War against the Synagogue of God

The battle against Prophet T.B Joshua’s ministry is one of a continuous nature, the ministry is being fought on many fronts and the September 12th 2014; attack on the SCOAN visitor’s guesthouse is another dimension in the warfare to bring down the ministry. By bringing disrepute to Prophet T.B Joshua and creating situations that will warrant for him to be possibly charged with Homicide.

We will like to bring your attention to some recent happenings that many may not have taking note of, what you think you know was staged to tarnish the image of the Prophet and also cause people to doubt his calling:

Before the June 12, 2014 FIFA World cup there was a plan to implicate Ogenyi Onazi on the grounds of match-fixing allegations in other to stop him from participating in the FIFA world Cup and indirectly tarnish the image of his sponsor and mentor, Prophet T.B Joshua. Onazi happened to have had an encounter with Mr Okoroji who was a fellow Nigerian. Mr Okoroji who news report later confirmed to be a FIFA licensed agent invited Onazi to a meeting where match-fixing was being discussed, unknown to Onazi, he was the target in a setup. There were undercover agents with hidden cameras and recording devices in the meeting. But Onazi was a player that had the fear of God, so he told them NO to match-fixing and walked out of the meeting. The whole issue was exposed on News media and the internet (Here, Here), but since Onazi was found blameless in the whole saga, many overlooked it and didn’t take the matter serious.

Seeing that they did not succeed with their match fixing allegation to stop Onazi from participating in the world cup, there was another plot to injure him. They succeeded this time and it caused Nigeria to loss to France by 2goals to nil. Those who watched the match can attest to the fact that after Onazi left the field of play, Nigeria opponent started to have an upper hand in the game that later eliminated Nigeria out of the FIFA tournament. FIFA ignored all appeal to take disciplinary action against the player that injured Onazi, they acted as if nothing happened and swept the matter under the carpet, unlike Luis Suarez that was sanctioned after the incident with Giorgio Chiellini. (Here, Here)


Remember we are in a world under the authority of Satan and anything that will promote God and give glory to Him will always be resisted by his agents. They have taking over the institutions of the world and are working endlessly to promote Satan’s vendetta. Take for instance, the Jim Iyke story because he came to SCOAN for deliverance, they tried to destroy his relationship to prove that his deliverance was arranged (Here, Here). We will like to end it here, but we will also want the good people of the world to judge. This evil people are sending messages to the church and the world. Take for instance the “9/11” attack on the world trade center and recently a “9/12” attack on SCOAN guest-house that houses foreign visitors.

To the true church of God, it’s about time we woke up from our slumber and face the reality that is before us, there is a secret battle against the church and the church needs to be united to fight it.

Jim Iyke “receives deliverance” at TB Joshua’s church

TB Joshua Church Lagos | watchedtbjoshua.wordpress.com

Renowned Nollywood actor Jim Iyke has been ‘delivered’ from demonic attacks during the live deliverance service at the Synagogue Church of All
Nations (SCOAN) in Nigeria headed by Prophet T.B. Joshua Sunday.

Making a surprise appearance in The SCOAN, Nollywood superstar Jim Iyke entered quietly and unannounced, joining worshippers from around the
world as they listened to the inspiring message from renowned Prophet T.B. Joshua.

As The SCOAN’s Wise Men moved through the congregation in prayer, the lightning of God located Iyke and he was no longer able to control himself.

Lunging towards one of the Wise Man as if to attack him, an evil spirit that had been tormenting the life of Jim Iyke manifested! The congregation in the auditorium and the overflow congregations shouted in surprise as they began to witness the deliverance of a man they were all too familiar with.

Jim Iyke, born James Ikechukwu Esomugha, is currently one of the highest paid actors in the Nigerian movie industry and cultivated the name
“Nollywood bad boy” for himself. As one of the most successful actors in Nollywood, he has starred in over 150 films to date.

He has launched his own film production unit, “Untamed Productions” and his own music label, “Untamed Records” with his very own album, “Who Am I?” He is also founder of “Jim Iyke Foundation”, contributing funds to children of the less privileged and children with physical challenges. Among his movie awards are: The Teenage Choice Award, Best Actor In Nigerian Entertainment Award, African
Achievement Award, Best Actor of the Year (Mode Men Award 2010), Sexiest Man In Nigeria 2008, Best African Actor (NET Awards).

The evil spirit that had tormented the life of Jim Iyke For so many years began to manifest, confessing that it was the cause of Iyke’s setback and disappointment. It confessed that it was the reason he could never marry, stating that it would not allow him to love anyone.

It continued confessing that Iyke was the biggest and that it was only God’s grace that had kept him. As the evil spirit inside him struggled to attack the Wise Man, the supremacy of the Holy Spirit continued to overpower it.

The deliverance continued but the battle was not against flesh and blood; it was against the spiritual entities that had been causing crisis in his life, family, health, career and future.

To the jubilation of the congregation, the name of Jesus Christ prevailed over the evil spirit and Jim Iyke received his freedom. Overwhelmed with what had just happened, Iyke immediately knelt in God’s presence, appreciating His Creator for his miraculous deliverance.

The humility demonstrated by Jim Iyke in submitting himself to the power of God should prompt others in his industry to make the same life-saving choice.