Uproar Over TB Joshua’s Prayer Mountain Visit

prayer mountian, tb joshua, scoanI was mildly surprised recently to read a barrage of vitriolic tweets aimed towards none other than the amiable Pastor of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), TB Joshua. I use the term ‘mildly’ because I know he’s a controversial character whose actions usually tend to provoke strong reactions from both scales of the religious spectrum. However, the subject for this particular session of ‘online dragging’ by sharp-tongued critics was difficult to muster. Pictures and video had surfaced of the prominent cleric during a four-day prayer session at an “undisclosed prayer mountain”, in which he offered supplications regarding the world crisis, leaders, doctors, pastors and the coronavirus pandemic.

What baffles me is how the vicious scrutiny these ‘records’ received were so utterly disproportionate to their contents and the constructive message they conveyed. The main grouse of the ‘keyboard warriors’ was the fact that a cameraman followed the cleric for his prayers and such records were subsequently presented to the public. But such argument is an almost audacious display of ignorance. It’s pertinent to point out that TB Joshua is the founder of a massive media organisation called Emmanuel TV, which commands considerable worldwide viewership.

As an Emmanuel TV viewer myself, I can attest that one of Joshua’s regular programs is a session called ‘prayer for viewers’ in which he offers a variety of prayers for his listeners, the efficacy of which is seen in the multitudinous testimonies that follow. Why then should the fact that the cleric prayed publicly for his viewers – as is his customary practice – elicit such a strange backlash? It is entirely reasonable for a ‘man of people’ of TB Joshua’s stature to inform his viewers regarding his movements and offer reassuring prayers at such a time of uncertainty and fear.

Let me equally point out that ‘the man in the Synagogue’ has an almost giddy reputation for maintaining impeccable records of his life and ministry. The documentary of his life is itself an eye-opener. When the young cleric in several open-air huts surrounded by mostly children declared the beginning of his church in 1989 – a time when his name registered zero recognition – a camera was there to record The SCOAN’s birth. What prompted such a gallant conviction if not a vision of Divine origins?

The records faithfully written in the Bible serve as the basis and inspiration for the faith of millions of believers. The technological advancements of the 21st century have simply enabled an ‘upgrade’ in the manner in which records are kept – a secret TB Joshua has clearly unlocked and championed. Pushing religious inclinations aside, all lovers of technology would agree that the quality of Emmanuel TV’s broadcasting trumps every other local channel in Nigeria. Joshua has tapped into the extraordinary potential of media and social media to reach people with his message and mission. Instead of asking why the cleric would engage in such a broadcast, the question should rather be why wouldn’t he record the prayer for his 1.7million YouTube subscribers and four million Facebook followers?

Another set of moaners on this trending topic arbitrarily quoted the Scripture in Matthew 6 that calls on believers to pray in a secret place rather than the Pharisees who prayed “to be seen by others”. This argument also falls flat under minimal scrutiny. TB Joshua was at ‘the mountain for four days – at least 96 hours – and Emmanuel TV viewers will know he has visited such hallowed grounds for pilgrimage on numerous occasions without any attendant ‘noise’. So, why would anyone use a 15-minute clip to draw sweeping conclusions on the actions and motives of a man who sacrificed fleshly comforts in the wilderness for the purpose of prayer at a time of global crisis? Surely all citizens, regardless of their religious affiliations, desire the end to this pandemic and its associated repercussions and thus agree with the premise of his prayers?

Finally, I dare any diligent believer to watch TB Joshua’s sermons and deny that the man is not thoroughly grounded in God’s Word with remarkable spiritual maturity! The substance of TB Joshua’s teachings clearly flows from a heart deeply engaged with God. Simply put, TB Joshua is a man of prayer; what we saw in the viral photographs was the public overflow of private commitment – recorded and shown for the glory of God and shame of the devil.

Tawia Acheampong, Accra, Ghana

TB Joshua on Four-Days Visit to “PRAYER MOUNTAIN” Over COVID-19

Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua has spent four days at an undisclosed “prayer mountain” to “present the nations” to God in prayer.

The cleric was notably absent from the usual Sunday broadcast from Emmanuel TV’s studios on Sunday 26th April 2020 but clips of him ‘crying unto God’ amidst a large expanse of rocks and trees were shown.

“In the name of Jesus, we present the nations, the world at large to You, Lord. Forgive them their iniquities. Forgive them their wrongs. Forgive them their sins,” Joshua prays with his face pressed against the rocks in supplication.

“Jesus, by the authority of the Scripture, help the world at large! Cure them of fear, Lord Jesus,” he continued.

