Tb Joshua healing Peru Dora FranciscaDora Francisca Cordova had a huge shock when a month ago, she fractured her ankle. The doctors told her that she would not be able to use her foot for at least two months. “It was so severe that I had to use a wheelchair!” said Dora, something very difficult for her as she was not accustomed to being dependent on others.

“I could not do almost anything. I was all day on my bed. If I wanted to go to the bathroom, I had to call my daughter or my husband, and they would just sit me in the wheelchair to go to the bathroom. But it was really difficult for me to handle.” The most painful part of it was that she had to stop working. As a teacher, Dora really enjoyed her work and she was a very valuable asset to the school; a gap they found difficult to fill.

“One day, my pastor told me about T.B. Joshua coming to Peru. He told me and I was like “Thank God, Thank you. You are sending this man of God because of me. You know this is the right time for him to come to Peru; You know we all need him. So I am going to have a miracle. I am going to believe in You”.

Tb Joshua healing Peru Dora Francisca“When the prophet prayed for me, first I felt pain in my heart. And the pain stopped. Then, I felt peace and very calm. Then the prophet took my hand and said, “You should get up”. And I got up and started to walk without pain.”

Laughing with joy, Dora stated, “I am really happy and excited that I can walk again. My daughter and children, cheer me on every time.” Her daughter and husband who all too well knew what she had passed through, rejoiced with her as she shared her testimony to the world.

Dora gave a poignant word of advice: “We should have lot of faith and we should always believe in Jesus Christ. He is the centre of our lives and we should always praise Him and we always pray and talk to Him all the time. Jesus is always the same.”

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