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The Ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua has release photos of one Mr. Friday said to have been healed of Anus Cancer. According to the post, the Anus Cancer ‘started one day when he went out to look for a job as a driver and had to use the toilet.

‘Upon using it he started experiencing difficulty and then suddenly his anus protruded out of place.

‘The pain was so unbearable to the extend he was unable to sit or walk. When he consulted the doctors, they suggested to cut off the protruded anus.

‘He initially decided not to do the operation, but the severity of the pain made him appeal to his mother to return him to the hospital for the surgery.

‘Lying on the hospital floor in pain and agony, an elderly man noticed Mr. Friday’s horrible condition. The man told him about all the miraculous healings God was doing through Prophet T.B. Joshua and suggested that he go to The SCOAN for prayer.

‘Mr. Firday’s faith was lifted and he left the hospital and decided to seek solution at The SCOAN. In tears of pain, he cried out to Prophet T.B. Joshua to pray for him. Once the man of God prayed the prayer of faith in the name of Jesus, Mr. Friday felt a sensation in his stomach and he immediately knew that healing had taken place.

‘When He went home, he continued to minister to himself the Morning Water he received. All of a sudden, he found himself wanting to use the toilet, something he hadn’t done for a very long time.

‘The excretion almost filled up the toilet. Amazingly, his protruded anus shot back inside his body! Now Mr. Friday is able to sit, walk and run comfortably to the glory of God!

Nigeria will lose billions if TB Joshua relocates — Experts

tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Some stakeholders in the tourism sector on Sunday advised the Federal and Lagos State Governments to dissuade Pastor Temitope Joshua, popularly known as, TB Joshua, from relocating the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) to Israel from Nigeria.

They told the News Agency of Nigeria that Nigeria would lose billions of naira to religious tourism if Temitope Joshua and SCOAN should make the plan real.

NAN reports that TB Joshua, during one of his church services, recently said that he was planning to relocate to Israel from Ikotun, a suburb of Lagos.

It was reported that TB Joshua was in Israel recently where he held meetings with the mayors of Jerusalem, Tiberia and the Jordan Valley.

He was quoted as saying that he was offered different facilities very close to the biblical site of the Sea of Galilee where he could organise meetings for international pilgrims.

NAN also reports that SCOAN established in 1994 does not have another branch in Nigeria outside its international headquarters located in Ikotun.

Some heads of government from African countries had also visited SCOAN to seek spiritual restoration and advice from Pastor TB Joshua

Mrs Ime Udo, the General Secretary of the Nigerian Association of Tour Operators (NANTA) told NAN that Nigeria would lose billions of naira from religious tourism revenue if SCOAN actualised its planned relocation to Israel.

Udo said Joshua’s planned action would lead to a reduction in the human traffic of local and foreign religious tourists that normally patronised SCOAN.

Udo said, “Religious obligations have become a fashionable trend all over the world as a means of expressing beliefs and faith in the ability of God to protect and guide mankind.

“Religious practices both under the auspices of Christianity, Islam and traditional practices have in no small way contributed to the development of tourism in the world.

“Christian pilgrimages to Israel have formed an economic platform for the empowerment of the localities and contributed to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country.

“Also, Saudi Arabia has been benefiting immensely economically from many Islamic faithful who converge there twice annually on holy pilgrimage.

“With these scenarios and many others around the world, it has become valid that religious tourism has become a source of economic revival to a country and its people, “she said.

According to her, thousands of foreign religious tourists visit SCOAN monthly to worship and for other spiritual healings.

She said that these tourists would fly into Nigeria; lodge in hotels, board commercial vehicles, patronise eateries and visit other tourists’ sites around the locality.

Udo said that all these had been translating into huge revenue for the Nigeria economy.

“The local community; hotel operators, food vendors and others around SCOAN must have benefitted from tourists.

“SCOAN has, no doubt, contributed immensely to the tourism profile of Nigeria with several heads of government from various African countries that had visited there to seek spiritual restoration and advise from Pastor TB Joshua,” she said.

Udo advised the Federal and Lagos State Governments to encourage SCOAN to remain in Nigeria as part ways to develop our tourism sector.

