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Prophet T.B. Joshua

Today, our minds are so taken up by worldly considerations that we are impatient to recognise the fact that there is an appointed time for everything. This is why we try to move the hands of the clock forward by hook and crook. In order to beat the gun, we kill, join cults, steal and destroy.

Assuming Jesus had been impatient when his brothers urged Him to show off in public before the appointed time, He may have been killed by His enemies who were looking for Him at all costs (John 7:3-8). The same thing happens to us today. When we are impatient, we tend to disregard the fact that there is a time for everything.

We all know that when it is time to start a race, everybody waits for the blast of the gun or the sound of the whistle; but in our daily lives, the opposite is the case. In an attempt to beat the gun, we discover that we are the worse for it; we pay dearly for it.

If any person beats the gun, that person would be called back to begin afresh, while others are still waiting patiently for the sound of the gun. This is what we mean by the saying, “More haste, less speed”, meaning that if you are in a haste to achieve something, you are likely to make costly mistakes that would pull you back, if not down. This is exactly what is happening today.

In an attempt to beat God’s appointed time, we get ourselves entangled with conditions we are likely unable to meet, thus jeopardizing our career and the promises of God in our lives. In an attempt to beat God’s appointed time, many old people find themselves in a situation where they have to do what they ought to have done when they were young.

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Prophet T.B. Joshua

It is not my work but my faith in His works (Galatians 3:8). I mean, it is God’s strength that is made manifest in my weakness. So, I cannot boast. This kind of achievement calls for more dedication, more commitment and more devotion. I mean, this does not mean that I should rest. I must continue to press forward so that His strength will continue to manifest in my weakness.

When you know the purpose of your life, you would not be fascinated by every good thing, every achievement, that comes your way. Rather, you would keep pressing on. I want you to know that God just wants somebody to do this work. Otherwise, He can choose to use anybody for His purpose. That is why I cannot boast in what I am doing for God but in what God does in my life (Luke 3:8).

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Prophet T.B. Joshua

Our enemies may try to strip us of outward prestige and beauty but wisdom and grace of God cannot be taken from us. I mean, people may call you names that are not yours in order to paint you black – I mean to make you look bad in the eyes of people – but wisdom and grace of God cannot be taken from you. They cannot take this because it is not given by man. They were able to take Joseph’s coat of many colours which was given to him by his father. They were able to separate him from the warm arms of his parents but wisdom and grace, they were unable to take from him.

Our enemies may separate us from friends, relatives and country but cannot separate us from the presence of the Lord. They may rob us of liberty and confine us in a prison cell but they cannot shut us out of the throne of mercy and communion with God.

What promise of God are you carrying? What situation are you in now? Does it guarantee the fulfilment of that promise? Remember, Joseph was a child of promise. Did his situation in the dry pit guarantee the fulfilment of God’s promise in his life? The answer is NO. Yet he must move on, because to him the end had not come yet.

If the situation you are in right now does not guarantee your future, don’t lose heart; the end has not come yet. As a child of God, God may be taking His time to prepare you for the challenges ahead.


Prophet T.B. Joshua

Here is the secret of faith. Faith grows stronger as we climb higher. The more you read God’s Word, the more you understand about yourself and this God who created you.

Growing in your relationship with Him – the more you think about what you read, the more familiar you become with His voice. Faith is not mental; it is not mental assent; it is not intellectual agreement. Faith is a spiritual force that grows and develops in the heart or spirit of man. Here is where the heart rests with a quiet sense of security.

Romans 8:31 says “If God be for us, who can be against us?” Here your heart becomes quiet. You look up into His face and whisper your request. You know it is going to be granted because it is your Father who is on the throne. I mean, it is your Lord who is seated by His side. When we are talking about the Word, we are talking about the foundation of the throne of God, the throne by which Jesus is seated.

Jesus is the surety of every word from Matthew 1 to Revelation 22, the Guarantor of every word. If any Scripture should go by default, Jesus becomes responsible. He said “Heaven and earth can pass away but one word that I have spoken can’t ever pass away.” If the Word can be broken, the throne can be overturned. That cannot be. No Word from God is void of fulfilment.

Faith needs to be put into practice. Faith is not abstract. It can be practiced. Where should it be put into practice? It should be practiced in difficult and perilous circumstances. It should be practiced when one is facing challenges of life, e.g. sickness, when there is no money in the pocket, hard places, temptations and trials, tribulations, etc.

