Prophet T.B. Joshua

In a congregation, if you ask the latecomers to the church why they are late, they would have something to say. Some would blame their lateness on traffic hold-ups, while others would say they woke up late. One thing is clear; you are responsible for your actions. In the same way, if you ask those who on that day did not come at all why they failed to come to church, they would have something to say. Some would blame their action on poor weather conditions, I mean some would say it was about to rain in their area, while others would complain about the lack of transport fare. No one would take responsibility for his or her wrongdoing.

When we make excuses for our wrongdoing, our wrongdoing would not be excused. Man always makes excuses for his wrongdoings. When God confronted Adam for eating from the forbidden tree, Adam blamed Eve for his actions, whereas Eve on her own part blamed her actions on the snake. None of them would accept responsibility for their wrongdoings (Genesis 3:11-13). Ever since then, people have tried to avoid taking responsibility for their actions by shifting the blame to others or to circumstances beyond their control.

Today, we blame our situation on others. Man always shifts his blame to someone else or to circumstances beyond his control. Many blame their situation on family background. Some would say, “I am poor because everyone in my family is poor”. If you make an excuse for being poor, your poverty cannot be excused. Remember, you are responsible for what you give your attention to, so it is unnecessary to blame your situation on anyone. In the same way, you are responsible for your own actions. Today, it is common for people to blame their failures on their family background whereas they attribute their success to their personal effort. If you attribute your success to your personal effort, you should also accept the blame for your failure.

If you complain that you are poor because every member of your family is poor, remember, you are responsible for your poverty by your own actions or inactions, that is, by what you do or what you fail to do. For example, I found myself in a family background that irritated me in those early years of my life. I knew I would be blamed for what I gave my attention to. I knew I could change the situation, so I took a different direction in order to achieve a different solution by recognising that victory obtained through Christ was a past tense victory. I mean, it is victory assured.

Rather than despair and blame my situation on family background, I began to be proud of my situation in order to feel Christ’s victory over me. I became content with my situation, knowing that my situation was redeemable through Christ and that, that redemption was a past tense redemption. I mean, redemption assured. Then I began to take God at His Word in order to have His way. Remember, no one is too good or too bad to qualify for His grace. Remember also that it was possible for me to have sat somewhere and begin to make excuses for my situation but I never did. Whatever I am today is a product of the conviction that victory through Christ is victory indeed. The rest is history



scoan tb joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

If Jesus had not found out what God said about His situation, He would have considered the pain and agony HE would go through, and then do anything to change the course of events. Assuming Jesus had changed the course of events in His life – He would have missed His crown because the cup was a necessary condition for His crown.

Many today have ignorantly changed the course of events in their lives without finding out what God says about it. Why? Because they are afraid of the pain and suffering they would go through in the course of their trials.

God can use detention to preserve one for greater things in life. This brings to mind the case of Joseph in the prison. It was in the prison that he met the link which saw him to the throne. God sometimes uses disappointment to achieve His purpose in our lives. Consider the case of Peter at the seaside after the fruitless effort all night.

Imagine the disappointment that could have been written all over his face as he washed his empty net by the riverside. Little would he have known that his failure to catch fish that night was meant to preserve him for a new level in life. Were he to catch fish early enough, he would have gone home earlier, thus missing the Saviour who would change the course of his breakthrough (Luke 5:1-11).

From my personal experience for instance, many things I went through eventually turned out to be necessary conditions for the grace of God in my life today. Which area will I mention? Is it my circumstance of birth, parentage, education, lean finances? All these were sufficient to make any other person seek shortcuts in order to change the course of events.

Assuming I allowed my situation to dictate my direction, I would have been tempted to seek a shortcut and thus change the divine plan in my life. From what you see in my life today, certainly there was an unseen hand directing the affairs of my life, then and now.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, ask God in sincerity and humility of mind to make all things good for you in His own time. He is the unseen hand that brings all things to pass.



tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

When you are a man of persevering faith, nothing would be too dear for you to honour Jesus. If nothing is too dear for you to honour Jesus, nothing would be too dear for Him to honour you. In other words, those that would deny Jesus nothing, He would deny nothing (Hebrews 11:4, 17-19). Even then, you must endure to the end.

Remember, that you honour Jesus with all your substance does not mean you would not encounter trials of faith. Better still, that you choose to serve Jesus in truth and in faith, does not mean you would not encounter hard times but when they come, be calm and determined. Jesus’ healing, blessing, deliverance is not for those who quit, but those who endure to the end. In other words, Jesus loves those who are able to exercise great faith under great trials and temptation (2 Timothy 3:12, 14-17).

