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I am a Child of God, a Minister of the Gospel since the age of 17. I have seen and known many Servants around the world. I personally have been praying for sick and successfully chasing demons in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ since I was a youngster. I got a privilege to lead thousands of souls of young and old  to Christ Jesus, I also fought many spiritual battles, and my life was full of so many questions. But since I discovered Emmanuel TV and watched every day, listening to the teachings of Prophet  TB Joshua, and also watching wonders and miracles that happening there, I had conviction that this Man is a God send who has brought answers and solutions to millions of peoples questions and problems, physically and spiritually.

Unfortunately, I have heard many people including believers and servants of God misunderstand Prophet TB Joshua the same way Jesus Christ was misunderstood and called bad names. The Amazing thing is that, many are sitting downtown doing nothing to change the world, or to show at least a little  difference in their neighborhood or in their community or nation.

To those who say TB Joshua is using evil powers to do miracles.

“The man in the Synagogue”

OK, Let me ask you: Why don’t you do the same and let us see if it can work Or at least bring your own God to oppose what the GOD of TB Joshua is doing.

Many people quote the word Jesus said about the end time just to oppose TB Joshua Of course Jesus said there would be many that would call themselves Christ, many false pastors and prophets, many who would do miracles. I believe Jesus was talking about false miracles, not genuine ones, and He never said genuine Pastors, Evangelists and Prophets will stop performing miracles because of the fake ones existing.  Friends, we mustn’t be blind. The Bible says we must test every spirit if it is from God. Look at many servants of God all over the world today (I am not taking about all of them but many of them). Look at their reputation, look at their relationship with the people, look at how they conduct themselves, listen to what they say. I have never seen a servant of God who is doing what TB Joshua is doing in terms of deeds and his own conduct and the way he relates to the people. I haven’t met him before but I can read him as a Man of integrity.

He does what he says. The devil can not do too many good things at the same time. The devil cannot allow his agents to keep doing all these good things for a long time, things like helping the poor, healing the sick, reconciling marriages, reuniting broken families, helping gangsters to abandon their evil ways, and too other many things I have never heard anyone do, not even the United Nations Organization. Many churches and other organizations look for benefits yet they say they are non-profit-organizations. If the whole world would be humble and learn from TB Joshua, there would be no sufferers on earth.  Look at this kind man  TB Joshua, he is obviously seeking eternal reward in heaven .

As Nigerians say, this man is too much. Satan can’t do all these things. He is a destroyer. You all watch how God uses Prophet TB Joshua to expose, disgrace,defeat and destroy the powers of darkness, Satan cannot divide himself by fighting his own demons.

May God bless TB Joshua. And the Wise Men.

By Abakristo


TB Joshua Church Lagos | watchedtbjoshua.wordpress.com

There have being different story from different individuals who claim, were one time involve in the ministry of  SCOAN, either as a worker or disciple, all of these persons have published their own story  about their personal experience in SCOAN. Many are these stories that, one find it difficult to believe that an ex-disciple of Tb Joshua will go these far, trying to destroy the image of their formal mentor publicly. Even a lot of persons, find it hard to believe that by any means, this set of persons written all this false story have had any affiliation with the ministry of Tb Joshua in the past.

These stories  are so many that it has become one of the  strong debate online among these unknown ex-disciples who claim were one time involve in the ministry of SCOAN. While a section of them have a bad story to tell about their experience in SCOAN,the others have a good story to tell about their experience in SCOAN and wished to come back to the ministry if the opportunity comes.

My major concern in this issue is on those claims of,  harassment, intimidation and oppression many of them claimed they experience in their stay in SCOAN. But we most first remand ourselves that, there are many disciple in SCOAN, some of them have beenthere in their teenage and are still their up till now working for God, and these set of ex-disciple that are complaining now came there to meet them, they were their fellow mate, they sleep in the same room, work together, attend disciple meeting together and many other activities they were doing together in their stay in SCOAN. How come those disciples were treated well andare still in SCOAN and these ex-disciples have one complain or the other to tell about the way they were treated.  Are they telling us,the other disciples presently in SCOAN are not seeing or experience what they claim was done to them in SCOAN or are they telling us they are wiser than those disciple in SCOAN including, the five wise men that were one time a disciples before, they get to the position they are now as wise men. We all know that, the five wise men did not get to the position they are right now the moment they came to SCOAN, they served the prophet for years as disciples,and even most of them have shared their story live on emmanuel.tv. They were close friends to some of these ex-disciples that have now tuned themselves into a specialized critics of SCOAN.  God who knows the hearth of men reward the five wise men and they are all know all over the world, one of them wise man Harry went to U.S for a revival, and the program was a transformative experience to those that attended the revival program.

