Prophet T.B. Joshua

In a congregation, if you ask the latecomers to the church why they are late, they would have something to say. Some would blame their lateness on traffic hold-ups, while others would say they woke up late. One thing is clear; you are responsible for your actions. In the same way, if you ask those who on that day did not come at all why they failed to come to church, they would have something to say. Some would blame their action on poor weather conditions, I mean some would say it was about to rain in their area, while others would complain about the lack of transport fare. No one would take responsibility for his or her wrongdoing.

When we make excuses for our wrongdoing, our wrongdoing would not be excused. Man always makes excuses for his wrongdoings. When God confronted Adam for eating from the forbidden tree, Adam blamed Eve for his actions, whereas Eve on her own part blamed her actions on the snake. None of them would accept responsibility for their wrongdoings (Genesis 3:11-13). Ever since then, people have tried to avoid taking responsibility for their actions by shifting the blame to others or to circumstances beyond their control.

Today, we blame our situation on others. Man always shifts his blame to someone else or to circumstances beyond his control. Many blame their situation on family background. Some would say, “I am poor because everyone in my family is poor”. If you make an excuse for being poor, your poverty cannot be excused. Remember, you are responsible for what you give your attention to, so it is unnecessary to blame your situation on anyone. In the same way, you are responsible for your own actions. Today, it is common for people to blame their failures on their family background whereas they attribute their success to their personal effort. If you attribute your success to your personal effort, you should also accept the blame for your failure.

If you complain that you are poor because every member of your family is poor, remember, you are responsible for your poverty by your own actions or inactions, that is, by what you do or what you fail to do. For example, I found myself in a family background that irritated me in those early years of my life. I knew I would be blamed for what I gave my attention to. I knew I could change the situation, so I took a different direction in order to achieve a different solution by recognising that victory obtained through Christ was a past tense victory. I mean, it is victory assured.

Rather than despair and blame my situation on family background, I began to be proud of my situation in order to feel Christ’s victory over me. I became content with my situation, knowing that my situation was redeemable through Christ and that, that redemption was a past tense redemption. I mean, redemption assured. Then I began to take God at His Word in order to have His way. Remember, no one is too good or too bad to qualify for His grace. Remember also that it was possible for me to have sat somewhere and begin to make excuses for my situation but I never did. Whatever I am today is a product of the conviction that victory through Christ is victory indeed. The rest is history


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Prophet T.B. Joshua

If Jesus had not found out what God said about His situation, He would have considered the pain and agony HE would go through, and then do anything to change the course of events. Assuming Jesus had changed the course of events in His life – He would have missed His crown because the cup was a necessary condition for His crown.

Many today have ignorantly changed the course of events in their lives without finding out what God says about it. Why? Because they are afraid of the pain and suffering they would go through in the course of their trials.

God can use detention to preserve one for greater things in life. This brings to mind the case of Joseph in the prison. It was in the prison that he met the link which saw him to the throne. God sometimes uses disappointment to achieve His purpose in our lives. Consider the case of Peter at the seaside after the fruitless effort all night.

Imagine the disappointment that could have been written all over his face as he washed his empty net by the riverside. Little would he have known that his failure to catch fish that night was meant to preserve him for a new level in life. Were he to catch fish early enough, he would have gone home earlier, thus missing the Saviour who would change the course of his breakthrough (Luke 5:1-11).

From my personal experience for instance, many things I went through eventually turned out to be necessary conditions for the grace of God in my life today. Which area will I mention? Is it my circumstance of birth, parentage, education, lean finances? All these were sufficient to make any other person seek shortcuts in order to change the course of events.

Assuming I allowed my situation to dictate my direction, I would have been tempted to seek a shortcut and thus change the divine plan in my life. From what you see in my life today, certainly there was an unseen hand directing the affairs of my life, then and now.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, ask God in sincerity and humility of mind to make all things good for you in His own time. He is the unseen hand that brings all things to pass.


