A military plane Captured going round the Scoan guest house four times before it collapsed.

Here is the touching experience of Faith Mphelo from South Africa , one of the survivors of the tragic incident that occurred at The SCOAN on September 12th 2014:

“My testimony goes like this: I went to The SCOAN the day before my birthday which was on the 10th of September 2014 to get my deliverance. I am one of the survivors of the building that was attacked on the 12th of September 2014. I was in the dining area during lunch time. I stood up to go and get food when I heard a sound from the top. When I looked, I saw a big crack and that’s when I fell on the floor holding another girl’s hand that I didn’t know personally.

“When the ceiling fell on us, we started to pray. In the space that I was in, there were also other people who survived. We prayed and worshiped our Father in Heaven. After I prayed, I started to confess my sins. That’s when I felt this breeze coming in out of nowhere and also saw this incredible light. At first I couldn’t understand where it came from but then I realised that it was God’s presence.

“For the first time in my life, I was comfortable. Under all that concrete that was above me, it felt like I was sleeping on green grass with Jesus next to me. It reminded me of Psalm 23! I wasn’t scared; I was so brave for the first time in my life. I didn’t sustain any injuries.

“Two days later after being brought out of the building, when I saw the Prophet face to face and he prayed for me, I felt something come out of me. I was freed from the darkness! From that day on I knew who I was in God eyes. I just thank God everyday that I’m alive today.

“If I didn’t listen to God telling me that I should go to The SCOAN, I would have died by now. I would have killed myself and left my daughter behind. I thank God that I’m alive now to see my daughter.

“This was an uncommon challenge and now I know that the uncommon blessing is not only for me but my family also. One thing I’ve learnt is to have love, that love is greater! Love those who do both good and bad to you and greater things will happen for you, in the name of Jesus!

“As a young adult like me who didn’t know who she really was and who was trapped in a cage, I now know my identity in Christ after my life-changing visit to The SCOAN.

”Remember, as Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “Whether we die young or old, what matters is the grace to continue living hereafter. Heaven is our home.”

Breaking News:- An Eyewitness The Jet About 10 Foot From the Building.

Editors Note: What we at TB Joshua Fans UK think about what happened and would like SCOAN to look into the visitors who lodged in that building that week. Possibly those that left that morning. We believes someone was used to place something in strategic spots in the building for the Jet to activate, thus making the building to collapse.  The Coroner  Oyetade Komolafe, CSP Haruna Alaba, the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Ikotun Police Station and all bodies looking into the cause of the building collapse must NOT rule out the presence of the JET.

This clearly shows that the Jet was used to activate whatever they must have placed in the building.

The airport is located on the east of the Church and flights that take off flies over the Church from the east at a higher a altitude, but the Jet that flew over the Church gust house on the 12th September, 2014 flew from the west.

An eyewitness told me; the first time the Jet flew over the building “It was about 60 foot gap from the building, the second time it was about 40 foot gap between the building and the Jet, the third time it came lower about 20 foot from the building the fourth time it came lower about 10 foot from the building.


To prove our point see what the “NPF” had to say

The Police on Thursday said it was still investigating the recent collapse of a guest house within the Synagogue Church of All Nations to ascertain whether it was due to sabotage. CSP Haruna Alaba, the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Ikotun Police Station, disclosed this while testifying before the Coroner’s Inquest into the cause of the collapse of the six-storey building.

Led in evidence by Mr Chukwu Agwu, the Police counsel, the DPO said that the circumstances surrounding the collapse of the building warranted the police to explore all possible angles. Alaba said after watching a video clip of controlled demolition of buildings shown on Emmanuel TV, he was of the opinion that the Synagogue incident could have been an act of sabotage.

According to him, with the low level of security awareness, it could have been possible for somebody to plant a bomb within the church’s premises.  He said: “We are looking at possible sabotage and we are investigating that.”

The witness said the investigation was being conducted by DSP Olusola Agboyi from the Department of Criminal Investigation, Yaba, Lagos.

Alaba told the inquest presided over by Mr Oyetade Komolafe, that he could not remember whether the Bomb Disposal Unit visited the scene after the incident.

When cross examined by Mr Olalekan Ojo, the church’s counsel, the DPO said that on the day of the incident, the police got a distress call that an aircraft was flying low around the Ikotun area.

“My Lord, the aircraft was flying at a very low altitude. From Ikotun angle, we see aircrafts flying almost every day, but it is usually at a high altitude.

“However, this particular one was flying very low and that was why they called our control room,” the DPO added. 1

He said a few hours later, one of his officers assigned to the Synagogue Church called him that one of the buildings within the church had collapsed.

According to him, he immediately moved to the church with some officers and barricaded the two entrances to prevent hoodlums from taking advantage of the situation.

“On that day, people were confused. There was panic and that was why the police barricaded the entrances to the scene.

“The barricade was not to prevent or delay emergency response agencies from performing their duties,” he said.

CSP Haruna Alaba also debunked claims by the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) and National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) that their officials were assaulted.


He said both agencies came to the scene without an ambulance, adding that the church provided 11 ambulances while the Nigerian Red Cross Society and Life Savers provided one each.

He said both agencies came to the scene without an ambulance, adding that the SCOAN provided 11 ambulances while the Nigerian Red Cross Society and Life Savers provided one each.

He said both agencies came to the scene without an ambulance, adding that the SCOAN provided 11 ambulances while the Nigerian Red Cross Society and Life Savers provided one each.

Unlike the Nigeria media among TB Joshua enemies that publish so many lies on the internet, Lawyer Bally Chuene says there is no basis for the allegations that have been circulating saying Joshua was uncooperative He says soon after the collapse, the church contracted certain companies to come and assist with the rescue operations. “The mandate at this point was clear, let’s see how best to save more lives,” says Chuene. The Nigerian emergency operations soon also came on board. Chuene says when the Nigerian authorities arrived, the church fully cooperated with them. Chuene went to Nigeria last week. He was part of a committee that met daily to give information to the consul general and the high commissioner so they can feed back this information back to South Africa.


The Police have said they were not ruling out sabotage in the collapse of a Guest House within the premises of the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos.

The Divisional Police Officer, Ikotun Police Station, CSP Haruna Alaba, stated this yesterday while testifying before the Lagos State Coroner, Mr. Oyetade Komolafe, who is investigating the September 12 building collapse that killed over 100 persons.

