The last six years of Livia Marti´s life had been hellish. At 74, she was supposed to be enjoying a peaceful and restful retirement, but instead she was in constant pain, 24 hours a day. She had a bad fall which resulted in six of her vertebrae being crushed. Livia was rushed to hospital where she spent six days and was operated upon. They inserted stints in her back in an attempt to straighten her spine. The doctors also gave her a lumbar corset to relieve the suffering but it was only a temporary solution. Ï couldn’t stand, sit or walk normally” she said. “It was even difficult to sleep as I had to always try and stay in one posiition¨ Livia explained.

On Day 1 of the Paraguay Crusade, Livia was in attendance and full of expectant faith. At the Prayer Line, she received a mighty touch from Jesus Christ through Prophet T.B. Joshua. ¨Immediately something happened and strength returned to me. I took off my lunar corset and walked without pain or assistance!” Livia joyfully testified as she demonstrated how she can walk freely now. “You only need to have faith in God. He is the only One who can work miracles in your life¨ Livia concluded with a beaming smile.

I Felt A Hot Sensation Move Through My Body Then A Fresh Breeze

Eulalia Servin Conturion, a mature hospital administrator had become limited in her work due to physical constraints. Her vision had dwindled and her breathing had become difficult due to pressure on her chest from three herniated discs that had appeared on her spine – after lifting an elderly woman from her seat.

Nine years later, the pain only grew worse and her workload had been reduced to only two days a week.

A pitiful case but Jesus made a way to locate her when he sent His servant Prophet T.B. Joshua to her nation, Paraguay.

12 hours before the first day of the crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua, Eulalia’s sister called her to inform her of the event. Evlalia instantly agreed to go along knowing it was the answer to her prayers. Despite the crowd, Eulaia stood in faith and received a touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua, “He touched the exact point in my back that caused my breathing problem. I felt a hot sensation move through my body then a fresh breeze” she said. Her lumbar corset was removed and she moved pain free.

Today she testifies of multiple healings’ – her eyes that were bloodshot and watery have become clear, the pain that restricted her in many ways has disappeared and she now breathes with ease.

Eulalia advised others to prepare their hearts saying, “God is able to heal but people must prepare their hearts to receive”. Yes, as Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “It’s not all up to God and certainly it is not just all up to you, it takes both God’s ability and man’s willingness to bring about redemption”.


A game filled with passion and panache soon became a scene of sorrow and pain as a five-aside football match turned sour when Rossana sustained an ugly injury. Critically, she tore a ligament in her knee – resulting in severe pain and causing difficulty in walking.

After much rehabilitation and rest, she was restricted to the use of a knee brace to aid movement, buoyed by the doting support of her family. Medically, surgery was recommended due to the extent of the damage. Simple tasks such as going to the bathroom or taking a shower became a practical impossibility for the young mother – who relied on her husband.

However, God had prepared something incredible for her! At the Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua, a touch from Heaven instantly ended months of pain! The knee brace was removed as she excitedly demonstrated her healing by running up and down stairs and bending her knees.

Several days later, she returned with her entire family to share the incredible testimony of the changes in her life. “I have seen the proof that truly, nothing is impossible with Jesus Christ,” she joyfully testified, adding that the pain and limited movement of her knee are now a thing of the past. Thank You, Jesus Christ!


Excruciating. The pain that pulsated down Leonardo’s waist and back region were unbearable. What began as a mere work-related injury nosedived into a crippling back problem which robbed him of both job and peace. Five years of agony. Five years of tears. Five years of restlessness.

The strong, healthy young man was reduced to a point of being bedridden for larger parts of the day. Simple movements such as going to the toilet became a burdensome task for Leonardo Caballero, requiring the assistance of family members. A cocktail of strong painkillers did little to quell the infirmity as the Paraguayan became a shadow of his former self.

A glimmer of hope came when Leonardo learned about the Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua. Having watched videos on Emmanuel TV’s YouTube channel, his faith began to grow. On the day of the crusade, brimming with expectation, Leonardo waited patiently on the prayer line.

