA. Settled and married with his second baby on the way, Emmanuel advised students: “Don’t go to university for relationships but to learn. If you have been living in the dark, allow the light to expose you to become a better person for Christ”.

Emmanuel also had a word for parents: “Don’t abandon your children. There is evil out there.”

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