Led in evidence by the counsel to the Nigeria Police, Mr. Chukwu Agwu, he said the force was investigating anything that could have led to the incident, including the ‘possibility of sabotage by external forces.’

According to him, a video being shown on Emmanuel TV (a television station belonging to the Synagogue church) of collapsed buildings and controlled demolitions, has further prompted the police to carry out more investigations.

Alaba said he was of the opinion that the Synagogue church incident could have been an act of sabotage due to the low level of security awareness in the area.

He told the coroner that the investigation was being conducted by DSP Olusola Agboyi from the Department of Criminal Investigation, Yaba, Lagos.

He, however, could not confirm if the Bomb Disposal Unit had visited the church.

During cross-examination by counsel to the church, Mr. Olalekan Ojo, the police officer said on the day of the incident, the police got a distress call that an aircraft was flying low in Ikotun area.

‘My Lord, the aircraft was flying at a very low altitude. From Ikotun angle, we see aircrafts flying almost every day but it is usually on a high altitude.

‘However, this particular one was flying very low and that was why they called our control room,’ the DPO stated.

He said a few hours after the report of the low-flying aircraft, one of the officers he assigned to the Synagogue Church, called to say that a building within the church had collapsed.

Alaba said he immediately moved to the church with some officers and barricaded the two entrances to prevent hoodlums from taking advantage of the situation.

‘On that day, people were confused. There was panic and that was why the police barricaded the entrances to the scene.

The barricade was not to prevent or delay emergency response agencies from performing their duties,’ he added.

Alaba, however, debunked the allegation by the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) and National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) that their officials were assaulted.

He said both agencies came to the scene without any ambulance, adding that the church provided 11 ambulances, while the Nigerian Red Cross Society and Life Savers provided one each.

Meanwhile, the coroner, yesterday ordered that the founder of the church, Prophet Temitope Joshua, should appear before the court to give evidence.

Joshua was earlier slated to appear on Tuesday but his counsel told the court that he was yet to be served with the witness summons.

Aside the invitation of Synagogue’s founder, the coroner also directed the church to produce the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage of the rescue operation at the scene of the collapsed building from September 12 to 19, while CSP Alaba should submit a certified true copy of the Ikotun Police Station register of the period of the incident to the court.

The inquest was adjourned till Nov.19 for further hearing.

The Sun.

Why T.B. Joshua’s Church Collapse Actually Convinced Me He Is A Genuine Man Of God

I know many will be surprised at this opinion but it is an honest and frank progression of thoughts from an open-minded individual, not emboldened by any personal bigotry, political agenda or religious connotation.

T.B. Joshua is a name I was distantly aware of prior to the tragic collapse of a guesthouse within his premises on September 12th 2014 that plummeted over 100 salvation-seeking individuals into a premature grave. Indeed, I don’t think there is any Nigerian who can feign ignorance of Joshua’s fame and miraculous claims.

However, by virtue of both location and vocation, there had been no specific reason for me to form any particular opinion or premonition concerning him despite the volume of vitriolic reports I believe we have all heard or read to some degree in time-past.

I certainly respected Pastor Joshua for his commendable humanitarian services, just as I do anyone who gainfully uses their resources for the benefit and benefaction of others, but my train of thoughts had not travelled toward any further conclusive trajectory.

Therefore, the tragic incident and wave of attention bestowed relentlessly on Joshua in its wake provided fodder for reflection. Although I am not a personal adherent to the rather cryptic ‘marmite philosophy’ of ‘you either love it or hate it’, T.B. Joshua’s case appears to aptly illustrate this. Just look at the vast chasm between unreasonable detestation and irrational devotion displayed by Joshua’s foes and fans alike in online commentaries and debates!

I would opt more on the side of neutrality, governed hopefully by rationality! As a Christian, brought up under a strict moral barometer, I certainly consider myself a ‘spiritual realist’. I would like to believe I am governed by the indomitable principle that forces for both good and evil exist in this world and an individual has a candid choice as to which direction he swings in and thus which influence he operates under.

Therefore, the barrage of negativity and scathing personal attacks on Joshua that spread like wildfire in the wake of the tragic incident certainly irked me. I pose a question at this point – why would a tragedy provide any logical yardstick for determining the authenticity of an individual related to it?

Let me state a few points I observed. Firstly, unreasonable assertions founded on inconclusive insinuations were published as if they were sacrosanct. For example, the statement attributed to a NEMA official who had just arrived on the scene claiming the building’s foundations were not sufficiently strengthened to withstand the additional floors being added was widely quoted and formed a core basis for criticism. However, his arrival at such conclusion without actually digging up the foundation to test its strength was neither questioned nor queried. Also, are disaster management personnel in the right position to give authoritative information on construction matters?

Numerous reports questioned the empathy and efficiency of The SCOAN’s initial response, alleging that emergency workers were refused access to the site. An article published in South Africa’s best selling newspaper theatrically titled, ‘Blood On Their Hands’, even suggested the secrecy that shrouded the incident’s aftermath resulted in a higher death toll. These reports were accentuated whereas conflicting reports detailing the efficiency of The SCOAN’s response and the ‘miracles’ behind the rescues of over 130 were significantly downplayed.

T.B. Joshua’s statement shortly after the incident noting ‘a strange plane’ that flew over the building several times, alongside the release of security footage that captured the horrific incident, was widely condemned as irresponsible, irrational and insensitive. Yet, to date, no NAMA official has made a public statement explaining the plane’s mission in Ikotun that day, if indeed nothing sinister was involved.

Emmanuel TV’s release of a video showcasing controlled demolitions and their remarkable semblance to the manner in which The SCOAN building collapsed was similarly left out of many media reports as the conclusion of structural defects had already been suitably positioned in people’s reasoning.

At this juncture, I must posit that as an individual with some knowledge in construction matters, the manner of the ‘pancake collapse’ I witnessed from The Synagogue security footage certainly doesn’t suggest structural deficiencies. Let’s hope investigators unravel the truth!

Calls for Joshua’s incarceration and prosecution were championed by even respected Nigerian scholars abroad even though the official investigation has not (as yet) declared any shred of culpability on the part of The SCOAN.

To buttress my point, take a look at a piece penned by one skeptic named Leo Igwe on Sahara Reporters. It is titled, ‘T B Joshua: The Collapse Of A Charlatan’ and basically opines that Joshua’s collapsed building signals ‘the slow and gradual crumbling of a mega charlatanic ministry being spearheaded by one of the most notorious evangelical con artists Nigeria has ever known.’