The cleric then made a bold statement of prayer concerning the end of coronavirus, the deadly pandemic that has practically brought the world to a standstill.

“COVID-19, this is your end! Lord Jesus, You have done it before; do it again,” he declared, further praying for “sin’s power” and “every influence of COVID-19 all over the world” to “be broken”.

Joshua went further to pray for world leaders. “Give our leaders wisdom and understanding to guide their nations,” he appealed, insisting they needed Divine help in this “critical time”.

The prominent cleric then turned his attention towards fellow “ministers of the Gospel”, decrying the division that has infiltrated the “house of God” and asking God to bring “fresh anointing” for unity.

“Without anointing, no one can do Your work. Without anointing, our challenges will overwhelm us,” he bluntly stated, asking God to “refill” and “remould” ministers of God.

Joshua, who is well-known for the ‘miracles’ he regularly broadcasts on Emmanuel TV, also prayed for healing for those “on the sickbed”.

“Whatever sickness in your body, fluids, organs, whatever name they call it – COVID-19, whatever affliction – receive your healing, in the name of Jesus,” he declared.

Joshua then prayed for healthcare workers who have been in the heart of the battle against coronavirus, asking God to “use them to restore the health of sick ones”.

“Let them sense the presence of God… Lord Jesus, guide the surgeons’ hands,” he prayed.

The cleric, who was barefoot throughout the clip and simply clad in a long garment, showed where he slept outdoors for the duration of his stay at the ‘prayer mountain’.

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist


Tb Joshua Ministries,The SCOAN

If God’s children cannot commit their bodies to God when they are sick, who would believe that they have faith? Who would believe them as Christians? If God’s children cannot trust in God for problems arising in their families, can their faith be found? If God’s children cannot trust in God for their material riches, what use is their faith to them? Faith needs to be put into practice but where should it be put into practice? Surely, it should be put into practice in difficult and perilous circumstances. However, when we are not under any circumstance or situation, even during ordinary times, we should put faith into practice.

If we have faith in God, we should not just believe in Him when we encounter extraordinary events and face impossible tasks or absolute perils. Not only should we know God as our sovereign, supreme Lord but we should know Him like children know their fathers. We are constantly under His care and protection. The powers of the Heavens are behind us and backing us up so that in all things we can overcome through the Divine power.

We speak about faith and say man ought to have faith in God but how should one have faith? We have faith in God through the daily things around us. What is faith? Faith is a heart that believes in God through ordinary circumstances. If we examine our daily lives, we will find out how much faith we have. Empty profession of faith will not help us at all. Faith is manifested in the small things in our daily lives. The Bible is full of promises of all things in our daily life on every matter. As long as we have faith, God will work for us.


TB Joshua Ministries, SCOAN, Nigeria Prophet, Facebook Message, Faith Healing, Coronavirus, QUESTION – TB Joshua, can a real Christian contact COVID-19? I am asking this because I have read on the internet that true Christians cannot contact it. I know many are worried about this because there are many people they know as Christians and pastors who have contacted the sickness—and some have even died. I am worried about this, whether they are Christians or not.

ANSWER – Capital YES! Christians, do not make the mistake of thinking that you are ‘out of touch’. God often uses ‘anything’ to preserve us and to strengthen our desire and determination for God. Whatever your situation as a believer, it is all for your obedience to God (Hebrews 5:8).

A Christian can contact COVID-19; it is just like any other affliction. A Christian can be sick in body and yet be a friend of God or a candidate of Heaven. Don’t let your situation mislead you and cause you to start doubting your Guard. That should be the reason to look deeper, pray the more and dream of other ways you might have ignored.

Do not measure your Christian life by your situation. The rich should not concentrate on their pain or riches and the poor should not concentrate on their pain or poverty because a man may be afflicted or poor and yet be a candidate of Heaven. As a Christian, what you see as COVID-19 or affliction—God may sometimes allow it as a trial.

Oftentimes, we run from the very things that will bring strength to our lives, such as trials, affliction of any kind, all of which are meant for our spiritual benefit. They are to test your maturity. A true Christian is tested by his ability to face situations and deal with difficulties.

Take note: As a Christian, if you contact COVID-19, don’t begin to misjudge yourself by worrying, ‘Am I really a Christian? Why me of all this? Why me of all that?’ As a Christian, you are not out of touch. Don’t worry about whatever people say. If truly you are a Christian, God wants you to pray the more and know what He wants you to know because what we see as a disadvantage in our lives can be turned into an advantage. God is still saying something!

