Manchester United Academy and England U17 Captain healed by TB Joshua

In today, April, 23 Sunday services at the Synagogue Church of all nations, SCOAN Lagos, Nigeria, aspiring football star Angel Gomes, 16 years old from Manchester, UK, who came to the SCOAN due to leg injuries, was among those that were healed during the massive ministration of healings and deliverances by Prophet T.B. Joshua. Angel Gomes plays with the under 17 Manchester United Academy and is presently the Captain of the under 17 England Team. Despite huge hopes for his future, regular injuries, coupled with hip and groin pain had begun to fade the glory ahead of him.

“I’ve known The SCOAN for a long time” he said, as his family are avid fans of Emmanuel TV and when time permitted, would regularly join to watch. So, when threats to his bright future loomed, it only seemed right for Angel to visit the church he had been watching many others healed and set free from hindrances trying to hold them back or down from their bright destinies.

He explained that anytime important matches would come up, he would have an injury or pain would emerge affecting his performance. At The SCOAN, he asked Prophet T.B. Joshua to help him, knowing what was at stake. Prophet T.B. Joshua responded with Spirit-filled prayer tapping Angel’s affected legs.

Immediately after the prayer the young footballer started exercising – jumping up and down to confirm his healing. He spoke afterwards to testify that the hip and groin pain had gone instantly. With trials for the Euro 2017 U-17 tournament coming up this week for Gomes, truly the best is yet to come!

‘T.B. Joshua’s church was bombed!!!’ – Femi Fani Kayode

Fani kayode gejNigeria’s former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode, has made a staggering revelation on Facebook about the building that fatally collapsed within The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations premises in September 2014.

According to Kayode, “There are strong speculations that Prophet T.B. Joshua’s church was brought down by a remote-control device and not a faulty foundation”.

The famed lawyer’s shocking statement stands in contrast to the position of the Lagos State Government, which has been fighting a prolonged legal battle insisting the building collapsed due to structural faults.

The Nigerian politician added that the helicopter which tragically killed Kaduna Governor Patrick Yakowa and Nigeria’s former national security advisor, Gen Azazi, in 2012 was “brought down by a similar device and by the same people”.

femi kayode facebookThe fiery advocate surmised that forces from within the then Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan’s intelligence were the brains behind both tragedies.

“They were inspired, sponsored and encouraged by certain forces from outside government,” he said. “The objective was to weaken Jonathan and ultimately to get him out of power.”

He then opined that the current travails of another Nigerian Pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleman, were also orchestrated by the same group.

From the onset, T.B. Joshua insisted that structural defects were not the cause of the incident, noting that a military aircraft encircled the building several times before its sudden collapse.

CCTV footage of the deadly collapse, showing the swiftness and straightness of its uncanny descent, went viral on YouTube, giving room to speculations that some form of ‘controlled demolition’ was responsible.

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian writer (

Former Aviation Minister Insists Military Plane Brought Down Synagogue Building

femi fani kayode

Chife Femi Fani Kayode

A Nigerian former minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has come out to made shocking revelations regarding the Friday, September 12th, 2014, Synagogue Church of All Nation, SCOAN’s building collapse that lead to the death of 126 persons, mostly South Africans pilgrims.

The former minister of Aviation in a series of Tweets and Facebook post on his social media page claimed to have carried out investigations into the collapse and is willing to expose the people behind it.

plane buildingHe further noted that there was a reason behind the plane which hovered around the church before its collapse on that fateful day; the target was T.B Joshua and his success.

This was his statements: “The truth about the mysterious plane that hovered over Prophet TB Joshua’s Church before it collapsed and killed 126 people will soon be out.

I’m still doing the research before writing and it is blowing my mind. One thing is clear the plane brought down the building and the target was TB Joshua and his great success.

This was an evil and cruel act and I intend to expose those that were behind it.”

Also, read his tweets below:

femi fani kayode tweets

SCOAN Building Collapse and T.B. Joshua’s Enduring Global Profile

Who is TB JoshuaWhat remains unusual since the SCOAN Collapse building incident is the way the Ministry has been handling the crisis and the disposition of Prophet T.B Joshua towards the issue. We cannot remember when last T.B. Joshua raised any concern in the SCOAN live Sunday service about the building collapse incident. The level of calmness and confidence the prophet has shown is the strongest message so far to the world and those behind the building collapsed that the truth will surely prevail.

