Exposing TB Joshua’s Deception, Once and for all

TB Joshua and wife

General Overseer, Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), owners of Emmanuel TV Team, Prophet TB Joshua and wife, Evelyn

This post was sent to us a few years back, by a writer who had chosen to remain anonymous. He claimed to be a onetime sceptic of TB Joshua’s ministry due to what he was told by his pastor and heard from other ministers of the gospel in the past. He, however, came to the SCOAN to verify the truth for himself and the truth he seeks indeed set him free. ***We did a little editing on the original article for clarity of reading and understanding.***

Having visited the SCOAN to witness things for myself, I feel there’s a need to share my experience. My purpose for visiting was quite different from the lot of people I noticed who went there for healing, deliverance or whatever reasons might have taken them there. As for me, I went there to see first-hand, what sort of a demon TB Joshua was. My pastor and some guest pastors that ministered at our church always tell the congregation during their sermons that TB Joshua is a devil incarnate. He has horns, he is an apostle of Hades, the Anti-Christ prophesied in scripture and others.

The passion with which they always try to convince us was what spurred my decision to visit the church and see for myself. I fasted and prayed for days to fortify myself so as not to be bewitched by the alleged occultist powers TB Joshua used before, I headed for the SCOAN.

I will start with the healing I witness there.

Nevertheless, before falling head over heels for these miracles of Joshua, I ponder within myself what the source of his power was. The Bible warned us of the false prophet using counterfeit miracle, signs and wonders to deceive the people, even the elects the bible said are going to be victims of such deceit.

The healings that I saw taking place there, frankly, there is no normal person in this world that TB Joshua’s healing methods won’t first come as a shock to. With just a wave of his hands, people with different sickness and diseases kept falling to the ground like a pack of cards, in other instances, the movement of his eyes, head and legs made people move uncontrollably against their will to the ground or towards the direction he pointed. I couldn’t help but wonder if this could be God at work? I thought certainly not; there’s nowhere it is written in scripture that the apostles and prophets performed anything close to this. Oftentimes the scripture narrates Jesus using just a word to drive out demons, but here was a man making gestures with his body faculties in the process of delivering the demonized and healing the sick; there is no question as to whether the healings and deliverances take place, it is obvious that they do. Because any person he ministered to, at once profess instant relief and do what he/she couldn’t do before.

While he was busy ministering healing to the diverse illnesses, the most shocking experience for me was when he approached those with the deadly disease of HIV/Aids. Keeping in mind that HIV/Aids has no cure, I was expecting him to offer serious prayers over the HIV patients, but to my utmost surprise he just walked past them (not stopping for even a second) whilst stretching his microphone towards them in a wave and as he did that, they all fell to the ground as though they were struck by the sheer force of a wave. When he walked towards the end of the section they were arranged, he then spoke into his microphone saying: “you are all free”.

I was shivering. Because it goes against everything I was used to. I recall how my pastor used to proclaim a fast and pray for days over asthma and rheumatism, and here was HIV being dispelled in the twinkle of an eye. I couldn’t accept the ease with which he ministered healing and deliverance, or rather couldn’t comprehend it. I saw the joy emanating from those he had ministered to, their hope was restored, and I couldn’t help but wonder why my pastor, in whom I so much believed, said TB Joshua was a wizard clad in blazer suit, massively deceiving people.

I was however still very careful not to quickly conclude on Joshua’s genuineness. I resolved to pray within me. I still wanted to be sure that I’m not already under the influence of Joshua’s manipulation just because of the healings I have seen there. So, I continued with my intensive observation of the proceedings of his service.

I was taken in surprise by another scenario I observed. I noticed that after each miracle took place in TB Joshua’s church, unlike others who used to walk beside the beneficiary as praises were being sung, making them look like the healer, Joshua would walk right out of the scene of every miracle, so that he would not be seen around the beneficiaries. As the beneficiary shouts praises to God for their healings, Joshua will immediately continue with his ministration to others.

A proud man would never do this. In this regard, I gave TB Joshua a high scored. But the thought that keeps coming to my mind was the different ministers that insist that TB Joshua is a false prophet. How can so many ministers be wrong on a subject? They cannot be. Jesus said that where two or more agree, I am in their midst, and here we have well respected ‘men of God’ agreeing over the same matter.

How can God be using only one person to do such an astonishing miracle? There are countless preachers, apostles and prophets, but none of the minister in any way come close to TB Joshua. To be sure, I have seen people fall under the anointing in various churches, but the way it happens in TB Joshua’s church is shocking. Why are other pastors not doing the same works in the same manner? That got me thinking that TB Joshua must be using some means. I held strongly to my stands that this is still likely a fraud.