One touch. That was all. Just one touch from Jesus! Crumpling to the ground, Leonardo lay on the floor of the Estadio Defensores del Chaco – shell-shocked. It was if a lightning bolt from Heaven had struck his back, which was visible shaking! Hurriedly raised to his feet, Mr Caballero began to walk, then run, then jump… The pain had gone! Returning home that day, he testified that all traces of the pain had disappeared by the following day.

Jumping up and down and squatting with ease, the Paraguayan joyfully explained that the miraculous transformation in his body in just a few days since the crusade is mind-boggling! “I thank God for the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua, whom He used to restore my health and change my life. Thank You, Jesus!”

The Paraguay Crusade with TB Joshua Day-2

Like the day one of the crusades, the atmosphere was filled with high expectation as people from all works of lives: visitors from neighbouring country, government officials, security personnel and citizens of Paraguay trooped to the Estadio Defensores Del Chaco in the capital, Asuncion, to experience the mighty moves of God through Prophet T.B Joshua in the day two of the historic crusade. Even the bad wealthier could not discourage the people that came to witness the tough of God.

There were countless of testimonies from many that received their healings and deliverance in the day one of the crusades. In which, the deaf received their hearing, the lame walked, the demon-possessed received their freedom, the dejected received God’s love, the broken received restoration and countless testimonies filled the atmosphere in the glory of God’s name.

Among those that were opportune to testify was a 13 year old Adriana Gimenez, whose life was rapidly becoming more agonising as she was afflicted with scoliosis of the spine that was getting worse by the day. The doctors had told her that a cure was medically impossible, restricting her to using a very cumbersome body brace which she used 24 hours a day. Whether she used the body brace or not, Adriana was in constant pain. She couldn’t even turn her neck without feeling pain pulsating down her spine. Adriana was not able to sleep peacefully; constantly disturbed by the body brace she had to wear, even at night. In a state of desperate faith, Adriana came to the Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua and received her healing in Jesus’ name. Now, she is liberated from pain, disease and agony. Her advice was simple: Trust in Jesus Christ with all your heart and He will set you free.

Another testifier was Susana Gonzales from Argentina who had a lot of back pain due to an accident which caused a severe cervical problem which had been getting worse every year for the duration of twenty years. It reached a point where she couldn’t walk without assistance. She received a lot of treatment but none was able to relieve the intense pain and discomfort she went through on a daily basis. The doctors gave her a lumbar corset and body brace but they were only able to bring a temporary relief.

When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her at the Prayer Line of the Paraguay Crusade, Day 1, she felt excited and her faith rose. She believed in her heart that Jesus Christ would heal her through him. When he touched her, the evil spirit behind her sickness manifested and immediately, she felt light and strong. She stood up and walked unaided for the first time in many years. Something spoke to her hear that “You are healed”. She can now climb stairs and walk freely without pain or discomfort. She happily threw away her lumbar corset and body brace, she no longer needs them!

Afterward, Miriam Vasquez who had a terrible accident which broke many tendons in her body that renders her unable to walk at all came to testify. She said she had to use a wheelchair to move around because she couldn’t do her daily chores or go to work or even go to the toilet without assistance. By faith, Miriam came to the Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua and was at the Prayer Line. Immediately she felt peace in her heart when Prophet T.B. Joshua touched her. She received inner strength and stood up and began to walk by herself. She joyfully demonstrated with that she can now walk freely! She advised all to trust in God because He is not a liar. Everything is possible for the one who believes.

When Prophet T.B Joshua came to the podium, he gave a message titled: The integrity of the bible part 2, which is a continuation of the day one message. After the messages, the man of God went straight to the prayer line to minister healings and deliverance to the sick and afflicted. As the man of God was ministering under the power and influence of the Holy Ghost, Cancer, pain, arthritis and broken bones were no match for the powerful name of Jesus Christ.  It was a miracle galore as afflictions were being taken away. Many in wheel chaired and those using crutches were moving freely. While many others using lumbar corset and body brace were seen removing the brace as they joyously give thanks to God after a touched from Prophet T.B Joshua.