They said an honest man has nothing to fear. Prophet T.B. Joshua has proven his honesty as far as the SCOAN building Collapse issue is concerned. The Prophet has shown to the world that he has nothing to fear because his Ministry is the victim and the truth will definitely be unveiled. The SCOAN never allowed Coronal Oyetade Komolafe’s one-sided verdict that was later declared illegal by a competent court of jurisdiction and fake news by the press to affect their focus instead, SCOAN has been making good use of the situation to boost the Ministry profile by confirming the indisputable truth in the heart of the independent minds that indeed Prophet T.B. Joshua is a true Prophet of God that has been assigned to expose and stand against the evil in our world. The powerful evil forces are coming after his life and Ministry because the Prophet is watching over the world and exposing the evil-doers amongst men.

It is no longer a hidden truth that powerful elements in authorities has been working tirelessly to cover the SCOAN attack and has shown they are adamant to the truth, despite the uncut evidence that points to sabotage. The facts remain that no matter the high level of conspiracies by the powers that be, everything will work together for the good of the Church and the Gospel of Christ must be preached all over the world with Power. The handwriting is there on the wall just waiting for the manifestation.

Sometimes God allows evildoers to have their way so we can appreciate the good amongst us. Those with a pure spirit and true Christians that are led by the biblical principle of LOVE knows what Prophet T.B. Joshua and the SCOAN are going through right now from the world and its established institutions are scriptural. True Messengers of God with the world redemption mission are always victims of injustice from the powers that be. The same people that falsely accused Christ Jesus influenced His sentenced as well as killed Him. So why should any believer be moved by the same worldly institution that succeeded in attacking the church, accused the body of Christ of wrongdoing and at the same time want to influence the sentence against the victims of oppression, because the grace of God upon the life and Ministry of the Prophet is beyond their reach and comprehension.

The Ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua stands out among others. God has continued to use the Prophet extraordinarily to positively shape the lives of many around the world. The unique grace of God upon the life and Ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua is what attracts hatred and envy towards the Prophet, just as our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in His days on earth, which led evil doers to conspire among themselves to crucify Him.

South African Scoan Visitor Strange Aircraft

A South African SCOAN Visitor Captured the Strange Aircraft on Camera

They thought the SCOAN guest house collapse incident and the consistent negative Press would destroy the reputation of Prophet T.B. Joshua and affect the SCOAN popularity, unfortunately to them that was not the case, the incident has attracted the attention of the world to the Prophet’s Ministry. If the devil knows that the death of Christ means the redemption of the world from his grip, do you think he would be foolish to allow it? The incident has technically been used to build the profile of the Prophet Globally, especially among those (the independent minds) that knows the truth and have continued to monitor the events that have been unfolding since the building collapse incident.

It is no longer news that foreign missions have continued to seek the Prophet to come visit their respective countries and hold mega crusades in their nations. Are these foreign missions not aware of the building collapse, the military airplane, the CCTV footage that captured the collapse, Coronal Oyetade Komolafe’s one-sided verdict, negative Press and the stands of the Prophet?

Due to the shameless way the Lagos authorities has been handling the SCOAN guest house collapse incident, some foreign missions even wants the Prophet T.B. Joshua to relocate to their respective countries and continue his ministry there if the need arises.

To those who are in authorities and are privileged to be in the position to place culpability where it should be, always bear this in mind that the world is watching. The future is a mystery; our role today will determine our future.


Cannibalism Scoan tb Joshua Throughout his childhood, Mr Musoke from Uganda knew nothing about meat and what it tasted like. However, a day came at the age of 13 when his mother introduced him to a queer diet that would redefine his life forever. After she prepared an unidentified fresh meat with herbs for him to eat, he ate and enjoyed it. Unbeknownst to him, the young Musoke was feasting on freshly cooked human flesh! The following day, the boy was taken to a spiritualist and an incision made in his eye – a physical sign of the spiritual ‘lion’ that had possessed him, pushing him to hunt for fresh ‘meat’.

By the time Mr Musoke turned 15, his appetite for human flesh had grown fully and was well developed. When he attained the age of 18, he began hunting in the dead of night for unsuspecting ‘prey’. “At night, I turned into a different person,” he told the congregation and viewers all over the world whilst sharing his sordid experiences. The urge to eat flesh was so strong that it was beyond natural resistance.