The article contains no substance or systematic thought processes whatsoever; it is simply a barrage of incensed accusations of fabrication and deception against Joshua and Christianity in general. Why was it that Igwe’s openly anti-Christian rantings were given such free advertising? Surely, the focus should have been on the wellbeing of those who lost loved ones in the tragedy (to whom I send my sincere and heartfelt condolences) and not Pastor Joshua’s spiritual legitimacy?

Similarly, a laughable report in Nigeria’s Vanguard newspaper shortly after the incident questioning Joshua’s miraculous abilities was prejudiced to the point of embarrassment. If a similar report had been filed on another subject matter, it would have been rejected for its blatant disregard for journalistic ethics and lack of credibility, yet it was not only published but disseminated on various online sites and foreign newspapers.

People repeatedly and usually sarcastically questioned on social media why Joshua had not ‘prophesied’ his own building collapse despite his famed divine insight to foresee events of international significance. The question certainly has validity but it is by no means a factor by which genuineness can be ascertained. Are we positioning Joshua on the level of our Creator by suggesting he must be ‘all-knowing’?

I ask the question here – had this tragic incident happened in the premises of a business tycoon or prominent hotelier, would the venom unleashed towards its owner have been proportionate to that leveled at T.B. Joshua?

It appears to me that people had already prepared and preloaded ‘ammunition’ against Pastor Joshua, awaiting an opportunity to unleash them in a concerted attempt at character assassination. The tragic incident simply provided the sufficient media and public attention to respectably mask motives yet spew forth venom.

In this respect, the amount of criticism leveled toward Joshua actually had an adverse affect on me. Why would people fight someone to such an extent, straining to paint him black, if he was not standing up for what is right? Why would such vehement personal attacks arise against an individual, who has not been found guilty on any counts as yet, without another sinister motive at play? What evidence is there of a man who stands for light if darkness does not attempt to snuff him out?

The more I listen to T.B. Joshua’s teachings on Emmanuel TV, watch the miraculous activities, eye-opening confessions and touching testimonies, the more I begin to understand. What happened that day was an attack, not just on T.B. Joshua or Nigeria, but on the kingdom of God.

In this matter, although it may be against popular opinion, I humbly yield to the promptings of my conscience – T.B. Joshua is a servant of the Most High.

Johnson Abayomi, a football coach of Nigerian origin, wrote this from his base in Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Today something incredibly revealing happened in the blogosphere. Something we would not have believed even if we were told. The vocal TBJ critic blog who assert themselves an authority in everything TB Joshua and SCOAN published an article on the SCOAN tragedy. In the article, they posted a photo of the collapsed building to undermine the theory of a controlled demolition with the caption:

SCOAN say that the collapse must have been a controlled explosion because it was “rapid, total and near-symmetrical”. Does this photo support the theory?


The initial photo and caption used by TB Joshua watch to represent the collapsed SCOAN Building

The revealing fact of this sordid attempt to debunk the theory of controlled demolition is that the photo they used WAS NOT AT ALL the photo of the synagogue rubble, but another photo of a separate collapse elsewhere. A fact which a commenter by the name Andrew pointed out to them in these words:

1. Andrewsays:  November 3, 2014 at 6:46 am@TBJwatch, please, that photo you posted in this article is not the photo of the building that collapsed at SCOAN, PLEASSE, why must you mislead people with it. that was not a photo of the collapsed building. that building that collapsed, collapsed totally, what is wrong with you guys? what is your problem, Just what are you planning to achieve with this? in your search for a photo to use in this post, you ignored all the live photos of the disaster taken by different journalists and even news crews and go over a limb to use a different photo from that of the collapse. may God judge this evil machination of yours, may God judge, may God judge since there is God

To which the critic watch blog replied:

*.tbjoshuawatchsays:November 3, 2014 at 7:08 am

@Andrew – apologies for that, you are in fact correct. The photo we used had been widely used in articles about the SCOAN tragedy, but on further investigation it turns out to not be a photo of that. We have no intention to mislead people, and sincerely apologise for using the wrong image. We are removing it immediately

To many, this may not seem like much but if you have been following their articles numbering over ten since the SCOAN tragedy, you would agree that this is a massive deal.

How come an acclaimed authority on this subject, having published close to ten articles on the building collapse, cannot rightly distinguish a dissimilar photo from an actual photo of the collapse rubble? even with the more than obvious striking differences?

Here are the differences below that escaped the notice of the vocal critic blog and their legion of supporters.

1.The photo they used only showed a partial collapse of the building, whereas the SCOAN guest house collapse was total.
2.The photo they used showed a building not roofed, still in construction, whereas the SCOAN guest house was completely roofed.
3.The photo they showed as the SCOAN building was a three storey building, whereas the collapse building was a six-storey building.

If they could not rightly identify a photo of the collapse rubble which is sprawled on the internet, and in error posted a false photo, how then can they rightly discern and distinguish the facts of this tragedy from the ongoing rumors?

We leave that for you to judge who consider them “A comprehensive resource on TB Joshua and SCOAN.

The lame idea of an excuse they gave for their error was this:

“The photo we used had been widely used in articles about the SCOAN tragedy…”

So they went ahead to use it without even knowing for certain or at least finding out if it was the real photo; despite this lopsided reporting and sheer negligence, they earlier in the comments replied a commenter saying:

*.tbjoshuawatchsays:November 3, 2014 at 4:22 am

@mandela if you read our article, you’d see we have done our research…..

…and a proceed of the said research was the posting of a fake photo to overcome the truth, for which they were duly reprimanded by a reader.

This is foolproof evidence that these writers are far from reality. Even, why speak us of reality when they did not even know the truth? If they had known how the collapse rubble really looked like, they would NEVER have mistaken a false photo for the true one. When you know the truth, what is false is easy to tell. These critic bloggers did not even know how a real photo of the rubble looked like; yet they assert themselves as knowing the circumstances and facts surrounding the collapse. Very impulsive.


The (original) caption-less photo used by TB Joshua critic  blog after being reprimanded by a reader

After replacing the photo with the original picture, why did they not leave the original quote underneath intact: which said:

SCOAN say that the collapse must have been a controlled explosion because it was “rapid, total and near-symmetrical”. Does this photo support the theory?

