When Victory Imasuen and Osazee Aghimie embarked on their journey to Libya along with other fellow brethren, they did not envisage the misfortune that awaited them. Today, all they can tell of their experience is a Tale of Woe. According to them, words are not enough to describe the terrible experience they went through.

Narrating his own ordeal in the nation of Libya, Victory Imasuen said he was a professional barber before heeding to the advice of a friend to journey out of the country for greener pastures. He started his journey after making a payment of about N150,000 to the burger. However, he ended up being sold to kidnappers who demanded another money from him as ransom in order to regain his freedom. Before he could finally gather the amount of N250,000 demanded, he received the series of beatings that became a part of his life aside from being confined to a dungeon where he was squashed along with about 200 people. He later ended up in the deportation camp where he granted an interview to CNN about his torment in Libya.

Osazee’s tale of woe also started the moment he entered the Hilux in his bid to cross over to Europe. It was indeed a hazardous journey that finally landed him in Libya prison and finally deported to Nigeria.

Having been deported to Nigeria, life looked so bleak, not knowing where or who to turn to. However, having heard of the kind gesture of Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV partners to fellow Libya deportees, Victory and Osazee together with thousands of other deportees decided to come to The SCOAN for a total overhauling of their lives.

During their initial visit, alongside other colleagues, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV partners blessed them with huge sum of money running to millions of Naira.

As they further shared their experiences during the Live Sunday service, Victory and Osazee were given an additional sum of N200,000 Naira each by Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV partners to help them get back on their feet.


Mr Valentine Abazie seeking greener pastures, decided to travel to Libya in order to cross over to Europe. Getting to the North African Nation, he did not have enough funds to cross over the Mediterranean Sea, so he decided to start working to raise the capital. During his stay there, he met a woman, also from Nigeria and they started a relationship. The lady used to communicate to her family in Nigeria through his phone and she had told them about him.

One day, the lady was taken to the shore to cross over in a boat. Valentine said he would see her in Italy and they would start their lives there as a couple. However, her boat capsized and she was only lucky to survive the shipwreck. When she got back to land, she found Valentine and the two started living together. As their relationship continued, the lady became pregnant for him. When she got to six months pregnant, they wanted to cross but the weather was so bad, the traffickers said it was too dangerous for them to try and they had to wait.

When the lady was eight months pregnant, her time came to deliver but not being a legal citizen in Libya, she had not access to proper medical care and eventually spent three agonizing days in labour before Valentine was able to contact the traffickers who helped take her to hospital. The doctors said she had to deliver the baby by operation and she was taken to the theatre. Tragically, she never made it out of the theatre. With her dying breath, the last thing she did was behold the face of her son for the first and last time.

Heartbroken and confused at hearing the news, Valentine didn’t know what to do next and began to struggle to get help to take care of his new baby as the body of his girlfriend was taken to the mortuary pending funds for a burial. He met another lady named Cherish, who helped him take care of the newborn baby. Not long afterwards, Valentine and Cherish were arrested and with no documents to prove themselves, were taken to prison and finally, deported back to Nigeria.

Not knowing who to turn to or where else to go for help, Valentine came to The SCOAN to seek for solace, having heard how the man of God and the church had been taking care of deportees from different countries. Arriving at The SCOAN, he was part of the group of deportees that were given 2.2 million naira by T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners that week to establish themselves and help them to go home and start their lives over. There, Valentine shared his problem to the open ears of the evangelists. When the information got to Prophet T.B. Joshua, the man of God took action and by the grace of God was able to locate the mother of the lady who died in Libya, inviting her to The SCOAN. Mrs Esther Okonkwo and her younger daughter Chinonso came forward to meet Valentine and the baby. This was the first time Valentine had seen the mother and sibling of the mother of his baby. Mrs Esther Okonkwo, stooped to pick up the handsome baby boy from the arms of the girl who had been helping Valentine care for him and sat down weeping softly. She said that when her daughter told her she wanted to travel, she had told her to wait as she didn’t have the money to pay for her to go. She thought her words had been heard but it turned out they only fell on deaf ears as a few weeks later, she received a call from the same daughter that she had already arrived in Libya.

