Sandra Tells Her Life Story As TB Joshua Disciple (Part 1)

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There seems to be much controversy surrounding the life TB Joshua’s disciples are coached to live at the SCOAN. The reasons for the irresponsible inquiry into the personal lives of TB Joshua’s disciples by SCOAN critics are unclear.

Though one would really expect nothing less from fanatical faultfinders of SCOAN, even if it means to intrude on the private life of ex-disciples for any filth they can uncover to hurriedly attribute to their former master as his fruit. As a consequence, it’s not very difficult to come across defamatory articles online featuring stories of supposed ex-disciples alleging diverse ill-treatments and emotional breakdown taking place in the SCOAN premises.

However, there are also growing concerns from TB Joshua supporters that the bulk of these slanderous insider stories online are deceitfully fabricated. In any case, considering the hateful and biased criticism of SCOAN detractors we’ve observed, coupled with renamed and faceless accusers that leave nothing to track, we would say their concern is very likely. But as much as SCOAN supporters would love to answer favorably to the allegations with that assumption, only firsthand insider experiences would hold their sway against these distasteful rumors. It is on this note that we publish Sandra’s story; a disciple who recently contacted us to publish her story. She tells her story from a unique perspective which we presume you would find in-depth and enlightening.

Sandra Hall tells Her Story

A couple of people, claiming to have been “disciples of T.B. Joshua” have “come out” regarding their life experiences at The SCOAN. They aim to tell fascinating stories, revealing “what really goes on”. But they haven’t told my story yet.

I was one of them. I stayed at The SCOAN for several years before I was pointed to my calling in life through Prophet T.B. Joshua, the man God used to reshape my life, my character and my destiny. I have a lot to say concerning life as a disciple.

The moment I entered The SCOAN so many years ago, I realized that I was not in an ordinary place. As I witnessed the miracles, I realized that I was not witnessing ordinary events. I noticed many people following the prophet in the services and during the week I was there and learned they were called “disciples”. This too, was not ordinary. The only disciples I was aware of where those that followed Jesus in the Bible. What had I just discovered?

I recalled that in the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ, here were 12, then 72 and many times “great multitudes followed Him”. The same was happening at The SCOAN. As can be expected, in most large public gatherings you have attended, you will find those who believe in the cause with their spirit, soul and body and those who don’t believe at all, those who have come to contribute to the meeting and those who have come to steal from the crowd. Remember Judas sneaking out with the money bags in the small assembly of 12. Such was the case with the disciples of Jesus. Such is the case of those who join the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua. Not everyone who joins is perfect and not everyone joins for the salvation of their souls.

At the end of my week’s visit, I had a meeting with the prophet and was ecstatic when he told me that I could stay and become part of his ministry. It felt as if my life had changed completely – but it was just the beginning of the change.

Life at The SCOAN is unlike anything I could have imagined. Every day, I was witnessing miracles first hand. I received lectures from the prophet himself, worked with the ministry’s projects, travelled with them to international crusades and developed a relationship with the prophet, his family and those who were also working with him, people from different countries, with different backgrounds. I met a young man whose family were practicing witch doctors but who wanted to accept Jesus as his Saviour (You can see him on Emmanuel TV). I met people who came for healing, like the girl from a poor family in the US who was healed from a debilitating case of scoliosis, surrendered her life to Christ in response to His love and is still there (You can also see her on Emmanuel TV). I met people who came as if they were on a school field trip, like a secretive technical genius from an affluent family in the UK who came with his youth group and stayed for a time with several of them. I met ladies from South Africa who came separately but lived as if they were twins (You can see them on the Internet). It was amazing. As a disciple, I saw that many at The SCOAN really wanted to be changed and used by God and many simply wanted to get the glory quick, without any change on their part. That was their great mistake.

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There have being different story from different individuals who claim, were one time involve in the ministry of  SCOAN, either as a worker or disciple, all of these persons have published their own story  about their personal experience in SCOAN. Many are these stories that, one find it difficult to believe that an ex-disciple of Tb Joshua will go these far, trying to destroy the image of their formal mentor publicly. Even a lot of persons, find it hard to believe that by any means, this set of persons written all this false story have had any affiliation with the ministry of Tb Joshua in the past.

These stories  are so many that it has become one of the  strong debate online among these unknown ex-disciples who claim were one time involve in the ministry of SCOAN. While a section of them have a bad story to tell about their experience in SCOAN,the others have a good story to tell about their experience in SCOAN and wished to come back to the ministry if the opportunity comes.

My major concern in this issue is on those claims of,  harassment, intimidation and oppression many of them claimed they experience in their stay in SCOAN. But we most first remand ourselves that, there are many disciple in SCOAN, some of them have beenthere in their teenage and are still their up till now working for God, and these set of ex-disciple that are complaining now came there to meet them, they were their fellow mate, they sleep in the same room, work together, attend disciple meeting together and many other activities they were doing together in their stay in SCOAN. How come those disciples were treated well andare still in SCOAN and these ex-disciples have one complain or the other to tell about the way they were treated.  Are they telling us,the other disciples presently in SCOAN are not seeing or experience what they claim was done to them in SCOAN or are they telling us they are wiser than those disciple in SCOAN including, the five wise men that were one time a disciples before, they get to the position they are now as wise men. We all know that, the five wise men did not get to the position they are right now the moment they came to SCOAN, they served the prophet for years as disciples,and even most of them have shared their story live on They were close friends to some of these ex-disciples that have now tuned themselves into a specialized critics of SCOAN.  God who knows the hearth of men reward the five wise men and they are all know all over the world, one of them wise man Harry went to U.S for a revival, and the program was a transformative experience to those that attended the revival program.

The five wise men were once disciples of Tb Joshua, God who knows the hearth of men reward the five wise men and they are all know all over the world

The five wise men were once disciples of Tb Joshua, they were train and mentor by him, God who knows the hearth of men reward the five wise men and they are all know all over the world

For these nose-dived ex-disciples to acknowledge their wrong by adjust their ways, then see if they can be called back to SCOAN again but instead, they end up positioning themselves as an enemy to their formal mentor. This show they never come to SCOAN with genuine motive in the first place or may be they thought that the prophet is a black African fool that will just give them the grace to heal and prophesiers when they just came to SCOAN under the name of discipleship, as if good things come that easily.  Continue reading