This is NOT an official Blog of the synagogue church of all nations headed by Prophet Tb Joshua, we are fans of TB Joshua’s ministry who love the happens in SCOAN. We’re trying to focus on the stories that many leave out about T.B. Joshua and SCOAN.

WARNING: The entirety of views expressed here on this site are of a personal nature and DO NOT reflect the disposition of the Synagogue Church of all Nation, reader’s discretion is strictly advised. For the disposition of T.B. Joshua and the ministry of  SCOAN visit http://www.scoan.org 

3 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. This is what I posted on Watch TB Joshua and it was not displayed on the site:

    You guys amaze me! First of all you prove yourselves wrong by calling yourselves “TB JOSHUA WATCH”. Why don’t u use your proper name? If the people who left TB JOSHUA Discipleship cannot provide u with their full names, something is wrong. You guys always want to convince the world that TB.JOSHUA is from satan. How come satan a destroyer as Jesus describes him can change and start doing good thing, in JESUS CHRIST’s Name, healing all sorts of diseases, chasing demons of all kind, helping the needy of all backgrounds and nationalities, reconciling broken marriages, and so many good things? You know what I am talking about, even more than I do. (I’ve never been to the SCOAN before.) But where else magicians are doing similar things-I mean all of those things at the same time? Where else devil worshippers are reconciling families using such a powerful name of Jesus? When Pharisees accused JESUS of using devil’s powers, He told them that satan cannot destroy himself… I hope you have read that or at least heard that… Many trusted servant of God have denied TB JOSHUA and same men and women are endorsing him, they now admit he is a genuine servant of God. The problems of people are 1).Fear that develops doubt about someone, that’s not bad. and 2). Pride that develops jealousy, that is very bad. If we fear that someone might not be in the ways of the true GOD, let’s check this in the light of His word. Though Emmanuel TV, I watch what TB JOSHUA does and listen to what he teaches, I have never seen any mistake, nothing evil. I understand that many fear and doubt because they thought miracles were supposed to happen in Jesus time only. Jesus is still the same. He promised to use those who truly obey Him to do even greater things. The 2nd problem is pride and jealous. Many servants are not obeying God’s word, they don’t believe genuinely with their hear, the never walked with GOD, they gained their servanthood through theological studies, they take the work of God as a secular job, they don’t pray even on holiday,… …
    … these servants of God who don’t pray even on holidays, they expect to use the Name of God whenever they want to do so. It doesn’t work at all. This proves something is wrong with their belief and their walk with God. Yes, maybe myself included. But I can’t have pride or jealousy towards someone or anyone who wholeheartedly walked with God since their childhood. My examples could be a dozen but I give you 2 cases: REINHARD BONNKE and TB JOSHUA. I read about them daily, I listen to them, always I watch what they do, they change my life every day. If someone thinks TB JOSHUA and others serve the devil and fake gods by doing the great things that we see worldwide. May the bring their powers out to do even greater things. May they expose and defeat even stop what TB JOSHUA and others are doing. My friends, religions of words without actions are useless, and, empty confessions of faith will save none. Let’s repent in truth, let’s drop our pride and listen what GOD is saying and accept what He is doing through His genuine Servants. My name is PJ, if you want to write me, my email is:……..


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