In the case of the Canaanite woman, Jesus deliberately insulted her sensibility in order to hurt her pride, hidden self, in her. Everyone has a hidden self – character. Every man has a feeling of self – ego. If you insult my ego, you are insulting my person and if you insult my person, you provoke my pride.

If we endure trials and hardship for what we believe, God deals with us as sons (Hebrews 12:7-10).

Don’t allow your love for money to affect your relationship with God. Don’t allow your love for power, authority, position to affect your relationship with God.

There is need to prove our perseverance, our faith. Remember, everything big starts little. If anything big starts big, it calls for concern because those who fail to take these tiny steps cannot trust God and understand the basic truth about faith.

The Bible says they crash out quick that come quick. Persevering faith is one that comes gradually. It is not automatic. This is the kind of faith that endures.


scoan tb joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

I do not see satan in the natural; I see him in the spirit world. I mean, I see the other side. “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). None of us is any match for satan, as long as we stay in the natural. The more we would get into the natural, the more satan rises up and becomes bigger. On the contrary, the more we would get into faith, the more satan becomes smaller. Unless you decide to look at things from God’s point of view, you will be constantly defeated and overcome by satan.

There are two sides to life. First is the spiritual side and ultimate conclusion, where satan was defeated. Second is the natural side, in which people try to figure God out with their natural mind. Unless you decide to look at life from God’s point of view, you would live a defeated life and you would go to the grave prematurely.


scoan tb joshua

Prophet TB Joshua

We can be happy whereas there is nothing to be happy about. This should be the principle behind every Christian’s faith. You can only say, “Thank You, Jesus” genuinely when you are happy. In other words, “Thank You, Jesus” is a response from a happy heart. Daniel was happy whereas there was nothing to be happy about. That was why he went to his upper room to say, “Thank You, Lord”. You too can be happy as a Christian, even when everything around you suggests that there is no hope.


As a Christian, you can still find occasions to rejoice in the Lord. What is your situation? Are you under the pressure of poverty, sickness, rejection, failure in marriage, failure in career, failure in business or demonic oppression? Ask God to give you the cause to be happy. Ask God to give you the cause to be happy in your marriage, career, business and everything you set your hand to, in Jesus’ name.



Prophet T.B Joshua

You need to believe that what you are asking of God is already received now because very much is promised to our believing. As a man of faith, you would not wait to receive the answer before you start giving thanks to God. When we give thanks to God, we believe He is working out the answer.

David believed he had won the battle even before the battle began. David spoke the Words of faith and the giant fell. Anyone can shout after the victory is won but it takes faith to shout before the walls fall (Joshua 6:16).

Our Lord Jesus Christ has taught us by His own example to call God, “Father”, in prayer and to draw near Him in reverence and thanks. He looked up and said, “Father, I thank You that You have heard Me. I know that You always hear Me.” What an absolute faith. This is an expression of absolute faith in His Father that His Father was already working out the answer even before He prayed.

Jesus looked up and said, “Thank You Father, I know You have always answered Me”. This means, “This one I am about to pray for, You have already answered”.

Remember, if you believe in Him, you can say what He has said; you can do what He has done. In John 17:18, Jesus said to His disciples, ‘As the Father has sent Me, so send I you’.

Whatever situation you are in, fear not. Ask Jesus to open the eyes of your faith that you may see His protecting hand. Ask Him to open your heart to His faith. Ask Him to open your heart to His Word. Ask Him to open your heart to His Spirit so that you may understand what His will is about your situation.


scoan tb joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Everybody cherishes breakthrough; that is why we work hard. Little do we know that the battle is not for the strong and the race is not for the swift. This means, after struggling, after our hard labor, God would still have to mark our work. When we have done everything, we must leave the issue with God. If we succeed, we must give God the praise; if we fail, we must submit to His will.

No man knows by the present signs what the future holds for him. Are you poor now? It is too early to grumble because God sometimes uses foolish things to reveal His purpose in our lives. Are you blessed now? It is too early to jubilate because you will still need God more in blessing.

Time and opportunity act on us all. In other words, every man has the grace of time and space to act in only as allotted to him by providence (God). Every man cherishes breakthrough; that is why we all work hard. Little do we know, as the preacher puts it, in Ecclesiastes 9:11 that in the world, fast runners do not always win the race and the brave do not always win the battle. The wise do not always earn a living, intelligent people do not always rise to high positions. You can never tell when your time is coming. What the Bible is simply saying here, is that the battle is not for the strong, nor the race for the swift. This philosophy seems to work against ‘common sense’, but it is the reality.