They could not because they know very well that the actual true photo of the rubble very well tells all that needs to be told of the tragedy, but they would rather not admit because of their prejudice. Neither they nor their legion of anti-Joshua commeters could discern all of this, what a blow.

On a final note, one question remains, can people who could not do so little as identify a fake photo of the collapse rubble, rightly tell you of the truth of the tragedy’s cause? If you think so feel free to listen to them; but for us, this mistake of theirs is a whistle blower of their evil machination, audible to the deaf, lucid to the blind and tangible to the paralytic.

If you still think that writers who needed their readers help to identify a false photo of the collapse rubble can tell you any truth of the collapse, feel free to listen on. You may even laud them for owning up to such a malignant error, but then it is less to their glory for admittance and more to their shame for such depth of ignorance on this subject.

Watch Tb Joshua

Open Letter To Coroner O.A Komolafe: Coroner’s Inquest Into The Synagogue Building Collapse

Ten Evidences That Synagogue Collapse Was An Act Of  ‘Controlled Demolition’
Dear Coroner,

I write this ‘open letter’ for your perusal having good hope in your impartial contemplation; emboldened because your good office afforded opportunity to members of the public with evidence material that will assist the court in its findings to indicate their interest.

Since the incident occurred at the SCOAN premises, online and print media have been awash with volumes of editorials on the catastrophe. The sordid fact about these reports is that most have turned out to be greatly misleading. They seem to be exploiting the tragedy for further barrage of criticism meant to destroy the SCOAN – criticisms that have trailed Joshua since the eighties.

It is a disastrous event and even as the whole nation mourns with the SCOAN, it should be evident that Joshua is the Chief mourner. No one should be permitted to cry more than the bereaved; or make frantic efforts to contort people’s perception from actuality to imagination, as much of the media have done in the past weeks. It is agonizing to watch how from their untruths, joined one to the other, the erroneous inference surfaced that the collapse of the building resulted from a ‘structural failure’ of the building. These are still being purported despite the CCTV videos put forth by The SCOAN to reveal what actually happened to the building. In wake of these events, I, having thoroughly studied the released CCTV videos and available survivor accounts, forthwith cite TEN REASONS why the collapse of the SCOAN building was definitely preplanned and effected by ‘controlled demolition’.

1. NO ABSOLUTE COLLAPSE BY STRUCTURAL FAILURE: The ‘structural failure’ collapse theory on the synagogue building collapse is first rendered implausible by one major problem. The simple fact that ‘structural failure’ has never — prior to or after 9/12, caused a consequent complete, rapid and symmetrical collapse of buildings. Defenders of the ‘structural failure’ theory seldom, if ever mention this simple fact. There is also a reverse truth to this fact, that aside from the alleged case of 9/12, structural failure has never caused large storey buildings to utterly collapse like a pack of cards. The reverse truth is that every previous absolute collapse has been caused by the procedure known as ‘controlled demolition, in which explosives capable of cutting steel have been placed in crucial places throughout the building and then set off in a particular order. To see how ludicrous the claim is that the collapse of the synagogue building was induced by structural failure, here are other facts typical of controlled demolition.

2. SUDDEN ONSET: in controlled demolition, the onset of the collapse is sudden, one moment, the building is perfectly motionless, the next moment it suddenly begins to collapse. But buildings even when overweighed do not suddenly buckle or break. So in a structural failure caused collapse, if we had any examples of such, the onset would be gradual. It would begin by tilting to one side or by showing Cracks and fissures in the building when subjected to overwhelming live and dead weight; but there were no signs of tilting to any side or cracking or breakage. No pillar was broken off. The building was perfectly motionless up to the moment it began to collapse.

3. STRAIGHT DOWN: The most important thing in a controlled demolition of a tall building close to other buildings is that it comes straight down, into, or at least close to its own footprint, so that it does not harm other buildings. A phenomenon which a building expert calls ‘falling inwardly’. The whole art or science of controlled demolition is oriented primarily around this goal. As Mark Loizeaux, the president of controlled demolition. Inc. has explained, “To bring [a building] down as we want, so …. no other structure is harmed,” the demolition must be completely planned,” using “the right explosive [and] the right pattern of laying the charges.” (Else 2004) if the six storey building had fallen over, it would have caused enormous amount of damage to the smaller structures around the building. According to what is alleged by many critics, accepting that ‘structural failure’ produces collapses that perfectly mimicked the collapses that have otherwise been produced only by precisely placed explosives, is verging on insane.

4. ALMOST FREE-FALL SPEED: Buildings brought down by controlled demolition collapse at almost free-fall speed. This occurs because the supports for the lower floors are destroyed so that when the upper floors come down, they encounter no resistance. The fact that the collapse of the synagogue building mimicked this feature of controlled demolition is seen in the CCTV video released by the SCOAN. The building collapsed in approximately 4 seconds. If the building had collapsed through a structural failure, the lower floors with all their steel and concrete would have provided some resistance. The upper floors could not have fallen through them at the same speed as they would fall through the air. Accepting that this building collapsed due to structural failure is accepting a charade, because every floor of every storey, fell as though nothing existed below it but air. The storey’s must all have been falling simultaneously to reach the ground in such short amount of time. This highlights a feature in the method known as controlled demolition. Each floor of a building is destroyed at just the moment the floor above it is about to strike it, thus the floors fall simultaneously, and in virtual free-fall. Only well placed explosives can do this. This is what happens in controlled demolition.

5. TOTAL COLLAPSE: The alleged ‘structural failure’ collapse theory is even more decisively ruled out by the fact that the collapse was total. The large six-storey building collapsed into piles of rubble lesser than the height of the ground floor. How was that possible? There is no way a structural failure could cause a global that is total collapse at virtually free-fall speed. Some walls should most certainly have remained standing, even earthquakes, which have produced some partial collapses, have never produced total collapses. As is seen in the photo; each floor of the storey- building in the rubble was seen piled one upon the other like slices of bread. ​


​6. SLICED STEEL: In controlled demolitions of high-rise buildings, explosives are used to slice the steel columns and beams into pieces. A representative of controlled Demolition. Inc. has said of RDX, one of the commonly used high explosives, that it slices steel like a “razor blade through a tomato”. The steel is, moreover, not merely sliced: it is sliced into manageable lengths. As Controlled Demolition, Inc., says in its publicity: “Our DREXSTM systems… segment steel into pieces matching the lifting capacity of the available equipment.” The collapse of the synagogue building, it seems, somehow managed to mimic this feature of controlled demolitions as well. Studying the building collapse site reveals that much of the steel has been chopped up into sections that can easily be loaded onto the equipment’s that were cleaning up the rubble.