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Prophet TB Joshua

We can be happy whereas there is nothing to be happy about. This should be the principle behind every Christian’s faith. You can only say, “Thank You, Jesus” genuinely when you are happy. In other words, “Thank You, Jesus” is a response from a happy heart. Daniel was happy whereas there was nothing to be happy about. That was why he went to his upper room to say, “Thank You, Lord”. You too can be happy as a Christian, even when everything around you suggests that there is no hope.


As a Christian, you can still find occasions to rejoice in the Lord. What is your situation? Are you under the pressure of poverty, sickness, rejection, failure in marriage, failure in career, failure in business or demonic oppression? Ask God to give you the cause to be happy. Ask God to give you the cause to be happy in your marriage, career, business and everything you set your hand to, in Jesus’ name.


Looks, they say, can betray. Emmanuel cut a gaunt figure as he expertly rolled another joint of heroin, lighting it with a wry smile. Few would imagine such a minute, elusive figure could wield such immense influence in the Liberian underworld. For 18 years, Emmanuel Fahnbulleh ruled the roost, earning the infamous title of West Africa’s ‘most notorious drug-lord’. Overseeing an intricate network of drug trafficking, his illicit multi-million dollar business enslaved countless youths to the bondage of narcotic addiction. With a ruthless reputation for getting ‘the job’ done – wiping out whoever or whatever stood in the way – Emmanuel seemed the least likely candidate for change. Until grace stepped in…

It all began in 1996. A prodigious student, Emmanuel’s academic excellence drew the attention of a Nigerian man whose intentions of being in Liberia were nothing short of nefarious. Looking for a bright protégé to nurture in the ‘business’, he introduced the young man into the iniquitous world of drug-dealing. The draw of quick money, coupled with the apathetic attitude of authorities towards the mounting drug abuse in Liberia, easily lured Emmanuel in. He soon abandoned all scholarly pursuits to engage fully in drug-trafficking, rising through the ranks to become the number one distributor of illegal drugs in the entire country.

Aside from selling drugs, Emmanuel also became an addict, smoking on a daily basis. Indeed, he spared the ‘prime’ of the heroin supplied for his own intake, often taking drugs with a dangerously high level of concentration in a vain attempt to gratify his lavish lusts. The ‘high’ of the drugs however could not stop the inevitable fall that followed as each attempt to satisfy his urge for more seemed only to intensify it. Emmanuel had everything on the outside – money, prestige, women, power – yet remained empty within.

A few simple words were all it took that day. Sensing his brooding distress, a friend advised him to watch a certain television station, stating it would ‘make him feel better’. It was Emmanuel TV. Obliging, Emmanuel began to watch, although nonchalance marked his approach, spirituality being the furthest thing from his feverishly drug-induced mind. Entering his house one day, Emmanuel beheld a sight common for regular Emmanuel TV viewers. Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying, stretching forth his hand to viewers around the world. “Whatever that is not of God in your life, be cast out,” he authoritatively declared.

What transpired next defies logic itself! Uncannily rooted to the spot, Emmanuel felt an overwhelming presence pulsate through his entire body. Unable to move, let alone speak or cry out, it was as if a spiritual screening machine was x-raying the entirety of his system as the voice of T.B. Joshua’s prayer echoed on Emmanuel TV. “I suddenly felt something come out of me,” Emmanuel tearfully reminisced.

That glorious, supernatural moment signalled the last drug he ever sold or smoked! Not only did Emmanuel turn himself in at the national drug enforcement agency, he then championed the call for Liberian politicians to enforce a drug law ensuring stricter punishments for those caught in possession of such prohibited substances. His reformation made national news in Liberia as Fahnbulleh shared his confession via radio, television and newspapers – telling all who cared to listen about the life-changing power of God he encountered through Emmanuel TV! Finally making his way to The SCOAN to share his incredible testimony, the ex drug-pusher counselled viewers worldwide to agree in faith anytime Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for viewers, stating that his life was an undeniable example of the truth: DISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER!!!

