Peru T.B. Joshua Historic Crusade, How Catastrophic Stamped Averted

Tb Joshua Crusade Lima, Peru

There was a major disaster that was averted on the second and final day of the two days historic crusade with Prophet TB Joshua, in Lima, Peru. One knows if it had happened, that would have been the major news headlines around the world. Because the world we all know, loves celebrating the bad news, compare to those good things that happen in the church they ignore. But thank God for the wisdom the Prophet applied in averting what would have cost the lives of many.

In the second day of the crusade, the stadium was filled to capacity and several overflows existed outside the Monumental Stadium in Lima, Peru. As is customary with Prophet T.B. Joshua after sharing God’s words, he immediately left the podium and went straight to where thousands of people were arraigned in the prayer line with diverse sicknesses and diseases. As the healing and deliverance season was going on, the whole attention was focused on Prophet T.B. Joshua. Then, some large number of people on one side of the galleries in the Monumental Stadium began to push forward forcefully, perhaps to have access to touch Prophet T.B. Joshua who was then ministering healings and deliverances to the people in the prayer line.

Tb Joshua Crusade Lima, Peru

 General Juan Gonzalez Sandoval, military decoration T.B. Joshua

The President of the Generals, Admirals and the Officers of the Armed Forces of Peru, General Juan Gonzalez Sandoval, bestows a military decoration upon T.B. Joshua.

Sensing what is about to happen, the Prophet immediately stopped the deliverance and healing ministration. He went straight towards that part of the gallery and told the overwhelming desperate crowd that he came to save souls and not to destroy souls. He said unless they all returned to their respective seats, he will discontinue the healing season. He then took a plastic chair and sat down as a protest, until those people returned to their seat. When he was sure all was okay, he then stood up and continued with what he knows how to do best.

 Tb Joshua sitting in protest peru

Prophet T.B. Joshua sitting in protest at the Monumental Stadium

Prominent Peruvian dignitaries were in attendances on the day of the historic crusade, one of whom included Elias Cuba Bautista, the Mayor of La Victoria, Lima’s most populous district, who presented Prophet T.B. Joshua with the symbolic key. “I give you the key to our city in acknowledgement of your outstanding work,” he stated.

Being the true man of God that he is, upon receiving the honour, Prophet T.B. Joshua said he was receiving the honour on behalf of the people God has delivered and healed today.

Tb Joshua Crusade Lima, PeruTb Joshua Crusade Lima, PeruOn the same night, the Prophet received an additional honour from General Juan Gonzales Sandoval, the President of the Generals, Admirals and Officers of Peru’s Armed Forces. Presenting Joshua with a ‘Medal of Honour’, Peru’s highest military distinction, the General said, “This is a very special decoration to the most highly distinguished people which our national police and nation bestows,” he stated.

He lauded Prophet T.B. Joshua’s humble personality stating that he was an example to other religious leaders.”Your humility is an earmark that makes you great…” he stated.

The event was broadcast live on Emmanuel TV including, Facebook and YouTube Live stream. The ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua has previously held similar historic international crusades in the nation of Mexico, Colombia, South Korea, Indonesia and many other foreign countries. The question that remains on the lips of the people is which country Prophet T.B. Joshua will go next.


Day Two Historic Crusade, T.B. Joshua Given the key, City of Lima, Peru and a Gold Medal

,Tb Joshua Crusade Lima, PeruTb Joshua Crusade Lima, PeruIt was an awesome atmosphere of worships, praises and hearts full of expectation as the day two of the historic crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua at the Monumental Stadium in Lima, Peru commence. The love of Christ was so visible in the air as the people show their excitement by raising their nation’s respective flags as they give praises to God for the power of His splendour. Those that attended the programme at the Monumental Stadium includes foreign visitors from 20 different nations around the world, for they came from far and near to witness the authentic power of God through His humble servant, senior Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Few among those that received their healings and deliverances in the day one of the historic crusades were filled with delight as they climb the podium to share their amazing testimonies. Some even came with authentic medical reports, as prove that indeed their past has been rolled away, for they have been made healthy by the power in the name, Jesus Christ.