7. PULVERIZATION OF CONCRETE AND OTHER MATERIALS: Another feature of controlled demolition is the production of A LOT OF DUST, because explosives powerful enough to cut steel columns will pulverize concrete and most other metallic and non-metallic substances into tiny particles. The CCTV video of camera 6 reveal so much dust emanating from the building sides due to the implosion. Observations at the collapse site also reveal that there was nowhere near enough rubble to account for the entire six-storey building; No single concrete block remained upon another; not even one electrical appliance like an air conditioner or refrigerator could be recovered from the building. How on earth can this happen through structural failure? The only explanation for this occurrence is the fact that most metallic constituents of the six-storey building together with the concrete were pulverized into fine powder. This fact creates a problem for the theory of ‘structural failure’ collapse, whose only available energy was gravitational energy. This energy would have been sufficient to break some of the concrete into fairly small pieces, but it would not have been anywhere close to the amount of energy needed to turn the concrete and virtually all the metallic contents of the building into tiny particles of dust.

8. DUST CLOUDS: Yet another common feature of controlled demolition is the production of dust cloud. Incredible amounts of dust and smoke result when explosions eject concrete dust from the building with great energy. And as one can see by comparing videos on the web, the collapse of the synagogue six-storey guest house produced clouds that are very similar to those produced by controlled demolitions of other structures. The question of the source of the needed energy again rises, which by far exceeded the gravitational energy available. Besides the sheer quantity of energy needed, another problem with the ‘structural failure’ collapse theory is that gravitational energy is wholly unsuited to explain the production of these dust clouds. This is most obviously the case in the first few seconds. You can see thick clouds of pulverized concrete being ejected within the first two seconds. That’s when the relative motion of the top of the building to the intact portion was only a few feet per seconds. A great amount of very fine concrete dust is ejected from the base of the building very early in the collapse when concrete slabs would only have been bumping into each other. A Zambian, Melvin Bwalya, who was standing very close to the building when it fatally caved in said to the Zambian newspaper: the church that “…I collapsed and fell a few meters away from the building where I was buried in A HEAP OF DUST.”

9. HORIZONTAL EJECTIONS: Another common feature of controlled demolition is the horizontal ejection of other materials, besides dust, from those areas of the building in which explosives were set off. In the case of the synagogue building, the CCTV Video from camera 6 reveal that large blocks of concrete and heavy pieces of steel were ejected from the areas of the building in which explosives were set off to great distances from the building. But gravitational energy is, of course, vertical, so a collapse by structural failure cannot even begin to explain these horizontal ejections.

10. SOUNDS PRODUCED BY EXPLOSIONS: Still another common feature of collapse induced by explosion’s are sounds and demolition rings, in which a series of small explosions run rapidly around a building. This feature was also manifested by the collapse of the synagogue guest house. Like all the previous features except the cutting of the steel columns inside the building. This one could be observed by witnesses. And as we have seen in the reports, there is abundant testimony to the existence of such sounds before and during the collapse of the synagogue building. A fact which was confirmed by a survivor of the incident. khathuathelo Ramovha speaking to the BBC expressed how He heard a very small sound shiiiiii….shiiiiii….shiiiiii – something like a wired bomb that had to run that wire before it could reach were the bomb is – rrrrrrrrrrrr…….grrrrrrrrrrrr so quick and wha… the building came down…..” A 39 years old Zambian businessman, Melvin Bwalya, was standing very close to the building when it fatally caved in. Speaking to Zambian Christian newspaper, ‘The Church’, also explained: “I JUST HEARD A HUGE BANG. I don’t remember anything from that moment because I am told I fainted.”


(a) Although we have already considered sufficient evidence for the theory that the building was being brought down by explosives, there is still more. Before the collapse of the building, it was recorded that at least four times, there was a crossing of a military airplane which appears to be a Hercules C-130 – a military aircraft, not civil. It remains a disturbing mystery, why and for what purpose a fighter plane was doing at midday over a residential area that many times (at least 4 times as the CCTV Camera shows) and, most especially, at close proximity over the synagogue building. It seems entirely bizarre, unserviceable and, therefore, entirely suspect.

(b) Finally, the date of the collapse of the building (September 12) refers by inference to a similar collapse of the towers of the World Trade Center of the United States on September 11, in the USA. It is therefore a logical connection of similar terrorism on The Synagogue Church of All Nations, led by Prophet T.B. Joshua.


It is, in any case, already possible to know, beyond a reasonable doubt, one very important thing: the collapse of the synagogue guest housewas done by controlled demolition; orchestrated by high level terrorists. Domestic terrorists likeBokoharam in Nigeria could not have gotten access to the buildings to plant the explosives. They probably would not have had the courtesy to make sure that the building collapsed straight down,rather than falling overonto surrounding buildings. In the light of this situation and the facts discussed in this essay.

I do therefore request your good office, and the Government of Nigeria to take the Lead in finally exposing to the world the truth about how the synagogue building collapsed.

Ref: 9/11 attack on WTC controlled demolition of high rise building;; Demolition Inc.

Stanley Oghogho – freelance Nigerian Journalist.

Confess and be free – Those behind SCOAN Tragedy

Having read through most propaganda of TB Joshua haters online – the allegations of the people coming out of their woodwork with nooses and stakes crying prosecute Him, prosecute Him, at the top of their voices. Here are some thoughts on this new video for anyone who cares to be objective enough.

Watching the new CCTV video from TB Joshua on the synagogue building catastrophe really puts the tragedy in perspective for those who are not already impervious to the truth. The pressure fumes emanating from the sides of the building just seconds before its eventual dissolve shows that something most certainly exploded from within the building with excessive force. The fumes literally gushed out of the sides of the building with so much pressure that confirms the preceding effect of powerful explosives. The pressure fumes gushed out with such high velocity that they overtook a man hastily fleeing away from the disaster; though the man was already at a considerable distance from the building before the incident.