If God could change this man, HE can change you too! SHARE this incredible testimony with a friend who needs encouragement…

The disturbing trend of Consistent Fake News

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Fake News Logo

What a world of propaganda and deceitful media, where things seem to be fallen apart and where half truth mixed with lies has taken over the media conglomerate? The adage “The pen is mightier than the sword” has been used to convey truth even in the face of deceitful might and tyranny. But it seems this adage is no longer the watchword of modern journalism due to the lies and deceit now spread by them. Is there still news worth believing? Where are those journalists and news media that still keep to the ethics of their profession?

Some journalists now sell their pens to the highest bidder, thereby overlooking the ethics of their profession. They are willing to poison the will of truth, spread lies across the social media for the sake of money and to those they hold allegiance to.

In recent times, many public figures have come out to speak about the alarming global rate of fake news and warned about the detrimental effects it has on the society. Consequently, this seemingly unpleasant global scenario has uncontrollably eaten deep into the fabrics of modern Journalism. The truth is that the big-shots in the media industries are those that are really involved in this sheer condemning and reprimanding act, thus disregarding the intended consequences on the entire populace.

Who are those benefiting from this fake news? What can be done by the world governing body and the officials of social media like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Google and others in regulating and minimising the spread of fake news? Those of good conscience have to take adequate measure to arrest and sanitise this ugly phenomenon before it gets out of hand; they have to save and restore the lost glory of the media and help their reputation.

The bad eggs in the media profession have allowed their personal interests to ruin the profession that supposed to be the pinnacle of truth and enlightenment. The truth is that many are now in doubt of a number of news published by the media; people are now sceptical of what comes out of these world media conglomerate.

scoan tb joshua fake news

T.B Joshua’s Ministry is the greatest Victim of Fake News

The ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua remains the greatest victim of fake news. Today, about 99% of the news out there concerning his ministry is either absolutely false or half-baked truth. There are blogs with high Google rankings, Facebook pages and other social media platforms that are specifically dedicated to spreading fabricated lies and fake news about the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua. It is now difficult for many to accept as truth any news from the media about SCOAN and Prophet T.B Joshua because the fake news has taken over the media space.

For example, the so-called information sites, Sahara Reporter knew for their general anti-people tendencies claimed among their numerous defamation and sponsored article again the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, that the Prophet bought an expensive private jet, using offensive headline and hate tone in the fake news report, this is a news site that has never for once report the charitable works of the Prophet or the millions of healings that take place in the SCOAN. Even when they were caught in their private jet lies, they never apologised. Till date, the fake news made-up by Sahara reporter is still being believed and accepted by many. What of the BBC News crew that went on an espionage mission into the SCOAN London branch with secret cameras and recording devices, then came out with their own fabricated HIV/AIDs death news about SCOAN discouraging patients from taking their medications. This news was absolutely false as there were no names or faces of the alleged deceased or any concrete proof to back up their claims. They even went as far as creating the impression that the Prophet was against medical healing. We hope they could still redeem their reputation again with an apology.

What of the fake news by Punch News which claimed three lives were lost in a stampede at the end of the year, 2016 SCOAN crusade? This falsehood went viral on social media, thus drawing the attention of the Lagos state government and the police for an investigation. We can go on and on. What about many other big-shot news outlets that derived joy in spreading thousands of slanderous and hateful reports about Prophet T.B. Joshua and his ministry especially during the SCOAN’s building collapse.

The world and its established institutions need to be sincere and take an intensive approach in addressing this issue of fake News if indeed we want to put an end to its spread because everyone knew those news media behind this fake news and it seems nobody can do anything about it. We hope that in time to come, honesty and credibility would be restored to the global media profession.


NB – A lady by the name of Patience Amaka ( sent me this piece, requesting that I publicize it, presumably given the numerous online articles I have written about SCOAN. It is well worth a read! Thanks.