Tb Joshua Crusade Lima, Peru

Tb Joshua Crusade Lima, Peru

L.G. Wise

A man that was healed from cancer in the day one of the crusades, said as he shared his testimony- “I felt something left my body during the mass prayer, after which I visited three medical centres for medical examinations. All the medical reports came back negative, to the glory of God.” Joining him at the testimony stand, was his wife who said her husband initially did not believe in miracles until doctor‘s medical reports confirmed that there was no more cancer in his system.

The testimony was followed by marvellous praise and worship. After which there was an incredible worship moment with L.G. Wise. And then, the internationally renowned Opera Singer, Kimmy Skota presents a stirring rendition of the ballad, “You raise me up”.

Tb Joshua Crusade Lima, Peru

Internationally renowned Opera Singer, Kimmy Skota

Tb Joshua Crusade Lima, PeruThen after the praise team took over the stage. As the praise team were leading the audiences in a powerful praise and heavenly worship, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua enters the Monumental Stadium. Sighting the Prophet, there was joy and excitement, for that which everyone had been waiting for has arrived. Prophet T.B. Joshua modestly climbs the podium with words from God to the audiences and millions of viewers’ all over the world. He preached a powerful message titles: THE INTEGRITY OF THE WORD II. The proof text was taking from the book of James 1:22.

Tb Joshua Crusade Lima, PeruTb Joshua Crusade Lima, PeruIn a short summary, the Prophet admonished the congregation and viewers worldwide that “Acting on the word, is letting Christ acting through you. The more you meditate on what you read in the Bible and turn it over and over again in your heart, the more your spirit acts upon the Word; the more the Word gains supremacy over you, the more the Word grows in the heart.” The Prophet also said that “The Bible is a book that reads us even as we read it. As you are reading it, it is reading you. It is not like any other book.”There are mere listeners, good talkers; but not doers of the Word. The doers of the Word abide in Christ and the Word abides in them” “Jesus is the living Word – the living Word is a living thing. The living Word is not on the written pages, it is not in the book – it is on the lips of the believer.” “We are converted by the word.” “In the measure, you do the Word, you practice the Word, you act on the Word – you are then living in Christ.”

Tb Joshua Crusade Lima, PeruTb Joshua Crusade Lima, PeruAfter the powerful messages, the Prophet went straight to pray for the sick, for the mission was to set the captives free, bring deliverances to the oppressed and demon possessed. It was all shout of praise and Joy as God was using the faculty of the Prophet to do the amazing. He healed me…! Thank You, Jesus I can walk…! Thank You, Jesus, for my deliverances…! Thank You, Jesus I can breathe now..!” these were the words of excitement that came out of the lips of those that had received their healings after the awesome touch from God, through the Prophet.

Tb Joshua Crusade Lima, PeruTb Joshua Crusade Lima, PeruA woman who was confined to a wheelchair cried out to Prophet T.B. Joshua for help, the man of God in compassion prayed for her and she stood up and began to thank God. She began to run to demonstrate her complete healing after Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her in the powerful name of Jesus Christ! The healed woman exclaims, “The pain is gone!” Thank you, Jesus!

Also, a little girl who used leg support to enable her to walk was liberated and began to walk and then runs for the first time since childbirth in the glory of God! She cries out in incredible appreciation of what God has done for her. Her parents are in awe and they embrace their precious little girl in thanks given to God for fulfilling His promises of total restoration in the life of their precious daughter.

Tb Joshua Crusade Lima, PeruTb Joshua Crusade Lima, PeruThese were just a little of the countless amazing and incredible healings that took place at the Monumental Stadium in Lima, Peru, with Prophet T.B. Joshua, for healings were like breathing and deliverances were in abundance.

Coming to the end of the service, the Prophet was honoured by the mayor of Lima, Peru. He was given the key of the city of Lima, as a symbol of appreciation of his historic visit to the nation and also the National Police organisation of Peru led by General Juan Gonzales Sandoval, honoured Prophet T.B. Joshua with a gold medal in appreciation for the incredible things God used him to do in the nation of Peru and in the lives of many all over the world.

Tb Joshua Crusade Lima, PeruTb Joshua Crusade Lima, PeruThe nation of Peru was indeed blessed for inviting Prophet T.B. Joshua to their nation. Truly, those that honour the Prophet shall get the Prophet rewards.

*Photo Capture: TB Joshua Ministries