More so, if you watch the moment of the incident closely to the right of the screen, you can observe large concrete blocks literally flung high into the air at a far distance from the building; travelling in a parabolic path whilst in projectile motion. This confirms that the concrete blocks have gained momentum from an energy source (at a point) to be able to fly so high and far away from the building at such velocity. According to newton’s law of motion: A body will remain in its state of rest or uniform motion unless it is acted upon by a force. Thus, the forceful projection of those concrete blocks totally reveals they were given an initial velocity by the violent explosions that occurred. This is in stark contrast to critic’s alleged theory of a structural defect caused collapse. The ‘defect caused collapse’ theory would have been irrevocably established if and only if those concrete blocks were falling from rest with an initial velocity of zero – as a type of free fall under gravity.

Even If one were to be super-humanly gracious to these critics, by assuming the worst case scenario that the foundation structure of that building was weak, the truth resurfaces again that it had for long previously supported the building and hence was in some measure solid. Therefore, if their assumptions were in the least correct of it being a collapse due to structural defects, we should have witnessed the exact point where the dead and live weight of the building overwhelmed its allegedly ‘inadequate’ support. This would have been made known by cracks and fissures in the building walls and pillars. Hence, practically speaking, the building would not have collapsed entirely in just four seconds. If critic’s assumption were in the least correct, then, while the tragedy happened, the expected resistance of the allegedly inadequate support would also have been noticed according to newton’s third law which states that to every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. But there was nothing of this but the rapid dissolution of a six storey building in four seconds to an unrecognizable rubble.

In conformity with the above: A building and constructions expert who also attests to have watched several buildings being demolished during the Gautrain, reveals that a building that falls by itself due to a ‘structural defect’ will NOT:

1. Fall down COMPLETELY FLAT; some walls will remain standing.

2. Will NOT fall down INWARDLY; some will fall to the sides.

3. Will NOT fall down at the SPEED this one fell, which was about four seconds.

4. It should start showing CRACKS and FOREWARN that it is about to fall.

Someone on seeing this collapse said it collapsed like sugar crumbling. A South African survivor by name Van Der Byl who lost his wife in the tragedy insists that TB Joshua should not be blamed for the incident. His narration of the events leading to the incident gives further confirmations of the above points. The points gleaned from his statements can be summarized thus:

1. He stated that there was NO WARNING SIGN that such a thing would happen.

2. He affirmed that NONE of the PILLARS had broken off.

3. He stated that The building did not TILT to any SIDE

4. As they were in the dining room on the GROUND FLOOR, he just noticed that the opposite side BROKE OUT.

5. In THREE SECONDS; the whole building crashed on top of them.

6. HE classified the materials being used in the building at TOP QUALITY, including the steel.

Another survivor of the incident khathuathelo Ramovha speaking to the BBC expressed how He heard a very small sound shiiiiii….shiiiiii….shiiiiii – something like a wired bomb that had to run that wire before it could reach were the bomb is – rrrrrrrrrrrr…….grrrrrrrrrrrr so quick and wha… the building came down…..”
From about 00:34 of the video below:

It is very sad that people are feigning blindness to something as glaring as the truth that this is a premeditated and concerted attack on the SCOAN. How can anyone be so blind not to see that the dissolution of a large six storey building to a pile of rubble in just four seconds is not normal? Unfortunately, there as so many of such people, than those who have eyes and can see with them. Even If many people are so blind to these facts, we are glad not the leaders, especially the president of South Africa who is quoted to have said:

“…TB Joshua should be spared criticism for the collapse of a church building which resulted in the deaths of at least 84 South Africans…”The outpouring of criticism is unwarranted and calls for the Public Protector to be deployed to Nigeria are a gross over reaction,” the president said.
With this comment he seems to believe that the building was attacked, but this statement is a safe way of expressing what he believes while simultaneously not appearing to be subservient to TB Joshua’s stand on the issue. Nigeria, your hypocrisy stinks in every corner and alleyway, the manner in which you cry more than the bereaved.

Watch the full video below:

By J Harward UK Freelance Journalist

War against the Synagogue of God

The battle against Prophet T.B Joshua’s ministry is one of a continuous nature, the ministry is being fought on many fronts and the September 12th 2014; attack on the SCOAN visitor’s guesthouse is another dimension in the warfare to bring down the ministry. By bringing disrepute to Prophet T.B Joshua and creating situations that will warrant for him to be possibly charged with Homicide.

We will like to bring your attention to some recent happenings that many may not have taking note of, what you think you know was staged to tarnish the image of the Prophet and also cause people to doubt his calling:

Before the June 12, 2014 FIFA World cup there was a plan to implicate Ogenyi Onazi on the grounds of match-fixing allegations in other to stop him from participating in the FIFA world Cup and indirectly tarnish the image of his sponsor and mentor, Prophet T.B Joshua. Onazi happened to have had an encounter with Mr Okoroji who was a fellow Nigerian. Mr Okoroji who news report later confirmed to be a FIFA licensed agent invited Onazi to a meeting where match-fixing was being discussed, unknown to Onazi, he was the target in a setup. There were undercover agents with hidden cameras and recording devices in the meeting. But Onazi was a player that had the fear of God, so he told them NO to match-fixing and walked out of the meeting. The whole issue was exposed on News media and the internet (Here, Here), but since Onazi was found blameless in the whole saga, many overlooked it and didn’t take the matter serious.

Seeing that they did not succeed with their match fixing allegation to stop Onazi from participating in the world cup, there was another plot to injure him. They succeeded this time and it caused Nigeria to loss to France by 2goals to nil. Those who watched the match can attest to the fact that after Onazi left the field of play, Nigeria opponent started to have an upper hand in the game that later eliminated Nigeria out of the FIFA tournament. FIFA ignored all appeal to take disciplinary action against the player that injured Onazi, they acted as if nothing happened and swept the matter under the carpet, unlike Luis Suarez that was sanctioned after the incident with Giorgio Chiellini. (Here, Here)


Remember we are in a world under the authority of Satan and anything that will promote God and give glory to Him will always be resisted by his agents. They have taking over the institutions of the world and are working endlessly to promote Satan’s vendetta. Take for instance, the Jim Iyke story because he came to SCOAN for deliverance, they tried to destroy his relationship to prove that his deliverance was arranged (Here, Here). We will like to end it here, but we will also want the good people of the world to judge. This evil people are sending messages to the church and the world. Take for instance the “9/11” attack on the world trade center and recently a “9/12” attack on SCOAN guest-house that houses foreign visitors.

To the true church of God, it’s about time we woke up from our slumber and face the reality that is before us, there is a secret battle against the church and the church needs to be united to fight it.

