EBOLA VIRUS: The Opposition Forces in Sierra Leone

wpid-ebolacure2.jpgObviously, we find ourselves in a world in which the established socio structures and institutions are been influenced by the devil and his cohorts working tirelessly to hinder, as well as frustrate the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ, thereby to accomplish the will of their master (the devil) which sole aim is to kill, steal and destroy. Therefore, it was not a thing of surprise when the reports came out that the ‘Anointing water’ sent by Prophet T.B. Joshua’s Ministry to help cure the Ebola Virus diseases that was ravaging the West African nation of Sierra Leone faced strong opposition from international organizations. It was said that those international organizations confiscated some bottles of the Anointing water that was supposed to be used to cure and eradicate the Ebola virus from Sierra Leone claiming that medically, there was no scientific proof that it could cure Ebola even though the President of Sierra Leone, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma authorized that the Anointing water should be allowed to be used on those Ebola’s patience.

When Prophet T.B. Joshua announced his desire to help the nations affected by the deadly Ebola virus with financial aid and Anointing water normally, it was supposed to be a thing of Joy and something that should be encouraged by all and sundry irrespective of their opinion about Faith healing. Based on the fact that the Anointing water from SCOAN is well known all over the world for its efficacy in healing countless number of diseases that even medically cannot be cured. It was expected of those international health organizations and nations of the world to key into these great blessing from God to humanity by encouraging the use of the Anointing water to help eradicate the deadly diseases, but unfortunately, the reverse was the case; they resisted and frustrated the move of God in the nation of Sierra Leone.

As common as this revelation maybe to many, this has again exposed the world and their institution for whom they really are. We are in a world that has lost touch with the reality of the healing power of God; a world where many don’t have Faith in God anymore. That is why most of the powerful institutions in the world of today are link to Satanism and their aim is to promote the agenda of the devil and resist/frustrate anything that carries the mark of God. Can’t we see how powerful institutions that suppose to sustain and uphold the natural nature of men are now the ones forcing sovereign nations of the world to accept Homosexuality as ‘normal’? Who knows if this may be one of the reasons for the September 12th, 2014 terror attack that led to the collapsed of a guest house at the premises of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) which claimed the lives of many worshippers?

We are in a generation that now worships science more than God, who actually created science. It is what science says that is now acceptable not what God says. This is why the devil has continues to take dominion over the affairs of men. I am not against the orthodox treatment. Doctors treats…But God heals, I’m simply saying that the healing power of God is greater than the opinion of any medical scientist because God created science to assist man not for man to now worship science above God. Therefore, any medical personnel that has the fear of God and recognizes HIS supremacy in the affairs of men cannot stand against the healing power of God through the medium of the Anointing water.

Remember during the time when the Ebola virus was spreading rapidly in many West African nations, a prophecy was made by Prophet T.B Joshua that the diseases was manufactured by the devil and that Ebola virus came from the pit of hell. The Prophet was criticized for revealing this bitter truth; T.B Joshua was called all sorts of name, but now we are all witness of the opposition from the devil against the healing power of God through the medium of the Anointing water that was supposed to cure and eradicate the diseases. Note, the Opposition Forces against the healing power of God through the medium of the Anointing water confirmed the source of the Ebola virus and the divine nature of the Anointing water. Darkness will always oppose light, if the Anointing water was not of light it would not have received such level of opposition. Since the devil knows that the water will bring freedom, healing and liberty thus, the opposition.

Mrs Fatmata Kargbo, the Permanent secretary in the ministry of foreign Affairs in Sierra Leone, who made this revelation know due to ‘sleepless night and disturbances’. Stated that the south-east region of the country where the Anointing water was permitted to be ministered was cleared of the diseases within one month the Anointing water was ministered on those affected with the Ebola virus. She remarked, had it been the Anointing water was permitted to be minister in the whole region; the disease would have been eradicated long ago.

As believers, let us be wise and resist the antics of those promoting the scheme of the devil. The powers that rule this world are against the true Church of God. Any minister of the gospel that does not conform themselves to the things of this world are enemies to the world and its institutions. Why is it that most world media platform like promoting anything that speaks evil against the Church of God? Why are they unconcern in those extraordinary healings, deliverance and awesome miracles that take places in the household of God? Is it that Faith healings and deliverances piss them off. To them, Christianity is a big business and those who believed in Faith healings and deliverances in the name of God are still living in the Stone Age. But those who are conformed to the things of the world, like those who accept homosexuality and transgender patience as ‘normal’ are classified as more sensible, liberal and tolerant. That is the world we are living today. May God save our leaders and redeem our world….Amen!

