Kenya Attacks: T.B. Joshua Saw Them Coming

sermon-pic.jpgMany explosive attacks took place in Kenya during the past few weeks and Nigeria’s T.B. Joshua, says he saw it all coming. It started during a Sunday service at his church on 20th April 2014. He said that he saw some prophetic revelations concerning Kenya. He proclaimed that ‘strange people were in town to make big headlines’.

He advised the nation to be prayerful and tighten its security.

Hinting that it was something to do with terrorism, the prophet said, ‘We’re having the same challenges here.’ referring to the constant attacks by Boko Haram.

Just two days after his sermon, an improvised explosive device went off at Pangani Police Station, killing 4 people, 2 of whom were police officers.

Unfortunately, it did not end there. On May 3rd continued announcing his revelations for Kenya saying, ‘Last Sunday I said that there are three groups inside Kenya. They are still roaming about, bombing. It is not yet over in Kenya, so they should watch out. Watch out for this weekend. We are praying for the Kenya nation.’

That night a grenade was thrown in a bus in the coastal city of Mombasa leaving four people dead and another 15 wounded. The bus had just travelled from Nairobi. There was a second blast near a beach-front hotel, but no-one was hurt.

The following Sunday T.B. Joshua continued his warning saying, ‘I want to advise Kenya – their response is very important. Their response determines the mode of operations of militants. They will first of all send spies to see if there is fear. Fear and panic help their operations.’

Later in the day Two people were killed and at least 62 others wounded in two explosions on passenger buses in the Kenyan capital Nairobi,

Both blasts went off on Thika road, a busy highway north-east of the city.

Sunday’s attack was the second in Kenya in as many days. Recent violence has been blamed by the government on Somali Islamist group al-Shabab.

According to reports, the two explosions went off outside a hotel and at an underpass not far from Kasarani, north-east of the capital.

With such consistency it would be difficult to ignore the Nigerian Prophet, but will such prophecies encourage Kenya officials to seek divine intervention?

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TB Joshua

TB Joshua

According to video evidence, the resignation of beleaguered politician and chair of Nigeria’s ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Bamanga Tukur on Wednesday, had been predicted weeks earlier by Nigeria’s Prophet T.B. Joshua of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

The Lagos-based televangelist prophesied on New Year’s Eve during the church’s crossover church service broadcast live via his television station Emmanuel TV that Tukur would go.

Addressing his congregation, T.B. Joshua prophesied that many mighty people would fall in 2014, a year he termed one of ‘crossing the bridge’. He went on to specifically mention Tukur by name.“At last, the PDP will pay any price to unite,” Joshua said. “I don’t know the price they will pay but this is what God showed me. The chairman Tukur will leave.”

Though he did not say how he would leave, it was clear that the embattled politician was heading for a disastrous fall-out with the hierarchy that would kick him out of his political pedestal.

News broke on Wednesday that the Chairman was forced to step down following a brief meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan. Press reports say Tukur had been resolute to hold on to his position until he was told that the national executive council and the national working committee of the party were read to cast a ‘vote of no-confidence on Thursday January 16, 2014 against him.’

“To avert the vote of no confidence, Bamanga Tukur hurried a resignation letter – and dated his resignation for January 15, 2014 – after the Muslim holiday,” said various online publications. Read It HERE

The PDP has for over three years now been rocked with internal fights that has seen senior party officials including senators, resign. This was also predicted by the pastor who in 2010 and 2011 predicted that a new party would emerge to challenge the ruling party. He also insinuated that the wrangle that would grip the PDP had potential to bring the giant party to its knees.

T.B. Joshua is credited for predicting major world events including the deaths of American Pop star Michael Jackson and former Malawi president Bingu wa Mutharika. He is also on record to have prophesied the terrorist attack during the Bosthon Marathon in US last year.