Medical Science Need Faith to be More Effective

Faith Healing TB Joshua Scoan

Faith and Medicine

In the cause of trying to take God away from the scene and elevate the created (science) above the creator, the secular world has made us believe that anything that can’t be handled or proven scientifically cannot be true. Thus, erroneously made science the supreme knowledge of the truth. Whereas, science is just a fragment of true knowledge and facts.

According to the Oxford online dictionary, Science is defined as “The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.”

What is important to note in this definition is that Scientific facts or knowledge are based on observation and experiment from the physical and natural world.

How then can one place that which is of only the physical world as the supreme knowledge? They fail to realize that even mankind is first a Spirit being before is physical appearance. Remember that our physical body is like a house where the original spirit man dwells in.

Since the medical scientist is only concern about our physical and natural body, what about the spirit man. Who will treat the spirit man when it is infected or afflicted? This is where the supremacy of Faith above science comes in. Remember that it is the spirit that controls the physical and the natural world.

Now, what is Faith?

Faith is based on spiritual conviction or heavenly precepts. Faith is spiritual, but the effect can be seen or evidence in the physical. In Its role in knowledge, Faith encompasses knowledge from the immaterial (invisible) into the Material (physical) world.

It is correct to say that scientific discovering is as a result of Faith.

This may be hard to digest because the kingdom of this world has blinded our eyes to the reality of God’s power.

That is why it was not surprising when the Anointed Water that was sent by Prophet T.B. Joshua as requested by the government to bring about divine healing and stop the spread of Ebola virus that ravaged the nation of Sierra Leone in 2014 was confiscated by some persons who were ignorant  of the reality of God’s healing power.

Mrs Fatmata Kargbo, the then Permanent secretary in the ministry of foreign Affairs in Sierra Leone, revealed in her testimony on Emmanuel TV that the south-east region of the country where the Anointed water was permitted to be ministered was cleared of the diseases within one month. She remarked, had it been the Anointed water was permitted to be ministered in the whole region; the disease would have been eradicated long ago.

Our God is a jealous God, whatever you try to elevate above Him suffers. Science will only continue to break through more barriers in discovering when it is kept in its rightful place, that is under God. Once you place it above God, it will in time lost its relevance. Every scientific field needs God to fulfil its full potentials in our world.

The ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua is a testament to the proof that science is not the ultimate as it is being exaggerated by the secular world. Scientist and specialist that are sincere know that science is not the ultimate of all truth, facts and knowledge. knowledge goes beyond our natural and physical world.

What fact those a scientist has about a homosexual that was made straight after a tough from God. What about a sickness that will take a doctor eight hours to do in the operating room, will take God’s Prophet to do within seconds and the healing will be so perfect when compared with one that went through an operation room.

I am not trying to diminish science, but we need to place it where it belongs. This is the only way it can be more useful to our world. Faith and science need to work together. Even if both need to be ranked, Faith has to come first. Because Faith represents God and God is more superior to everything.

Let’s accept this truth, for it to be well with us.

15 years Mental Disorder Healed by Prophet T.B. Joshua

Solomon Ozioma Ohakwe tb joshuaOn the 30th October, 2016 at the SCOAN Sunday live service, the overflowing atmosphere was overwhelmed with Joy and praises to God almighty after a formal mentally insane patience, Solomon Ozioma Ohakwe. Who was popularly known in Imo State for having a mental disorder for 15 years, came to the SCOAN with members of his family to give thanks to God on how God used the medium of the SCOAN “Good Morning Water” to heal him from mental insanity.

A number of eye-witnesses and residents of Imo State where also present to confirm the scenario at the time of Solomon’s deliverance.

Below is how the story of the man’s healing was posted in the official T.B. Joshua Ministries Facebook page:


Solomon Ozioma Ohakwe tb joshuaMr. Prince with wife Beatrice and a host of Families visited The SCOAN to testify to the goodness of God in the life of Solomon Ozioma Ohakwe, who was popularly known in Imo State for having a mental disorder for 15 years.

Mr. Prince and his wife, Beatrice, and their family visited The SCOAN, where they were prayed for by Prophet T.B. Joshua. They also received the Morning Water and other evangelical items. One day, Beatrice visited an open place, where she queued to buy some food. A naked man who had a severe mental disorder walked by and pointed in the general direction of Beatrice. Knowing who the naked man was, the by-standers burst out laughing. Gripped by fear as the mentally ill man drew closer, Beatrice took a fight-back stance and reached for her only weapon: the Morning Water. She quickly ministered the Morning Water to Solomon in Jesus’ name. To the utmost surprise of Beatrice and the by-standers, the “mad man” said Amen! It dawned on Beatrice that reaching for the Morning Water in self-defence had resulted in the deliverance of Solomon Ozioma Ohakwe. “Ah, I am naked,” Solomon said, in astonishment. The news of Solomon’s return to sanity quickly spread throughout Imo State like wild fire. Within a matter of minutes, the witnesses began echoing in the neighbourhood that Prophet T.B. Joshua had sent a woman of God to deliver the whole of Imo State.