Note: we are not against those possessed with the spirit of Homosexuality or the transgender, time without number we have shown our support for them and emphasis why they need to visit any living Church of God for their deliverances from this deformity called homosexuality.

TB Joshua visits Tanzania; welcomed by elected president

Prophet T.B. Joshua welcomed at the airport by the President Elect, Johnn Magufili

Prophet T.B. Joshua welcomed at the airport by the President Elect, Johnn Magufili

The Founder and leader of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations,Pastor T.B. Joshua touched down in Tanzania November 3rd.

Pastor T.B Joshua was welcomed at the airport by the President Elect, Johnn Magufili.

After few hours of reaching the country, he has met the three most important political figures in Tanzania.

John Magufuli, the President-Elect, Jakaya Kikwete, the outgoing President and Edward Lowassa, the former Prime Minister and opposition leader.

However, a government source has revealed that the Nigerian Pastor’s uncanny influence in the East African nation did not just begin during the recently held elections.

“Our new President, John Magufuli, visited T.B. Joshua in Nigeria long before he even nursed a presidential ambition,” explained Eng. Ngimbwa, chairperson of the Tanzanian Contractors Registration Board.

As Tanzania’s industrious Minister of Works, Magufuli visited The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria with his family in 2011, evidenced by a picture which surfaced on social media showing the Tanzanian politician holding hands with Joshua in the cleric’s office.

He has since remained a staunch supporter of the Nigerian and partner to Joshua’s popular television station Emmanuel TV.

Magufuli’s emergence as the presidential candidate for Tanzania’s ruling party CCM was a surprise to both local and international observers, given the more prominent and popular figures he ran against.

“It was T.B. Joshua that actually encouraged him to contest for presidency,” Ngimbwa insisted. “When he won the nomination against all odds, we knew it was God at work.”Intriguingly, Lowassa is also an outspoken supporter of Joshua, having visited Nigeria to meet the ‘prophet’ on several occasions.

A photo of the former Prime Minister attending one of Joshua’s services in 2012 was widely circulated in Tanzania.

Several commentators have inferred that Joshua may play some reconciliatory role on his first visit to the East African nation, given the palpable tension that still exists in the aftermath of the closely fought elections.

Lowassa’s opposition CHADEMA party have insisted the election was won on fraudulent grounds, refusing to accept the electoral announcement of Magufuli’s victory.

“If there’s anyone who can bring peace to the warring politicians at this time, its Pastor Joshua,” one Tanzanian blogger wrote while sharing the story of the cleric’s arrival, which saw the President-Elect waiting to meet him at the airport.

A tweet from Magufuli’s official Twitter account acknowledged that Joshua will be in Tanzania for the presidential inauguration on Thursday 5th November 2015 although it is unclear if he will play any role in the ceremony.

His visit has sparked huge interest on African social media, especially since it is the first time the cleric has been seen in public since a crusade he held in Mexico in May 2015 which had over 150,000 in attendance.

“T.B. Joshua’s visit to Tanzania can only be a blessing to our nation,” wrote Geoffrey Kapuliya, a Tanzanian pastor, on Facebook.

A video on YouTube shows outgoing Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete escorting Joshua around the Tanzanian State House and introducing him to the country’s ministers.

Tanzanian politicians are not the first in Africa to have sought the spiritual guidance of the unconventional pastor.

The late Ghanaian President John Atta-Mills described himself as ‘a member’ of The SCOAN and publicly testified that Joshua ‘prophesied’ his ascension to power.

Similarly, Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangarai visited Joshua’s church in Nigeria on several occasions as did former Malawian President Joyce Banda and late Zambian President Frederick Chiluba.

Joshua allegedly played a role in the successful transition of power in Nigeria’s recent election. He claimed to have told outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan that his ‘regime had come to an end’, advising him to peacefully concede power.