Whenever someone died in the neighborhood and was buried, Mr Musoke and his fellow cannibals would converge at a meeting point where the dead body would be consumed. Revealing how the practice was carried out, he recounted in graphic detail how the spirit within him would direct him in the night and position him in the midst of his gang. They were usually led by an elder cannibal in the community who performed a magic spell that exhumed the dead body from the grave and placed it before the feasting group that included elderly, young and children.

Cannibal scoan TB JoshuaHis appetite for the human flesh grew so wild that, if he found no freshly buried dead body to eat from the cemetery, he prowled the community as a predator. He dug a huge hole at his house with upward pointing spears at its bottom. He placed a seat just in front of the hole – his human trap. Once Mr. Musoke had decide who to eat, he invited them to his house for a chat. He would then motion his unsuspecting victim to sit in the seat positioned before the human trap. Once his visitor settles into comfort, Mr Musoke would push the visitor into the hole. ‘Meat’ had been secured.

When asked as to whether he could recall the number of times he had eaten dead bodies and fresh human flesh, Mr Musoke told the congregation and viewers all over the world that he had lost count. His gory practice of exhuming and consuming corpses triggered numerous disturbances in the community. Criminal reports began to overwhelm the local police stations. Mr Musoke was arrested on numerous counts and was put behind bars five times. Even when he was living as a free man, Mr Musoke said he felt he was in prison each day. This was because his name was on everybody’s lips any time another person committed any similar crime. He became fed up with his life and started searching for a way out of that dark life.

Cannibal scoanAsked what it felt like to eat human flesh, Mr Musoke said he never felt anything whenever he ate human flesh but rather felt physically weak the day after. Having fathered five children with five different women, Mr Musoke had to stay far away from his family for their own protection, citing that the demonic spirit in him knew no bounds and that anybody – whether family or not – could land on his plate.

TB Joshua scoanPraising and thanking God for removing him from darkness and shining Light on him, Mr Musoke said that when Prophet T.B. Joshua delivered him in the name of Jesus, everything changed. He told people all over the world that the urge to eat human flesh has completely left, to the glory of God. He also said that since his deliverance, his telephone has been very busy with phone calls from those involved in the same practice telling him they are also in need of their deliverance and asking for his guidance on how to come to The SCOAN.

He advised the world to put their trust in God for nothing is impossible for Him, in Jesus’ name.

TB Joshua Ministry


TB Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

“I didn’t want anyone to know. I was afraid of what would happen if my family found out,” were the words of Miss Hope from South Africa as she shared her experience of how she started to bleed from her eyes, nose, mouth and even the pores on her arms.

At just the tender age of 8 years old, a man, who followed Hope home from school, attacked and raped her. This was the beginning of the devastation that remained for the next several years of her life. She became a magnet for perverts who would locate and molest her. Someone who she had considered a friend gave her cookies to eat, which were actually laced with drugs and caused her to pass out. The boy then raped her and brought her back to her mother’s house, claiming he didn’t know what had happened to her.

Scoan healing In 2011 she fell into a deep depression. Every time she slept, she had nightmares of being torn apart or being raped in vigorous ways. She would often see strange creatures that would come and attack her. While sleeping she would sweat excessively and would swell. One day she woke up from a nap and saw her pillow was red with blood that came from her eyes. It happened again in 2013 while at her auntie’s house. She couldn’t hide it from her auntie and confided in her not to tell anyone. From that point on, whenever she cried, she cried blood. Every 6-8 weeks she would have these strange experiences which eventually led her to bleed out of every single crevice or opening of her body.

Scoan testimonyOne day Hope’s sister asked to borrow her phone and discovered the pictures of Hope’s disturbing bloody face and immediately informed their mother. The whole family was turned upside down from Hope’s condition. They didn’t know how to help her as doctors could not diagnose her strange predicament. When she began menstruating, her period would last for 40 days at a time, sometimes only having two days in between before menstruating another 40 days. Her condition became more obvious and she was not able to hide her problem from the public anymore. One day she started bleeding from her face in school and the children noticed it. They mocked her and called her a “devil child” because of what they saw happening to her. Due to the obscure condition, she was kicked out of school, because the faculty did not know how to handle the situation.