A former member of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God named Grace Venn has vented anger at church authorities for ‘deceiving her’ about controversial Nigerian Pastor T.B. Joshua.

In an impassioned rant on YouTube, Grace revealed that the strong stance of prominent leaders in The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) against T.B. Joshua had affected ‘millions’ negatively.

“I have asked God to help me to forgive all these so-called Christian “mighty” ministers of God for misleading me and millions of people for decades now, accusing Prophet T.B. Joshua and SCOAN to be the devil’s handiwork,” she irately commented on one of Joshua’s numerous online videos.

“Because of the attack on Prophet T.B. Joshua by CAN, PFN and by all these great men of God and the members of their churches, millions of souls like me and members of my family who could have received our deliverance through Prophet T.B. Joshua have suffered for nothing,” she further alleged.

Venn described how she knew of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN)over 20 years ago but refused to attend the church because of the warning she received from church leaders.

“I lived just 3 bus-stops from the SCOAN in Ejigbo but I never stepped inside the church for one day, even for one minute. My family and I vowed never to step our feet there because Redeemed church members were ALWAYS being warned by our church leaders who were preaching seriously to us NEVER to go near SCOAN premises and to shun Prophet T.B. Joshua,” she exploded.

However, according to the former Redeemed member, Joshua’s crimes causing him to merit such denunciation were never revealed.
“We were never told what Prophet Joshua’s sins were and how he offended anybody to warrant such verbal attacks and curses from fellow Christians who say they know God and hear from God,” she added.

According to her, these warnings against Joshua continue to be sounded by ‘jealous’ church leaders. “Until today, the Redeemed Church and other church leaders in Nigeria and overseas are still warning their members never to go near SCOAN. May God forgive these church people who are misleading, deceiving and hindering millions from receiving their deliverance and blessings from God through Prophet Joshua!”?

It is only after Venn relocated to London, UK that she did some personal investigations and arrived at the conclusion that the warnings peddled by her church leaders against Joshua were based on falsehoods.

“What is paining me now is that now I know the value of SCOAN and Prophet T.B. Joshua, I am living in London, thousands of miles away from Nigeria… We allowed ourselves to be deceived and misled because we listened to jealous accusations from these people who say they are ‘God’s ministers’. Unknown to us, they were being used by satan to deceive millions of Christians in Nigeria,” she concluded.

The video Grace shared her experiences on detailed the confession of Pastor Gabriel Ikpenwa, a former Assistant Pastor at Redeemed, who narrated how he once preached in crusades that T.B. Joshua was the ‘Anti-Christ’ before his own personal marital problems led him to The SCOAN where he found solace and deliverance.

By Ihechukwu Njoku


“Persecution is a tonic to my anointing” says Prophet T.B. Joshua. If one should take time to go through the scores of allegation and fabricated stories that has been leveled against this humble Prophet of God, one would wonder why so much hate against this gifted soul whose ‘only wrong’ is to positively affect the lives of many and make the world a better place to live in.

When you tune to and you possibly have a glimpse of what the prophet does to the orphans, widows, widowers, the less privileged and many others.  Obviously, one will appreciate beyond every reasonable doubt that Prophet T.B Joshua is a man of ‘mission and vision’ whose only purpose is to serve and save souls. But despite his humble disposition and services towards God and humanity, he still remains the most persecuted man of God even when there are other men of God that live in luxury with fleet of cars and private jets littered all over and do not care so much for the needy, but they are celebrity pastors today. Does it imply that many in this generation are insinuating that doing good and positively affecting the lives of others is evil?

The accusers of the Prophet claim that Prophet T.B Joshua is making use of satanic powers to heal and deliver those that are in bondage. Then I will promptly ask, can a bad tree yield edible fruits? The scripture has already made us understand the purpose and mission of Satan here on earth and it is, to kill, steal and destroy. But, how come the devil whose mission is to cause havoc and destruction is now using someone with such a unique grace to heal, deliver and ridicule himself and his kingdom before the eyes of the whole world. Christ was accused by the Pharisees of using the power of Satan to cast out demons from the demon possessed but He replied His accusers as stated in Mathew 12:25:

“And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand”.

