Bristow Helicopter Crash Survivors Testify In TB Joshua SCOAN Synagogue


Crash survivors Chukwudi Onah and Dolu Ebiejuara at SCOAN

Two survivors of the tragic incident that saw a Bristow helicopter crash into the lagoon in Oworonshoki, Lagos on Wednesday 12th August, 2015 have testified that it was ‘God’s hand’ that saved them from certain death.

On Sunday 25th October, oil workers Chukwudi Onah and Dolu Ebiejuara appeared in the church of controversial Nigerian Pastor T.B. Joshua to thank God for preserving their lives in the disaster that led to six fatalities, including that of the pilot Jay Wyatt and co-pilot, Peter Bello.

According to Onah, it was ‘Morning Water’ he had received at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) that was instrumental to his survival. “I never leave it anywhere I am going. It’s always with me, along with my Anointing Sticker,” he explained to the congregation.

“On that fateful day, before I left my room, I prayed that God would take charge and thanked Him for journeying mercies,” he continued, stating that he sprayed the ‘Morning Water’ upon himself.

According to Onah, there were no signs of trouble as the flight was going “very smoothly”. However, merely minutes away from arriving at the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos, tragedy struck.

“The chopper suddenly turned,” Onah vividly described. “Everybody became confused. We were shouting Jesus! The chopper was dangling up and down. I didn’t even know when it fell inside the water.”

As the Bristow Sikosky S76 C+ helicopter began descending steadily to the bottom of the lagoon, Onah was strapped heavily into his seatbelt and could not move. “I shouted, ‘God of TB Joshua – save me’ “, he recounted, adding that his lungs soon filled up with water.

According to the SEDCO oil worker, what transpired next can only be termed ‘supernatural’. Staring death in the face, confused and struggling to free himself, Onah said he heard a ‘voice’ speaking clearly to him.

“It’s just as you are hearing me now. The voice said, ‘Your seatbelt.’ I took my hand to the side of the seat belt and it became suddenly loose. The same voice came again and said, ‘Your lifejacket’. I took my hand to the side of the life-jacket and it suddenly inflated. It now carried me up from down to the top of the sea.”

Onah somberly recounted that the two passengers seated directly besides him were among the fatalities. “If not for Jesus, I would have died. I give the glory to Jesus Christ who saved my life,” he said, bringing out the ‘Anointing Sticker’ from his pocket that he had with him on the day of the ill-fated journey.

Dolu Ebiejuara similarly stated that he was a regular visitor to The SCOAN and had ministered ‘Morning Water’ before entering the helicopter that day. Recounting his experience, he said, “All that I saw was the helicopter take a sharp turn and then we were just plummeting down.”

Moments before the crash, Ebiejuara said that he lost consciousness. “All I could remember was that I saw myself swimming. There is no way I could have come out of the helicopter without removing my seat belt but I was not the one. I don’t even know how I came out under the water. I know it is God’s doing because there is God’s hand in the Morning Water.”

The duo both sustained injuries but have since recovered. They were accompanied by more than seventeen family members who came to share the testimony.

Intriguingly, T.B. Joshua himself was not present in the service, making it more than five months since he has been seen in public.

By Ihechukwu Njoku, Freeless Nigeria Journalist reports.

Prophet T. B. Joshua and the Makings of a National Icon

TB Joshua Church Lagos |

Diaspora By Ekerete Udoh

Diaspora By Ekerete Udoh

While spending time in Akwa Ibom during the holiday period, I became addicted to Emmanuel TV- the broadcast arm of the Prophet T.B. Joshua led Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN.) Not only were the testimonies and the miracles the Man of God had performed mind-boggling and a testament to the manner God can meet peoples’ needs at their most critical moments, but the sheer size of men of power and influence who flock daily to that church in search of a spiritual loadstar that will direct their lives as they navigate the sometimes treacherous path to self- discovery and fulfillment was to say the least, impressive, and that, forms the thrust of this column today.

