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Prophet T.B. Joshua

“Let me tell you a short story about my life. When I was younger, I was busy licking my thumb. My parents did everything to stop me from sucking my thumb, without success, because the sucking of my thumb had already become my second nature. This kept me to myself. My thumb was my only friend, no one else was. For this, I was isolated by my mates. It was this isolation that preserved me for what I am today. This means, isolation can also preserve one.

“Apostle Paul said, ‘I am content with weakness for Christ’s sake.’ Why should anyone be content with weakness for Christ’s sake? This is because His strength is made manifest in our weakness. A good example of this is David’s encounter with Goliath. The weakness of David made manifest the strength of God. The weakness of David was what demonstrated the strength of God. If David had matched up strength to strength, weapon to weapon, stature to stature with Goliath, the glory of God would not be made manifest in his defeat of Goliath. In our weakness, the strength of God is made manifest. When we are weak, it is then that the strength of the hand that is protecting us would be made manifest in our victory.”

– T.B. Joshua


Tb Joshua Ecuador Relief Materials

Cargo Plane Loading Relief Materials

Relief MaterialsOn April 16th 2016, the nation, Ecuador was hit by a colossal earthquake of magnitude 7.8. The severity of the disaster reverberated throughout the entire country, leaving at least 500 dead and 27,500 injured. Moved by the plight of Ecuadorians, T.B. Joshua – Founder of Emmanuel TV – sent a relief team to Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador and dispatched a Boeing 727 Cargo Plane, which contained 20 tons of relief hygiene materials, perishable, and non-perishable food stuff.

Upon arrival, the relief and aid supplies were received by representatives of the Minister of Defense on behalf of the people of Ecuador. The Armed Forces of Ecuador loaded the aid into army trucks and transported to the Emmanuel TV Operations Center, situated close to Esmeraldas City. The supplies were offloaded, repackaged, and distributed to various shelter camps in the Esmeraldas Province.

Tb Joshua Ecuador Relief Materials

Reporting Cargo Plane Loading Relief Materials

Beneficiaries Ecuador Relief MaterialsThe Emmanuel TV Team also extended its relief efforts to a remote village, Chachi de San Salvador, which had also been gravely affected by the quake in the areas of access to clean water and the destruction of its local school. In response to this particular community’s needs, the Team supplied the community with equipment that converts river and unclean water into potable water. The Team is also undergoing a school construction project – at a cost of US$262,000 – to rebuild the entire school complex that was destroyed. The reconstructed school will provide learning facilities for 350 students.

Ecuador Relief MaterialsThe people of Ecuador, as well as its Government, continue to express their gratitude for the Emmanuel TV Ecuador Relief efforts. A grateful beneficiary, from the Chachi community, said: “This is the first aid we have received from another country”. The relief efforts have aided over 5,000 Ecuadorians, totaling over half a million US Dollars.

About Emmanuel TV

Emmanuel TV Team

Emmanuel TV Team in Ecuador

Emmanuel TV is an international TV Station and NGO, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. It was founded by T.B. Joshua, a philanthropist, who has been responding to individual and societal needs across the world. Emmanuel TV has been providing food aid to poor communities in Colorado, USA; promoting women’s rights by providing funds to widows to start small businesses; building a school in Lahore, Pakistan and granting international scholarships – these are among a fraction of its practices. Such humanitarian endeavors are its strides to achieving the international community’s Sustainable Development Goals.

To find out more, click here

SOURCE: Emmanuel TV

Watch Video T.B Joshua Releases On Full Boko Haram Deliverance

On the 9th of March 2014, a Boko Haram member, one out of a gang of five, confessed to the congregation at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), and the world live via, of how their plan to bomb the Church (SCOAN) failed.

Prophet T.B. Joshua praying for Mustapha

Prophet T.B. Joshua praying for Mustapha

SCOAN has since released the video of the full deliverance session. The video, which was released yesterday morning (Mar 15, 2014) via Emmanuel TV’s account on YouTube gives a detailed confession of the ‘Boko Haram member, Mustapha as well as showing prophet TB Joshua praying for him, casting and driving out the evil spirit.

The video which was posted just yesterday has gone viral

Watch video below

TB Joshua Prophecy-Malaysian plane in between Indonesia Sea and India Ocean!


In today’s prophetic service, 15th march,2014. Prophet T.B. Joshua once again talked about the missing Malaysian plane. Prophet T.B Joshua said that the missing plane is in between the sea of Indonesia and India Ocean. He then asked those searching for the plane to go deep inside the ocean and that the plane is still beneath the ocean because it is being held by an object.

Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport just after midnight on Saturday and it has since disappeared which has left investigators, aviation experts and other authorities in several countries at a loss to explain what happened. There were 239 people on-board; the airline authorities said it did not receive any distress messages or emergency signals from the pilot before it “disappeared off the radar.”

