The Malicious Trend to Restrict Free Speech and Fight Religious Freedom

freedom of expression and religion By Deborah Oliphant

Good morning

Over the past few years, we have experienced the worrisome decline in freedom of expression around the world. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, freedom of expression is the right of every individual to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. In practice, however, this fundamental human right is frequently restricted by some bogus or legitimate organizations that regulate the social media space including the search engines through tactics that include censorship, restrictive press legislation, harassment of those who spread the truth, bloggers and others who voice their opinions, as well as crackdowns on religious minorities and other suppression of religious freedom. As long as the information does not suit their agenda and narratives, it is suppressed. Thanks to these institutions and individuals; it is now possible for the true believer to sail on an ocean of disinformation without ever sighting the dry land of facts and this is promoted by a thriving cottage industry of fake information

Children of God, let’s not forget that there are organizations which exist solely to “disprove” the life-changing information meant for those who are lost as well as to suppress other people’s opinion. Unfortunately, we find ourselves using the same organizations as platforms to spread the good news of God. Remember our responsibility is to win the souls for the Kingdom of God but somebody’s responsibility out there is to make sure that he populates the kingdom of darkness by ensuring that those who are trying to bring freedom to the captives are suppressed, silenced or bullied

This anti-knowledge crowd has created an immense ecosystem of disinformation. Thanks to anti-knowledge crowds, the world today have been flooded with lies while the truth is hidden behind the lips of the messenger and those with alternative voice are suppressed and labelled as bad”. This effect is fortified by the new world systems or group which seek to undermine the true Christians

The enemy of the truth is working harder to oppose those who are committed to spreading the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Everyone should guard against succumbing to the snares and temptations of “the world” dominated by an anti-knowledge system

Children of God, It is when these forces of anti-knowledge seize the power of organizations, that the real damage gets done. As long as your view contradicts their agenda or you say something that they don’t agree with you become their target. They simply ignore the fact that freedom of speech is not a privilege but a right.

Those who are notorious for making inflammatory, false and destructive comments are regarded as messiahs of the world while those spreading the Words of wisdom are ridiculed, attacked and threatened. This seldom recognized fact is one of the prime forces behind the decay of knowledge in the world today

Remember that the main reason behind this bullying is to silence those who speak the truth With the intention of twisting and reducing slowly but surely the total amount of knowledge you possess already. Historically, information dissemination was understood to entail an increase in knowledge, and less knowledge means less coherence, less confidence and less ability to fight back

But today, any amount of knowledge is viewed as too much knowledge. Because they are afraid that People might start going off in the wrong directions, I mean the direction which does not favour them. People of the worlds will become self-directed and more confident. People might come to realize that most of the things in the world are not as they are portrayed or as they seem to be, meaning that they can be evil and destructive, and perhaps deadly. From the Christian point of view, people of the world might come to realize that Jesus is the Way, Truth, and life

For me, knowledge is a beautiful thing and Facts are fun because I believe that Free, independent and diverse opinions are essential for today’s world. Blogs, social networks, content aggregators and search engines enable individuals to access information and communicate with thousands of people in completely new ways. Together with these actors, which are an essential source of information today, can save the world from the darkness they found themselves in, from the fact-phobic situation, confusion and dumbness.

However, we must all remember that there will always be a time that we will have different opinion and views. There will always be some information that goes against others’ narratives, intentions, plans, belief or lifestyle and this is where the freedom of speech comes in

BY Deborah Oliphant