A member of SCOAN, Mrs Iyabo Emmanuel, said that she was in church service when their General Overseer, Pastor TB Joshua, announced to the members on the offer given to him by the Israeli Mayors.

Mrs Emmanuel, popularly called “Iya’’( Mother) Synagogue, said that Pastor Joshua never said that he had  agreed to such a proposal from the mayors.

“I have been worshipping in SCOAN since 1994 when TB Joshua established it newly in Ikotun area.

“I worked with TB Joshua for 15years before I resigned and ventured into selling of provisions. Then, I was the chef; head of canteen and bakery.

“I am still a full-time member of the church and I will continue to worship there. I am one of those that had benefitted from the church,” she said.

Emmanuel said that many residents and business owners would suffer if TB Joshua should relocate SCOAN from Ikotun.

She said that majority of business owners around the area depended solely on the visitors to the church and they used to patronise facilities around the church.

A hotel operator, Mrs Anthonia Chuks, told NAN that if the rumour that TB Joshua was relocating to Israel eventually turned to reality, the hospitality business in that area and the state would suffer and fold up.

“Ninety–five per cent of guests that lodge in hotels in the community are international and local visitors outside Lagos and they are SCOAN members.

“We have over 130 rooms and are always fully booked every weekend.

“We usually enjoy huge patronage from Fridays to Sundays weekly; and they are mostly SCOAN members from near and far,” she said.

Similarly, Mr Solomon Oyelade, a car-hire operator, said that since the rumour of the planned relocation of the church to Israel, the patronage of cabs had reduced drastically.

Oyelade said that in the past, he used to go to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos seven times in a day to transport international passengers down to SCOAN.

“But, since the incident of collapsed building in the church premises years back, the patronage of foreigners had reduced.

“With this present rumour of relocation, we hardly carry passengers from Airport two times a day. The patronage has reduced beyond expectations, “he said.

Also, Mr Uche Maduako, a food vendor, appealed to TB Joshua not to accept such offer from the Israeli mayors.

He said that behind every rumour there is an iota of truth.

He also urged the Federal and the Lagos State Governments to support the continuing stay of TB Joshua in the country.

“The government should make the country worth staying for him and ensure they support him in all ramifications,” he said.

Maduako urged the government to renovate the bad roads around the church, adding that the condition of the roads was not encouraging.

He said that the contributions and impacts of TB Joshua in that community could not be overemphasis.

“The man of God has contributed immensely to the betterment of the community; employed thousands of graduates and non-graduates to work in the church and in other investments of the church.

“TB Joshua always ensures that there is constant power supply and adequate security in the area,” he said.

By Idris Olukoya (The News Agency of Nigeria)



tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

The best man in the world holds his integrity (position, honour) no longer than God upholds him in it. The best man in the world can only maintain his position and honour as long as God keeps him in it for by His grace, we are what we are. The best man in the world can only maintain his position and honour by His grace. If we were to be left to ourselves, we would fall and our enemies would triumph over us. I mean, if God withdraws His support from us, we would fall and our enemies would laugh at us. In the midst of trials and evil wishes of the enemy, King David prayed to God not to allow his enemy to triumph over him (Psalm 41:11).

God knows that we are naturally weak and fearful when we are faced with danger/ trials/ persecution or an adversary who seems stronger than we are. We, on our part, should learn to trust in God’s help so that those whose primary interest is to make us feel ashamed, will themselves be ashamed. Such was the case of King David as he wrote Psalm 40.

At certain periods in life, we find ourselves being unduly hated and persecuted because of the grace of God in our lives, especially when they cannot figure out the root/ foundation of our integrity. They begin to ask questions and query the legitimacy/ genuineness of our spiritual experience. Anything in our lives that tends to defy the logic of people’s imagination is therefore to be highly resisted and fought to a standstill. I mean, new things always suffer uncommon persecution. When they fail in achieving their aims, they call you names in order to down-grade your integrity and honour in the eyes of people. Jesus never begged anyone to believe in Him. He knew that integrity cannot be proven; it must be discerned.