The man of God had earlier indicated that ‘the plane concerned is deep inside the sea’ and he also confirmed that there where strange people inside the plane and the pilot confronted a situation he could not handle as a result, the plane was diverted and communication was lost. Since, there was not enough fuel the plane crashed into the sea.

He however sent a word of consolation to the families of the passengers and added that “the whole thing has come to an end; they will discover the plane; particles, and everything will end any moment from now. This coming week, we are not going to talk about it again and the families will know their fate”.


The congregation at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) were stunned today when a member of the dreaded Boko Haram sect confessed before Pastor T.B. Joshua, revealing how their plan to bomb the popular church in Lagos was thwarted.

A Boko Haram member making confession

A Boko Haram member making confession

In a broadcast beamed live via the Christian station, Emmanuel TV, late into the afternoon, Joshua announced to the congregation that a young man had a confession to make.

“My name is Mustapha. I come from Yola, Adamawa State. I am a member of Boko Haram,” he began, sending the congregation into uproar. “Boko Haram is a cult. We have killed many souls,” he confessed.

Mustapha explained further: “When I joined this cult, they wrote something with Arabic Language. After writing it, they washed it and I drunk it. That is the day I had the mind to kill souls.”

While explaining their plan to bomb the church and how it failed, the secret sect member explained said: “We were five in number. We dropped at the junction opposite the church. There was a man who used to sell something opposite the church here. He is selling sweets, soap and cigarettes. I met the man and asked him to help me keep the bag I was carrying. It contained some instruments – bombs, to destroy people.
“Later, we decided to sit down and eat before going on our mission here. Our plan was to take souls, to destroy at this Synagogue Church.”

“We can set the bomb to explode in one minute or ten minutes. We planned to set it for five minutes and immediately leave the place. All the souls will go.”

However, whilst sitting down to eat with his colleagues at a restaurant opposite the popular church in Ikotun-Egbe, Mustapha recounted a strange incident. “They brought food for us and we were eating. At that place, they had television. We were watching the television and discussing. It was Emmanuel TV – I saw you (T.B. Joshua) preaching to people.

“By the time you prayed and laid hands on the screen, it was like you were there with us and you joined our midst. As you laid your hands on the screen, you laid your hands on our face. That was when confusion came between us; everybody scattered.

“Since that day, I wanted to go home but I am not fit. Any time I lie down, I will be seeing you (T.B. Joshua) in my dream. You are disturbing me. I don’t know what I did to you. The thing is bothering me too much.”

Asked to explain further, Mustapha sadi: “In my dream yesterday, you told me that the group of Boko Haram would not exist again. I want to go but I don’t have the spirit to do it again. I don’t sleep in the night; I always see you. You are disturbing me. You keep praying for me and laying hands on me. I want to sleep well. I cannot close my eyes without seeing you (T.B. Joshua). Please, help me.”

Several hours after the sect member gave his initial confession, Pastor Joshua brought the young man forward again, stating that God had warned him of the impending attack several weeks ago, prompting him to go into intense prayers.

“I have been in a serious battle for the past two weeks. Those who looked at my knees yesterday will know that this is what I wore last week,” Joshua stated.

“It was not a surprise to me because I have seen it. My mission is to separate him from the spirit that is controlling him to do that. We are not to fight mere flesh and blood,” the pastor explained.

Mustapha continued: “I cannot sleep or close my eyes. Even now, I am feeling a headache because I have not slept at night. Any time I lie down and I want to sleep, I will see you in my dream, praying for me and disturbing me.”

As he was prayed upon, the Boko Haram member fell violently on the floor. He managed to get back up but fell again at the prayer of Joshua. He then began to vomit some strange substances.
When asked about a tattoo of a scorpion emblazoned on his shoulder, he replied: “This is the tattoo they gave to me in the cult. All of us have this tattoo.”

Mustapha, who explained it was his very first time in a church, confessed that, “We have never failed before. There is an operation we did at an airforce base in Maiduguri recently. Even we went to Adamawa State in Michika two weeks ago. We have never failed.”

Stretching his hand towards Mustapha again, Joshua prayed once again and the young man fell to the floor. As he got up slowly from the floor, tears were in the eyes of Mustapha. “The spirit leading him to kill is gone,” Joshua declared to applause from the onlookers.


TB Joshua Church Lagos |


Nearing the end of the service, Prophet T.B. Joshua announced that a young man had a confession to make. The man by the name of Mustapha confessed that he was a member of the Boko Haram sect, which he explained was a cult. He admitted that his initial mission to The SCOAN was to place a bomb in the vicinity with the intent of killing hundreds. Mustapha, who said he was accompanied by four others, had the explosives hidden in a bag. They sat down to eat at a restaurant very close to The SCOAN, explaining that Emmanuel TV was playing in the background as they ate. At that moment, Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prayer for viewers began airing.

