TB Joshua Prophecy Syria Crisis

TB Joshua’s Prophecy On Syria’s Crisis

The Bible says in Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Recall Prophet TB Joshua’s prophecy about the crisis in the nation of Syria in September 2013. The Prophet categorically stated that “We should appeal to the Arab League to come together and talk to our brother.” That “If the world goes to war in Syria, it will not stop there; it will affect all its neighbours. There will be no peace in that region for years”– the Prophet firmly stated.

God Almighty has continued to speak through His servant, senior Prophet T.B. Joshua. We thank God for the prophetic warning and the instruction in righteousness and wisdom to handle such a situation. We pray that those involved will hear the voice of God and heed the warning.

Listen to the youtube video bellow as the Prophet tells the world what God has said about the situation in Syria:


Italy earthquake France attack Tb Joshua

Prophet T.B Joshua

It is so unfortunate that many, especially those in authorities in our present world don’t have value for human lives anymore that our pride and arrogance against the truth means nothing to us even when innocent human lives are involved. Instead of us to humble ourselves and learn from our mistakes, we tend to be looking for whom to blame in our misfortunes.

The Italy Earthquake Prophecy is not the first among countless accurate Prophecies by Prophet T.B. Joshua to nations around the world that has come to fulfillment because of the “I don’t care attitude” by those in authorities that supposed to take the necessary precautionary steps to make sure that no lives were lost.

It is true the prophet always call on his congregation and Emmanuel.TV viewers all over the world to always pray against the fulfillment of these tragic events. The question is what do the leaders of those nations do when they heard that something tragic were said would occur in their nations? The answer is nothing! Even when efforts were made to draw the attentions of these leaders to those Prophecies they ignore it and act as if they are ignorant that the lives of their citizens whom they are supposed to protect are in imminent danger.

It is unbecoming that world leaders we look upon always take for granted serious security issues that has to do with lives and destruction of properties. Even when they are quite aware of the status of Prophet T.B. Joshua, with his accurate local and international Prophetic records, but would act deaf out of sheer ignorant and arrogance to these disturbing Prophecies about their respective nations. When the Prophecy now comes to fulfillment they would start accusing the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua of taking advantage of negative Prophecy instead of them to ask God for repentance and amend their ways.

Those who want us to believe that the Prophet is taking advantage of those tragedies are not being fair in their arguments against Prophet T.B. Joshua. As good citizens of the world, our priority is to promote world peace and the better life for all, irrespective of nation, religion, race and tribe. We should always encourage nations and leaders all over the world to always listen to the voice of God through his humble Prophet. By so doing, they would quickly take proactive measures to stop any imminent disasters exposed by God’s Prophet rather than, wrongly accusing the God sent Prophet among us for exposing the evil plan of the devil.

The case of the Prophecy about the nation of France comes to mind. We were aware how concerned individuals make efforts to reach the authorities and provide intelligent security reports to the Government when they heard Prophet T.B. Joshua Prophesy that a deadly terrorist attack is imminent in the nation, but the France leaders did nothing. When the attack later happened and the ministry of SCOAN released a YouTube video of the Prophecy confirmation, the gullible channeled their anger against Prophet T.B. Joshua, accusing him of taking advantage of the sad event instead of them to channel their anger to the leaders and hold them responsible for being negligent in their duties in protecting the lives of their citizens.

The most ridiculous part of the argument is, the same gullible sect of individuals that will blame the Prophet when his Prophecies are accurately fulfilled, are still the same set of persons that will tag the Prophet false when the tragic incident is prevented not to occur. Due to the quick actions by those wise leaders out there, that does not care about the messenger, but the message. And out of the fear of God, they took Prophet T.B. Joshua’s Prophecy seriously and quickly take proactive measures to arrest the situation. The wise and brave always take responsibilities and thrive to do the right things rather than, looking for those to blame.

Video: How T.B. Joshua Prophecy the Saudi Arabia Attack

Popular Nigerian Prophet, TB Joshua,of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) has revealed that he predicted the bombing attacks that happened in Saudi Arabia yesterday. The Pastor made the prediction on 31st January of this year.

A terrorist attacks which happened in Jeddah, Qatif and the Prophet’s mosque in Madinah, took the lives of atleast five people.

According to a video culled from a live sermon on Sunday, January 31,that aired on the Emmanuel TV channel shows the prophet urging thousands of his SCOAN congregants to also pray for Saudi Arabia as the for their various countries in order to scuttle the ‘evil plans’ of the unnamed attacks.

In his words, ““Saudi as a country – they should pray against attack – that is Saudi Arabia. I am seeing something happen there. Pray for the nation. Saudi Arabia – I cannot locate the place but I am seeing an attack. They should pray – how to unravel the attack. They should watch out.”

“The day, I did not know but I can see attack in the country,” he added.

The prophecy became true on 4th July 2016, when suicide bombers struck in Saudi Arabia. In the morning, the first bomber blew themselves up in Jidda, in a location very close to the United States Consulate. It is by no means a mere twist of fate that the attack coincided with the United States’ Independence anniversary.

Consequently, in the evening, another suicide bomber fulfilled their mission near a Shiite mosque in the eastern region of Qatif. This was followed closely by a third blast in Medina, near the ‘Prophet’s mosque’, known as one of Islam’s holiest sites.

This prophecy comes at the end of a long run of international and often controversial prophecies given over the years by T.B. Joshua. Recent incidents that he has said to have predicted include: the Brussels Terror attack, the Brexit, the Russian plane crash in Egypt among others.