The Coronavirus and the Efficacy of the SCOAN Anointed Water

As good citizens of the world, we want to draw the attention of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the United Nations, and those nations that have been affected by this ravaging Coronavirus, especially, to the People’s Republic of China (PRC) where this killer virus has taken more lives, with much persons affected to seek the face of God for solution.

We should always know that God is the owner of the Universe. There is nothing impossible for Him to solve. Instead, of allowing innocent people to lose their lives. The government of these affected nations should quickly in humility come to The SCOAN and order for the anointed water, with collaborations from the United Nations and the WHO to be administered to the affected nations and persons.

It is time for the world to start embracing the things of God. The devil in his canny ways has continued to manipulate the ways of Mankind to go against the ways of God. God is so interested in our well being that even before the enemies of our soul strict, He has already created an avenue for our freedom.

The Anointed water has been proven beyond every reasonable doubt to be an effective instrument of God in curing all manners of infirmities and sickness.

We should not be quick to forget the role God used the Anointed Water to play as a medium during the outbreak of the Ebola Virus in some west Africa countries.

We all know how God used the anointed water to stop the spread of the deadly Ebola virus in the nation of Sierra Leone, this was despite the strong opposition from powerful international forces, due to their unbelief.

God sometimes allows some setting things to happens to us in other for Him to be able to prove Himself. I think God wants to use this present situation to bring a revival to Asian and especially, the nation of China. It is time the government and the people of China know that the God of Heaven and Earth has the answered to their present situation if they can humble themselves and seek for His help in the right place.

We are not in any way trying to advertise the Anointed water for any benefit. As you all know, it is a medium of God, freely received and freely given. We are simply making a genuine call from our heart because of our concern about the news going around on the spread and the unnecessary loss of life as a result of the killer Coronavirus.

The Chines government and other affected nations should take a lesson from the government of Sierra Leone.

As the wise Prophet will say, “When you run out of rope, it is time to grab onto Faith.”

If it is taking much time to get the medical cure to contain the spread of this killer virus, it is time to grab onto faith healing. Remember that it is only the living that can look for a cure.

Let’s save life first just as we are working on the research to get a medical solution to stop the Virus. Don’t you know God has the Medical solution already? Medicine is from nature and God is the owner of nature. With God everything is possible.

The age of miracle is not yet over, our God is the same yesterday, today and forever.


EBOLA VIRUS: The Opposition Forces in Sierra Leone

wpid-ebolacure2.jpgObviously, we find ourselves in a world in which the established socio structures and institutions are been influenced by the devil and his cohorts working tirelessly to hinder, as well as frustrate the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ, thereby to accomplish the will of their master (the devil) which sole aim is to kill, steal and destroy. Therefore, it was not a thing of surprise when the reports came out that the ‘Anointing water’ sent by Prophet T.B. Joshua’s Ministry to help cure the Ebola Virus diseases that was ravaging the West African nation of Sierra Leone faced strong opposition from international organizations. It was said that those international organizations confiscated some bottles of the Anointing water that was supposed to be used to cure and eradicate the Ebola virus from Sierra Leone claiming that medically, there was no scientific proof that it could cure Ebola even though the President of Sierra Leone, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma authorized that the Anointing water should be allowed to be used on those Ebola’s patience.

When Prophet T.B. Joshua announced his desire to help the nations affected by the deadly Ebola virus with financial aid and Anointing water normally, it was supposed to be a thing of Joy and something that should be encouraged by all and sundry irrespective of their opinion about Faith healing. Based on the fact that the Anointing water from SCOAN is well known all over the world for its efficacy in healing countless number of diseases that even medically cannot be cured. It was expected of those international health organizations and nations of the world to key into these great blessing from God to humanity by encouraging the use of the Anointing water to help eradicate the deadly diseases, but unfortunately, the reverse was the case; they resisted and frustrated the move of God in the nation of Sierra Leone.

As common as this revelation maybe to many, this has again exposed the world and their institution for whom they really are. We are in a world that has lost touch with the reality of the healing power of God; a world where many don’t have Faith in God anymore. That is why most of the powerful institutions in the world of today are link to Satanism and their aim is to promote the agenda of the devil and resist/frustrate anything that carries the mark of God. Can’t we see how powerful institutions that suppose to sustain and uphold the natural nature of men are now the ones forcing sovereign nations of the world to accept Homosexuality as ‘normal’? Who knows if this may be one of the reasons for the September 12th, 2014 terror attack that led to the collapsed of a guest house at the premises of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) which claimed the lives of many worshippers?

We are in a generation that now worships science more than God, who actually created science. It is what science says that is now acceptable not what God says. This is why the devil has continues to take dominion over the affairs of men. I am not against the orthodox treatment. Doctors treats…But God heals, I’m simply saying that the healing power of God is greater than the opinion of any medical scientist because God created science to assist man not for man to now worship science above God. Therefore, any medical personnel that has the fear of God and recognizes HIS supremacy in the affairs of men cannot stand against the healing power of God through the medium of the Anointing water.