Mustapha, who had never been to Lagos, attended church or seen T.B. Joshua before, said, “By the time you (T.B. Joshua) prayed and laid hands on the screen, it was like you were there with us and you joined our midst. As you laid your hands on the screen, you laid your hands on our face. That was when confusion came between us; everybody scattered.”

According to Mustapha, ever since that incident, he had no peace of mind. “Since that day, I wanted to go home but I am not fit. Any time I lie down, I will be seeing you in my dream. The thing is bothering me too much. I don’t sleep in the night; I always see you. You are disturbing me. You keep praying for me and laying hands on me. I want to sleep well. I cannot close my eyes without seeing you (T.B. Joshua). Please, help me.”

Several hours later, T.B. Joshua readdressed the issue and brought the young man forward again, stating that God had warned him of the impending attack several weeks ago and that he had been engaging in intensive prayers for the past fortnight. “It was not a surprise to me because I have seen it. My mission is to separate him from the spirit that is controlling him to do that. We are not to fight mere flesh and blood,” he explained.

As Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed, the Boko Haram member fell on the floor before beginning to vomit some strange substances. There was a tattoo of a scorpion clearly visible on his shoulder, which Mustapha explained was a sign of the cult. He further explained that this was the first mission he went on where this had happened as he had never failed before. After praying for him again in the power of the Holy Spirit, the young man fell once more to the floor. Upon getting up, tears were in his eyes. “The spirit leading him to kill is gone,” Prophet T.B. Joshua declared! We thank Jesus Christ for this mighty deliverance.

Tb Joshua Watch- Deceptive Doctrines Expose

TB Joshua Church Lagos |

As we continue to uncover the tricks and deceptiveness that surround the activities of the TbjoshuaWatch Sect against the life and ministry of T.B Joshua and the 21st century Christian faith, we want to remained our readers and brethren in the same faith of our lord and savior Jesus Christ to always remember the TbjoshuaWatch sect in their prayers. We should always keep it in mind that they are not our enemies. Remember that Love is the greatest, T.B Joshua make us to understand that “Loving your enemies, is always unreasonable, unless you realize that you were an enemy of God, until He forgave you”.

The best thing we as believers can only do to show our love for this enemies of God’s Church, the TbjoshuaWatch Sect is to always remember them in our prayers. As you keep this in mind may the good lord continues to bless you. Amen

As usual On our part we will keep on exposing their deceptiveness in other to help the wick in faith among us.

TbjoshuaWatch Sect- Advocating The Doctrine Of Demons.

As they continues to disguise their cunnings, turning the bible up side down to deceived the naive about the great work of God been done in Scoan, among the demonic doctrine the TbjoshuaWatch Sect are advocating for the 21st century Christian faith to adopt and practices is ” Slander “.

Don’t forget, this is among the warnings christ gave the believers to beware of in the last days of the Christian faith.

1 Timothy 4:1-2 “Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons, through the insincerity of liars whose consciences are seared,”

Here is how they deceptively tagged it “Slander or an Inconvenient Truth?.” Hmm mm….Very interesting and cunningly designed to suit their passion, the devil is a shame!!!!.

Not mind you they send a link to a site, that advocate such demonic doctrine, just as stated in the bible that many will go and accumulate false teachers for themselves, teachers that will teach them that which will suite their passions and philosophy.

2 Timothy 4:3″For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions,”

Meaning Of Slander

1. A false and malicious statement or report about someone. ( Sources )

2. The action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation ( Sources )

Slander is an unbiblical act of making a false and accusatory statement that is injurious to a persons name and reputation. It’s essentially character assassination.

According to John Tillman “Slanderer are like flies; they leap over all a man’s good parts to light upon his sores”

What Those The Bible Says About Slanders.

Matthew 15:19-20 “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adult eries, fornication, thefts, false witness, SLANDERS. “These are the things which defile the man; but to eat with unwashed hands does not defile the man.”

Levity 19:16 “You shall not go about as a SLANDERER among your people, and you are not to act against the life of your neighbor; I am the LORD.”

Proverbs 10:18 “He who conceals hatred has lying lips, And he who spreads SLANDER is a fool.”

Jeremiah 6:28 “They are all stubbornly rebellious, going about with SLANDERS; they are bronze and iron; all of them act corruptly.”

Also read Aphasia 4:31, Collisions 3:8, 1 Peter 2:1, Mark 7:21-23 etc.

