SCOAN VS the Lekki Gardens Building Collapse: The Fallacy of Composition

@bukolasaraki @AkinwunmiAmbode @NGRPresident #ProbeTBJSCOANAttack #MissionOfMilitaryAirplane #SCOANGuestHouse

@bukolasaraki @AkinwunmiAmbode @NGRPresident #ProbeTBJSCOANAttack #MissionOfMilitaryAirplane #SCOANGuestHouse

It is so ridiculous how some persons, out of their short-sighted reasoning are quick to generalise and link the Lekki Garden building collapse to that of the guest house of The Synagogue Church of all Nation (SCOAN) which has been clearly made known by the SCOAN that the church building collapse was as a result of sabotage. They claim if Lekki Garden collapse was due to faulty construction (Still under investigation) therefore SCOAN guest house collapsed was also as a result of same phenomenon. This is a pure error in reasoning.

Linking the Lekki Garden case to that of SCOAN is fallacious; in academics it’s called the Fallacy of Composition. If a member in family A is HIV positive, we therefore conclude that all members of Family A are all HIV positive. Boko Haram is a terrorist group from Northern Nigerian; we therefore conclude that all Northern Nigerians are Boko Haram terrorist. This pattern of reasoning is purely an error, and such conclusions normally emanate out of hate, bias and misleading tendency. The SCOAN case should be investigated according to the available evidences and likewise should other building collapse cases in Lagos be handled and investigated according to the tendered evidences, not linking or comparing one to the other because they are of different phenomenon.

It is important to know that apart from the one-sided verdict of the illegitimate Coroner Oyetade Komolafe’s inquest and the disinformation emanating from some well know Anti-SCOAN media on the actual cause of the SCOAN guest house collapse, the record still stands that the SCOAN guest house was attacked. Therefore, for one to say because of the Lekki Garden building collapse in Lagos, all buildings that collapsed including that of SCOAN are all due to structural failure is pure lies and we are advising members of the public not to be misled by this gimmick emanating from the pit of hell to divert attention and cover-up the SCOAN guest house attack. As it stands, the Nigerian government has failed to answer the question about the military airplane that was used to attack the SCOAN guest house. Till date, the identity of the pilot and crew on board in the military airplane remains unknown. If indeed they are not guilty why hiding them? We are calling for total Justice for all; the government should not shade the major suspect and persecute the victim.

As for those calling for the arrest of T.B. Joshua, it is though disappointing for them, but still they need to know that as far as this case is concerned, T.B. Joshua is far from it. The Prophet is not a building contractor. Those calling for his arrest should as well call for the arrest of the yet to be known real owner of the Lekki Gardens building that collapsed. All these campaigns against T.B. Joshua simply confirm that the main target of the SCOAN guest house attack was T.B. Joshua and not the contractors, for they are simply victims of circumstance.

We also want to use this medium to commend the disciplinary action so far taken by the Lagos State governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode against the Lagos State Building Controller agency (LASBCA). LASBCA is reputable as one of the most corrupt agency in Lagos; it was the same agency that went on the media to lie to the general public that they sealed off the SCOAN guest house days before it collapsed and that the church ignored Warnings from the agency to stop construction work on the guest house. This particular disinformation from the then General Manger of LASBCA Mrs. Abimbola Animashahun Odunayo forced SCOAN to quickly release a press statement to debunk the falsehood.

May Justice be done in this matter and we would continue to pray for the truth to prevail.