MESSAGE FROM‪ TBJoshua‬- SUNDAY 28.09.2014

Good morning church and viewers all over the world. I want to thank you for your prayer and your love for the victims and relations of all those involved in the incident.

The battle is for the Lord. I really want to thank God. God has been doing so much. We need to know a thousand victories, all the way long. Glory and honour to God Almighty.

For those who are outside the Lord, they would not know. When you are outside God, you will not know what I am talking about. When you are outside the light, you can’t understand what I am talking about.

For the three weeks before the incident, if you heard my message and sat down, you would know I was giving you a vision and prophetic Word on how to handle the situation at hand. Trials and tests are meant for our belief. I go by the directives of God.

I salute the martyrs of faith and the victims. I also salute their relations. My love and my prayers are always with them. The martyrs, victims and their relations, what they would like to see is the work of God continue. That is what they died for, suffered for and are living for.

From your heart, commit the relations of the martyrs to God. Ask God to strengthen them and open their understanding more to know and understand what happened here. Ask God to give them the grace to continue in God. In Him we live; in Him we move. Ask God to give them the grace to continue the work of salvation.

Remember the victims in one way or the other and ask for God’s intervention. Ask God for His power of resurrection within them and outside them, in Jesus Christ’s name we pray.

Remain silent and give thanks to God, within you. I want you to change your confession and give thanks to God.

Listen to God, not men. Don’t let your faith be disturbed. If anyone wants to disturb your faith with their negative words and message, remember God. See the need of God the more. See the need of serving the Lord the more, the need of moving closer to Him.

Don’t be disturbed. Pray for the relations; pray for the victims. That is your assignment – your love and prayer for the victims and the relations of the martyrs. That is your duty at this time.

Don’t allow yourself to be used by satan. If you do, satan will use his people to run to you and disturb you the more. This is an opportunity for them to disturb your faith with their negative words. Those who hate you and those who want you to die will run after you because of this issue. It is not that they love you but they want to see your countenance, your appearance, how you look and whether you are worried. Never allow this. Remember Jesus. Don’t change your words in a moment. Jesus is Lord.

What you saw happen – God is aware. If God is aware, who else is aware does not matter. The martyrs, victims and relations want to see your faith grow; they want to see the work of salvation and the work of God in your life continue. They want to see you serve the Lord the more. The only way you can allow the work of God to continue is to be with yourself and God, not to allow intruders and people around you to advise you and tell you what to do when they could not stop what happened.

I pray the satanic agents should be the only ones to suffer this. I said, our God will get back to them. Warn your family and brothers about their talk. You will know I am a man of God this time. People who are looking for your downfall and run to disturb your spirit, warn them to be careful of their tongues and the people who come to them. God is a God of vengeance – anybody can go for it.

You cannot help me, only God. Don’t disturb me; please leave me with God. You will see the outcome. I am saying this so that only the people who did this will suffer for it and you will not in any way suffer for it. The people who are writing whatever they are saying – all of us will see the outcome of this. Leave it for God.

I have been on this journey for 27 years. Do you think God can close His eyes and rubbish everything here? They are asking God to bring more evidence of whether He is the One who called me. Warn everyone to be very careful. This issue at hand is a delicate issue.

People are using all this to gain money and friends. This is a warning. Whatever anybody wants to write, let them write it; they will be the ones to read it.

I said, our God will get back to them. He has started somewhere. He is coming. If your brother is involved, unless he can resurrect the people who died, he will join them. If you can resurrect the people who died, you can go free. The servants, the people who sent them, the people who heard the stories all around and those who want to use it for themselves and disturb my spirit, you may likely join them. Be careful. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Let us be very careful of our tongue.

Your responsibility is to the victims and the relations of the victims and martyrs of faith. If you say you are born again, wherever the victims and their relations are, wherever the relations of the martyrs of faith are, look for them. Let them know you are praying for them. What you eat, let them eat it. What you wear, let them wear out of it. What you have on your table, let them have it on their table, too. Share what you have with them – your love, prayer, affection and strength. Share it with them at this time. This is what we call ‘born again’ – my pain is your pain. Your joy is my joy.

The multitudes of people who claim to be with T.B. Joshua in prayer – if the same people turn to the families of the victims and martyrs of faith, do you not think life would be better for them than before? Join them, look for them, as many others are doing now.

Tb Joshua Ministries

T.B Joshua’s Ministry and the Battle for the World

185105_218320031622114_1709249615_nasd.jpgIt is no longer debatable among those that have experiences the Light that the ministry of senior Prophet T.B Joshua, of The Synagogue, Church of all Nations had been set aside by God as a mighty force against the evil plan of the devil for this present generation of God’s creation. And this has caused the great deceiver of the world (Satan) to continue to fight the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua both spiritually and physically using its agent,because T.B Joshua’s ministry is a threat to the kingdom of darkness and against the devil’s total dominion over the inhabitant of God’s creatures.

This battle never started now it has been on since Read: “TB Joshua Illuminating Expose” for a clue, the kingdom of this world hates T.B Joshua and SCOAN because his mission on this earth is heavenly design. Satan and his agent are working tirelessly to cause a shameful fall for the Prophet and his ministry. The devil has succeeded in infiltrating the world government; he has continued to influence most of the powerful and charismatic in our world to promote its agenda against the human race.If you can take a critical look at the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua you will know that presently, T.B Joshua’s ministry remains one of the ministries that have focus in exposing the activities in the kingdom of darkness that is contrary to God’s true purpose for humanity.As far as this generation is concern it is only SCOAN that has proven to the world that the sexuality of gays and lesbians that the world is shamelessly promoting today in the name of “human right” is from the pit of hell. And you expect these evil forces to be happy with the prophet. Presently, SCOAN, Lagos Nigeria is the source where God’s light shines to the whole world.

The September 12th 2014, tragedy was not the first of its kind to bring down the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua to disrepute, they were even instances the Prophet was sent to jail and was later found blameless of all the allegations formulated by those agents of darkness that want to stop him from fulfilling God’s purpose in this world.

The building collapsed was a well-planned attack backed by powerful forces that has sold their soul to the devil; the Prophet watched and allowed God’s will to be done.Those evil forces are trying by all means to scare away people from coming to SCOAN because the true divine nature of God presences is there. They first started by writing fabricated stories just to tarnish the image of the Prophet; they used Boko-Haram terrorist propaganda that Lagos Nigeria is not safe; the Ebola disease was brought into Lagos Nigeria, text messages where being circulated to scare visitors from coming to SCOAN and now innocent souls were killed, due to man’s wickedness to man.