Can a kingdom be divided against itself? To me, I don’t think Satan is that foolish to stand against his own efforts to kill, steal and destroy. The ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua has remained very significant, renowned and indeed proves that God is with us and there is power in the name Jesus. Many have being healed, the occult accept Christ as their lord and savior, those in bondage get freedom, broken marriages reconciled and many more too numerous to mention. Instead of fighting and condemning this great and humble prophet that has elevated the kingdom of God above that of Satan in our present generation, why not pray for him?

Remember as Christians, Satan our adversaries lose no time in plotting against the Church of God, we too as believers should lose no time in committing our ways and ourselves completely to God through prayer in other not to be misled by his deceptive tendencies against the Church Of God.

In spite of all the persecution he has gone through, what makes me so delighted is that Prophet TB Joshua’s anointing is increasing exponentially like a huge fire that cannot be quenched; but it’s a pity that many are still misled by those critics and accusers of God’s Prophet who are already helping God to play His judgment role.

In a nutshell, I wish the Prophet and wise Men more years of unstoppable victory over the shades of darkness and winning of more souls into the kingdom of light by the blood of Jesus Christ and the fire of the Holy Ghost… Amen.

Prophet T.B Joshua is a true Man of God!

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Christianity we all admit is much corrupted today. Emphasis has switched from believing in Christ to believing in Pastors and Prophets. The words of Pastors and Prophets carry more weight than even Christ. The latest vogue is some Christians referring to mortal Pastors and Prophets as their spiritual fathers which is a clear violation of what Jesus said at Mathew 23: 9 (And don’t address anyone here on earth as ‘Father,’ for only God in heaven is your spiritual Father.) The issue of mistrust of Religious leaders today has eaten so deep that it has become an anathema to mount any defense of the few good ones among them. Any article in defense of some Prophets and Pastors is heavily ridiculed. This is the third religious article I am writing and I am sure reactions to it will not be entirely different from the earlier two I wrote concerning this same Senior Prophet of the Synagogue Church of All Nations.
For starters, I am NOT a member of the SCOAN. I have never met Prophet T.B Joshua before. I have visited their Church in Accra just once to collect the Holy Anointed Water he sent me. There has never been any direct communication between Prophet T.B Joshua and myself. I even doubt if he has the time to pay attention to my articles. I write these articles in clear conviction and belief that Prophet T.B Joshua is a true Man of God. I have researched on all the qualities of a true prophet of God and am happy the Man of God meets them all. The question is: Who is a true prophet of God? Let us look at some qualities and we will decide whether Prophet T.B Joshua meets those qualities or not.
The qualities of an overseer, Pastor or every religious leader is set forth at 1st Timothy 3:2 which states (A minister then must be a man of irreproachable character, true to his one wife, temperate, sober-minded, well-behaved, hospitable to strangers, and with a gift for teaching;) Now let us consider these verses one after the other.
Irreproachable Character: An irreproachable Character is defined as being blameless, perfect or above reproach. This mostly describes the conduct of a Minister who should have a fine testimony from even unbelievers. It is an undeniably fact that Prophet T.B. Joshua meets this quality and even exceeds it. Many people may not agree because of the baseless criticism that is hurled his way. But it is a fact that those who criticize him mostly do so out of a disagreement with the way he goes about his Ministry, out of jealousy or simply plain ignorance!
In Ghana, most of his critics are members of the opposition N.P.P who were uncomfortably with his close association with former president Mills. Their criticism of him is more political than anything that has to do with his conduct. Prophet T.B Joshua has never been involved in any conduct that has shamed the body of Christ or embarrassed his Church. He is truly irreproachable!