Integrity is not something we can prove by outward beauty and prestige alone. God does not judge as people do. Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart (1 Samuel 16:7). Our enemies/ people may try to strip us of outward prestige and beauty but the wisdom and grace of God cannot be taken from us. They may call you names in order to paint you black in the eyes of people but the wisdom and the grace of God cannot be taken from you because it is not given by man. They were able to take Joseph’s coat of many colours which was given to him by his father; they were able to separate him from the warm arms of his parents but were unable to separate him from the presence of God.

When you find yourself in such situations as a child of God, do not lose heart. God sometimes allows His children to experience persecution in order to toughen (strengthen) them for the greater heights ahead and the challenges that follow.

David thanked God for not allowing his enemies to triumph over him. Remember, you cannot be said to be triumphant/ victorious without fighting and winning a war. Triumph or victory is a product of warfare. In other words, he who desires triumph/ victory must be ready to embrace war.

So when you are persecuted by your enemies for what you believe in/ when you are facing trials for Christ’s sake, count it all joy that your chance (opportunity) for victory is at hand. The Bible strongly advises all true Christians to cultivate (develop) the habit of finding reasons to rejoice in the Lord, especially in the face of adversity (Isaiah 41:16).

In my own case, persecution has always been a tonic to my anointing. The more the persecution we receive, the greater the opportunity we have to move closer to God for strength and renewal, knowing that if gold must be gold, it must pass through fire. If a clay pot is to be strong, it must go through intense heat. As gold is tested by fire, so also human character is tested in the furnace of humiliation.

Glory be to God, the more we are persecuted, the more we attract God’s attention and commitment. The extent of His care and the strength of His might in our lives weaken and frustrate our adversaries. When God gives you strength, He also sees you through any obstacle.

Whenever I am persecuted, I am quick to remember the story of Jephthah. He was an example of the rise of a man to prominence from rejection (Judges 11). He was persecuted and denied the right to belong. God often humbles those whom He designs to exalt and makes them the stone the builders reject which finally becomes the head of the cornerstone. Joseph, Moses and David – the three most prominent shepherds of Israel, were all rejected and persecuted by men before they were called of God to great offices. This is how God prepares His servants for the service He designs them for and makes their trouble work for their advancement.

If Jephthah had not been so persecuted and rejected by his unkind brothers, he would not have had such opportunity to develop and improve his military experience that finally saw him to the throne. The Bible says, having been rejected by men, Jephthah drew from God’s resources all that he needed to stand future challenges. The Spirit of the Lord came upon him and advanced his natural faculties and filled him with power from on high. Thus God confirmed him in his office in the presence of his enemies. God gave him an excellent spirit and bravery to face the challenge and his triumph, his victory was clear. Nothing was too dear for him to acknowledge God for not allowing his enemy to triumph over him.

People of God, nothing is too dear to acknowledge God for not allowing our enemies to triumph over us. We are not in any way suggesting that we have arrived. Far be it. This is our humble way of thanking God for not allowing our enemies to triumph over us. “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so they persecuted they the prophets which were before you” (Matthew 5:10-11).

May God bless His holy Word, in Jesus’ name.

TB Joshua Ministries



Prophet T.B. Joshua

“One of the big secrets of my life I want to share with you – all these crusades you see me doing around the world such as in Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru etc. – I pay most of the money. We don’t control the Holy Spirit! When I am there, I want to be free. I want to sleep at the time the Spirit wants me to sleep. I want to pray for who the Holy Spirit wants me to pray for. Don’t pay and then start bringing your brother, sister or cousin for prayer. If you pay for the stadium for me, you will collect money from big businessmen that are sick – they will be the ones you arrange in front, telling me, “Pray for this one, Man of God – he is the one who paid seventy percent of the money”. God cannot support such an arrangement. You are telling me to come out at 8am when the Spirit of God said I can come out at 10am. So, I pay for the stadium. My accommodation – I don’t let them know where I am going to lodge. After the crusade, you can know where I am living but before the crusade, I will not allow you.

“I want to be at peace with myself. I will enter your country with money and I will go out of the country and not take your money out – it is a rule and regulation because the grace is not for sale. I will make sure I cut my coat according to my size. If I know I am short of money, I will leave. The offering during the crusade – I said I don’t want to do anything with it. The organisers will talk about the offering.