There is no doubt that the man-Prophet T. B. Joshua has been severely misunderstood by a large swath of the Nigerian population- no thanks to certain spurious and baseless stories that the prophet’s enemies had manufactured and thrown into the public space. But going by what the Man of God has done, I think Nigerians should begin to see and examine the prophet for what in my opinion he truly represents: a national asset, whose awesome spiritual gifts should be appropriated for national development and the edification of our spiritual platforms.

There are few men of God in the entire African Continent who command the sort of power and influence that the T. B. Joshua wields. A man whom the mighty and the powerful kow-tow to and seek spiritual direction, but who, nonetheless remains so simple and so unaffected by the power he wields, is truly a phenomenon you don’t expect to see in our part of the world.

All over the world, there are certain religious people who are seen as national treasures- a sort of custodians of the national moral foundation- a voice so beloved and so revered that when they speak, the nation listens. In the United States, the Reverend Billy Graham comes to mind. Since President Eisenhower, Billy Graham has been the unofficial spiritual counselor to presidents and to the larger American society. He has received in audience at his Virginia church, countless number of leaders, kings and queens and other men and women of influence.

Prophet T. B. Joshua, whose ministry is centered on prophetic pronouncements, has welcomed presidents, prime ministers, and top people both in business and in pop culture from across the globe. That these men and women of influence, would leave their respective nations, and undertake a private visit to see a private citizen, speaks volume about the sheer trust and faith these leaders have in Prophet T. B. Joshua and his ministry.

During the holiday, the President of Botswana-Mrs. Joy Banda and her husband and some key officials worshipped the SCOAN. A representative of the South Sudanese president- a country currently embroiled in tribal skirmishes was also in attendance, a follow –up to an earlier visit by the country’s Frist Lady. Prophet Joshua had last year correctly predicted the crises the country is currently facing.

As a student of international politics and diplomacy, watching some heads of sovereign nations pay private visit to a man of God, completely devoid of the paraphernalia of office, I began to wonder why such a religious figure would not be seen as a national icon . Diplomacy should not be a sole preserve of the bureaucracy of government, private individuals, can help advance a nation’s diplomatic interests, and help get things done where it would otherwise have lumbered along bureaucratic lanes.

One area of Prophet T. B Joshua’s ministry that the world may not have known is the charity work that church has done. I was amazed by the number of people that had directly benefited from the church’s many charitable undertaking- the scholarships, the different intervention in the circumstance of the less-privileged and when you place this against some obtuse things that had been written about the Man of God, you begin to wonder what the motivations of those naysayers are.

Prophet T.B. Joshua should be correctly defined for what I think he is: a gifted man of God, a man that has possibly outside of what Nollywood and the larger Nigerian entertainment industry, has done more than any other private individual in promoting the image of Nigeria, getting people to look at Nigeria differently. He should be applauded rather than his motives being questioned.

Last year, in an interview I had with him, (the interview will be published in the second edition of our newspaper-News of the World’ whose maiden edition is coming out later this month) I had marveled at the simplicity that surrounds him, his passion for philanthropy and the prediction on the 2015 elections.)

If we are to move forward as a nation, I think we should begin to applaud some of our nationals who have done great things in promoting and projecting the image of this country. Engaging in unnecessary campaign of blackmail and subterfuge should be discouraged. Prophet T. B. Joshua is indeed a national icon and should be seen and treated accordingly. Those who do not understand him, should take time and watch him, go to his church and see why all nations are flocking to the church and worshiping God and getting results for believing in the power of our Lord Jesus Christ

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

TB Joshua Leading Nigeria Religions Faithfull’s For Peaceful Co-existence.

