Prophet TB Joshua

“You can be forgiven and start again. When we make bad decisions – wrong choices – we feel the impact. Many give up and divorce, run away, become bitter or quit on life. I know of executives, pastors, priests and leaders who have stopped their pursuit of their life goals and basically quit trying – or worse. Turn your scars into stars. Don’t let your bad experience wipe you out.

All of us have made decisions we regret and all of us can be forgiven and start over. Our Creator will forgive us, and He will show us what to do next. If we go on our knees and confess our sins, He is faithful and just, and will forgive us of anything.

What about those who are Christians? The Scriptures tell us that Christians can make bad mistakes too. The difference is that they already have a relationship with God and should understand that they can immediately go to God about their behaviour. He will help us get back on our feet, forgive us and help us not make the same decision again.” – T.B. Joshua



Scoan TB Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua

“Too often, we think that the primary requirement for serving God is the gift of spoken language, great talent, high qualifications or impressive academic credentials. Peter and the other disciples were ordinary fishermen from a backward and lowly part of the country. They were nobodies till Jesus called them.

There is hope for you whether you are educated or not, whether you are a farmer or a professor. Stop talking about your limited education and start loving Jesus. In other words, others – if you hope to accomplish anything good in the future, it will only be because of your love for Jesus. Stop complaining that everyone in the family is poor. Stop repeating stories of those who failed you. Stop pointing your finger at the economy. Stop meditating on your flaws or weaknesses.” – T.B. Joshua



Prophet TB Joshua

There are supernatural gifts of the Spirit given to the believers to minister to one another. These are received from the college of God, as God’s will. These are separated from man’s natural talents, ability and education. These elements which are obtained from man’s earthly college are used by satan to win the souls of men, and this affects the church in modern times.

Man’s natural ability, talent and education cannot be exercised in the church of the Holy Spirit without being sanctified. Man’s natural ability, talent and education must be obedient to God’s will before it can receive God’s blessing. Today, many people do not know the difference between God’s supernatural gifts and man’s natural gifts. These are the challenges we face in the church today. People use natural gifts for God’s work.

For example, a person has the ability to teach, preach, pray, fast, organise a church – these are man’s natural gifts. The Holy Spirit speaks, teaches, prays, organises as He wills. These are supernatural gifts of God. A person has the power to decide. The Holy Spirit has the power of choice. These are the challenges we face today. Jesus did not ask Peter if he was a gifted speaker, a talented leader. Jesus did not ask about Peter’s seminary training or Bible knowledge. These things are important but they are not the issue. The issue is quite simple. The basic qualification for lasting ministry is found in Jesus’ question: “Do you love Me?” In other words, ‘Do you have a relationship with Me?’

TB Joshua’s Morning Water and the UK experience

Repeatedly, there have been constant demonstrations of what many have referred to as the power of God in the life of the Senior Prophet of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Temitope Balogun Joshua. Even his extreme critics have had to surrender in agreement with the overwhelming relevance that the man of God commands wherever he visits. These visits whether in his physical presence or through other mediums, particularly his younger ministers or Emmanuel TV partners have kept on yielding supernatural blessings for those to whom it is intended. It is therefore not surprising when many expectantly wait in faith for the visit of the man of God whenever he decides to visit.

The overwhelming and mind-blowing testimonies that followed the crusade held at the Dominican Republic are still having effects on the lives of the citizens of the country and the nation as a whole. Equally, it was a demonstration of God’s power at the ministers’ conference as captured during the event. Many who attended the various areas of the twin-events could not believe the extent of God’s power.

One of the icings on the cake was the announcement by the man of God to his partners in the work of the ministry that the new morning water will soon be released and the effects of God’s anointing will be mightily revealed through the water. When Prophet Joshua made the announcement, there was joy among his listeners. Their expectations knew no bound.

It was therefore remarkable when overwhelming signs and wonders of deliverance and healing were recorded at the New Bingley Hall in Birmingham, United Kingdom. What had started as a quiet gathering soon snowballed into a mighty demonstration of God’s power. This became a reality when the anointing through the Spirit of God used the Prophet T. B Joshua led Synagogue Church of All Nation’s New Morning Water as a unique and powerful medium to heal, save, deliver and bless those who had come for the event. Indeed, God expressed Himself mightily on Saturday, January, 27th, 2018. It was a gathering like no other and testimonies still abound regarding what the participants received. Before the gathering, expectations were high all through the city. It was one visit that everyone looked forward to attending. It was therefore not surprising when there was an overflow at the venue of the even. Everyone who came believing went home receiving. God was in the midst of his people. Often, the man of God has said that distance has never been a barrier for God to bless and touch the lives of those who came to him seeking to be blessed.

To spice up the gathering, one of the biggest choristers in the white community was on the ground to minister in songs.