“My joy is to see people healed; my joy is to see people delivered; my joy is to see people blessed. That is my money. Each person that is delivered is more than $20,000 to me! That is the money God gives me – the joy to sleep in peace. You need to know what it means if God uses you to heal and deliver people. If you know what it means, you will want to heal/ deliver people all the time. If you know what it means – the joy in God using you to deliver people – you will never ask the people you deliver to bring money. Even if they want to give you, you will beg them not to destroy your life.

“If you know what it means for God to use you to set someone free from their problems – it’s more than a trillion dollars. If you know what it is to set people free – don’t wait for the person to say, ‘Thank you’. God has given me something more than thank you. There is nothing more than being given the grace to set people free. People that are in pain – God gives you the grace to remove that pain. Which millionaire? If God uses you to remove the pain of one, you are more than a millionaire. You believe your reward is money – no! If money is your gain, you are robbing yourself. That money is insufficient – it cannot give you peace. Money cannot buy you peace. If money could give you peace, many of you would not be here today. That is why you just see me at Ikotun-Egbe. From Ikotun-Egbe – look at the glory of God!”

TB Joshua Ministries


tb joshua“At least 50% of us here are a good example of what I am talking about. Some years ago, your impression about T.B. Joshua was so bad. Many of you were asked to pray against me in different meetings. But I refused to pray against you – because I knew you were coming here one day. While you were asking God to loose and bind me, I kept quiet because I knew you were coming. You are welcome! Let’s assume while you were binding and loosing me, I stood here to bind and loose you. If you cannot bind me, I would have bound you. If you cannot loose me, I would have loosed you. You took a stone and threw it at me. Instead of me take it and throw it back, I kept the stone – because I knew you were coming back here.

“Today, we destroy relationships beyond repair. But when you know that the person who is bad now can be the best tomorrow, you will take precaution. Someone who is satan to you today can be your savior tomorrow. That is life. Somebody who is after your life today – who wants to kill you – you will be very surprised that tomorrow, he may become your saviour. I don’t destroy relationships beyond repair. If I have you as a friend, no matter what you have done to me, I will make sure I will not destroy relationship beyond repair – because I know tomorrow, you may be my saviour.

“Today, you destroy relationships beyond repair because of challenges and conflict. You have been destroying your relationships with people beyond repair because of conflict, trouble and challenges. You can fight but be conscious that the person you are fighting may be your saviour tomorrow. Don’t destroy that relationship beyond repair.

“That is the life I live. When I know the argument is too hot, I am quiet – because I don’t want to destroy a relationship beyond repair. People say, ‘That man will not talk.’ That is my slogan. The reason is that I don’t want to destroy a relationship beyond repair because the man I am fighting may be my saviour tomorrow. It is better I choose the side of silence. If I remain silent, you don’t know what is in my mind. The man that is fighting me may be my savior tomorrow – tomorrow is a mystery.” – Sunday 30th April 2017

TB Joshua Ministries


tb joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

“Ask God to give you strength so that you will not give up. When you are in the midst of a battle, you are building yourself. It’s good. Where you are not celebrated, where you are being persecuted, where they are after you – it is the best place for you to live. All of this will build you. Gold cannot be gold unless it passes through a furnace. Human character too needs to pass through the furnace. That is why I decided to stay where I am not celebrated here in Nigeria. I stayed here to build the grace of God. When the grace of God is in the midst of challenges, it gets stronger.

“The same thing with your marriage – if your marriage is having challenges, don’t give up. Ask God. Don’t let challenges cause you to quit; let God. In your business, marriage and relationships – challenges should not cause you to quit. If you allow challenges to make you quit, you are running from strength and more grace. Don’t let challenges quit you but God. God should say you should leave, not challenges. Challenges are a grace to strengthen and equip you more.

“When you are in the midst of challenges, ask God whether you should quit or not. No matter what they say about your wife or husband, don’t let it cause you to quit your marriage. If they say your business partner is dishonest or a duper, don’t let that quit your business. But today, you quit your business, relationships and everything you do because of challenges. You quit your village because of witches and wizards. You divorce because of challenges. Everywhere are challenges. You should see challenges as a blessing in this regard, not an enemy. See challenges as a blessing, not an enemy. See me. I refuse to quit because of challenges; my challenges turn to blessings!