Tb Joshua SCOAN

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Today we hear of great men and leader in Africa and around the world that has fight and preach for independent, peace, freedom, justices for their country to be liberated from the oppressors and authoritarian we have men like Mandela of South Africa (Apartheid icon), Nkrumah, Kofi Annan, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and other great heroes who have stand for what they believe in, who’s focus where not lost even in the midst of pain and hardship from their oppressors they were determine to achieved that which they stand for. This same heroism as being exhibited by the head pastor of the Synagogue church of all nation, TB Joshua, only the ignorant and prejudiced will question the fact that TB Joshua is a national hero in Nigeria even with all the hatred and persecution, just as the biblical Moses in is days, prophet TB Joshua have remain an icon of Peace and Love both in is nation and the international community, the prophet is setting a part for world religion peace, which have divided the world right from the unset of creation.

It’s seem to be mystery to many who are knowledgeable to the history of Nigerian especially on the subject matter of religion intolerance from both the two dominated religions group, the Muslim and Christian, from the North and Southern part of Nigeria respectively. It have never be hard that both religion group gather under one umbrella (in a church) to talk of love for peaceful coexistence in the nation. As we all know, this took place at the synagogue church of all nation were the inexplicable visit of the Northern (dominated by Muslim) youth group, known as the Arewa Youth Forum the umbrella organisation of other northern Youth organisation in Nigeria visit the synagogue church of all nation for the sake of love and peaceful coexistence of both harm of Faithful’s in the nation they came after a wide consultation among their folks, to present an award to Prophet TB Joshua, the only southern Christian whom they deem his fitted for this award was presented with the Award of Ambassador of Peace along side with the Grand Patronage of the Arewa Youth Forum.

Nigeria as at today is in the edge of division, even with the CIA’s prophesy of doom in 2015 is still fresh in the mind of every one, and the tension from both the North, South South and the South East part of Nigeria, by the BokoHaram, Niger delta militant and Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign state of Biafra (MASSOB) respectively make it seem that Nigeria may never remain the same again after or even before the 2015 election. But above all, the nation is destined to remain and indivisible entity, Nigeria will never be divided, many great and developed nation in the world today experience different internal crisis that almost lead to breakage and division of those nations (America Civil war is a good example) at the end of all their internal crisis, this nations sees the need for unity and peaceful coexistence. Nigeria as a Nation have a great mission not just in Africa but in the world at large, all this present crisis today are part of God’s master plan to elevate the nation to is rightful place in the comity of nation, just as it is being called the “Giant of Africa”.

As the Prophet always say, “my mother told me when your prayer is not answered look at your love work, we have pray, we have hope now it is time to act love, let love lead”. it is time for the world and the nation of Nigeria to let love lead, lets follow the Love train of TB Joshua, for peace to return to Nigeria, let’s follow the train that we take the nation to its destiny. Just as the National President of the Arewa Youth Forum, Alhaji Ibrahim Gambo, rightly said they have picked Prophet TB Joshua as a leader to bring back the lost love in Nigeria. Let’s allow TB Joshua to leads the way, it is time for everyone to follow for the sake of peace and unity.

Both Politicians and the religious leaders in Nigeria need to wake up from their slumber of hatred and prejudices against the ministry of TB Joshua, as at today it is all clear that it is only TB Joshua that can lead both the Muslim and Christian Faithfully in the nation on the part of love and peaceful coexistence. The quicker the leaders recognise this fact the better for the nation to recover from the present challenges of insurgent, bombing and killing.

This award presentation to the prophet goes a long way to tell the international community that Christian and Muslim per say are not the problem of Nigeria both Love, understand and tolerance need to be restore to is rightful place in the heart of the leaders and citizens of the nation. Today we have a group popularly call civilian JTF in the north who are working side by side with the military to restore peace in the troubled state in the north and this group of civilians are Muslim. This is to tell you and me that religion is not the problem of Nigeria but love and understanding need to take its rightful place in the heart of all. There is still great hope for Nigeria, there is no course for fear or panic, love need to be restore, let’s act love, let’s do love, let love lead, with Love in the heart of all, Nigeria and other nation of the world with internal crisis will experience peace.