But, according to the TbjoshuaWatch Sect Slander is “a form of Christian love. It is meant to protect the church from serious error; to help those who are being hurt by the church; to prevent harm to others in the church; and to exhort those in leadership to follow the example of Jesus”. Please you are free to go and read it in their site. Slander According To TbjoshuaWatch Sect

This is purely heresy and blasphemy of the highest order. How can the TbjoshuaWatch sect say that Slander is a form of Christian love, an act which Christ clearly stated in the bible to be rebellious, He classified it among the forbidden act that can defile a man and Christ also warned the Church that such act should not be found among the believers. But the TbjoshuaWatch Sect are telling the 21st century Christian Faith that Slander is a form of Christian love……Oh My God! This is highly demonic!. well, can’t be surprise, this has being their nature from the beginning.

Don’t forget that the bible warn us to beware of teachers like the TbjoshuaWatch sect that deceptively formulate doctrine and teachings that are contrary to what is in the bible.

Romans 16:17 “I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them”

It is clear that the TbjoshuaWatch sect are the kind of persons Christ warn the church about in the last days. Apart of their demonic doctrine of Slander, they also said that “The bible does not forbids Judging” and “Criticizing Men of God” including more of other demonic doctrine that you can see boldly displayed in their site.

This is to tell you that the TbjoshuaWatch sect are fake, Their fruits continues to expose them, their is no element of salvation and holiness in their works, they can’t even think right on their own, their thought has being polluted by demons, they no longer have control over their senses, what is positive is negative to them while, what is negative is now positive to them. They continues to tune the bible to suit their passion they don’t even have an atom of God’s fear in them.

Can’t the believers see that this people are not to be taking seriously at all, for it is clear that they are not of Christ they are of the devil, They want to destroy the sound doctrine of the christian faith, their mission is to cause divisions and create obstacles to the great work of God being experiences in our present generation.

Remember by their fruits you shall know them. Their bad Fruits has continues to expose them for the world to see now it is clear who they really her and who they are really working for (The Devil).

A Reminder To The True Son’s and Daughter’s Of God

Learn not to forget quick that Christ warn the Church not to associate with teachers of this kind, teachers like the TbjoshuaWatch sect that are advocating and spreading demonic doctrine of Slander, telling the world that the bible does not forbids Judging and Criticizing people. TbjoshaWatch sect have never one day preach true salvation or promote the work of Christ by helping to spread moral teachings of the bible. But instead they are found of ridiculing the work of God in Scoan, causing unnecessary argument, propagating confusion and formulating false doctrine to suit their evil intent.

Remind you, christ warn that does who associate with them may be a partaker of their sin.

2 John 1:10-11 “If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not receive him into your house or give him any greeting, for whoever greets him takes part in his wicked works.”

But, that does not mean we should stop praying for their repentance. It is very important for us to always pray for them but not to associate with them.

Let him that have ear, hear.


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Ghana Vs Egypt- Did T.B. Joshua Get It Wrong This Time?

TB Joshua Church Lagos |

Their has being rumor going on in the internet by critics of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (Scoan), headed by T.B Joshua, about an alleges football prophesy between the black stars of Ghana and the Pharaohs of Egypt.

According to the rumor that went viral on the internet, they claim that T.B Joshua prophesied a draw match between both team on sunday before the game took places on Tuesday, October 15. Click Here

Anyway, the match ended in favor of Ghana with a massive win of 6-1. Therefore, Critics capitalized on this unverified rumor of draw between both team to start criticizing T.B Joshua. They kept on mocking the authenticity of the prophetic graces in the life of T.B. Joshua and is ministry Scoan.

But thank God for an insider who came out to clear the air about the alleged draw prophesy and exposed the real true behind the black stars victor over the Pharaohs of Egypt.

Ghana goalkeeper- Richard Kingson

Ghana goalkeeper- Richard Kingson

The Ghana goalkeeper, Richard Kingsonn who was recently called back into the Ghana international football team reviews how T.B Joshua called him and prophesied a Ghana victory over Egypt and the qualification of the Black Stars to its 3rd straight successful FIFA World Cup in Brazil to him.

Here are is words:

“Before the Egypt game he (T.B Joshua) called me often to encourage me and he told me you (Ghanians) will qualify and those were the words he used, you will qualify. “He called me about three times on the day of the match, even a day before the match that was Monday night he called me and he said everything is ok, everything is alright you guys will do well”

Richard Kingson also went on to review how T.B Joshua told him he will be called back into the Ghana international football team after 2years without football. He thank God for using T.B Joshua to resurrect his football career both at the club and national levels.

“As usual He (Prophet TB Joshua) calls me often, we talk and he encourages me and prophesied to me that I will play again and my people (Ghana) will come for me, so the prophecy he said about me, all came to pass,”.

Lessons To The World

We should always learn to verify any allegation before we conclude, We should also remind ourselves that our God is a great and almighty God, is works goes beyond boundaries their is nothing He cannot do, He knows everything including the outcome of a football match. It is high time for this generation to embrace this mighty God, God is real, Christianity is not a religion but a relationship with God.