If God’s children cannot commit their bodies to God when they are sick, who will believe that they have faith? If believers cannot trust in God for problems arising in their families, what use is their faith to them? Faith is something that has to be practiced. Faith is truly a practical expression of the Christian life.

Prophet T.B. JOSHUA


tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Many today have ignorantly changed the course of events in their lives without finding out what God says about it. Why? Because they are afraid of the pain and suffering they would go through in the course of their trials.

God can use detention to preserve one for greater things in life. This brings to mind the case of Joseph in the prison. It was in the prison that he met the link which saw him to the throne. God sometimes uses disappointment to achieve His purpose in our lives. Consider the case of Peter at the seaside after the fruitless effort all night.

Imagine the disappointment that could have been written all over his face as he washed his empty net by the riverside. Little would he have known that his failure to catch fish that night was meant to preserve him for a new level in life. Were he to catch fish early enough, he would have gone home earlier, thus missing the Saviour who would change the course of his breakthrough (Luke 5:1-11).

From my personal experience for instance, many things I went through eventually turned out to be necessary conditions for the grace of God in my life today. Which area will I mention?

Is it my circumstance of birth, parentage, education, lean finances? All these were sufficient to make any other person seek shortcuts in order to change the course of events.

Assuming I allowed my situation to dictate my direction, I would have been tempted to seek a shortcut and thus change the divine plan in my life. From what you see in my life today, certainly there was an unseen hand directing the affairs of my life, then and now.

What are you going through now that you think is not a necessary condition for God’s purpose in your life? On the other hand, what are you going through that you think is a necessary condition for God’s purpose in your life? This is a difficult question to answer and that is why it is wrong to either jubilate or murmur without finding out what God’s purpose is, for that situation you are facing.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, ask God in sincerity and humility of mind to make all things good for you in His own time. He is the unseen hand that brings all things to pass.

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Prophet T.B. Joshua

The question we need to ask ourselves is, ‘What can make one who once felt close to God feel distant?’ Can hardship, sickness, persecution? No – all these cannot stop anyone who diligently seeks God. Remember, this is not your first assembly; you have been a member of many assemblies/ churches in the past. Can we call your movement from one assembly to another a sign of one who is diligently seeking God? How do we seek God? Is it by running after men of God without faith? Remember, faith is the cause of victory, the means, the instrument and armour by which we overcome. When we run after men of God without faith, anything can stop us – persecution can stop us, hardship can stop us, sickness can stop us (Romans 8:35).

There is a need to include God in everything we do. If you go around churches without God, I mean without faith, you achieve nothing. If you go around men of God without faith, you achieve nothing. If you are in any assembly without faith, you would still leave for another because the thing that is chasing you would not stop except through faith.

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Prophet T.B. Joshua

“When we love without expectation – I mean, when we show love without expecting it to be returned from the person we have shown love to, our love is being sown to the Spirit. To sow love to the Spirit is to honour God in our acts – in total humility and submission to His will.

Love without expectation earns us the love of our Heavenly Father. When you sow the love of God, you reap the love of God. We need to develop faith in this spiritual law. Love without expectation says, ‘Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you and you will receive the blessings of your Father in Heaven.’

Expectation of certain behaviours from relatives, loved ones and friends set us up for offence. Take for instance, I expect you to greet me because of help I rendered or my superiority in age or position and you ignore me. This is a major root of offence.

We often get disappointed and offended when our expectations are not met. Cut down on your expectations from people before you set yourself up for offence.

We are often shocked, confused and surprised when offended as if we are the only one wronged, as if no one else has ever been wronged. Yet Jesus made it abundantly clear that it is impossible to live this life and not have the opportunity to be offended – it is impossible that no offence should come. It is not a question of opportunity to be offended but what your response will be.

Often, the response we exhibit leave us vulnerable to a root of bitterness, envy, jealousy, anger, strife, outrage and resentment. We must therefore be ready, prepared and strongly armed for offenses because our response determines our future. When you are hurt, deeply hurt, your response determines your future.

Offence is very common – I mean, epidemic, rampant, unavoidable, happens everywhere – we have almost come to believe that it is a way of life. Due to lack of real love, offence comes. Love forgets wrongs so that there is hope for the future.”

-Prophet T.B. Joshua