Solomon Ozioma OhakweA number of eye-witnesses and residents of Imo State came forward to confirm the scenario at the time of Solomon’s deliverance.

Giving a synopsis to the Solomon Ozioma Ohakwe story, his father, Mr. Theophilus Ohakwe and mother, Juliana Ohakwe, told The SCOAN and viewers all over the world that it was in 2002, when their son, a then SS3 student, requested for money in order to register for the university entrance examination (JAMB). After the father gave his Solomon Ozioma Ohakwe tb joshuason the JAMB registration fee, his mentally sound son was reduced to insanity beyond everyone’s belief. Desperate to get him out of such bondage, Mr. Theophilus Ohakwe ran from corner to corner in search of a solution. He visited the psychiatric hospital and other places that pages would be required simply to list a few. Alas! Solution never came from all those attempts until the day that Mr. Theophilus Ohakwe heard shouts of jubilation approaching from a distance. He spotted his son, appearing from the distance and looking like a bank staff. Overwhelmed by joy, Solomon Ozioma Ohakwe said he is happy to be set free. The Man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua blessed Solomon with 500,000 Naira, as financial assistance to help him to renew his life and move forward.

Mr. Prince told viewers all over the world that the Morning Water is a weapon of mass rehabilitation and construction. On her part, Beatrice offered a “Thank God of Prophet T.B. Joshua” for using her to do God’s work.

“TB Joshua Watch”- Workers Of Iniquity

TB Joshua Church Lagos | watchedtbjoshua.wordpress.com

The TbjoshuaWatch sect is no doubt the 21st century Pharisees that has set themselves against the life and ministry of T.B Joshua, they continues to turn the bible up side down, formulating fabricated stories and deceptively advocating the devil’s doctrines just to cunningly manipulate the senses of the ignorant to achieve their passion, The Fall Of T.B Joshua and Scoan, which is no doubt their ultimate goal, but unfortunately for them, it will not come to fulfillment because it was not written that God gave Scoan to TbjoshuaWatch Sect, all what they are doing is to help Publicized, Check and win sympathy for the God giving ministry to humanity and their is no doubt that’s all what they have succeeded in achieving since they started their anti-Scoan campaign, all their evil intentions against T.B Joshua and Scoan has always fail, even with their negative reports and fabricated stories of sexual abuse, rape, anti-medication, false prophesy etc., the ministry of T.B Joshua has continue to grow from high to highest. Scoan is known all over the world for the great work God is doing through the life of T.B Joshua and the wise men in Changing life, changing nations and changing the world. The TbjoshuaWatch sect and all other anti-Scoan campaigners are what the future generation will use to know how T.B Joshua and Scoan where persecuted in this present generation of “Joshua’s reign”.

The Fallacy Of Zero Hiv Healing in Scoan By The TbjoshuaWatch Sect

According to the TbjoshuaWatch sect, Their is ” Zero credible evidence that a single person has ever been healed of HIV in Scoan”.

This claim by the TbjoshuaWatch sect remains one of their most myopic views about T.B Joshua and Scoan and it is unfortunate they now use it as their point of reference. But you know what, Their evil intentions will continue to expose them to the true sons and daughters of God that they truly are of the devil. They can deceived those that are under the same bondage of “demonic dogma” like them not the Children of light that has being predestined from above.

Now Let’s Reason Logically

The knowledge for truth remains the center point of the 21st century modern man. But the TbjoshuaWatch sect are found of advocating dogmatism in the place of sound intellectual reasoning.

Scoan we all know is an international ministry know worldwide for is massive faith healing of all kinds of diseases, Hiv/Aids is not the only sickness that has being confirmed healed in Scoan with Medical Reports from registered specialist and hospitals around the world. All those healed in Scoan are show live on emmanuel.tv and some are in the ministry official website and youtube page all displayed for the whole world to see including health/medical law enforcement agencies around the world. Now if all those healing in Scoan are not real, what stop all these law enforcement agencies around the world to either sue or call for the arrest of T.B Joshua, remember that we are taking of life and health here and T.B Joshua is doing all this healing publicly not secretly Yet, their has not being any legal actions recorded against Him by this world bodies for public deceit of fake healing of Hiv/Aids and other disease.