According to a statement credited to Richard Kingson

“You cannot do anything without the word of God because God Himself said you cannot do anything without my word because there is healing, blessing, deliverance, victory and everything in it”.

Stay Bless.

Tb Joshua Watch -Wolves in Sheep Clothing

TB Joshua Church Lagos |

This post is to expose the demonic mystery that surround the TbjoshuaWatch site against T.B Joshua and Scoan

TbjoshuaWatch are the present Pharisees of the 21st century that has set themselves against T.B Joshua and Scoan. After the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) that latter metamorphose to the Pharisees Federation of Nigeria, got tried with all their false allegations and criticism against T.B Joshua and Scoan then, TbjoshuaWatch came next to continue from where their predecessor stop. TbjoshuaWatch claim to be a Christian sect, which is not surprising though, because for them to be accepted as genuine, they have to claim they are Christians. Where as, they are working for their master the devil. They stated that their mission was to exposed the truth about T.B Joshua and Scoan. But the uncut truth remains that they are fault-finder who are their to deceived the ignorant about T.B Joshua and Scoan. And the bible warn the church against people of suck kind.

2 John 1:7 “For many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not confess the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh. Such a one is the deceiver and the anti-christ”.

TbjoshuaWatch mission is not to confess christ into the world neither are they propagating salvation to the world but rather, they are working tirelessly for the downfall of T.B Joshua and Scoan. they are antagonist and agent of distraction working under the influence of the anti-christ spirit.

TbJoshuaWatch working for the kingdom of darkness for the glory of the anti-christ.

TbjoshuaWatch are working for the kingdom of darkness that rules the world, they are under the chain of Satan, among the spirit that works in them is the anti-christ spirit, they are doing what their master has assigned for them. Their curse is to be an antagonist of T.B Joshua and Scoan. They are their to deceived the people against the present light sent to liberate the world from the bondages of Satan. Their site is on a mission to ridicule the power of God in the life of T.B Joshua through their Satanic philosophy and empty deceit according to the elemental spirit of the world and the tradition of men.

Colossians 2:8 “See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ”.

TbjoshuaWatch have the full backing of the world demonic spirit, they are not to be underestimated because they have all the Satanic strategies at their disposal to execute their mission. But Unknowing to them, that they are fulfilling a great part of Gods purpose in the life and ministry of T.B Joshua here on earth. They are helping to publicizes T.B Joshua and Scoan to the world and they are acting as check against the mission of T.B Joshua here on earth.

TbjoshuaWatch have being program by Satan, they are mere instrument in his hand to fulfill is own purpose, their heart has being harden to their own conviction that they are taking a great revenge against T.B Joshua and Scoan.

1 Timothy 4:1-2 “Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons, through the insincerity of liars whose consciences are seared”

TbjoshuaWatch are Wolves in Sheep cloth

Since, T.B Joshua and Scoan is a treat to the rulers of this world, the angel of darkness has to disguise those TbjoshuaWatch element as an angel of light to deceived many against the light of God, T.B Joshua. That is way they claimed they are Christians. Their fruits is a fact to that. They propagate lies and their impact in the world is to cause confusion and bring unnecessary argument about the bible and christ. The bible warn the church against such kind of people.

Romans 16:17-18 “I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them. For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naïve”.

TbjoshuaWatch Master (The devil) is The Father of Lies.

Another spirit that manifests in their lives is the spirit of lies, they formulate and propagate lies. their is no single truth about all their write up their post are all coined to suite the self motive and philosophy of their master the devil. Look at how christ described them in the bible.

John 8:44 “You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies”.

That’s what you see in their site, what you see their are unverified allegations, deceitful propaganda and lies. Their mission is to do the will of their father that is the devil.

Why All This Attack Against T.B Joshua and Scoan By TbjoshuaWatch

If you have the opportunity to get in tough with them, they will tell you that they are either helping the church or taking a revenged but the Spiritual truth of the mater is that they are fulfilling a part of the devil’s agenda against T.B Joshua and Scoan, which they themselves may be ignorance of.

This are question you should ask yourself. Did Scoan have anything to do with BBC News ( Here ) ( Here ), Sky news ( Here ), and Charisma Magazine ( Here ) ( Here etc.) before they started their anti-Scoan propaganda Nope, did Scoan have anything to do with PFN, and other worldly institutions that just start to critics T.B Joshua and Scoan, Nope. But why are they now against Scoan ?. They are against T.B Joshua and Scoan because the world love darkness and are against anything that come as light. T.B Joshua is a light His disposition is a great treat to the kingdom of darkness that rules the world. Therefore, what the “smart devil” does is to give those critics enough reasons to take their actions and the devil does this through is demons that has the powers to work with their thinking faculties.