“Viewers all over the world, take this. Don’t quit your marriage because of challenges. Whatever they say about your wife or husband – don’t quit your marriage. Ask God. In every situation, God has something to say. If you ask God, He will tell you what to do. Sometimes, these challenges are blessings to strengthen marriage and relationships. If you see a great marriage today, ask them and they will tell you how many times great challenges came. They refuse to quit. Today, they are role-models. Ask them what they have gone through and they will tell you a story that you could not bear, a story that divorced your marriage or separated you from your relationship – yet they stood together.” – Sunday 30th April 2017

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TB Joshua Ministries

Prophet T.B. Joshua: Nigeria’s ambassador plenipotentiary

tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

It was Jesus Christ himself who said that a prophet is not without honour except in his own country and among his own people. In this context, JOHN SILAS and ANTHONY NWACHUKWU take a perspective look at some of the issues that had made Prophet TB Joshua an iroko among several distinguished personali­ties. They opine that although TB Joshua is seen and treated like every other ordinary Nigerian, he is highly revered and literally worshipped abroad.

Indices such as intellectu­al, financial or spiritual attainments, etc, have of­ten separated some men from their contemporaries. But, beyond these lies the level of humility exhibited by a few of the highly gifted. And Prophet Temitope Ba­logun Joshua (simply short­ened to TB Joshua) is highly benevolently so endowed.

Expectedly, people often count God’s blessings based on exotic and expensive au­tomobiles, private jets, pala­tial and luxurious mansions, including assorted ensem­bles available to an individu­al. TB Joshua has more than enough of all these but that is beside the point.

Of course, most people who found themselves in this privileged category see them­selves “super-human beings” and scrupulously flaunt their wealth even in irritat­ing manner. This is where Prophet TB Joshua make an exemplary difference. He is stupendously wealthy, yet ex­tremely humble. He is gifted, yet chose to remain ordinary. He prefers to clad himself in humanitarian essence, pur­suing his ministry with such godly favour. TB Joshua is so loud in charity that even at 53, he seamlessly epitomises deep humanitarian acts with his ministry of the Word, ecclesiastically portrayed in unparalleled healing prow­ess.

The Ondo State-born televangelist cum philan­thropist, founder and Gen­eral Pastor of The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) has continued to soar in popularity well beyond Nigeria, Africa, up to Europe, Asia, America and the Oceania. He uses his Lagos-based Emmanuel TV (presently Africa’s larg­est Christian television net­work) to spread the Word and extend God’s bounteous mercies to humanity through healing.

Complementing this me­dium is his ubiquitous on­line presence, which has stretched to more than 2.5 million Facebook fans and over 500,000 YouTube sub­scribers, making him You­Tube’s “most popular pastor,” with over 300 million view­ers.

Behind this soaring per­sonality, apart from his pri­mary mission of evangelis­ing Christ Jesus, the Saviour and Redeemer, through his preaching and miracles, is the charity work spreading rapidly across the world.

It is of particular interest and The AUTHORITY con­firms that wherever there is large-scale humanitarian need, and where misery and suffering exist, TB Joshua is always there to lend a help­ing hand. According to the revered man of God, the mission was handed down to him in a vision in which he received God’s anointing and covenant to start the minis­try, which took off with only eight members.

That vision could equally be linked with the unusu­alness of his birth, said to have been prophesied 100 years before his delivery. It was also said that instead of 9 months, TB Joshua spent 15 months in the womb, and also escaped death by the whiskers when a quarry ex­plosion sent rock sharpnel to their residence just seven days after his birth and the family miraculously escaped death.

Somehow, humanity is not completely oblivious of the good works of this distin­guished Nigerian, having been bestowed with the national honour of the “Officer of the Order of the Federal Repub­lic (OFR)” in 2008. He also received commendation let­ter from the United Nations; an “Award of Excellence” by Israel’s Rescue and Recovery Voluntary Service, ZAKA. TB Joshua is also a recipient of the Arewa Youth Forum Ambas­sador of Peace award.