The five wise men were once disciples of Tb Joshua, God who knows the hearth of men reward the five wise men and they are all know all over the world

The five wise men were once disciples of Tb Joshua, they were train and mentor by him, God who knows the hearth of men reward the five wise men and they are all know all over the world

For these nose-dived ex-disciples to acknowledge their wrong by adjust their ways, then see if they can be called back to SCOAN again but instead, they end up positioning themselves as an enemy to their formal mentor. This show they never come to SCOAN with genuine motive in the first place or may be they thought that the prophet is a black African fool that will just give them the grace to heal and prophesiers when they just came to SCOAN under the name of discipleship, as if good things come that easily.  Continue reading


Tb Joshua’s ministry has continued to minister healing and deliverance to thousands of visitors who come to SCOAN, to receive a tough from God through is prophet and the five wise men. The ministry of Tb Joshua has continued to grow in the face of persecution and criticism especially, from the ministry massive healing of incurable diseases and sickness such as Hiv/Aids.

Many of these detractors have not come to SCOAN to verify, if those massive HIV/Aids healing that is taking place there are real or not, but they went a hard to critics the great work of God in SCOAN. The only visit case we know was the  mission by BBC in SCOAN London and their later Anti-SCOAN article about an alleged death story of  those that were  told to stop taken medication when prayed for by pastors from SCOAN London, though news of such is not a new thing to lovers and members of the ministry of SCOAN , the alleged story that was fabricated by BBC is well-known to be against the doctrine and the person of the prophet of God who have publicly said countless of time to those who come for prayer in SCOAN to continue their medication before they are confirmed healed from their sickness by their doctors. It was all clear that the stories were all part of satanic instrument to discredit the man of God and the mighty work of God being experience in SCOAN. They never come with a good intention, because if their motive was genuine enough, they would have come openly without sending secret spy and write an unprejudiced article as a part of good journalism.

Many keep wondering if the world bodies are not aware of what is taking place in SCOAN especially; with the massive healing that is taking place there that cannot be healed medicinal . It baffles me if they are aware and choose not to have anything, to do with the happenings in SCOAN and yet some critics are saying that SCOAN door is not open for verification. But the fact remains, that SCOAN is an international ministry know all over the world for is massive healing and deliverance. The ministry of SCOAN received thousands of pilgrims from all what’s of life every week, leaders of nations, ministers and kings do come to SCOAN to receive the tough of God, and some of them have even given their testimony live on Emmanuel.tv about the transformation power in SCOAN and how the ministry have affected their life and family positively.  And some persons are saying that the door of SCOAN is not open,  a ministry that received and host calibers of persons that comes from all over the world, what stop that same ministry from receiving any world  body and media. It is surprising for anyone to say that the door of SCOAN is not open for verification, I believed such a person those not want to admit the true about SCOAN openness to the world. The prophet has openly stated countless of time that is ministry is open to all classes of people in the society, but not those that mean harm and bad for its ministry because as a Christian we are very sensitive to the device of Satan and its agent. As he always say “I love you all only trust in God.”

“I love you all only trust in God.”

“I love you all only trust in God.”

Tb Joshua cannot come out on emmanuel.tv calling on World Health Organization and world media to come and verify Hiv/Aids healing claims in is ministry,  because if he did such many people especially, is critics will interpret it in the wrong way that he  want world recognition, which he already have however.

When the prophet made a world prophecy about a massive shooting that will take place in the nation America that came to pass and many critics says it was by chance he made the prophecy, that public shooting is a frequent occurrence in America. Then the prophet call on the American government to call on all the religion body all over the world to make prophecy for the year and see which one will come to pass, as a prove that he never guess the prophecy. But you know what; the reply was silence because they know the outcome will favor the prophet. So prophet Tb Joshua cannot force anyone to come and verify Hiv/Aids healing in is church. But for those who are genuine and bold enough should come and verify for themselves, SCOAN door is open come, instead of condemning the great work of God in our generation. Continue reading


TB Joshua Church Lagos | watchedtbjoshua.wordpress.com

The Synagogue Church of All Nations headed by the general overseer Prophet Tb Joshua has continue to blow the mind of thousands of viewers all over the world from, his ministry large-scale deliverance and healing of different kinds of incurable diseases and sickness. Thousands of sick persons keep on visiting the ministry of Tb Joshua to be arranged in the ministry prayer line for healing and deliverances from their problems and pains. Those arranged for prayers usually come with their medical report as prove of their sickness. And those that received their healing do come back with medical report to confirm that they are healed, when given their testimony live on Emmanuel.tv. Among those sicknesses and diseases been prayed for by the prophet and is five wise men included,  Hiv and Aids which cannot be treated medically.

According to what some world body make us to understand and believed is that, it is only two person that have been cured of the acclaimed deadly diseases called Hiv/Aids. Many ask why those in SCOAN whom have come out openly claiming to have receive healing when prayed for by the prophet of God from the deadly diseases  are not included in the list of those been healed from Hiv/Aids. Those it means that since,some of these world bodies do not recognized healing of Hiv/Aids in SCOAN,that make dose healing testimonies in SCOAN fake?,It is totally NO.


As a true Christian, God has never at a time need any world body to validate is healing and miraculous power,God heals is children as he wishes, he those not take permission from any one to heal neither, will he needs anyone approver or authenticity when he perform is healing. But, that those not mean God have no respect for the world body or human laws. When Christ was on earth he paid tax to the government of is era,anywhere Jesus went to minister the gospel of grace he always respect the laws, rules and regulations of the land. Continue reading