Now, If those massive healing that includes Hiv/Aids were not genuine and all those display on emmanuel.tv including those in the ministry official website and youtube page were all deceptively formulated to mislead the general public don’t you think that World Health Organization (WHO) and other law enforcement agencies would have either sue Scoan or call for the arrest of T.B Joshua. Don’t forget that Scoan is know worldwide for massive faith healing, it is an international ministry where thousands of visitors around the world come to seek the face of God including those with Hiv/Aids and other deadly disease. The truth remains that If all those massive faith healing in Scoan where all fake as the TbjoshuaWatch sect claim about Hiv healing, it is logical to believe that by now T.B Joshua would have being in jail but instead, that is not the situation on ground. Emmanuel.tv team sent by T.B Joshua still go around from nation to nations for the registration of those that want to visit Scoan for healing and deliverance and some government media in most of this nations even publicizes their coming to the general public.

This simple analysis alone show that the world knows that God’s healing in Scoan is real, but they are not just bold enough to face the reality, this is just the simple truth from a logical perspective.

Now let’s Reason as Children of Light, the Chosen ones of God

We all know that faith healing is a controversy issue in this modern world the devil with is cunning ways has turns man senses from the reality of God’s healing power. Try and read: TB Joshua- Hiv/Aids healings And The World Approval for more understanding.

Now, When you go through the article where the TbjoshuaWatch sect claim their is Zero credible evidence that a single person has ever been healed of HIV in Scoan, you will find out that it is those Hiv healing recognized by those worldly institutions that they use as a standard to measure true healing, this alone have much to tell that the TbjoshuaWatch sect are working for the world and not for the church.

A true child of God does not use the ways of the world as a standard to measure the reality of God’s healing power, but that is what the TbjoshuaWatch sect are doing they use the world as a standard instead of the word of God (Bible), their is no places in the bible where christ or the Apostles told the church that, it is those faith healing recognize by CNN, Economist, Discoveries, BBC etc that are real healing while those once not recognized by them are all fake, But this is what the TbjoshuaWatch sect are telling the church and they want the children of light to accept it. Don’t forget that Scoan is not the only ministry that has massive record of Hiv/Aids healing, but the TbjoshuaWatch sect are telling us that all the faith healing recorded in Scoan and other churches around the world are all fake, only the one recognized by CNN, Economist, Discoveries and BBC that are real and don’t forget that this world are against us as the chosen children of light. HERE is their article of the only Hiv healing recognized. they where using the world as a standard as if the world are supporters of faith healing, if truly they are in support of faith healing what stop CNN, Economist, Discoveries and BBC to come and acknowledge the great work God is doing in Scoan and other churches around the world instead, News institutions like BBC are busy writing cunning articles to ridicule the supremacy of God’s healing power HERE but, when T.B Joshua sent His anionting water to london BBC News did not write any article to promote the great work God did through the anionting water Overflowing Crowds At Scoan UK and you say they are supporters of faith healing, this alone has much to tell that the world are against the church of God. Children of light!!, let us be wise like a serpent we should not allow ourselves to be deceived by those demonic element, we need to open our eyes and face the reality that are before us.

TbjoshuaWatch sect the workers of iniquity

With this, it is clear that the TbjoshuaWatch sect are working for the rulers of this world against the true Church of God, the negative reports the world spread about the Church is what they are busy advocating to cunningly destroy and ridicule the healing power of God.

This are the same set of people that are telling the 21st century Christian faith to adopt Slander as a doctrine because according to them it is a form of Christian love… Tb Joshua Watch- Deceptive Doctrines Expose . The Church need to be as wise as a serpent remember that christ warn us to beware of the devils tricks, God is not an author of confusion, light has nothing to do with darkness. They claim T.B Joshua is of the devil, and yet He is promoting God’s supremacy over the kingdom of Satan. Can a kingdom be divided against himself?, No. But the darkness which the TbjoshuaWatch sect belong is the product of what you see in their website, what you see their does not glorify God or promote His supremacy, in short, what you see in their is to mock and ridicule the body of christ to unbelievers and such can never be light they are darkness. Their fruit’s will continue to exposed them to the true sons and daughters of God.

Don’t forget love is the greatest, this fight is not against flesh and blood but evil spirits TbjoshuaWatch sect and other anti-Scoan campaigners are not our enemies we are just exposing their tricks and deceptiveness against the true Church of God. Very importantly, we should always remember the TbjoshuaWatch sect our prayers.

Peaces of God unto you (Shalom)!.

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