Those who have ear let them hear

An Advices To TbjoshuaWatch

Those of them that the father (God) has giving to is servant T.B Joshua should rethink and change their ways for T.B Joshua is a man of love, he will accept you if you come back for forgiveness, come to Scoan and get delivered from that demon that is using you to work against the light of God, T.B Joshua. And for those that the Father (God) have not given to T.B Joshua, go and weep because the end of your evil ways will lead you to a great destruction. For God that choose to harden the heart of king Pharaoh against the people of Israel, knows that Pharaoh was already destined for doom. I pray for our heart not to be harden for evil. Amen

A word is enough for the wise.

Prophet T.B Joshua is a true Man of God!

TB Joshua Church Lagos |

Christianity we all admit is much corrupted today. Emphasis has switched from believing in Christ to believing in Pastors and Prophets. The words of Pastors and Prophets carry more weight than even Christ. The latest vogue is some Christians referring to mortal Pastors and Prophets as their spiritual fathers which is a clear violation of what Jesus said at Mathew 23: 9 (And don’t address anyone here on earth as ‘Father,’ for only God in heaven is your spiritual Father.) The issue of mistrust of Religious leaders today has eaten so deep that it has become an anathema to mount any defense of the few good ones among them. Any article in defense of some Prophets and Pastors is heavily ridiculed. This is the third religious article I am writing and I am sure reactions to it will not be entirely different from the earlier two I wrote concerning this same Senior Prophet of the Synagogue Church of All Nations.
For starters, I am NOT a member of the SCOAN. I have never met Prophet T.B Joshua before. I have visited their Church in Accra just once to collect the Holy Anointed Water he sent me. There has never been any direct communication between Prophet T.B Joshua and myself. I even doubt if he has the time to pay attention to my articles. I write these articles in clear conviction and belief that Prophet T.B Joshua is a true Man of God. I have researched on all the qualities of a true prophet of God and am happy the Man of God meets them all. The question is: Who is a true prophet of God? Let us look at some qualities and we will decide whether Prophet T.B Joshua meets those qualities or not.
The qualities of an overseer, Pastor or every religious leader is set forth at 1st Timothy 3:2 which states (A minister then must be a man of irreproachable character, true to his one wife, temperate, sober-minded, well-behaved, hospitable to strangers, and with a gift for teaching;) Now let us consider these verses one after the other.
Irreproachable Character: An irreproachable Character is defined as being blameless, perfect or above reproach. This mostly describes the conduct of a Minister who should have a fine testimony from even unbelievers. It is an undeniably fact that Prophet T.B. Joshua meets this quality and even exceeds it. Many people may not agree because of the baseless criticism that is hurled his way. But it is a fact that those who criticize him mostly do so out of a disagreement with the way he goes about his Ministry, out of jealousy or simply plain ignorance!
In Ghana, most of his critics are members of the opposition N.P.P who were uncomfortably with his close association with former president Mills. Their criticism of him is more political than anything that has to do with his conduct. Prophet T.B Joshua has never been involved in any conduct that has shamed the body of Christ or embarrassed his Church. He is truly irreproachable!
True to his wife: Some bible translations render it as ‘A Husband of one wife’. We all know that Prophet T.B Joshua has never been involved in any adulterous scandal since he began his ministry. In Ghana, some disgraceful Pastors have been involved in adulterous relationships that has disgraced and embarrassed Christianity. We all read how the second in command of the Methodist Church raped a colleague Pastor’s daughter and ran off to the U.S. We also read how a Kumasi based Pastor had an adulterous relationship with a married woman in his church and similar stories that are deeply reprehensible. Prophet T.B Joshua has been true to his wife and has never been caught in any adulterous relationship. That is a true man of God!
Temperate, Sober minded, well behaved: This represents restraint even when angry or attacked. It is undeniable that no Pastor or Church leader has been attacked more than Prophet T.B Joshua. What is remarkable is his reticence to reply to these unprovoked attacks in similar measure. Even when he has to respond to these attacks, it has always been in the context of what the bible says. He has never been known to attack other Pastors, condemn other churches or involved in fiery speeches. He has always exercised self-control in his conduct. The behavior of him has always been well admired. Not given to fits of anger or rowdy conduct. He has gained the respect of political leaders and even non-believers because of his peaceable nature. He therefore qualifies as a Minister of God!
Hospitable to strangers: This is one of his strongest qualities as a Minister of God. Being generous or good to strangers forms the cornerstone of Yahweh’s worship. At James 1: 27, a true religion is defined as (Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.). To look after Orphans and Widows in their distress is the purest form of religion. In Ghana, majority of Pastors dwell on tithe giving and actually threaten their church members who don’t pay. Christian leaders mostly interpreted the act of giving to mean church members giving bountifully to the pastors but not vice versa. So we have Church Pastors and Prophets fleecing the flock in the name of giving but will never lift a finger to help the poor in their midst. Has Prophet T.B Joshua fulfilled this cardinal requirement of being a Minister of God? Bountifully!!!
1. The SCOAN is the only church in the world that has a bus solely dedicated to transporting the aged from their homes to the church and back without any charge.
2. The SCOAN is involved in massive charitable donations in all part of the world. They have been notably present in disaster struck areas like Haiti, New Orleans, Somalia and other places.
The SCOAN is the only church that rehabilitates social deviants like armed robbers, prostitutes, fraudsters and other socially unapproved people. They not only rehabilitate them spiritually, but they do so MATERIALLY!
I have watched bags of rice and money given to these formally social misfits to begin life anew to the glory of God. One touching story I watched was when a woman and her kids from Mongolia treated badly by her Nigerian husband was assisted with funds to relocate back to Mongolia. Can somebody tell me how many Pastors and church leaders will spend their own money to help a distress woman go back to her country? The charitable works of T.B Joshua is not limited to members of Christianity alone. Destitute Muslim communities have all benefitted from the largesse of this man who is renowned for his charitable works in all over the world.
He meet’s this quality abundantly!
Gift of Teaching: The sermons of Prophet T.B Joshua are a delight to watch. He does not teach ostentatiously nor adopts fiery speeches to drive his points. He does not resort to unnecessary shouting or use of flowery or high sounding vocabulary to impress his worshippers. He adopts simple English and chooses his words carefully to the understanding of even the illiterates in his church. That is a hallmark of a good teacher!
I have enumerated the qualities of a Minister as set forth in the bible. From my analysis, it is undoubtedly clear that Prophet T.B Joshua meets and exceeds this even in some areas. He is a man of God and nothing can change that. Most Ghanaian Pastors who criticize him have no credibility or locus as Christians. They are mired in every misdeed that shames Christianity. Most also do it out of jealousy and envy. The man T.B Joshua commands respect everywhere he goes. People who criticize him in public are known to seek his help in private!
With a clean conscience, I declare that Prophet T.B Joshua is a True Man of God and I have ability in his standing as a man sent forth to propagate the word of God. I pray for God’s strength in his life and urge him to continue the good deeds he is doing. Some of us objective minded people will be here to trumpet his divine Christian achievements to the world.

