The Transformative Deliverance of A Transgender


Mr Mario Aníbal Giménez Ruiz born a male attended the crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua in Paraguay as a ‘female’. At the age of 12 years, Ruiz felt the internal desire to be a woman. As a result, at the age of 14 years, Ruiz went for surgery and implanted breasts and began living life as a woman. He wore female clothes, applied female make-up including lipsticks, and went to the extent of dating men and eventually got married to a man, because he only had affection for men. He continued to behave like a female and at the age of 19 years he began taking female hormones in order to complete the process of becoming a woman. He spent so much money trying to become a woman, he says he now feels like the amount of money spent was wasted because that money could have been used to help the poor and needy. Living life as a woman, Ruiz was accomplished in life, he had financial means and a well-paying job; yet he was not satisfied.

A few years later, his mother died and he fell into depression. After the death of his mother his life hit rock bottom and it was at this time that he was advised by some family friends to attend the crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua in Paraguay to find solace and comfort. He says as soon as he stepped foot into the stadium in Paraguay, he felt peace. Despite losing his mother, he “felt familial connection” with those at the crusade that day in Paraguay.

During the prayer line section of the crusade in Paraguay, Prophet T.B. Joshua moved forward to pray for him. At first, he says he did not want to be prayed for. Looking back he says, he knows it was the evil spirit that was in him trying to resist his deliverance. When Prophet T.B. Joshua eventually prayed for him, he says he felt the power of God and he knew that he had received his deliverance. After his deliverance, when he got to his house he felt uncomfortable with his long hair, breasts and female clothing which he had. Immediately, he cut his hair and requested financial assistance from the Emmanuel TV to surgically remove the breast implants. Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV paid for his surgery to remove the breast implants and also purchased an entire wardrobe of male clothes for him. He says the total amount of financial assistance rendered to him by Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV totaled over US$3,000. Now delivered, Ruiz says he is 30 years old and is happy to be the man that God has created him to be and would like to one day have a child and a family of his own. In conclusion to his testimony, Ruiz advised everyone not to wait if they feel they need deliverance because there is a solution in Jesus Christ for all manner of challenges. He also advised those facing similar challenges he once faced to learn from his life story.


“Touch it; if you don’t touch it, you won’t be our friend anymore!” These are the worst words you can say to a teenage girl, struggling to fit in at school. Though she had a bad feeling about it, after all it was just a game they wanted her to play wasn’t it? A popular game known as the ‘Charlie-Charlie challenge’ had come the latest craze at her school and today was her turn to play. The students performed the ritual to invoke a spirit to interact with two pencils balanced on top of each other in the shape of a cross. They drew a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ on the table and when Jackeline touched it, she had to ask it questions. “Charlie are you real?” Yes. “Charlie are you here?” Yes. “Charlie, if you are here, point at where you are”. And to her horror the pencil pointed straight at her heart. That was the day the life of little Jackeline Martinez changed forever.

A shy and introverted girl by nature, her desire shifted to a stranger dimension as her gentle demeanor devolved into an uncalled-for rudeness pitted with angry outbursts at home and at school. As her behavior publicly took an unprecedented turn for the worst, the fifteen-year-old’s private life warped into a personal prison of fear. She started seeing freakish visions and fearful nightmares. One of the most surreal occurred a day when the youngster fell asleep while studying in the company of her immediate family in their living room. The dream she fell into saw her and her family members in the same position but there was something wrong about their eyes. They gathered round her and told her they had a gift for her that she must drink.

Sensing something was not as it should be, she hesitantly waited as an iron goblet was produced containing a dark red liquid. “Drink it.” The family members commanded. When she didn’t move, they grasped her arms and legs, holding her still. Out of the corner of her eye, she barely glimpsed a dark figure swishing back and forth just out of the light. “No, why are you standing next to satan” she screamed, struggling as the cup was brought up to her lips. Before she could taste the ominous drink, she kicked out and woke up from the table with a jump and a wail. Her concerned mother rushed to her side, “Jackeline, is everything alright?” she asked but fear had already locked the mouth of the young girl who alone knew what had happened to her.

Jackeline’s parents had suspected something was not quite right about their daughter’s recent changes and they started frequenting different church meetings and deliverance services which yielded little or no impact on their daughter’s condition until they heard of the crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua and decided to attend.

“Those of you that have contrary spirits, I don’t want you to leave here without you being delivered. If you leave here without deliverance, that spirit may not allow you to come here tomorrow.” Prophet T.B. Joshua said during the first day. “Therefore, you will not leave here without being delivered. Get ready for deliverance”. It seemed as if he was talking straight to Jackeline. During the mass prayer, the wicked demon inside the teenager was exposed and confessed that it had made the girl a daughter of satan and destroyed her life. She was brought from the stands to the pitch where she finally received her deliverance in a flash of the Holy Spirit’s power.

Testifying days later, Jackeline Martinez described how her mood had entirely changed. She no longer felt the need to be alone or the instantaneous reaction to be rude or rebellious to her mother and family. The joy of the Lord has replaced the sorrow the world had left in her heard and she advised teens across the world, “Don’t listen to your friends when they tell you to do stupid things; listen to God’s gentle whisper and He will lead you right. Believe in God.”


Born a man, Antonio Caceres lived his entire adult life as a woman. His clothing was female. His mannerisms were female. His style of speech was female. The only connection to ‘males’ he had were the clients who paid for his nocturnal services as a professional prostitute on the streets of Lambare, Paraguay. Here is the incredible story, told in his own words, of his transformation back to the original position in which God created him:

Antonio was just seven years old when he first realised a growing affection for the males in his classroom. He tried to shelve the nauseating urge by playing sports and engaging in predominantly ‘masculine’ activities. But the young boy soon began stealing his sister’s underwear and wearing it at whim, buoyed by a strange form of guilty pleasure. His first full-blown homosexual encounter came at the tender age of 11. It was downhill from there.

“When I was 18, I went onto the streets,” the Paraguayan explained. It was the beginning of ten years in which Antonio would change his name, identity and – almost – his gender. Dressed in seductively tight female clothing, pumped with feminine hormones to remove body hair and develop breasts, cars with male occupants would stop to pick him up every night. Drug-fuelled, drunken orgies became the norm, to the shady extent that Antonio could not even remember who he had been with the previous night or what he had done.

“Something within me kept telling me I was a lady,” he explained, adding that he went by the female pseudonym ‘Dexis’ when attracting suitors online. And Antonio was not just prostituting in the physical alone. “Different men would call me by my female name in my dream and sleep with me,” he revealed. This was a ‘normal’ life for Antonio, one which he saw nothing wrong with. He was a notorious transvestite and drug addict, known not just in his neighbourhood but throughout the country.

Thus, when his sister invited him to attend a Christian crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua, he not only refused but mocked her for even nursing such a notion. “I thought everything about that crusade was fake and false,” he admitted. On Friday 11th August 2017, Antonio lazily switched on the live broadcast of the crusade on YouTube to see the ‘freak-show’ his sister had strangely chosen to attend. Unbeknown to him, she was feverishly clutching a picture of her brother, praying for the Spirit of God to touch him right in their house that night.

“I was watching just to make jest of the whole programme,” Antonio explained. He snidely laughed as people fell at the prayer of the ‘prophet’. What nonsense! But then, something inexplicable began to happen. Something supernatural. Something Antonio never imagined or bargained for. “As Pastor Joshua began to pray, something touched my inner being,” he recounted.

Right in his house, in front of his phone where the live broadcast was transmitting via YouTube’s Emmanuel TV channel, Antonio fell on the ground and began to vomit. Simultaneously, his sister was holding his picture as Prophet T.B. Joshua began ministering Mass Prayer, pleading with God for Divine intervention. Heaven was at work and distance was no barrier! For more than five minutes, the young Paraguayan lay shaking uncontrollably on the floor. “Something was coming out of me. When I got up, I felt empty. I then started feeling remorse for the life I was living.”

In one Divine instant, everything changed for Antonio. Literally everything! It was if a dark veil had been lifted from his eyes. “I began looking at myself and asking why I was wearing female clothes,” he recalled. “I lost affection for men and stopped taking the female hormones. Now, I want to be a man again!” Antonio spontaneously threw his phone away – filled with all the contacts and connections to his past life – and took a hair cut to remove the long flowing blonde locks he was once known for. “After the deliverance, I actually slept in peace for the first time in my life,” he tearfully testified.

Moved at seeing the condition of Antonio, who didn’t even own a single item of male clothing, the Emmanuel TV Team in Paraguay sprang to action, taking him to a local shopping mall. $500 worth of male clothing was purchased and freely given to the young man. Subsequently, Prophet T.B. Joshua sent the team to Antonio’s house. The reaction of neighbours and family members when the young man exited the vehicle next to his home was priceless. No words can do justice to depict that emotional moment.

Tears flowed as witnesses came forward to explain that all their lives, they had known Antonio as a woman. “God has restored back to us what the devil had stolen,” his sister declared. “If God has delivered me, there is no one He cannot deliver,” Antonio advised. “If you are living the lifestyle I once lived, you may think it’s normal but it’s not; you need deliverance.” Free indeed!

Let us remind you of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s words at this point when he was asked a question concerning his stance on same-sex marriage:

“ ‘Judge not, so that you will not be judged’ (Matthew 7:1). We should talk to people to be saved. I mean, we should talk salvation, not condemnation. God hates sin, not sinners. When I say, ‘Do not judge so that you will not be judged’, I mean we should hate sin, not the sinner because sinners can change. If you have killed a sinner by judging him, there will be no opportunity for change. Sinners can be delivered. We should hate the act, not the people because our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the ‘spirit beings’ that cause all these acts.”

“The Bible is my standard. If my parents were one, I would not have been given birth to. Those that are asking this question – if your parents were one, you would not have been given birth to. You that are reading me – if your parents were one, you would not be reading this today. God bless the reader and the hearer.”

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Spellbound. Literally. A curse levelled at her mother left Noemi bound and burdened by a strange spirit. Right from her mother’s womb, a concoction from the temple of a spiritualist paved the way for demonic infiltration. The young Paraguayan realised at the tender age of seven that any food she ate could not settle in her stomach. Vomiting became her closest, sickest companion. Reduced to a practically skeletal stature, what the doctors called bulimia was actually a spiritual attack.

When the young lady learned of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s coming to the nation of Paraguay, her heart warmed at the realisation deliverance was nigh. “The moment he touched me, I lost control of what happened. I just saw myself vomiting!” Every spiritual poison in her system was being forced out by the superior power of God! “I can now eat, go to the toilet and sleep normally. There is now a joy in my heart I can’t explain,” the once depression-ridden lady testified. “God has delivered me through Prophet T.B. Joshua!”


Excruciating was an understatement. The agonising pain that permeated his back left Leonardo Segovia writhing restlessly on his bed. To merely get up from bed and move around required the mid-aged Paraguayan to hold on to an object in the house or the support of a family member. It was that serious. The work-related injury left the breadwinner of his family unable to maintain his job. He needed help from Heaven!

At the Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua, Leonardo – who managed to make it to the event wearing a lumbar corset – pleaded with God for healing and wholeness. “The moment the man of God prayed for me, I just realised that all the pain disappeared,” Leonardo excitedly testified. “I am now feeling younger than my age and have returned fully to my work.” Mr Segovia doesn’t even know where the lumbar corset is now – he will never use it again!


Depression set in with deepening intensity. Angelica could not walk or work. The physical pains, coupled with emotional distress, combined to form a tragic scenario with seemingly no light at the end of the tunnel. A herniated disc at the lumbar region left the Paraguayan lady bedridden. Any movement outside required the use of a wheelchair. It was a critical situation!

With the support of family members, Angelica Olmedo de Mareco managed to come to the Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua. Seated on a wheelchair, she cried out for Divine healing, knowing that her case had gone beyond the power of nature. “When the prophet prayed for me, I felt the power of God flow in my body,” Angelica recalled. She rose up and began to walk! “Not only am I healed physically, the depression has also gone,” she excitedly explained a week after her encounter with Jesus. “I am even preparing to return to work now!” When Jesus Christ heals you, He heals you effectually!


The pain that pulsated throughout her entire body was practically unbearable. Arthritis, the doctors said. Complicated further by a herniated disc in her neck. A teacher who once boisterously taught her young students now relied on strong painkillers just to make it through the day. To make matters worse, when Sonia Wenninger visited the doctors, a surgery was recommended with no guarantee of lasting improvement.

When Sonia heard that Prophet T.B.Joshua would be coming to the nation of Paraguay, she began searching on YouTube to know more about him. Faith rose as she began witnessing the incredible miracles unfold before her eyes on Emmanuel TV. She made a heart-decision to attend. “When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for me, I felt a cracking noise in my neck,” Sonia recalled. The neck collar she once relied on came flying off and the Paraguayan began exercising freely and without any pain! “Since the prayer, I have stopped taking all painkillers and have not touched the neck collar. I am free!” Indeed, when the Son of God sets you free, you are free indeed!


Incurable. A term no doctor would like to use when describing a condition to a desperate patient. However, when Rosa Castillo began struggling for air and decided to seek medical support, that was the unfortunate word that was used to explain her situation. The bronchitis had eaten deeply into her lungs, rendering her dependent on an oxygen machine and a cocktail of strong medication just to make it through the day.

The once lively and active woman was reduced to the point of barely being able to leave the house. With a persistent cough and a constant struggle just to breathe, when Rosa learned about the crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua in Paraguay, hope ignited within her. “When he prayed for me at the prayer line, I suddenly felt this lightness in my chest and I was able to breathe,” Mrs Castillo explained. “Ever since that touch, I have never used the oxygen machine!” Happy and whole again, Rosa advised people to never lose faith and believe that with Him, all things are possible!


A few days before Prophet T.B. Joshua’s arrival in the nation of Paraguay, Mrs Lucila Fretes received a phone call from a complete stranger, informing her of the upcoming crusade in the Estadio Defensores Del Chaco. Intrigued, she browsed the internet to find out more about who this prophet was.

Lucila suffered from a debilitating spine problem that had plagued her life for more than ten years. She had to wear a cumbersome lumbar corset. The doctors had predicted a lifetime of agony for Lucila, prompting dark and suicidal thoughts.

Upon watching some of the Emmanuel TV videos on YouTube, she prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua and touched the screen of her PC. To her shock, she started vomiting a foul-smelling substance and within her heart, she knew that her healing and deliverance was just beginning. Her encounter with Jesus Christ through praying along with T.B. Joshua propelled her to bring her whole family to attend the crusade.

As Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for Lucila, she testified that, “Something took control of her body and I felt my spine straightening!” Suddenly the chronic pain of many years disappeared. Energised by her new-found healing and freedom, Lucila jumped for joy and ran for the glory of God.

Sharing with the Emmanuel TV Team the magnitude of her testimony, Lucila explained how she could now cook, shower and hug her two beautiful daughters without any difficulty – something that were impossible before the Crusade day.


Twenty years ago, a fatal accident changed Fausta Araugo’s life forever. She lost several family members in the horrific car crash and her own body was damaged beyond medical repair. She was rushed to the hospital and underwent an emergency knee operation. Despite the surgery, the knee remained damaged and over the years, it got worse and worse, as arthritis held her in a vice-like grip.

It reached the point where she could no longer walk without the use of crutches and a knee brace. She couldn’t use the bathroom or do chores around the house without assistance from people. She felt so despondent and hope for a solution ebbed away by the day.

Hope rekindled swiftly when she came to the Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua. During the Mass Prayer, the Holy Spirit located her and she was healed. Divinely prompted, she dropped the crutches and knee brace and started walking pain free! With joyful tears in her eyes, she thanked Jesus Christ for turning her life around and restoring her good health. Twenty miserable years redeemed after a supernatural encounter with Jesus Christ at the Estadio Defensores Del Chaco!


When Benjamin’s mother was pregnant, a spiritualist foretold that she was carrying a baby girl. She was mentally and physically prepared for a female so when Benjamin was born and the doctor declared, “It’s a boy!” confusion and bewilderment ensued. His mother was disappointed at his gender and this, combined with the prophetic declaration, planted deep seeds of mistaken sexuality in his soul.

As he got older, he discovered that he was entirely indifferent to girls but instead developed a desire and passion for his fellow men. Lustful thoughts filled his heart for other men and he began entering into relationships with them and sleeping with them. Benjamin would also chat on the internet with older men who would ask him to send videos and photos of himself. He was only 17 years old and yet deeply, terribly entangled.

Deep down, Benjamin knew that this was unnatural and desired to be free but the force was so strong that he couldn’t control it by himself. He began praying and crying out for deliverance but each and every time the temptation was too strong to resist.

When he heard about the Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua, he decided to come with his mother who was all too familiar with her son’s deep inner struggle. After receiving a touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua in the name of Jesus Christ, the wicked spirit which possessed him cried out, saying that it was a woman and its mission was to destroy his life completely. Light triumphed over darkness and the evil spirit was forced out in the name of Jesus Christ.

Since the deliverance, Benjamin felt as if he was seeing the world through entirely new eyes. The lustful thoughts and strong urges for men had vanished completely. He couldn’t even contemplate how he had such desires before! Instead of depression, torment and anguish, the peace of God now fills his heart.


From the tender age of 11, asthma had dug deeply into the lungs and life of Eulalia. For 37 years, she was at the mercy of the disease – which attacked her with both frequency and ferocity. The doctors had to provide a nebuliser, a specialised device which enabled oxygen to enter her lungs. Still, the problem persisted – affecting her life on a daily basis – and rendering her unable to engage in many chores.

The issue became all the more complicated when Mrs Iglesia was additionally diagnosed with a fibrous mass in her stomach last year. As her health continued to deteriorate, her faith in God continued to grow – as Eulalia held onto the hope that He would heal her frail body.

At the Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua, her Divine appointment with restoration was nigh! “When he prayed for me, I felt a burning sensation throughout my entire body – especially in my chest.” 37 years of sickness was being burned away by the power of Jesus Christ!

“Ever since that prayer, I have been breathing normally – no tightness or uneasiness,” she joyfully testified. “I have not used the machine once since T.B. Joshua prayed for me!” Truly, the age of miracles has not yet passed; the Miracle Worker is still alive. His name is Jesus Christ!


Nine years of agony. Nine years of deceleration. Nine years of restlessness. Mrs Gimenez had become accustomed to the dulling reality that she would never walk again. The arthritis that ravaged her body was only getting worse as time steadily progressed. Rendered utterly dependent on a wheelchair and the supportive assistance of family members, Julia lay most of the day in bed, hoping beyond hope that some cure to her restiveness would one day emerge.

A sparkle of hope came when she learned of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s impending crusade in the nation of Paraguay. Could this be her moment? “I had the confidence that if the man of God prayed for me, I would walk again,” Julia recalled. “That day was a very special day for me!” As Prophet T.B. Joshua approached the infirm lady, he began praying for her in the power of the Holy Spirit. “To my greatest surprise, I saw myself standing up and walking!” She didn’t just walk; Julia ran!

One week later, the Paraguayan returned in the company of her husband, formerly a skeptic. “I didn’t believe and even thought she was crazy for going to the Crusade,” he admitted. “But I was watching live on YouTube and saw her healing. I have now accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour!” Ever since that encounter, Julia has been walking in the light of her testimony ever since – telling everyone that Jesus Christ is still alive and working.


Irma Estigarribia’s whole life turned around when she had a terrible car accident. Her leg was damaged to the extent that she could no longer walk without the aid of a crutch. The doctors wanted to do an operation but Irma opted not to, having faith and trust that Jesus would heal her and restore her broken body to normal.

When T.B. Joshua came to Paraguay for the crusade, Irma felt that he was coming because of her. She had an unquenchable faith that she would cast her crutch aside and sure enough, she did! At the Prayer Line, when Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her in the name of Jesus Christ, strength and energy surged through Irma and she stood up confidently. As she began to walk, she dropped her crutch on the floor, as a sign that its time in her life had ended, once and for all.

The Emmanuel TV Team met Irma days after the crusade and her faith is as strong as ever. she beamed, Standing firmly on the leg that was once damaged and holding the crutch above her head in a defiant pose, Irma exclaimed, “It is as if I never had the accident in the first place”, testifying of her total healing in the name of Jesus Christ.


The siren blared. The tyres screeched. The ambulance tore through the streets, a flash of red and white slicing through the inky skies. Inside the speeding vehicle, Mrs Sandra Gamana lay stiff, frozen in the vicelike grip of an epileptic attack. The problem which had tormented her since youth only seemed to be intensifying in frequency as despite increasing her medication, the attacks were coming every fortnight. “We lived in constant fear,” her husband remarked, “Even when all seemed well, we could never be certain that all was well, especially when she was alone.”

The nature of the epileptic attacks Mrs Gamana suffered struck without warning and without mercy, causing her to blackout and fall hazardously to the ground anywhere she was, caught in its vicious trap. She had been hospitalized so many times due to her constant collapses that she no longer tried to keep track of them. There seemed not to be any way out and the medical prognosis of her condition offered little hope for the future. The couple then, turned their attention to God. Hearing about the Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua, they registered their interest to attend and went in faith that God’s restoring hands would touch her broken life.

At the Prayer Line, as Prophet T.B. Joshua approached, a pulse of the power of God reverberated from soul to soul along the Prayer Line and as irresistible as the tide, the anointing of God threw the evil spirit hiding in Mrs Gamana into the open, where it confessed, “I am epilepsy; I destroyed her dreams. I entered her through hatred.” With a touch from the Prophet, the evil spirit was hurled out of the woman’s life as her body flopped to the floor, finally free from the life of fear and uncertainty. When she rose up, “It was as if I came out of a swimming pool” she exclaimed as she described the tangibility of her liberation.

“I am so thrilled by what has happened to my wife since the crusade”, her husband remarked. Adding that his wife had not suffered any attacks or problems since her deliverance. “I have such great confidence now that no matter where she is or whom she is with, all is well”. Indeed, all is well for this family in Christ Jesus.


When Norma fell from a storey building landing on her back with a horrid crunch onto metal rails, everything went black and she thought it was over. Indeed all who witnessed the incident assumed the same – “Instant death…” “She’ll never survive that…” “She’ll be paralysed from waist down” were comments from distraught passersby.

Miraculously Norma neither died nor was paralysed. However, she suffered three herniated discs in her spine, making walking a very cumbersome, painful task. The doctors advised her to use a lumbar corset which brought a slight relief but the accident left an indelible mark on her everyday life. She couldn’t bend, walk, sit or sleep without a lot of discomfort. This torment continued for four long years.

When Norma heard about T.B. Joshua coming to Paraguay her faith soared. She believed with all her heart that Jesus Christ would heal her back. At the Prayer Line, when Prophet T.B. Joshua touched her, Norma felt a mighty force propel her to stand up and walk. Her lumbar corset was promptly removed and she discovered that she could walk as before without pain. Tears of joy flowed down her face, as she screamed, “Thank You, Jesus!”

Although now 60 years old, Norma was able to run and jump like a little girl again, all her symptoms vanishing into oblivion as quickly as they came.

By an act of faith, after the crusade, Norma went home on a motorbike. This was not possible before as the constant bumping would make her back pain too unbearable to handle. Today, she visited the Emmanuel TV team, on a motorbike once more, as clear evidence of the complete and perfect healing of Jesus Christ.


Paraguay crusade 2017When Mrs Andrea Caseres was delivered at Day 1 of the Paraguay Crusade in Asuncion, few watching knew how dark and desperate her story had been.
Born into extreme poverty, Andrea was the eldest child and from a very young age, she found herself forced to provide for the family. They lived off the street and when there was no food to be found, stealing was the only option. Andrea didn’t know that it was wrong; she merely saw it as a way of surviving. A strong generational curse gripped the entire family. Her mum was sold at the age of eight years old for alcohol and very early on, similar addictions consumed all her children.

Andrea suffered from horrible evil attacks where she would see tiny creatures crawling up and down her legs. When she told her mother about this, she was thought crazy and was taken to various spiritualists for help. Soon, Andrea was introduced to drugs and alcohol and being high was part and parcel of her day to day living.

Andrea decided to go to Argentina in hope of getting more money for her family and soon after, she was introduced to prostitution. She had a baby who she had left with her mother. Andrea was also a cheerleader, struggling to make ends meet. Money was coming in but it was not enough. So, Andrea followed a friend who introduced her to the occult. As part of the initiation, she did a blood covenant and bathed with the blood of a rooster.

She was promised more wealth and prosperity and for a time, it seemed to be working. However, as soon as the cult leaders realised she was rich, they began cruelly demanding for money. When Andrea’s mother saw that her own portion was becoming smaller, she rejected the money and her daughter.

Andrea fell into depression and she got more and more addicted to drugs. She didn’t even remember how many men she slept with because she was always intoxicated. In the process of the prostitution, she terminated three pregnancies.

One day, while on the street, she saw a Bible and began to read it. While at a bar as she was waiting to collect customers, she felt a presence enter the room and come and sit down on the empty chair next to her. She then heard a voice, “What are you doing here?”
Immediately, she left and a Scripture jumped to her mind that if God could take care of the flowers and birds then, we are much more valuable than they (Matthew 6: 25-34).

A strong conviction filled her heart and she went back to Paraguay and started attending church and give her life to Jesus. After that, many things improved. She got married, stopped the drugs, alcohol and prostitution and attained a stable job. However her painful past continued to torment her. She would often get depressed and her dreams were filled with voices of the dead. Her daughter also suffered evil attacks.

But Andrea’s faith was strong and she knew that one day, she would be completely free from the evil forces and generational curses. When she heard that Prophet T.B. Joshua was coming to Paraguay for a miracle crusade, she immediately reached out to the sick in her community and brought up to twenty people for healing, some with critical conditions.

As Andrea stood at the Prayer Line accompanying a friend on a wheelchair, she didn’t even think about her case. Her entire prayers were for her family and friends who she had brought. As Prophet T.B. Joshua passed, he touched her head and she felt something like cotton wool on her forehead. A strong heat surged through her legs and something was working on her womb, three times. She didn’t know what happened next but saw herself standing up from the floor. Later, others told her that the destructive evil spirit which had possessed her had shouted and was cast out, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Andrea testified with joy that after the deliverance, she is free, light and the heavy burden of the past is gone. She sleeps peacefully and is busy telling everyone the good things that the Lord has done in her life.
She advised that there is no problem too deep, dark or terrible that Jesus cannot solve. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Follow Him!


Never before had a decision been met with such derision. Snide remarks coupled with unusual opposition were just some of the obstacles Pastor Sixto faced when he determined in his heart to attend the Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua in Paraguay. The final straw came merely 48 hours before the event when his car inexplicably caught fire, destroyed in totality. However, all of satan´s attempts proved to be in vain…

Pastor Sixto Hector lived 250km away from Asuncion but distance was no barrier to his desire to attend the Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua in Estadio Defensores del Chaco. The veteran pastor had lost hearing in his ear completely and a painful cyst under his eye complicated matters further. Various afflictions had taken their toll as his body became increasingly frail and painful.

Bringing a busload of people from his base in San Ignacio to the Paraguay Crusade, Pastor Sixto was among those in the Prayer Line as Prophet T.B. Joshua approached. Crying out desperately that he had lost all hearing in his ear, his faith connected with the anointing available in the arena. “As the prophet touched my ear, I felt as if something popped,” he vividly described.

Suddenly, a vast array of colourful stadium sounds became audible to the Pastor. “I can hear again,” he ecstatically exclaimed! The miracle was instant but the transformation became even more apparent the following day. “On Sunday, I woke up, looked in the mirror and saw that the cyst in my eye had disappeared!”

Additionally, Pastor Sixto explained that the pain associated to a hernia and the weakness he once experienced became a thing of the past! “I can only thank God for sending Prophet T.B. Joshua to the nation of Paraguay. The devil tried to stop me from attending the crusade but nothing will stop me from sharing this incredible testimony with the world,” he joyfully concluded.


Breathing. Something we so often take for granted. Yet something so vital. If anyone knew how precious each breath is, it’s Graciela de Jesus Falcon. For 25 long years, the Paraguayan national struggled to breathe.

Bogged down by asthma complicated by several debilitating allergies, she was often left desperately gasping for air as the disease severally reduced her to a state of being bedridden. A cocktail of drugs was her daily companion, the side effects of such leaving her stomach in tatters. A breathing machine was prescribed by the doctors as the older Graciela became, the worse her lungs grew.

Having discovered Prophet T.B. Joshua’s ministry through YouTube, hope welled within her heart when she learned the incredible news of his impending crusade in Asuncion. As the date neared, so did her expectation of the impossible! “When the man of God prayed for me, I felt a burning sensation in my chest,” Graciela recalled of the moment she received prayer. The lightning power of God was burning away all traces of asthma in her damaged system!

“Immediately after the prayer, I began to breathe freely and without any discomfort,” the Paraguayan joyfully explained. “Ever since T.B. Joshua prayed for me, I have never used the breathing machine or inhaler. I can breathe, sleep and do everything normally! ”

Graciela’s advice to everyone is clear and simple: “God is using His servant T.B. Joshua as an instrument of healing. Put your trust in Jesus and He will do the impossible in your life!” Truly, faith sees the invisible, believes the impossible and receives the incredible!


Graciela Nunez

Critical. A decision that could make or break her. Should she fly to USA for the surgery or wait behind to attend the Crusade? Varying emotions fought within. She had never heard of Prophet T.B. Joshua before but a strange compulsion kept propelling her – if she could only attend that Crusade in Estadio Defensores del Chaco, her life would NEVER remain the same…

When Graciela Nunez was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour, the family feared for the worst. Medical doctors in more than three different countries grimly informed the Paraguayan that she required an instant surgery because the positioning of the tumour was extremely dangerous. Such operation could only be done in a specialist hospital in USA, they said.

The symptoms of the tumour were dire. A searing migraine left her facing intense pain on a daily basis, coupled with dimming vision which left her unable to behold lights. Forced to wear sunglasses when going outside and unable to even read text messages on her cell phone or watch television, Graciela – the daughter of Paraguay’s former Chief Justice – was at a crossroads.

As the date for her operation in America loomed, Mrs Nunez learned of an unusual event that was about to take place in Asuncion, Paraguay. “I had never heard of Prophet T.B. Joshua before but the moment I learned about the Crusade, I made the decision to attend,” she recalled. Cancelling her flight to America to attend the momentous event, Graciela termed the moment that Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her as ‘supernatural’. “I just found myself on the floor,” she testified. Upon rising up, something incredible had transpired – she was able to look at lights! “The pain in my head disappeared and I suddenly was able to look at the floodlights in the stadium!”

From that moment onwards, Graciela has been free from pain! “My wife has been sleeping well, her vision has restored and she is no more having headaches,” her husband excitedly added. “It’s an absolute miracle! The brain tumour has gone!”

What a God we have to worship; what a Son we have to praise; what a future lies before us!