The institutions of this world are working hard to make the world believe there is no God so they can continue to promote the agenda of the devil with no resistances from God’s children. They don’t want to embrace the light but want to stop others who want to follow the light, they chose to harden their hearth against God’s supremacy and existence and yet, they don’t want others to accept Him. What a world ruled by evil men, I pray for God to open our eyes of faith and hearth of understanding.

Note; in the Prophet speech on Sunday 14th September, he never said Boko-Haram was responsible for the attack, that lead to the collapsed building, he said “I’m pregnant of the word”, which means the attacker can be either Boko-Haram or any other Interest group. He used the Boko Haram terror attack to explain why the world should not doubt the “strange plane theory” because the world never believed him when he delivered a member of the Boko Haram sect that came to bomb SCOAN and was later found to be true by the Nigeria security agent; then he said in parable “No matter how long a lie is sustained, truth will someday prevail”.

The devil is wise, cunning and tactical in executing his evil plans but God knows his every move and in God’s due time Satan will dance to His tune, be covered with shame and pain because he is always the loser. It is not yet over, the battle still continues, there will be betrayers, attempt assassination, setup, temptations and all kinds of plans to tarnish the image of the prophet, but at the end the Kingdom of this world will surrender to God’s kingdom, the Truth will be exposed. So therefore brethren, we should not be quick to judge at God’s time all our questions will be answered.

All the same we thank God for the martyrs of God’s kingdom, their passing on was not in vain may their souls rest in God’s eternity. Let’s watch and pray!!!

Why The Synagogue Building Collapsed – Military Expert

air craftUnexplained Collapse Of A Newly Built Multi-story Building At the Synagogue Church Of All Nations In Nigeria. Remarks based on the known data of the case: Before the collapse of the building, it was recorded that at least four times, there was a crossing of a military airplane. It appears to be a Hercules C-130, which is a military aircraft, not civil.

What was a fighter plane doing midday over a residential area many times (at least 4 times that the camera shows) and, most especially, over this building?

The flight routes of these military aircrafts are scheduled by the appropriate military service and are recorded in the service radars. Therefore, it should be investigated:

(a) The planned flight route of the aircraft that day (12.09.2014), on the basis of the official records of the service and whether it was planned to pass so many times above the particular residential area.

(b) Why and for what purpose is the transit of a military aircraft that hour and even for many times over this building? It seems completely inexplicable, useless and, therefore, entirely suspect. This is the crossing of a military aircraft on the particular residential area, which is a peaceful Christian area and shows no indication of an outbreak of terrorism, nor has ever attracted the state’s interest as a terrorist area.

These types of aircrafts (C-130), which usually fly at low altitudes, because of their design, are capable of carrying a heavy military load of several tonnes and, in particular, heavy armored tanks. So, they can easily carry:

Sophisticated war machinery, equipped with mechanisms for production of powerful electromagnetic waves, powerful ultrasounds and infrared waves, with the ability to focus on specific targets (buildings, factories, etc…).

They are also capable of causing strong vibrations in buildings, equivalent to bombing, without being perceived by the human eye or with human ears. The focus of the beam on specific targets like buildings, factories, etc…, can cause instability in the balance of the building, resulting in the collapse of the building, either directly or at a later time.

Nobody knows exactly what cargo or equipment (machinery, etc…) was contained within the contents of this aircraft, which no one could see from the outside without entering the interior of the aircraft.

In this case, it is a newly built building. Because it is newly constructed, it is impossible to suddenly collapse on its own without a strong external interference that would upset the stability of the building, taking into account the fact that on that day, there was no natural earthquake nor a heavy rainfall that could affect the statics of the building or the land on which the building rests. This, both common sense and Engineering
Science, requires us to accept.

The only remaining plausible explanation of the sudden collapse of the new building is the intervention of powerful forces, invisible to the human eye, caused by modern (obviously) war machines equipped with mechanisms for producing extremely powerful beams of electromagnetic waves and very strong ultrasonic and infrared waves, equivalent to bombardment, which apparently caused the collapse of the new building.

Finally, the date of the collapse of the building (September 12) refers by definition to a similar collapse of the multi-storey buildings (World Trade Center) which was a symbol of the United States on September 11, in the USA, by Muslim extremists. It is therefore a logical connection of a similar terrorist event at the symbol of Christianity in Nigeria, which is The Synagogue Church of All Nations, led by Prophet T.B. Joshua. Moreover, the conflict between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria is well known.

Joy Comes in the Morning


There is reason to be sad, but there is a greater reason not to be. Why? Because the JOY of the Lord is our STRENGTH, the bible says in James 1:2-3, “Count it all joy, my brethren, when you meet various trials, for you know that the testing of your Faith produces steadfastness”. God sometime uses trials to test our faith when preparing us for a greater glory. That is why true believers always put their trust in God no matter the situation. That is, in good time and hard times, Glory to God! In sorrow and happiness, Glory to God! In rejection and acceptances, Glory to God!!

Are we now going to slur God because a building collapsed? No and God forbid, God allow whatever He wants, He is a mysterious God and does as He wishes. Isaiah 55:8-9 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

We may not understand why God allow some certain things to happen; God may allow us go through certain life challenges for a reason He knows best. That’s why true believers don’t blaspheme when bad things happen to others instead, they pray for them and show them love; Love is the greatest!

Definitely, the enemies will always be after our mistakes to attack us and our foes will always be after our bad news to speak out the evil in their mind. But all we have to say is, trouble may endure for a night, but Joy comes in the Morning.

No matter how ugly our present circumstances may look like, God’s promise will surely come to pass. in Jeremiah 29:11 the word of God says “for I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope”. Hallelujah…., this means our future and destiny is secured in Christ Jesus, what else have we to say-Glory to God in the highest!!! No matter what the situation may look like, that heavenly Joy the world cannot give will always remain in our hearth.

Building Collapse : Official Statement From Scoan

This is an official communication from The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations concerning a news story currently being reported by the media regarding an incident that happened today:

“A building, not the church auditorium as was reported. The few people that were there are being rescued. What you wish to others, God wishes to you. Nothing makes us love a person as much as praying for him. The more I love you, the more I will pray for you.”

TB Joshua Ministries