TB Joshua’s Emmanuel TV Celebrates Christmas in Bethlehem!

tb joshua, scoan, bethlehemOn Tuesday 24th December 2019, a special Christmas Service at the Manger Square in Bethlehem – the historic birthplace of Jesus Christ – was broadcast live on Emmanuel TV, the popular television channel belonging to Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua. 

Representatives of TB Joshua were received personally by the Mayor of Bethlehem, Adv. Anton Salman, who sent a greeting to the Nigerian cleric and said the message of Bethlehem to the world would “always be a message of peace, love and justice”.

Mayor Salman then gave the Emmanuel TV Choir unprecedented access to celebrate Christmas in the world-famous Grotto at the Church of the Nativity, historically regarded as the site where Jesus was born and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Joined by US Gospel Artist VaShawn Mitchell, the choir recorded and sang a song composed specially by TB Joshua in honour of the season.

According to the lyrics: “Christmas is not only about Christ of history. Christmas is not only about Christ of story. Christmas is not only about baby Jesus. Christmas is about Christ the Spirit reveals to us.”

Moving to the Manger Square, thousands of local residents in Bethlehem and tourists who travelled from across the globe to celebrate Christmas at Jesus’ birthplace, gathered to celebrate with the Emmanuel TV choir.

“This season reminds us of the message on the Cross – ‘Father, forgive them’,”TB Joshua said in a message delivered by one of his evangelists to the throngs in attendance.

“This means that whether you are a victim or a perpetrator, we all stand in helpless need of God’s Divine forgiveness,”he continued.

“This season, make it a point of duty to love others just as you would want God to love you, to bless others just as you would want God to bless you and to forgive others just as you would want God to forgive you.”

After singing two new songs composed by TB Joshua titled ‘Who On Earth’ and ‘Jesus Is The Reason’, VaShawn treated the crowd to a rendition of his hit song ‘Joy’.

It is not Joshua’s first involved with the ‘Holy Land’. When the cleric visited Bethlehem in 2017, he saw an “urgent need” in the kidney division of the Beit Jala hospital and bought six new dialysis machines to help the patients.

He also held a two-day crusade at the Amphitheatre of Mount Precipice in Nazareth, Israel in June 2019 which attracted thousands from around the world.


Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist…

​Will A Prophet Be Honoured Among His Countrymen?

T.B. Joshua with Mrs Vera Baboun

T.B. Joshua receiving a gift from Mrs Vera Baboun

The General overseer of the Synagogue Church of all Nations, Prophet T.B. Joshua is a controversial figure that is well known for his massive healings, deliverance and unparalleled charitable works. As humble as the Prophet is in disposition, the controversy surrounding him and his Ministry has made some so called men of God especially those of his own country tag him a false Prophet. Their claims are based on questions like; who mentored him, his theological school, his earthly spiritual father and the controversial pattern of his healings and deliverance. They make these claims as though God does His things according to men’s tradition or has to consult them before He anoints His Prophet but little do they know that the things of the spirit can never be comprehended by man’s point of view; there are biblical histories of great men of God that had an encounter with God and were used to perform great signs and wonders without human mentorship or earthly spiritual fathers. Even this present generation of the church look up to these great Apostles and Prophets of God as heroes of faith.

Nevertheless, according to Prophet T.B. Joshua, what men don’t understand they call names and what they understand they destroy. Even Christ Jesus was maltreated and called all sort of unkind names. The same people who unjustly accused Christ were the once that crucified Him because His teachings and ways were different from man’s tradition. They believed in the Law of Moses while Christ came to usher mankind into the era of grace. Today, Christ Jesus has the greatest followers on earth, for Christians in nations all over the world believe in Him as the only saviour and redeemer.

It seems history is repeating itself because the rejection and name calling Christ and other Apostles of old experienced during their reign is similar to what the Prophet is facing today among his people.

Recently, Mrs. Vera Baboun the Mayor of Bethlehem (the birth place of Christ) and Fr. Peter Vasko OFN, the President of Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land, sent their Christmas greetings to the Prophet and Emmanuel.tv partners, recognizing the love the Prophet has for the work of God, calling for a persistent cordial relationship and look forward to seeing him again in the Holy Land.

Bellow is the YouTube video:

As ironic as this may sound, biblical history thought us that the forefathers of the Israelites did not value the Prophets of their time. They even crucified Christ Jesus and his apostles. But today, their present generation in repentance have seen the significance of Christ coming and now appreciate the love of Christ in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua. However, the Prophet whom the Israelites now honour for his love for Christ and the Church is the same Prophet most Nigerian clergies still see as false.

Indeed, this is a true reflection of the wise adage of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ that says “A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.” – Mark 6:4. We hope this present generation learn from history and make sure it does not repeat itself.