His television station Emmanuel TV is one of the most popular in Africa, amassing 250,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Ghana Web

T.B. Joshua’s Prophecy and the Newly Elected Tanzanian President

This article was sent to us by a T.B Joshua fan with the name, Sidney

Prophet T.B Joshua

Prophet T.B Joshua

I sincerely deem it highly imperative at this juncture to categorically emphasis that I have critically examined the Ministry of Prophet TB Joshua, the SCOAN, here in Nigeria, in the course of the Sundays Live Service broadcast on the Emmanuel TV satellite; I have listened to his awesome revelations and Prophecies. A typical example of the genuineness of these Prophecies among others includes the initial Prophecy he made to Dr John Pombe Magufuli, prior to his Presidential poll victory that Dr Magufuli, will become a President and this came to pass. Dr Magufuli is to be sworn in on November 5th 2015, as the 5th Executive President of the United Republic of Tanzania, following his victory in the just concluded Presidential election. This indeed triggered me the more. I have found nothing skeptical neither falsifying nor deceptive about his prophecies as well as the SCOAN MINISTRY.

A man of God at his caliber, whom I have took my quality time to carry out a critical self-inquiry about the said SCOAN here in Nigeria, I realized that apart from the diverse healings carried out in the SCOAN’s ‘Prayer line’; laying of hands on the sick and they received their permanent healings, deliverance through the medium of the ‘Anointing Good morning water’ to cast out demons which is a major antithesis to man’s success in life.

More conspicuous is the numerous philanthropic dispositions to the paupers in and outside the shores of his country / continents as far as the continent of Asia and several countries of the world, which were besieged by impromptu natural disasters thereby plagued by diseases, unhealthy drinkable water, impoverished and sever starvation, Prophet TB Joshua has been a major benefactor to these victims irrespective of their color, race and Faith respectively.

I was even surprised when I overheard through the news media of the huge amount of millions of naira Prophet T.B. Joshua, single-handedly donated to support the ‘Internally Displaced Persons’ in the northern part of Nigeria, following the ungodly terrorists attacks unleashed by the notorious Boko Haram sect.

In my candid view /affirmation, if this quintessential servant of God should own a Jet to ease his global evangelism in the distribution of medical facilities / food to victims of unforeseen circumstances who are rendered incapacitated, I think it’s simply ‘Normal and Ideal’ unlike other of his contemporaries who are on records amassing wealth for themselves. Prophet T.B. Joshua even stands more outstanding in his ardent global humanitarian evangelical dispositions. Why this manner of unfair critics against him over the said “Gulfstream G550 as alleged and captioned on the so called TB Joshua Watch? Which claims have a comprehensive resource on TB Joshua and SCOAN? Why don’t we Christians simply emulate and encourage Prophet T.B. Joshua, especially in his qualitative humanitarian expertise in evangelism which creates a Global attention. I mean alleviating the sufferings of the poor and less privileged especially the victims of circumstances /natural disasters.

As adherent Christians, I strongly encourage us to keep up the good fight of faith; worship our Creator in ‘truth and in spirit’ i.e. worship Him in not only with our offerings and hands lifted above our heads, but with our quality time in promoting Christ’s Ministries, worship Him with our substance in every good thing the Lord has blessed us with or deposited in us; reach out to the paupers, the less privileged in our society, just an outstanding typical exemplary role of the SCOAN’S Global Emmanuel TV evangelism Network, improving on the human living standards , show love to all, these have been the Prophet main focus in his ministry.

I feel bad when Satan attacks God’s work on earth… the will of the devil and his cohorts is to kill, steal and destroy the things of God, thereby strife to ridicule or bring down God’s annointed servants this, Satan achieves by using people to blaspheme; condemning the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ, who paid the supreme price for us on the cross… towards the redemption and salvation of mankind. As ardent Christians, I honestly urge us to disengage, I mean dissuade from this idle work of critics and heresy, for it is not just iniquitous to humanity, but blasphemy and tantamount ‘sinful ‘ before our Creator. For it is written “…touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm”.

As Christ like people, we are indeed obliged to honor God’s servants; His anointed ones whom He uses as His mouthpiece/Apostles- these are the ones God has sent to savage mankind, some are blessed with the gifts of interpretation and speaking in tongues, others laying hands on the sick, while other with prophecies, i.e. interpreting /revealing the deep things of God with power…. unless we dissuade from this ungodly and rebellious critics, less God’s wroth befalls on us.

