TB JOSHUA BOMBSHELL:Cancel All Political Rallies NOW!!!

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua delivered a shocking message during the course of his service on Sunday 4th May 2014 at The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, heatedly calling on all Nigerian political parties to immediately cancel political rallies or face dire repercussions.

He spoke further on the rumoured planned attack on the Sheraton Hotel in Lagos and the fate of the over 200 missing schoolgirls in Borno, declaring their rescue to be imminent.

“There is a difference between Nigeria as a nation and these political parties,” Joshua told his congregation while addressing the current security concerns in Nigeria. “Nigeria is calm; it is the political parties that are not calm… These political parties gave birth to militants and Boko Haram.”

The pastor then insisted on the immediate suspension of all political rallies in the wake of the current situation. “How can over 200 schoolgirls be kidnapped somewhere and we are talking about disagreements between political parties? And APC and PDP are not ashamed?” Joshua angrily stated. 

“They should suspend all rallies and acrimonious campaigns. It is this division that gave opportunity for hoodlums, militants and Boko Haram to explore and exploit.”

He went further to warn that the militants would redirect their attacks towards people that matter in society if this advice was not heeded. “If our political class does not stop their campaigns and rallies and put aside the name of parties – APC, PDP, Labour – to come together to discuss as Nigeria, these people will turn against them. Any moment from now, you will hear of ‘bigshots’ being attacked.”

Addressing the way out of the current security challenges, Joshua insisted that the threat of Boko Haram was beyond physical or natural solution. “We are dealing with evil spirits that kill, steal and destroy; let us not deal with our neighbors.”

He warned people not to fuel the insurgent’s activities by reacting fearfully to their threats. “Your response determines their operation. Fear and panic help their operations because their main weapons are not bombs and guns of all sorts but evil spirits.”

The influential cleric then called on security operatives to seek God’s help in their war against terror. “Before they can bomb or shoot, they must consult evil spirits. Our soldiers and security – who do you consult before you shoot? You need the Spirit of God’s suggestion as to what to do.”

Speaking on the warning issued by the American Embassy to its citizens about a planned attack in the Sheraton hotel, widely reported by international media, Joshua told Lagosians not to be alarmed. “Whatever plan of evil in Lagos will be proved abortive! There is no cause for fear or alarm.”

He explained further in a rather parabolic fashion: “An attack in Lagos is an attack on the source… Don’t forget – Lagos is the commercial center and every one of us has a commercial interest. It is a place you cannot avoid.” He described reports of the planned attack as an ‘expensive joke’.

Joshua went further to speak on the unclear motivation behind the actions of the insurgents: “If truly their mission is clear, their grievances should not be towards common people, innocent worshipers or school children. They should go and attack those who recruited them in the past. Since all of this mess started, how many senators or governors did you learn they attacked and killed?”

Address the string of ‘negative’ stories currently circulating about Nigeria, Joshua also spoke scathingly about Nigerians who travel abroad and propagate such negativity about their homeland. “What you say about your country matters. Many travel abroad and say Nigeria is this or that – have you forgotten that is where you were born?”

He specified individuals using divisive words against particular political leaders. “The nation is bigger than anybody. Why are you rubbishing this nation and forgetting you are a Nigerian? No one will build this nation for you – you are to build it. You have to re-brand your nation.”

T.B. Joshua lastly gave words of reassurance to the parents of the abducted schoolgirls in Borno, advising them not to be misled by spurious news reports. “Get ready to receive your children back. Your children are coming home.”

It was a message he had earlier stated on Saturday 3rd May 2014, at the end of a prayer session. Speaking with uncanny frankness, Joshua stated that Boko Haram had ‘touched the heart of God’ with the kidnapping of the Chibok girls.

“Enough is enough,” the pastor stated in the live telecast on Emmanuel TV. “I place my career and calling on the line that these 200 schoolgirls they kidnapped – they have to release them immediately unharmed and unhurt. Then, they can wait for God’s judgement.”