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Okey Bakassi Support Jim Iyke On His Deliverance

TB Joshua Church Lagos |

Since the deliverance of Jim Iyke’s at the Synagogue Church Of all Nation (SCOAN) some of is colleague in the industry who think something is wrong with jim’s deliverance has publicly come out to show their hatred against the new found freedom of our beloved brother Jim Iyke nevertheless, even with all of those criticism, someone in the industry that has the fear of God within has finally come out to give Jim Iyke the support he needs.

Nollywood Star Okey Bakassi

Nollywood Star Okey Bakassi

An actor colleague in the Nollywood industry, Okey Bakassi is fed up with all the displeasure being voiced out over the incident. He wrote;

“Yesterday (october 1st) was The 53rd Anniversary of Nigeria’s‘Independence’, I refused to comment or send messages for reasons you and I know. If you are reading this message, you are lucky to be alive. Thank God.

I’m fed up with all the noise about my Actor colleague who gained Independence from ‘demonic influence’ or ‘Deliverance’ at Synagogue. I respect him for seeking spiritual help when others are shying away from the reality of their situation.

Even those who are ‘Demons’ themselves are throwing insults at Jim. Our level of hypocrisy in Nigeria is nauseating. Established ‘Sinners’ find it convenient to throw stones at those whose stories become public, making it more difficult for people to seek help.
If you have never presented yourself for ‘Deliverance’ keep quiet because your not sure of what forces are speaking through you.
Congrats Jim for being ‘man enough’……
Have a blessed day pals”. @okeybakassy


Re- Critics of Jim Iyke’s Deliverance in SCOAN

TB Joshua Church Lagos |

Jim Iyke been set free in the name of Jesus

Jim Iyke been set free in the name of Jesus

Since the ‘deliverance’ of Jim Iyke at the Synagogue Church of all nation went viral, the surprising news has cause a storm in the social network as many fans and well-wisher of the Nollywood actor has come out to share their words of condolences to the actor and some even praise him for the boldness and humility he show to come to Scoan for such a public deliverance not minding is personality so also, some fans, fellow Nollywood stars and even politician have come out to share their own thought of criticism against Jim Iyke’s deliverance.

Patrick Obahiagbon a politician Well known for is grammar in Nigeria, called Jim’s deliverance a comedy, Porn queen, Afrocandy also made comments about Jim’s deliverance, according to her, she wonder how much Jim was paid to pull such a stunt, Dencia a music star was alleged not to be impressed with Jim’s deliverance also Former AGN President Segun Arinze was also reportedly to have called jim deliverance an embarrassment.

Many are the comment which can’t be published as they contain direct attacks to Jim Iyke and the ministry of T.B. Joshua.