When it got to the time of prophecy, Joshua moved into the midst of the congregation and began telling them the root causes of their problems and proceeded to deliver them in the power of the Holy Spirit. This was the point I broke down in tears, I couldn’t handle it. The In-depth accuracy of his prophecies was a shocker in themselves, but even more, was how his prophetic messages always pointed people to the root cause of their problem. It was far from the sweet-sounding prophetic declarations I have been used to that usually are not profitable for turning anyone away from sin but are always geared towards what our itching ears want to hear, like imaginary enemies after our progress.

Even after those encounters at The SCOAN, it took me days of prayers and careful study of the scriptures for me to fully convinces myself that TB Joshua was indeed God sent. Besides, it was as though God was speaking to me through everything I witnessed there. After a deep reflection, I realized that only one man cannot just be the devil. There are many false prophets and pastors out there which nobody is talking about, but why the so much focus and energy on Joshua. I concluded that there must be something special about him that the kingdom of darkness is afraid of.

I realized of course that Jealousy must have played a very big role by the rejection and accusations from fellow ministers of the gospel. Especially since they cannot do what God does through Joshua and it looks like Joshua is the only one who seems to be getting much of the world attention.

The Scripture makes us understand that God gives His grace in proportion to the faithfulness of His servants. They want to operate in the same supernatural level as TB Joshua. If I should ask them, do they show mercy and compassion as he does? Do they show love to even enemies as he does? Do they give or care for the needy and orphans as he does? They do not do all these things, they build mansions, buy private jets, acquired large estates thus, turning their back against the poor and yet, they desire a higher dimension of the supernatural grace of God in their life and Ministry.

You cannot be endowed with the riches of His miraculous grace to do signs and wonders when you desire to use them for material gain or wealth accumulation. The scripture told us that he that loves money is a servant of mammon, and mammon is the principality set over material gains and that is the god of them that love the world.

It is heart-breaking that because of the love for the world and money, men who supposed to uphold the gospel have instead continued to pervert it for personal gain and enrichment. The Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ that is of grace, love, salvation, sanctification, humility, charity, meekness, faithfully and all of God’s goodness, has been twisted to the gospel of worldly prosperity and financial gain.


As far as spiritual warfare is concerned the first place that comes to one’s mind is the Synagogue Church of all Nation headed by the fascinating man of God, Tb Joshua. SCOAN has distinguished itself among others in the deliverance ministry due to the massive and life changing deliverance that always take place every service day that includes pastors, prophets and their wives. Those delivered every service day are so massive that many viewers around the world through the emmanuel.tv channel wonder if they themselves don’t need to be delivered due to their experience from others that have undertaken deliverance. The deliverance in SCOAN has been one of the most educative experience in the world, the awareness of the existence of Satan and his agent is on the increase among the people who take everything for granted in the name of modernity, human have always seen Satan as an enemy but can’t imagine that Satan can possess and used them to fulfill his own mission on earth.

185105_218320031622114_1709249615_nasd.jpgIn the world of today many individual are skeptical about the existence of God and religion; they do say man created god and religion. These set of people have always looked for means to support their philosophy of the non-existence of God, and most of these skeptics that are advocating the non-existence of God most time involved in occultism and Satanism. As far as this world is concerned, there are spiritual forces in the heavenly places that are beyond human comprehension, and those who have being able to clairvoyance their existence, do so with some kind of spiritual energy and committed devotion to network with this creatures. I always ask if modernity eliminate spiritual forces which both Satan and his demons are part of. If you can reasoned with me, you will find out that most of all this inspiration about God non-existence are from the pit of hell to turn man’s believe away from God, Satan is the ruler of the world, he is already judged and condemned for eternity, but want man to suffer with him in hell but still, many persons sees all this as mere story from religion fanatics and are not concerned about the things of the spirit and satanic vices. Many even see all this deliverance in SCOAN as scam, hypnotize and stage manage, but the confession and personal experience of those delivered are not taken into consideration, we are only concerned about the process of the deliverance not the outcome even the cases of stiff opposition are lost off from our memories.

As children of God we should be very sensitive to the devices of Satan, all of this ideology about anti-faith healing, and the saying that god and religion are created by man are all part of the strategy of Satan and his demons to turn man against God. Also known that, any alleged prophecy (by pastor, prophet, or any group) about the end of the world, crisis among different religions body, advanced scientific discovery with occult background to make Christianity look incorrect, the so much argument about when this long existing world will come to an end; when will the world be judged and many others are all satanic strategies to disprove Gods existence. As Christians the Bible is our standard the coming of Christ and the end of the world is not known by anyone including the son of God, Jesus. But, any one that tell you that with one calculation, study of the earth and any prophecy from some world respected religion body about the end of the world are all deceptive strategies from Satan to make mockery about true religion and to disprove the existence of God. Also true believers are not against scientific discovering because God is the one that motivate scientist to discover, but any philosopher of science and other field of study that their ideology are in contradiction with God’s existences, should not be acceptable because God is the creator of the universe whether you believe it or not.