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A lot of Christians whisper, murmur, grumble, complain, cry, weep and wail about their situation because their lives are centered on how they are doing, how they are feeling, how they are treated.

The first step to being strong is to realise that life is not an encounter group. Life is not a bonding meeting. Life is not a playground. Life is a battleground. The reason so many in the church are weak is because they are not armed for battle. If we are not armed for battle, we would not be able to listen to the inner voice of the Holy Spirit. If we are not armed for battle, we would fight the wrong battle.

Ephesians 6:12 – “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

Any time you are wrestling against flesh and blood, any time you are striving against people – you are fighting the wrong battle. We are not to get sidetracked, fighting against mere flesh and blood. We are to battle the spiritual entities that cause tension in our marriages, problems with our children, struggles with our parents. If we fail to see that there are powers that cause people to be bowed down in bondage, we are going to fight the wrong battle.

Never forget, you can stand against the wiles of the devil – the cunning, the clever attacks of satan – to the degree that you are protected with the whole armour of God.

How TB Joshua Predicted German Terror Attack on Facebook

tb joshua. german, prophecyThe terrorist attack by a far-right extremist which shocked the nation of Germany and resulted in the deaths of nine people was predicted on Facebook last year by prominent Nigerian cleric TB Joshua. 

According to a Facebook post clearly dated March 28th 2019, Joshua had warned Germany of an impending ‘terrorist attack’ and specifically called for prayers on “Thursday”.

“I want you to join me in praying against an imminent terrorist attack in the nation of Germany, particularly Thursday,” the post states, with Joshua clarifying he had seen several ‘visions’ regarding this attack.

“The Government and people of Germany should be vigilant and guard against this… We are on our knees praying for the nation and people of Germany,” the post, which was placed on the official TB Joshua Ministries Facebook Page followed by 3.7 million people, concluded.

Late in the evening of Wednesday 19th February 2020, a deadly gun attack was carried out in the German city of Hanau killing nine people “of migrant background” and injuring six others.

The first target was the Midnight shisha bar – popular among Germany’s Kurdish community – in the city centre of Hanau where witnesses heard about a dozen gunshots.

The suspect, identified in local media as ‘Tobias R’, then travelled by car to the Kesselstadt neighbourhood and opened fire at the Arena Bar & Cafe.

The extremist, who was found dead in his house alongside his mother in the early hours of Thursday 20th February 2020, had written a ‘manifesto’ in which he espoused ‘deeply racist views’.

The police stated they are investigating the shocking incident as a ‘terrorist attack’ and various government figures warned of the dangerous rise of extremist views and groups within Germany.

Two other smaller attacks by far-right extremists took place within Germany in 2019, including the murder of Walter Lübcke, a pro-migrant politician – giving credence to Joshua’s warning that the German government must be “vigilant”.

“We pray for God’s strength for all those affected by this tragic incident,” a post on the cleric’s Facebook page, which reminded followers of his prophetic message, concludes.

Videos on Joshua’s popular YouTube channel Emmanuel TV reveal he has prophesied various world events, from the death of pop legend Michael Jackson to the killing of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani by US forces.

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist…


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In Romans 15:1-3, the Bible stresses the need for us to always appreciate the fact that we are not evenly gifted. The strong should strengthen the weak with all their substance. What is your strength? Your strength might be in the area of money while mine is in the area of divine knowledge; yet another’s may be in the area of wisdom, counselling, healing or craftsmanship. Whichever area you are strong in, you are expected to use it generously to strengthen your fellow brother. This is the true meaning of ‘true friendship’.

Anyone who gives to others is, according to Apostle Paul, charitable. When you are in the business of giving charitably – I mean, sowing into other people’s lives – God, who is the Dispenser of all good, would give you, in His mercy, abundance of good so that you might enjoy sufficiency and abound in good works. So anyone who gives to others is conscious of the future. To the carnally minded, money, service or sacrifice given in charity may seem thrown away but when given in proper attitude and intent, it is seed sown from which greater increase is expected.

Works of charity should be given carefully and cheerfully in thought and design. It takes grace to give cheerfully. Those whom God calls for any service, He will make fit for it. If you are called to run by God, He will help you to maintain the speed. God wants you to run but with a purpose. If God calls you for what you are doing, He will make you fit for it. To maintain true friendship therefore, we should spend less on ourselves and more on others. This is the only way we can commit more faith and love in the society of which we are a part.


Prophet Tb Joshua Sermon



A child of destiny knows he is one with a difference. He always knows that here is the market and home is in Heaven. Consider the case of Joseph (Genesis 39-45). Joseph had three reasons why he did not yield to Potiphar’s wife’s temptation, give in to despair in the barren pit or lose hope in the filthy prison.
• He considered who he was
• He was a covenant child
• He was a child with a promise of God.

Joseph was a child of destiny and that was why when he was in the dry pit, he said to himself, ‘This is not where I belong’. A child of promise knows where he belongs. If you know where you belong, you would not allow anything to overwhelm you, manipulate you or dictate your direction. You would stay focused on the divine cause and course of God for your life and continue to run the straight race through God’s good grace.

If Joseph had been overwhelmed by his situation in the dry pit, he would have given in to despair. If he had been overexcited at the good treatment he received in the house of Potiphar, he would have given in to pleasure and pride. In other words, his dream would have died in him. Don’t let your dream die within you. There is something far more important than your present situation – your dream and goals in life.

PRAYER: Ask Jesus Christ to help you run the straight race through His good grace!

*This Sermon was taking from the official Facebook Page of the Ministry of Prophet TB Joshua