Now with all this comment of criticism that are full of hatred against the new found freedom of our beloved brother Jim Iyke’s, here are some wonderful reply to those critics.

All this comment were presented as stated by the commentator without any editing.

First comment

Hon Patrick or whatever he calls himself is an iddiot.. I never saw myself calling a man who is as old as being my dad an idiiot, but what do you expect me to say to an old man who thinks big english is the solution to every issue.. I dont really know the motive behind this tweet of his but i suspect it’s a cheap move to garner more followers on twitter..
This is a sensitive issue and i see no reason why this man should even say anything publicly about it.. Why cant he keep his bloody opinion to himself…
Talking about Tb Joshua:
I see no reason why people keep attacking the man.. I dont know if Tb Joshua’s miracle are fake or real cos i am in no bloody position to say but all i have to say is;

1.. What more do Nigerians want? This man has healed many people with problems free of charge.. He has saved many sick people from the cold hands of death by curing their ailments..
This man is doing what our redundant health sector has been ignoring for decades..
2.. Pls can the conspiracy theorists tell why Tb joshua will seat down,scratch his head and say “Viola,we need to pay certain actors to fall under the anointing?
For christ’s sake,the man is already known globally.. Prominent people all over Africa and the world visit him..
Who da ffuck is Jim Iyke and of what use will Jim Iyke’s deliverance be to him or his already mammoth ministry?
Everybody in Nigeria knows Tb Joshua and the works he has been doing..
What does he needs Jim Iyke for? To increase his already millions of members or what exactly?
Honorable Patrick is a honorable fool and to say i am disappointed in him is the least i can say.. Atleast this mumuish comment of his that lacks thought and reeks of stupendous stupidity has proven that he belongs to the class of Nigerians who think big english has anything to do with brain power..
As afrocandy, i have nothing to say cos i never expected any less stupidity from that one..
Lastly,i m in no position to say if Tb joshua’s miracle are fake or not, but the man has helped millions of people in Nigeria and there is nothing any conspiracy theorist or group of theorists can do about that…. Nigerians and their wahala.. When someone helps, they complain and accuse.. When they are ignored,they curse…
Wetin una want? Geeez!!!
All the Patricks who belong to the clan of Obiaghon’s should forgive my typos.. No time to spell-check..
All izz stiil well!

Second comment

Little wonder why those seen as the’ cream of the society’ are immoral and posing as bad role models for our kids and those whom look up to them. They seldom believe in God and the exta-ordinary and take the slightest opportunity in geering at those turning a new leaf.
What can you make of Pat obihiagbon? A filibuster and cliche squanderer, gathering fellowers by pronuncing latin and greek words; a man part of the same political engineering that loots us.
Afro candy? Who’s that?! The name alone call her decency to questioning. Isn’t she the internet celebrity that ridiculs people for a living as if she’s got a perfect life without skeletons in her cupboard?
Wow! Everyone takes opportunity to have a voice! Bandwagon of depressing hypocrites!!

Third comment

I watched it live……….and I am beginning to believe in TB Joshua as A prophet of GOD………..Guys we are witness of his polite and down to ground attitude and he is extremely generous nobody should under estimate his generosity because it takes a good heart to gives. People easily recommend end time thing…….Rubbish……If they really believe in end time what changes have they made in their lives knowing fully this is end time absolutely noting else should matter it`s all over it`s end time………….People like Dencia should be ashamed that she can even quote a verse without ameliorating her ways or does n`t end time mean anything to her……….? A guy is having problem and went for deliverance and feels good about that what`s wrong with that……?

Forth comment

Okay so i dont get this, what is this supposed to mean with all the Hatred and Bias comment about His Deliverance,..? Is it that his ways/possession if he really was is too big to be delivered or is it because he is an Actor and as such over familiarity has made us to think the it was all staged.?, How about Higher dignitaries from other countries who are being delivered, people who are much more known in the Society who get delivered at same Church, I think the hatred for SCOAN has gotten into some people that even when they see the truth they tend to act like they do not see anything, and surely such act depicts a failed soul who can never find salvation until they are ready to open their heart in other to seek for salvation.
I am not a member of SCOAN , neither have i been there, i am also not a Church Goer, i am just me and i believe in God.

We thereby call on Patrick Obahiagbon, Afrocandy, Dencia, Segun Arinze, Charles Novia and other Critics Of Jim Iyke’s Deliverance to embrace our lord and saviour Jesus Christ and if they think that Jim Iyke was paid for the performance as they called it, let them come to Scoan to see if they will be pay too for their own deliverance, Scoan door is open wide for them let them come, it is not a matter of talking or criticising the great work of God being done in our present generation. If you think you are not comfortable with the whole episodes of Jim Iyke’s deliverance and you called it fake or stage manage why not come to Scoan and see if your deliverance will be a stage manage.