peru crusades Margot Roque Feijo healingA combination of rheumatoid arthritis and pulmonary fibrosis made life almost unbearable for Margot Roque Feijo for the best part of 20 years. Pain and agony were her constant companions and limitation had become part and parcel of her daily life. Various treatments and therapies were attempted through the years by various medical professionals but none could heal her. “It was only a temporary help”, confessed Margot, who had become extremely frustrated with life. “I could not do anything by myself anymore. My sister did everything for me” she recounted with tears as she remembered the heavy toll the sicknesses had placed on her.

Her condition deteriorated to the point that 4 years ago, she was instructed to use a wheelchair. Then, it was a total dependency. “I could not even go to the bathroom and urinate properly due to the pain!” said Margot.

peru crusades Margot Roque Feijo healingOn hearing of T.B. Joshua’s upcoming visit to Peru, Margot’s faith and hope began to rekindle. She had the opportunity to attend the Crusade at the Monumental Stadium in Lima. Her miracle happened swiftly and assertively. In her own words: “When the mass prayer was going on, when Prophet T.B. Joshua said, ‘Stand up’ I instantly felt an energy surging through me and I stood up! It was as if something was pushing me. Now, I can walk freely without any pain.”

Ever grateful, Margot thanked God for giving her another opportunity to continue her life without restrictions. She gave a poignant word of advice: “Have faith and believe. You should all have faith to stand up from your sickness as I had faith that day!”

Margot’s sister, Caroline could not hold her tears as she testified to the dramatic change in her sister’s life. “I was shocked to see her standing up by herself in the mass prayer. I began to shake with happiness” said Carolina. “Now, she can walk without assistance and she no longer vomits and coughs. I praise Jesus, her Healer!”

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peru crusades sophia healingSophia, afflicted by uterus cancer and weakened by arthritis, had been confined to her bed for many years, unable to do the activities she had once enjoyed. Treatment upon treatment and 20 tablets per day proved to be of no avail and the doctors could not offer her the hope of a cure. Tired and in pain, Sophia’s condition left her in a state of disappointment. “I feel like dying,” were the words that constantly plagued her mind.

peru crusades sophia healingOne fateful day, a good friend, Maria, had introduced her to Jesus Christ and Sophia’s life was never the same again. Sophia later heard of the Peru Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua through her friend, Maria. She believed that just one touch from the Holy Spirit through His anointed servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua, would be the end of her ailments. The night was full of life-changing moments, but none so altering as the miracle that was about to take place in her own life.

Just one touch was all it took for the miracle to take place. “I felt a force from Heaven pushing me to stand to my feet and walk.” Healing had taken place in the life of Sophia that very night. She returned to tell the world about the glory of God and her miraculous ability to walk again. From bedridden to healthy and strong. A million thanks are not enough to express the joy that Sophia has as she demonstrates her ability to walk.

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Tb Joshua healing Peru Alicia Miranda OrtizThe news left a lump in Miranda’s throat. It was the diagnosis feared by all – cancer.

Faced with the prospect of chemotherapy, Alicia Miranda Ortiz, a middle-aged Peruvian lay lifeless in bed for most of the day. Pain permeated throughout her abdominal region. “I had unbearable pain and constant diarrhoea,” she explained after doctors had diagnosed stomach cancer three months earlier.

“I could not eat and stand for a long time; I was just on the bed,” she recounted. With a lengthy treatment laying ahead of her with no definite proof of any lasting result, hope dwindled dramatically.

Tb Joshua healing Peru Alicia Miranda OrtizHowever, when Miranda’s son told her about a unique event that was soon to be held in Lima, she plucked up some courage. “My son told me about the Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua and I decided to attend,” she said.

The experience she had that night was unforgettable! “During the Mass Prayer, the prophet was praying. I believed and I received my healing.” It was as simple as that – believing!

“I forgot my pain; I felt good and I started to eat,” she said, explaining what transpired the day after the prayer. Incredibly, she was able to eat freely and fully without the usual vomit and agony that would have accompanied attempting even half such an amount.

Since that day, Miranda has been walking and living freely – cancer free! “Believe in God. It doesn’t matter what sickness you have. Just believe and you will be healed,” she smilingly advised.

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healing mass prayer Tb Joshua peruDISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER!
Faith burned deeply within her. Although Sandi’s son was not physically present at the stadium, she knew that nothing could stand as a barrier to his healing.

Plagued with a hernia since birth, the wailing sound of a little child in agony regularly filled the Araujo home. At a tender age, Andrei was faced with the prospect of surgery to remove the growth protruding from his stomach.

healing mass prayer Tb Joshua peru“I went to different clinics and hospitals but all the doctors told us that the solution for my son is surgery, which was also risky,” Sandi explained.