There was also the symbol­ic “Key to the City” of Lima, Peru, handed over to him on September 24, 2016, by the Mayor of La Victoria, Cuba Bautista, “In Acknowledge­ment of Your Outstanding Works”. The honour was be­stowed on him after he con­ducted a crusade at the Es­tadio Monumental Stadium in Peru, said to have been at­tended by over 500,000 per­sons.

In addition to these ac­colades, the President of the Generals, Admirals and Of­ficers of the Peruvian Armed Forces, Gen. Juan Gonzales Sandoval, presented him with the “Medal of Honour”, the country’s highest military distinction honour. Sandoval stated the award is “a very special decoration to the most highly distinguished people, which our national police and nation bestow”.

It is noteworthy to state that at one of his crusades in Columbia, he donated $100,000 and assorted ma­terials to the Columbian Na­tional Metropolitan Police Force in aid of the widowed, orphaned or wounded and the downtrodden particu­larly in Cali.

Not done yet, he also do­nated to the homeless in Col­orado, United Stated, as well as to people in social isola­tion in Southampton, United Kingdom, Russia (winter relief for the homeless in frigid weather), and cascad­ed South Koreans, Singapor­eans and similar people in Indonesia, Australia. These were beside the donations, clinic and relief materials he sent to Haiti after the dev­astating earthquake in the Latin American country, as well as donations sent to Si­erra Leone during the Ebola outbreak. TB Joshua equally extended humanitarian ges­tures to Mexico (community support in Chiapas), Paki­stan (schools in Lahore), and Indonesia ($10,000 donation to charity home), among others.

In the West African Sub-region, he is not lacking at all. In nearby Ghana, he donated $140,000 worth of vehicles to the Ghana Police Service, consisting of three brand new police escort vans and 20 brand new police mo­torcycles with helmets in aid of security operations.

And in Nigeria, Ikotun, once an unknown slum, has long become a tourist haven, beginning with the imposing church building and adjoin­ing construction site, includ­ing the guest houses.

Though the church is said to be a cornucopia of every­thing, there is no gainsaying that the neighbourhood have immensely benefited spiritu­ally, socially, economically and academically from the generosity of the founder. A recent visitor would mar­vel at the transformation of the once slum area through rehabilitated roads, remod­elled buildings (residential and commercial, a good number of which have been transformed into hotels, fast food outlets and sun­dry business outfits), among other facilities that now cater for the needs of visitors and worshippers, both local and foreign.

The founder’s philanthro­py is legendry and epito­mises an extensive ring of worldwide humanitarian activities which Forbes es­timated at over $20 mil­lion, spent in cash and kind, handed out to orphans, or­phanages, widows, physi­cally-challenged, destitute, elderly, homeless, private and public institutions, scholarships, rehabilitation works and community de­velopment programmes, not exclusing different kinds of empowerment programmes at home and abroad.

It is noteworthy that SCOAN, with an estimated two million tourists yearly, has pushed many Nigeria’s purpose-built luxury tour­ism centres behind and has become West Africa’s most visited destination. This is corroborated by the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), which revealed that about six of every 10 foreigners to Nigeria are SCOAN bound.

Such notable visitors in­cluded Nigeria’s former Pres­ident Goodluck Jonathan, Ghana’s former President, late John Evans Atta Mills, and Zambia’s late President, Frederick Chiluba. There were also Tanzania’s Presi­dent, John Magufuli, Mala­wi’s former President, Joyce Banda, Zimbabwean Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvanga­rai, and South Africa’s Win­nie Mandela.

As with his philanthropy, the attraction included his reported divine healings, which pulls hundreds of aid-seekers each week to his prayer lines. It is also apt to mention that My People FC, which Joshua established in 2009, produced two Golden Eaglets key footballers that featured in the 2009 FIFA U-17 World Cup: Sani Em­manuel, and Ogenyi Onazi.

Although there is no ba­sis for comparison, but it is instructive to state that TB Joshua towers in fame and philanthropy above his peers and contemporaries. Since Nigeria desperately needs foreign exchange to bail the economy out of reces­sion; this Prophet could be a ready ally for quick fixes and extensive national rev­enue mobilisation through religious tourism. Can’t we embrace this golden oppor­tunity?