Over a year later, her daughter was still in Libya, saying that she needed money to be able to cross the sea to Europe. Mrs Okonkwo advised her daughter to come back home if she was not able to cross but once again, her advice went unheeded.

Later the girl’s mother found out that she had met a man in Libya whom her daughter wanted to marry but before she knew it, the sad news of her daughter’s passing came to her bewildered ears. After that, she noticed that she no longer received communication from Valentine who used to contact her from time to time and began to wonder how she would go about seeing her baby’s daughter. Out of the blue, she received a call asking her if she knew a man called Valentine. When she replied that she had spoken to him on the phone but never met, the caller let her know that he had come to The SCOAN and that Prophet T.B. Joshua was inviting her to come to the church to meet him. That was how God Almighty made what seemed impossible possible in the life of this family.

Miss Cherish, the lady who had helped Valentine to take care of his baby in Libya narrated her story as a deportee. The 25-year-old graduate of Science in the University of Delta State revealed that when her brother told her he was taking nine people to Libya to travel overseas, she told her parents she was going and followed them on the journey. She had just submitted her final project but didn’t even wait for the results to come out before embarking on her trip. Unfortunately for her, as with most who travel illegally to other countries, life became very tough for her and she too was unable to cross over to Europe. Her time in Libya finally landing her pregnant before she too was arrested, put in prison and deported. Today, she has no idea where the father of her baby is and lamented that she never believed her life could wind up like this.

The lessons learnt by the deportees sounded a uniform word of advice: In life, wait for God’s time and do things in God’s way if you don’t want to end in bitterness, pain and frustration. After hearing the harrowing case, the evangelists made a reassuring proclamation that Prophet T.B. Joshua was going to meet the family and God who had used him to bring them together would take care of the families in the name of Jesus Christ.


Libya deportees Received the Millions of Naira

Libya deportees Received the Millions of Naira

On Sunday 13th March 2016, 39 of the Nigerians who were deported from Libya two days earlier came to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in search of refuge after their harrowing ordeal abroad. According to Fidelis Onos, who spoke on behalf of the group, most of them had been imprisoned for up to one year in Libya were they passed through untold hardship and suffering.

Many were engaged in bricklaying and other practical vocations when they were suddenly arrested, forced to leave behind all their possessions and then incarcerated. “We are not here to blame Libya,” Fidelis said. “If Nigeria was okay, we would never have left in the first place. It’s the war in Libya that turned it to what it is today – in a place where there is no government, what can you expect?”

scoan3He added that they were arrested for no specific criminal offence, explaining that it was some United Nations officials who actually visited them in the Libyan prison and made arrangements for their repatriation to Nigeria. “We left with only these clothes, which were given to us by the UN,” he said. Upon arriving in Nigeria, the deportees were provided a meagre N6,500 and told to take their leave.

Frustrated, angry and despondent, a group of them decided to run to The SCOAN, having watched Emmanuel TV in Libya. Upon learning of their arrival in the church, Prophet T.B. Joshua immediately sent evangelists to provide food, alongside medical aid to the most malnourished in their midst.

scoan2He then prayed for each of the deportees before giving the sum of N100,000 to all of them, totalling N3.9million ($20,000). Clearly moved, the young Nigerians burst out in song, some even shedding tears. “If not for a man like T.B. Joshua, most of us would have ended up going into armed robbery, kidnapping or even joining a group like Boko Haram,” said Godspower Chibuike.

“There’s no reason to go into crime now,” added another, stating that he had never seen such an amount of money in his life. “If youths were encouraged like this, we wouldn’t even think of travelling to places like Libya,” he stated. “T.B. Joshua is giving hope to the hopeless.” The group were additionally provided with toiletries alongside brand new clothing, as they had worn the same set of clothes since their arrival in Nigeria.

scoan1ScoanRemember, what you make happen for others, GOD will make happen for you!

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