Inspired by faith upon learning of Prophet TB Joshua’s coming to Peru, she decided to bring the picture of her son to the crusade. Holding it up that day, a Divine transference of power occurred as Prophet TB Joshua was ministering.

healing mass prayer Tb Joshua peru“When he touched the picture of my baby, I fell down and I knew that my baby was healed,” she declared. Arriving home that night, an incredible miracle unfolded before her very eyes!

“After the prayer, the hernia disappeared! My baby sleeps well and is no longer crying, meaning I also can sleep,” she excitedly testified. Truly, distance is NOT a barrier for the Holy Spirit!

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Tb Joshua healing Peru AndresIt was a double blessing for the Andres family at the Peru Crusade with T.B. Joshua.

Both husband and wife had found themselves uncannily afflicted. Maria had succumbed to the reality that she would live in pain the rest of her life. A series of accidents several years earlier left damage to her neck and back which were medically irreparable.

“Because of the pain, I couldn’t even take a shower,” she recalled. “I had a business but had to quit because I couldn’t work. I couldn’t deal with it!” Multiple hospital visits and treatments yielded a depressing conclusion “I spent a lot of money visiting doctors but they said there was no cure for this problem and with the passing of years, I would end up in a wheelchair.”

Tb Joshua healing Peru AndresHowever, an ember of hope was fanned when Maria learned of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s upcoming crusade in Peru. The prayer she received that day was life-changing! “Immediately, I felt like my neck was straightened by someone. The pain that I felt before the prayer disappeared – just like that!”

Tb Joshua healing Peru AndresMaria came to the crusade using a medical walker but returned walking freely! She has not stopped walking since! “Now, I can walk, take a shower by myself and take care of myself. People should trust in God because He is healing people through this ministry.

Her husband, Jose was equally struck with arthrosis. “It was unbearable; the pain basically crippled my entire body, however, ” said Jose, wincing as he remembered. “I went to so many hospitals and therapists but nothing worked.” Jose was eventually given a crutch to aid his movement which had become increasingly more painful as the days and years dragged by.

The agony, however, ended in an instant when Jose received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua at the Peru Crusade. “I felt something like fire flowing through my entire body and I began to walk freely” recounted Jose.
Now, Jose can walk smoothly and climb stairs effortlessly.

He joyfully concluded: “Belief in Christ as your Healer – He is the same – yesterday, today and forever!”

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Maria Sardina Tb Joshua healing Peru“I knew I had a demon within me,” Maria Sardina, a young Argentinian admitted. The cycle of backwardness, marital disappointment and spiritual apathy was all too much. “Every time I wanted to pray, I had nightmares where someone was tying me down to a bed,” she explained vividly, recounting how the nocturnal attacks would lead to paralysing fear and torment in the light of day.

Watching Prophet TB Joshua’s videos on YouTube in Buenos Aires, Mariana realised that she needed anointing from above to loose her from the demonic chains holding her down. “Immediately I found out Prophet TB Joshua was coming to Peru, I bought a ticket!”

As prayer was being offered for the thousands present in the Monumental Stadium, a strange force began shaking within Maria. “The demon started manifesting! I found myself screaming and rolling.” Exposed by the power of God, the wicked spirit confessed to the name of ‘Leviathan’ before being cast out. Ever since that day, a new chapter has begun for Maria.

“For the first time, I am able to read the Bible and praise the Lord freely without fear or torment. I can finally sleep,” she joyously testified. “I advise people who are unable to move forward or increase your relationship with God to look for deliverance because there are demons tying you down,” she candidly advised.

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Marianela del Pilar Martinez Ruiz came to the Peru Crusade with Prophet TB Joshua wheelchair-bound. A concoction of health challenges left her ridden with pain from head to toe. The doctors diagnosed osteoporosis as one of her many ailments but all the young Peruvian knew was things were steadily heading downhill. “Everything was wrong with me,” she surmised.

Robbed of the ability to both walk and work, Marianela stayed home in her bed throughout the days. “I just couldn’t do anything. My mum was the one helping me go from the hospital to my home.” For four long years, she suffered until the news arrived of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s visit to Peru. “The doctors had told me that the sickness would never go away, so I had to believe in God.”

Receiving prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua, Marianela rose up from her wheelchair and started walking! “I just felt a huge relief,” she described. “I felt free to start moving. I felt free in both my hands and legs; I just felt healthy.” After that Divine encounter, Marianela has been walking freely, living a normal life. “I advise everyone to have faith because only faith can move mountains,” she concluded.

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