If what is being reported is true, then the city of Paris should be ready for God’s blessings since it was gathered that the crusade’s train will be stopping at Paris, France on February 10th, this year, barely a few days from now.

In a statement released at the ministry’s official Facebook page, it read, “God has released the New Morning Water and the very first people receiving this mighty blessing are Emmanuel TV Partners worldwide!

“We currently have a special meeting scheduled to hold in Paris, France for Emmanuel TV Partners and all God has called to join us in the mission of changing lives, nations and the world.”

Interestingly, this demonstration of God’s has not in anyway dwindled rather it continues to be revealed in greater measures in the life of Prophet Joshua. If truth be told, all hands must be on deck to ensure that all who come benefit from God’s abundance. In an interview granted a Nigerian newspaper medium, the man of God was quoted as saying that “the uniqueness of my ministry characterized by miracle-filled crusades is significantly anchored on the fact that rather than the blacks having to travel to Europe and America and other developed countries to experience God’s grace, it is the other way round. My team and I have been known to visit countries, which hitherto hardly ever recognized any good thing coming out of the black soil to touch lives in foreign lands.

“Strengthened by God’s promise and the power of Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit’s ministration, we have been led to crusades and through Christ’s power and blood, healed the sick, delivered the satanically besieged and helped the needy, the helpless and the hopeless.

“Through missionary activities, thousands of blind, hearing impaired, sick, crippled, diseased and infirm have been known to respond to God’s grace and mercy when touched by the right hand of God. Some often get converted to the faith – prominently those initially opposed to the Christian faith.

“We have often been well accepted not only by the commoners, the orphans, widows, widowers and the needy but also by the political stakeholders, leaders, military lieutenants, generals, foremost religious leaders, ministers in government and members of parliament in foreign lands. Don’t forget I’m from a country where young boys and girls are sold into slavery in Libya, Italy, Switzerland, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

“In most countries of the world, blacks are disregarded, trafficked, abused, terrified, insulted and blacklisted. But in what the world has seen of my programmes in foreign crusades, we have emerged as the most progressive and fruitful positive image creator for Nigeria and Africa. No wonder, Israel – the birthplace of Jesus Christ Himself has shown interest in having me as one of their citizens with the hope of having my ministry established there.”

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tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

“When you are a man of vision, no matter what constitutes obstacles on your way, you can never be stopped: Opposition cannot stop you; blackmail cannot stop you. Instead of pressure and tension to force you to reduce your vision, they would even enlarge your strategies.

Opposition makes a man of vision to discover and develop better strategies to further his cause in the presence of his enemies. A man without opposition has no need to develop strategies.

For example, I am running and somebody is running after me, if that person running after me is an enemy and he increases his speed, I must also double my speed in order to prevent him from catching up with me. The more your enemies are after you, the more you pray. I mean, the more you need to improve your quiet moments for devotion.”

– Prophet T.B. Joshua


tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

“Irrespective of how many times you have tried and failed, so far as you are still alive, you are alive to try again. Don’t give up on what you want to become or achieve in life because Jesus Christ motivates people to try again and again. For each obstacle you face, there is a lot of experience you acquire. If you take a step and you fail, don’t look at that failure – look at the experience you acquire. Experience is the best teacher. So, forget about the failure you have experienced or the disappointment you went through – look at the experience you have acquired along the way. The lessons you learn from your failure prepare you for the responsibilities and challenges of success.” – TB Joshua


scoan tb joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

“Whatever you receive now, without maintenance, is useless. It is better not to receive something you cannot maintain. It is all about maintenance. It is better not to ask for something you cannot maintain; it is better not to receive something you cannot maintain because it will expose you and put you in the hands of enemies. Without faith, no one can maintain.

If you believe you have achieved something without living right, remember that the beginner is not the owner but the finisher. How do you know that whatever you achieve now, you will be able to maintain it? Without faith, no one can maintain the blessings of God. If you know what it means to be a finisher, you will know what it takes to be a finisher. It takes faith to maintain your position to the end.

The beauty of achievement is when we no longer live and our achievement is still there, continuing to live and linger on in the eyes and ears of the children yet unborn. The children yet unborn want to see things that can influence them to do right. We are not necessarily blessed by God because of today but because of tomorrow.

Your concentration is so much on what you want to achieve. We have so many role models both good and bad in our family and community. Which path are we following? If your name is known today and vanishes tomorrow, what is the value? Don’t be deceived by the little you have.

Are you talking about marriage? If you are thinking of tomorrow, you will not just marry without asking God if this marriage will be able to stand tomorrow. The same applies to your job. Today is ours and tomorrow is God’s. Many marriages stand today but will not be able to stand tomorrow. Many businesses and relationships stand today but will not be able to stand tomorrow.

Faith is maintenance. You maintain your life if you live the life of faith – that is the only way you will be able to maintain your finances and health. You follow Jesus through faith. To follow Him demands faith, employs faith.” – TB Joshua