At the close of the 2-day program, Prophet T.B Joshua was again presented with another medal of honour by government officials. Before the Prophet left the stadium, he told the peoples that it will soon rain because the rain was supposed to fall but the rain, which is a servant of God, has been waiting for the crusade to come to a close. Truly as the Prophet was about leaving, there was a heavy downpour of rain.

*Photo: Courtesy of T.B. Joshua Ministries Facebook Page

The Paraguay Crusade With TB Joshua Day-1

With high expectations for the move of God, the stadium auditorium was filled to capacity, as Paraguayan from all walks of life, government officials, as well as religious leaders and visitors from other South America nations, trooped to the Estadio Defensores Del Chaco in the capital, Asuncion, to receive God’s touch through Prophet T.B Joshua. As the man of God ministers healing and delivering to the sick and the weak, in Jesus‘ name, not less than a hundred wheel chaired people were healed of various ailments as they were seen leaving the magnificent stadium with their wheelchairs raised while they walked unaided for the first time in many years.

A man who came on crutches due to a broken leg received a touch from the Prophet, in the name of Jesus, and instantly began to walk; another person, a woman, who arrived with her left leg strapped in a full leg brace walked to the glory of God as soon as the man of God touched the point of her trouble in Jesus‘ name; a young girl in body brace due to scoliosis that deteriorated backbone jumped to the glory of God the instant she received her healing. A man with several braces all over his body joints – from the ankles to elbows – cried out for help as he counted his many ailments. Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for the man and instantly he wanted all the braces removed and indeed they were all removed right away. The man did not only walk but ran his best to testify his healing is complete in the name of Jesus-Christ.

A woman in lumbar corset received her healing, instantly walked, and began to jump as she shed tears of joy to glorify God’s name.

An Argentine woman and her husband cried to the man of God saying she needed a miracle due to the severe and hopeless state of her broken leg that rendered her unable to walk without human support. The man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for the woman she walked freely to the glory of the Lord.

Another woman suffering from obesity received the touch of God and began to vomit poisonous substances. Right after that, the woman looked refreshed and testified to the goodness of the Lord’s name, as she walked in her testimony.

The two-day crusade which will round off on Saturday (today) started at about 6 pm local time on Friday and saw many streets deserted, albeit with massive pockets of traffic on major roads leading to the stadium.

According to some resident of the city of Asuncion who pleaded anonymity, over 2 million people graced the occasion and such miracles galore have never been witnessed before in Paraguay. This was corroborated by one Mr Mario Martinez, a Mexican who came all the way from Mexico City to attend the crusade.

The high point of the crusade was the official presentation of the Order of Merit, the Paraguay’s Highest National Honour to Prophet T.B Joshua by the Paraguayan Parliament. This was in recognition of his leadership and humanitarian works. He was also presented with an honour of privilege by the Board and Members of the Asuncion Municipality declared Prophet T.B. Joshua as an Illustrious Visitor, sealing this off with the Presentation of Honour of Illustrious Visitor and the Key of The City of Asuncion to him. – An indication that the city has been handed over to God for His blessing through Prophet T.B Joshua.

*Photo: Courtesy of T.B. Joshua Ministries Facebook Page


scoan tb joshua

The Historic Crusade With Prophet T.B. Joshua In Paraguay

Prophet T.B. Joshua of the SCOAN arrives the nation of Paraguay yesterday for a two days historic crusade starting from August 11 to 12. The man of God was well received by the cheerful crude seeing him in their nation. They welcome him with sounds of music and their native dances. Also, those that welcome the Prophet were government officials and state security personnel.

All the hostels around the venue of the crusade have been fully booked by visitors from around the world that come to witness the historic crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua in Paraguay.

Below are exclusive pictures of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s arrival in the nation of Paraguay:

*Photo: Courtesy of T.B. Joshua Ministries Facebook Page