He also gave another stern warning to the political elite. “Politicians – whatever you must have done to contribute to the mess in this nation will not go unpunished. If you are not punished, how will generations yet unborn or generations coming know that there is God?”

Story by Ihechukwu Njoku/Nigeriafilms.com


God Saved Us From The Abuja Bomb Blast Through T.B. Joshua’s ‘Anointing Water’

Three survivors of the Nyanya bomb blast that killed over 70 people in Nigeria’s capital Abuja last week and left hundreds more injured recounted their stories in T.B. Joshua’s church this weekend, attributing their survival to Divine providence.

Candidus Ebge from Benue State said that he was in a public vehicle about to approach the popular bus depot when the explosion occurred. “The next thing I could see was our car in the air, far above human height,” Egbe testified in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos. “The car then landed back on the ground with force,” he continued. “I don’t know how but I found myself outside the vehicle on the other side of the road. I never struggled to come out.” According to Candidus, the person sitting beside him in the vehicle was among the casualties. Remarkably, he didn’t sustain any injury.

“If not for God, they would have announced my obituary on Monday,” he soberly declared, displaying pictures he had taken of corpses strewn by the road where he miraculously found himself standing. Egbe attributed his survival to the fact that he had ministered ‘Anointing Water’ from T.B. Joshua that morning and had an ‘Anointing Sticker’ in his pocket at the time of the deadly incident.

Pastor Damfa Adams from Plateau State was in the Nyanya bus depot about to purchase a ticket when the bomb exploded. “Suddenly, I heard a blast; I saw fire,” he vividly recounted to the congregation. “Some close to me fell to the ground; some died instantly. It was like a force protected me.” That morning, the pastor from Righteousness Covenant Church explained, he had ministered ‘Anointing Water’ from The SCOAN and prayed for Divine protection and preservation.

“The scene of the blast was just 10 meters from where I was standing,” he added. “My ears were deafened. After leaving the scene, I brought out the Anointing Water, ministered it in my ears and my sense of hearing was restored instantly.” The only scar visible was a scratch above his left eye caused by a glass splinter that flew out from the inferno. If the glass had hit him an inch lower, he added, it would almost certainly have left him blind.

Evangelist Maria Ajekukor from Abuja narrated that she left home that Monday morning without her Anointing Sticker from The SCOAN and, upon realising, quickly returned back to pick it up. “It increases your faith that God is with you, protecting you throughout your journey,” she explained in a testimony aired live via the church’s television station Emmanuel TV. Her destination was Nyanya bus depot from where she planned to change vehicles and visit GT Bank in Maraba. A vehicle pulled up but Maria did not have the exact change to purchase a ticket and was neglected by the conductor. “I only had N500 and N1000 notes. They angrily left me as they expected me to have the right amount of money.” Little did Evangelist Maria know that the conductor refusing her entry to that bus was actually supernaturally engineered to save her life.

Boarding a vehicle that came shortly afterwards, as they were approaching Nyanya, the sound of the explosion shattered the silence. “It was not just once. The first one went before we heard another two loud bangs.” In the ensuing chaos with the passengers abandoning the vehicle, Maria sought to get closer the scene of the explosion. A shocking sight lay before her. “It was then I saw the very first bus who asked me if I had the correct change. I saw bodies all over the floor. I saw legs on one side, arms on another side – different parts of the body scattered. It was like a nightmare,” she vividly described. That particular bus was at the very spot where the explosion occurred. All on board died. “Because of this Anointing Sticker, that is why I am alive today,” she tearfully concluded. “God is merciful.”

Controversial Pastor T.B. Joshua claimed to have predicted the blast in Abuja back in November where he warned of an explosion and called on people in the nation’s capital to be vigilant and prayerful. The YouTube video of the said prediction has been viewed almost 200,000 times.

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist currently in Lagos, Nigeria.