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Self-proclaimed Evangelist Osuri

Brace yourself for the SHOCKING CONFESSION of a self-proclaimed Evangelist who once spearheaded a vicious campaign of calumny against T.B. Joshua and The SCOAN…

Evangelist Osuri was among the people who spoke critically against T.B. Joshua. However, he hid behind the pulpit to perpetrate evil – ‘enjoying’ a life of fornication, addiction and manipulation. Here is his brazen confession – taken from The SCOAN archive – which we bring to your attention as a lesson on the dangers of taking people at face value.

“Satan wants you to take all you see and hear without questioning. Examine everything in the light of God’s Word!’ – T.B. Joshua

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Will a man Rob TB Joshua? Yet they have robbed him

There are those who take upon themselves to malign their fellows, there are those who take upon themselves to badmouth their peers, there are those who take upon themselves to criticize their colleagues; and for all these, there shall not one escape the wrath to come.

If there is great punishment in view if such persist; where will they thus appear who take upon themselves to slander Men of God who have a covenant with God?

It matters not whether the Man of God is true or false.

The Christian ought not to say anything behind his brothers back with the object of calumniating him, for this is slander, even if what is said is true.

A good man becomes guilty of theft even if what he stole is another thief’s possessions. Many do not even know that a man who is guilty of slander is in the sight of God also a Thief.

You may ask how? Here is one reason to consider:

It is written in the commandments:  Thou shalt not steal, but before the eyes of the law, a man to steal must take a thing that can be seen with eyes of flesh, without the knowledge or consent of him to whom the thing belongs.

But the things that men do not see with eyes of flesh are of more worth than the things that man can see.

A man’s good name is worth a thousand mines of gold (Prov.22:1), and he who says a word or does a deed that injures or defames that name has taken what is not his own and is a thief.

A man may easily make restitution for physical goods stolen, but how shall one make restitution who has by defamation taken off from a man’s good name, especially when it was righteously earned?

The way is for your confession and repentance to be more widely broadcasted than the extent your defamation was spread.

Because scripture says the thief when he is caught is made to restore seven fold. (Prov 6:30-31).

It is either this manner of repentance or devouring fire and outer darkness hereafter.

See into what sea of misery you slanderers (critics) are plunged in.

Don’t forget; a good man who speaks evil behind his neighbor’s back is guilty of slander, even if what is said is true.

This is a sad news for slanderers, because even If what they say behind their neighbor were true, if they do not repent of it, they will be condemned to the outer darkness for slander.

Then if what they say is false even in the smallest degree; perhaps there is something worse than the outer darkness; only Jesus knows their destiny.

There is nothing anyone can say now about TB Joshua that others will not know more about because he does nothing in secret.

Except that person is the only one with eyes in the world.

All who have heard of TB Joshua are already convinced of a lie about him or the truth; and this of their own accord from what they have seen and heard.

Neither those who speak well of him nor those who speak evil of him are given the privilege of convincing anyone because the use of words in description of TB Joshua is not even “Half-enough”.That privilege of convincing people is the sole duty of his good works; which no form of speech and writing can adequately convey.

While the privilege of converting rebellious minds and blasphemous tounges is reserved for God.

It is like a man, who after he was blinded by the sun, expected his neighbors to believe that the sun is evil, when they all use solar energy for their cooking and lighting.

So why would anyone incur wrath, suffering, and eternal punishment for lies, when he does not even have the privilege of being believed? Whoever says he believes you, says so in reality because of pre-conceived notions similar to yours.

Whoever does not believe you in reality does not also because of pre-conceived notions opposed to yours.

Why would anyone keep supplying lies for such an imaginary market where there is no real demand?

Apostle peter gives the answer:

“…They are presumptuous and self-willed. They are not afraid to speak evil …, whereas angels who are greater in power and might do not bring a reviling accusation against them before the lord, but these, like natural brute beasts made to be caught and destroyed, they speak evil of the things they do not understand and will utterly perish in their own corruption.”2 peter 2:10-12.

If you would be safe; speak evil of no man, neither take pleasure in listening to a slanderer. Otherwise you that hear too shall be responsible for the sin of him that speaks the evil, if you believe the slander you hear.

This is because in believing, you will have a grudge against your brother. That is how you become responsible for the sin of him that speaks the evil.

TB Joshua himself gives the cure for your sickness of slander and back biting in these words:

Learn how to speak well of others, not only in their face, but also behind their backs. – TB Joshua.

We say this also for the benefit of commenters on this site who in their quest of defending TB Joshua or correct the slanderers, get infuriated to the extent of making abusive comments and also rain curses on the accusers.

In this which you do, are you not also disobeying the prophet you seek to defend?

TB Joshua taught us saying: Let others hate you, not you; let others intimidate you, not you, Let others Judge you, not you.

No doubt, they have hated the prophet and judged him, but you yourselves have hated them and judged them, while thinking to correct them.

Do you not realize that you have yourselves caught the sickness you are trying to cure?

Do not the words of scripture now apply to you: Physician heal thyself? (Luke 4:23).

May our repentance be swift and come quickly.

Grace and peace.

Sources: Watch Tb Joshua