Scoan deliveranceDepression set in and fatigue took over. Unable to sleep for more than two hours led to severe stress which caused her not to be able to eat. What’s more is that every time she wanted to read her Bible, she would start bleeding from her eyes. “I started to hate myself and contemplated suicide. My mom walked in on me trying to hang myself and saved me.” Each time she tried to end her life, something would stop her from succeeding. The stress of her unusual situation led to hair loss. It started with patches falling out on the side, to eventually falling out all over.

Scoan testimonyTired of being rejected and in need of a lasting solution, Hope sought an answer to her problem from God Almighty. She discovered Emmanuel TV and would watch relentlessly in hope that one day she would receive her own healing. On the road to poverty due to excessive medical bills, Miss Hope’s mother did every proper thing to raise money to bring her daughter to The SCOAN for deliverance. “I came to The SCOAN because I wanted a proper relationship with Jesus Christ. Exactly what I was looking for, I found at The SCOAN,” said Hope.

Since her deliverance she declared that she has received so much rest in her body, spirit and soul. For the first time in her life, she no longer has perverts stalking and harming her. “I am so revived and on fire for Jesus. I am a new person. I regained everything in a double portion.” Since that wonderful day about one year ago, she has no longer bled from any crevice of her body. Her menstruation is now a healthy 3-4 days in duration and completely regular. “When I cry I say, ‘Thank You, Jesus,’ because my tears are crystal clear. Every time I sneeze, I say, ‘Thank You, Jesus,’ because there is no blood. When I cough I am happy because I am no longer coughing blood.” The things most people take for granted are Hope’s greatest joys. Her hair has also grown back even thicker and healthier than ever before.

Scoan testimonyFinally, Miss Hope’s mother testified that her daughter’s marks in school have been in top ranks and that after the deliverance, their entire family has been restored. Hope advised those listening to “Cast your cares upon Jesus for He cares for you.”

TB Joshua Ministry 


Prophet TB JoshuaAs the two days healings, deliverances and Prophetic rivival services at the Synagogue church of all nations (SCOAN) comes to an end today. Their was a shocking confession and deliverance of an Ugandan man, who was into cannibalism after he was exposed by Prophet T.B. Joshua during the Prophetic ministration.

The man confessed how he eats human flesh. He said, after luring his vitims to his house, he offered them a seat, under which thier is a big hole. He would then push his unsuspecting visitors inside the hole. If the fall did not kill them, he would kill them and immediately eat their flesh. He also said, he goes to the graveyard to dig out newly buried dead bodies and then eats their flesh.

Cannibal scoanThe man confessed that this act has even caused him to be arrested many time by those in authorities, because he was being suspected as been responsible for missing dead bodies.

After his confession, the man was thereafter prayed for and declared free by Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Bellow is how the story was posted on the TB Joshua’s Ministry Official Facebook page:

Cannibal scoan TB Joshua“There is a strange man in our midst,” the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua said. He pointed out the man from a distance and prophesied that he sees blood – human blood – in him. “Do you eat human flesh?” the man of God asked directly. “Yes, I eat human flesh fresh,” the man admitted without a blink. What followed was a violent manifestation of the demonic spirit of cannibalism in the man after the man of God touched and prayed for him in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The man explained that this problem started when he was young and his mother served him meat from an unknown source. Growing up, he realised that he had an unquenchable urge to murder and eat the flesh of human beings.

TB Joshua scoanIn exposing his practice, he confessed he would dig a deep pit in his house which he would cover with a couch, lure people home and offer them a seat. He would then push his unsuspecting visitor inside; if the fall did not kill them, he would kill them and immediately eat their flesh. He said he used to burn many witchcraft items and shrines in order to increase his demonic powers.

He also confessed that if someone died in the community, he and his fellow cannibals would go to the cemetery at night, dig up the dead body and feast on it in a ghoulish manner. On numerous occasions, he was arrested when family members of the bodies he had dug up and eaten suspected him and reported him to the police. He had also been arrested several times on account of murder.

He said the urge had pushed him to do things beyond human comprehension and that it was when he discovered Emmanuel TV in Uganda that he decided to come to The SCOAN to seek deliverance from his gory appetite. Prophet T.B. Joshua delivered him in the name of Jesus Christ.

TB Joshua Ministries