True to his wife: Some bible translations render it as ‘A Husband of one wife’. We all know that Prophet T.B Joshua has never been involved in any adulterous scandal since he began his ministry. In Ghana, some disgraceful Pastors have been involved in adulterous relationships that has disgraced and embarrassed Christianity. We all read how the second in command of the Methodist Church raped a colleague Pastor’s daughter and ran off to the U.S. We also read how a Kumasi based Pastor had an adulterous relationship with a married woman in his church and similar stories that are deeply reprehensible. Prophet T.B Joshua has been true to his wife and has never been caught in any adulterous relationship. That is a true man of God!
Temperate, Sober minded, well behaved: This represents restraint even when angry or attacked. It is undeniable that no Pastor or Church leader has been attacked more than Prophet T.B Joshua. What is remarkable is his reticence to reply to these unprovoked attacks in similar measure. Even when he has to respond to these attacks, it has always been in the context of what the bible says. He has never been known to attack other Pastors, condemn other churches or involved in fiery speeches. He has always exercised self-control in his conduct. The behavior of him has always been well admired. Not given to fits of anger or rowdy conduct. He has gained the respect of political leaders and even non-believers because of his peaceable nature. He therefore qualifies as a Minister of God!
Hospitable to strangers: This is one of his strongest qualities as a Minister of God. Being generous or good to strangers forms the cornerstone of Yahweh’s worship. At James 1: 27, a true religion is defined as (Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.). To look after Orphans and Widows in their distress is the purest form of religion. In Ghana, majority of Pastors dwell on tithe giving and actually threaten their church members who don’t pay. Christian leaders mostly interpreted the act of giving to mean church members giving bountifully to the pastors but not vice versa. So we have Church Pastors and Prophets fleecing the flock in the name of giving but will never lift a finger to help the poor in their midst. Has Prophet T.B Joshua fulfilled this cardinal requirement of being a Minister of God? Bountifully!!!
1. The SCOAN is the only church in the world that has a bus solely dedicated to transporting the aged from their homes to the church and back without any charge.
2. The SCOAN is involved in massive charitable donations in all part of the world. They have been notably present in disaster struck areas like Haiti, New Orleans, Somalia and other places.
The SCOAN is the only church that rehabilitates social deviants like armed robbers, prostitutes, fraudsters and other socially unapproved people. They not only rehabilitate them spiritually, but they do so MATERIALLY!
I have watched bags of rice and money given to these formally social misfits to begin life anew to the glory of God. One touching story I watched was when a woman and her kids from Mongolia treated badly by her Nigerian husband was assisted with funds to relocate back to Mongolia. Can somebody tell me how many Pastors and church leaders will spend their own money to help a distress woman go back to her country? The charitable works of T.B Joshua is not limited to members of Christianity alone. Destitute Muslim communities have all benefitted from the largesse of this man who is renowned for his charitable works in all over the world.
He meet’s this quality abundantly!
Gift of Teaching: The sermons of Prophet T.B Joshua are a delight to watch. He does not teach ostentatiously nor adopts fiery speeches to drive his points. He does not resort to unnecessary shouting or use of flowery or high sounding vocabulary to impress his worshippers. He adopts simple English and chooses his words carefully to the understanding of even the illiterates in his church. That is a hallmark of a good teacher!
I have enumerated the qualities of a Minister as set forth in the bible. From my analysis, it is undoubtedly clear that Prophet T.B Joshua meets and exceeds this even in some areas. He is a man of God and nothing can change that. Most Ghanaian Pastors who criticize him have no credibility or locus as Christians. They are mired in every misdeed that shames Christianity. Most also do it out of jealousy and envy. The man T.B Joshua commands respect everywhere he goes. People who criticize him in public are known to seek his help in private!
With a clean conscience, I declare that Prophet T.B Joshua is a True Man of God and I have ability in his standing as a man sent forth to propagate the word of God. I pray for God’s strength in his life and urge him to continue the good deeds he is doing. Some of us objective minded people will be here to trumpet his divine Christian achievements to the world.

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