Video: A Must Watch Documentary On The SCOAN Guest House Attack

 #InvestigateSCOANAttack #TbJoshuaTheVictim #ArrestPilotAndCrew #InvestigateMilitaryAirplane #SCOAN #TbJoshua

#InvestigateSCOANAttack #TbJoshuaTheVictim #ArrestPilotAndCrew #InvestigateMilitaryAirplane #SCOAN #TbJoshua

The Lagos State coroner ruled that the SCOAN guest house collapse was as a result of structural issues, but evidence increasingly points to sabotage, some scientists even suggested an infrasonic weapon was used to bring down the building.

Unfortunately, nothing has been done by the Nigerian government in investigating the Military Airplane. Instead of the government to investigate the pilot and crew on board in the Military Airplane, they are using the Judiciary to cover-up the SCOAN attack and they want the members of the public and those that lost their love ones in this tragic incident to accept it that way.

Till date, the government have not uncovered the identity of the pilot and crew on broad in the Military Airplane that remain the major suspect in the guest house collapse saga and yet they are going after the victims- Prophet T.B. Joshua, SCOAN and the Building contractors. And it now seems even the media is helping them to brainwash the public and spread the lies that the guest house was not attack when common sense shows that the way the building collapsed was not structural failure, but control demolition.

Here is a short documentary below on the SCOAN guest house attack: