Incurable. A term no doctor would like to use when describing a condition to a desperate patient. However, when Rosa Castillo began struggling for air and decided to seek medical support, that was the unfortunate word that was used to explain her situation. The bronchitis had eaten deeply into her lungs, rendering her dependent on an oxygen machine and a cocktail of strong medication just to make it through the day.

The once lively and active woman was reduced to the point of barely being able to leave the house. With a persistent cough and a constant struggle just to breathe, when Rosa learned about the crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua in Paraguay, hope ignited within her. “When he prayed for me at the prayer line, I suddenly felt this lightness in my chest and I was able to breathe,” Mrs Castillo explained. “Ever since that touch, I have never used the oxygen machine!” Happy and whole again, Rosa advised people to never lose faith and believe that with Him, all things are possible!


A few days before Prophet T.B. Joshua’s arrival in the nation of Paraguay, Mrs Lucila Fretes received a phone call from a complete stranger, informing her of the upcoming crusade in the Estadio Defensores Del Chaco. Intrigued, she browsed the internet to find out more about who this prophet was.

Lucila suffered from a debilitating spine problem that had plagued her life for more than ten years. She had to wear a cumbersome lumbar corset. The doctors had predicted a lifetime of agony for Lucila, prompting dark and suicidal thoughts.

Upon watching some of the Emmanuel TV videos on YouTube, she prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua and touched the screen of her PC. To her shock, she started vomiting a foul-smelling substance and within her heart, she knew that her healing and deliverance was just beginning. Her encounter with Jesus Christ through praying along with T.B. Joshua propelled her to bring her whole family to attend the crusade.

As Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for Lucila, she testified that, “Something took control of her body and I felt my spine straightening!” Suddenly the chronic pain of many years disappeared. Energised by her new-found healing and freedom, Lucila jumped for joy and ran for the glory of God.

Sharing with the Emmanuel TV Team the magnitude of her testimony, Lucila explained how she could now cook, shower and hug her two beautiful daughters without any difficulty – something that were impossible before the Crusade day.


Twenty years ago, a fatal accident changed Fausta Araugo’s life forever. She lost several family members in the horrific car crash and her own body was damaged beyond medical repair. She was rushed to the hospital and underwent an emergency knee operation. Despite the surgery, the knee remained damaged and over the years, it got worse and worse, as arthritis held her in a vice-like grip.

It reached the point where she could no longer walk without the use of crutches and a knee brace. She couldn’t use the bathroom or do chores around the house without assistance from people. She felt so despondent and hope for a solution ebbed away by the day.

Hope rekindled swiftly when she came to the Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua. During the Mass Prayer, the Holy Spirit located her and she was healed. Divinely prompted, she dropped the crutches and knee brace and started walking pain free! With joyful tears in her eyes, she thanked Jesus Christ for turning her life around and restoring her good health. Twenty miserable years redeemed after a supernatural encounter with Jesus Christ at the Estadio Defensores Del Chaco!


When Benjamin’s mother was pregnant, a spiritualist foretold that she was carrying a baby girl. She was mentally and physically prepared for a female so when Benjamin was born and the doctor declared, “It’s a boy!” confusion and bewilderment ensued. His mother was disappointed at his gender and this, combined with the prophetic declaration, planted deep seeds of mistaken sexuality in his soul.

As he got older, he discovered that he was entirely indifferent to girls but instead developed a desire and passion for his fellow men. Lustful thoughts filled his heart for other men and he began entering into relationships with them and sleeping with them. Benjamin would also chat on the internet with older men who would ask him to send videos and photos of himself. He was only 17 years old and yet deeply, terribly entangled.

Deep down, Benjamin knew that this was unnatural and desired to be free but the force was so strong that he couldn’t control it by himself. He began praying and crying out for deliverance but each and every time the temptation was too strong to resist.

When he heard about the Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua, he decided to come with his mother who was all too familiar with her son’s deep inner struggle. After receiving a touch from Prophet T.B. Joshua in the name of Jesus Christ, the wicked spirit which possessed him cried out, saying that it was a woman and its mission was to destroy his life completely. Light triumphed over darkness and the evil spirit was forced out in the name of Jesus Christ.

Since the deliverance, Benjamin felt as if he was seeing the world through entirely new eyes. The lustful thoughts and strong urges for men had vanished completely. He couldn’t even contemplate how he had such desires before! Instead of depression, torment and anguish, the peace of God now fills his heart.


From the tender age of 11, asthma had dug deeply into the lungs and life of Eulalia. For 37 years, she was at the mercy of the disease – which attacked her with both frequency and ferocity. The doctors had to provide a nebuliser, a specialised device which enabled oxygen to enter her lungs. Still, the problem persisted – affecting her life on a daily basis – and rendering her unable to engage in many chores.

The issue became all the more complicated when Mrs Iglesia was additionally diagnosed with a fibrous mass in her stomach last year. As her health continued to deteriorate, her faith in God continued to grow – as Eulalia held onto the hope that He would heal her frail body.

At the Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua, her Divine appointment with restoration was nigh! “When he prayed for me, I felt a burning sensation throughout my entire body – especially in my chest.” 37 years of sickness was being burned away by the power of Jesus Christ!

“Ever since that prayer, I have been breathing normally – no tightness or uneasiness,” she joyfully testified. “I have not used the machine once since T.B. Joshua prayed for me!” Truly, the age of miracles has not yet passed; the Miracle Worker is still alive. His name is Jesus Christ!


Nine years of agony. Nine years of deceleration. Nine years of restlessness. Mrs Gimenez had become accustomed to the dulling reality that she would never walk again. The arthritis that ravaged her body was only getting worse as time steadily progressed. Rendered utterly dependent on a wheelchair and the supportive assistance of family members, Julia lay most of the day in bed, hoping beyond hope that some cure to her restiveness would one day emerge.

A sparkle of hope came when she learned of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s impending crusade in the nation of Paraguay. Could this be her moment? “I had the confidence that if the man of God prayed for me, I would walk again,” Julia recalled. “That day was a very special day for me!” As Prophet T.B. Joshua approached the infirm lady, he began praying for her in the power of the Holy Spirit. “To my greatest surprise, I saw myself standing up and walking!” She didn’t just walk; Julia ran!

One week later, the Paraguayan returned in the company of her husband, formerly a skeptic. “I didn’t believe and even thought she was crazy for going to the Crusade,” he admitted. “But I was watching live on YouTube and saw her healing. I have now accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour!” Ever since that encounter, Julia has been walking in the light of her testimony ever since – telling everyone that Jesus Christ is still alive and working.


Irma Estigarribia’s whole life turned around when she had a terrible car accident. Her leg was damaged to the extent that she could no longer walk without the aid of a crutch. The doctors wanted to do an operation but Irma opted not to, having faith and trust that Jesus would heal her and restore her broken body to normal.

When T.B. Joshua came to Paraguay for the crusade, Irma felt that he was coming because of her. She had an unquenchable faith that she would cast her crutch aside and sure enough, she did! At the Prayer Line, when Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her in the name of Jesus Christ, strength and energy surged through Irma and she stood up confidently. As she began to walk, she dropped her crutch on the floor, as a sign that its time in her life had ended, once and for all.

The Emmanuel TV Team met Irma days after the crusade and her faith is as strong as ever. she beamed, Standing firmly on the leg that was once damaged and holding the crutch above her head in a defiant pose, Irma exclaimed, “It is as if I never had the accident in the first place”, testifying of her total healing in the name of Jesus Christ.