Remember during the time when the Ebola virus was spreading rapidly in many West African nations, a prophecy was made by Prophet T.B Joshua that the diseases was manufactured by the devil and that Ebola virus came from the pit of hell. The Prophet was criticized for revealing this bitter truth; T.B Joshua was called all sorts of name, but now we are all witness of the opposition from the devil against the healing power of God through the medium of the Anointing water that was supposed to cure and eradicate the diseases. Note, the Opposition Forces against the healing power of God through the medium of the Anointing water confirmed the source of the Ebola virus and the divine nature of the Anointing water. Darkness will always oppose light, if the Anointing water was not of light it would not have received such level of opposition. Since the devil knows that the water will bring freedom, healing and liberty thus, the opposition.

Mrs Fatmata Kargbo, the Permanent secretary in the ministry of foreign Affairs in Sierra Leone, who made this revelation know due to ‘sleepless night and disturbances’. Stated that the south-east region of the country where the Anointing water was permitted to be ministered was cleared of the diseases within one month the Anointing water was ministered on those affected with the Ebola virus. She remarked, had it been the Anointing water was permitted to be minister in the whole region; the disease would have been eradicated long ago.

As believers, let us be wise and resist the antics of those promoting the scheme of the devil. The powers that rule this world are against the true Church of God. Any minister of the gospel that does not conform themselves to the things of this world are enemies to the world and its institutions. Why is it that most world media platform like promoting anything that speaks evil against the Church of God? Why are they unconcern in those extraordinary healings, deliverance and awesome miracles that take places in the household of God? Is it that Faith healings and deliverances piss them off. To them, Christianity is a big business and those who believed in Faith healings and deliverances in the name of God are still living in the Stone Age. But those who are conformed to the things of the world, like those who accept homosexuality and transgender patience as ‘normal’ are classified as more sensible, liberal and tolerant. That is the world we are living today. May God save our leaders and redeem our world….Amen!

Note: we are not against those possessed with the spirit of Homosexuality or the transgender, time without number we have shown our support for them and emphasis why they need to visit any living Church of God for their deliverances from this deformity called homosexuality.


TB Joshua Church Lagos |

It is a well-known debate that Faith healing has being a controversial issue since the coming of modern scientific discovery of advance means of research in talking diseases and sickness. Some philosophers of science has always made the claims that religious belief belongs to history, science will replaces religion meaning, the modern man will no longer be interested in religious believes as time comes and they never support the ideal or believed in anything like faith healing. The religions bodies on their own parts especially the Christians have always stand their ground on the existence of God and faith healing to them, God is far greater than science after science is God; where science ends God starts.

It seems that in the modern ministry of the church, the ministry of Tb Joshua have come to prove to the world that those philosophers are wrong with their clams, not rely because he is the only minister of God that is involved in faith healing, the fact remains that there are other great ministers of God around the world that her involve in the faith healing business. But in the case of Tb Joshua’s ministry, the healing and life restoration taken place there is so massive and mind-blowing that some, medically cannot be treated makes many to wonder if those claims made by some philosophers of science about faith healing and the exits of religion believes in the modern world will come to reality especially now, that the man in the synagogue have anointed five wise men and more are coming he said, which include female (wise women), has established an unmistakable fact that the future of the world lays in the hands of the church of God, and those speculation made by the founders and philosophers of science will not see the light of the day for God is the creation of heaven and earth including science.

Doctors treat; God heals

Doctors treat; God heals

Tb Joshua does say that “Doctors treat; God heals, God is the one that motivate doctors to treat, medicine is Nature”. The prophet not just say it but prove it countless of times through the healing power of God in is life. The question is will medical scientist accept this proclamations made by the prophet of God. But going by historical record, it is well-known a fact that before the coming of scientific discovering and advanced research in the medical field, that man has been taken care of their sickness by herbs and through some spiritual means. In this Modern time, some part of the world like, Asia, Africa, etc. Still take herbs to take care of their sicknesses and diseases, and it has been proven to works for them. Many Tablets of today are made from herbs; God is the creator of herbs, nothing on this earth that man-made that does not comes from nature created by God.


Even Science and medicine have their own limitations, Hiv/Aids and many other deadly diseases in the world today do not have medical solutions. Most of the medical drugs invented by these medical scientists have their own side effect on their patient, more dangerous than the sickness it’s supposed to cure. We have seen many cases of persons that became deaf, blind, loss their womb and some sensitive part of their body after taking some medicated drug. But still the world don’t see anything wrong with that, but we were meant to understand by skeptics that divine healing is dangerous when even medical doctors have killed innocent persons . Are we now saying that medical healing is dangerous? No, but what we are saying here is that God is greater than science and the applauded science have is own limitation; God is the one that motivate medical scientist to treat and discover things. But it is unfortunates that man believed more of the created than the creator.

The annoying part of this is that some modern believers are supporting this false doctrine about divine healing, well sorry to say that these set of persons are not genuine Christians, a genuine Christian will know that both the old and new testament of the bible where faith inspiring and the bible never told us there will no longer be faith healing, but a promise to even do greater works than Him (Christ) if only we believed.

If the world can come to God humbly for guidance the issue of economic depression, deadly diseases, and predicament in the world will be over. When the prophet was taken about “divine economist” he made us to understand that the world economist are only dealing with the surface; they have not seen the real deep things to provided solution to the world economic problem, that does not mean they have not tried in solving the world economic problem but with divine economist on their side, the solution to the economic depression been face by the world today will emanate. This saying also applied to the medical field it is only divine advice from the one that have asses to both the visible and invisible world that can offer solution to all mankind health problems.