TB Joshua’s Warning to the Superpower Nations on the Fight in Syria


“The fight in Syria will provoke other fights… What is on the ground now is a devil’s workshop.”

On Sunday 8th April 2017, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied, “I want us to lift up our voice and pray this coming Thursday. Whatever that will happen that will cause a conflict between the superpower nations. Because I see a situation where one will tempt the other and that will provoke the whole thing. This coming Thursday. Please, raise up your voice and begin to pray. Pray that God should hold their temper, no matter the temptation from the other side, to another country. The other country they tempted should hold its temper – and should not be provoked to retaliate. Then, if they retaliate – well, me and you – our fate is hung. This coming Thursday, Friday – pray that whatever that will happen that will cause any nation, one of the super-nations to be provoked, to retaliate – the Lord should hold their temper. No matter what happens, hold your temper.

“Father, You are the Lord that created all things. You can loose, You can bind. Whatever that will happen this coming Thursday and Friday, that will cause other nations to be tempted to lose their temper… If one is tempted, it’s attack. And the other may lose their temper; that is it. Father, hold their temper. Let them be calm; we ask for calmness. We ask for calmness, in the name of Jesus Christ! This is what I saw in 2015 and 2016. I said, “The fight in Syria will provoke other fights. This coming Thursday and Friday are key days. Please fast from morning until 12noon. I know all the nations and people that watch Emmanuel TV. When it happens, they will say, ‘Ah, this man said we should hold our temper’. For the sake of peace, for the sake of harmony in the world. What is on the ground now is a devil’s workshop. The foundation for a devil’s workshop is on the ground. God will intervene.”

TB Joshua Ministries