Never have I heard or see the followers of other renowned religious platforms in the world engaged in this sort of idle critics against their own Faith /Clergy. How come we Christians whom ‘Grace and Love’ towards one another /mankind is our watchword always exhibit hatred, slanderous and derogatory insinuations against God’s anointed servants? “Christians watch and Pray ” may God’s Mercy and Grace continue to find practical fulfillment upon us as we dissuade from sin and engage in the things that are edifying and unite the body of our only Messiah our Lord JESUS CHRIST…AMEN! MAY GOD BLESS US.

Building Collapse: Man’s verdict and God’s Judgment

TB-Joshua-Synagogue-ChurchWhen the Lagos State Government (LSG) set up the coronal inquest that was supposed to find out the cause of the September 12th, 2014 building collapse at the premises of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) Lagos, Nigeria, One would expect the inquest will provide answers to the many questions that was being raised, but the reveres was the case, the alleged inquest has thus raised more questions than answer vis a viz; indictment rather than fact finding/ inquiry.

The outcome of the coronal inquest has made many with the right knowledge to accept the fact that the coronal Magistrate who was supposed to be impartial indeed has interest in the case as earlier sued by the ministry of SCOAN during the time the inquest was still ongoing.


Mobile Picture from a South African Eyewitness

Before I move further, it will be imperative for us to take a clue from the time the building collapse incident just occurred. Prior to the setup of the coronal inquest, there has been disagreement between the ministry of SCOAN and the Lagos State government (the inaugurator of the coronal inquest) on the actual cause of the building collapse. While the ministry of SCOAN insists the collapse was as a result of terror attack that was induced by controlled demolition, but the Lagos Sate Government (LSG) claimed the building Collapsed as a result of structural failure. For this reason, SCOAN released a CCTV footage which captured a military airplane that went round the building before it collapsed and to add to SCOAN’s evidence, a South African eyewitness who saw the plane when it was coming closer to the building, present to the public the picture he snapped with his mobile phone capturing the close proximity of the military airplane to the collapsed building. But on the part of the Lagos State government (LSG), the General Manager of the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LSBCA) quoted that his agency sent a pre-warning notice to the SCOAN before the building collapsed, which they alleged SCOAN ignored. And also government rescue agencies that came to the collapse site ‘ill-equipped’ accused the Church of not cooperating with the recues process, thus raising question if the Church has something to hide. Both claims by the Lagos State Government agencies were refuted by the ministry of SCOAN and it was obvious this bogus allegations from the LSG were desperate moves to shift all the blame on SCOAN because concrete evidences later proved that the preliminary claims raised by the Lagos State Government (LSG) were all lies and this has generate a lot of question if some individuals in the Lagos State Government (LSG) have personal interest in the incident or if the State authorities are part of the ground plan to cover-up what truly transpired on the September 12th, 2014 building collapsed at the premises of the SCOAN.

READ- “Building Collapse: Five (5) Spurious Lies against T.B Joshua’s Ministry” for more insight on what transpired when the building incident just occurred.

Now I ask, how can the Lagos State Government (LSG) who has being known for spreading misinformation, contradicting claims and falsehood since the collapse incidence occurred now claim they want justice for the victims and bereaved families? We ask, is this Justice or witch-hunt?

This is the same LSG that has been resisting every move taken by the Ministry of SCOAN to prove that the building collapsed was as a result of terror attack. Here we ask, what does it take the Government to consider the facts on ground that has been raised by SCOAN. Why are they not talking about the Military airplane that went round the building before it collapsed? What will be the gain if the innocents are wrongly accused and convicted?

A coronal inquest that supposed to be a fact finding one, thus given recommendation to the government on measures that should be taken to avoid a recurrence of the SCOAN’s building collapse tragedy, end up becoming an inquest staged for witch-hunt by indicting the ministry of SCOAN and the building contractors.

I ask again, does a coronal Magistrate have the power to indict a witness? The Magistrate verdict on the collapsed building was mainly focused on indictment instead, of giving recommendations to the appropriate authorities on how to avoid and handle building collapse incidence. Why did Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe, did not consider those expert report which suggested that the building collapsed was as a result of controlled demolition, but upheld those contradicting reports from representatives of the Lagos State Government (LSG) that claim the building collapse was a result of structural failure.

When will the judgment of man be void of personal interest?

Is it feasible for a judge to give a just verdict against his enemy?

From the onset of the coronal inquest, the provocative and body language of the coronal magistrate against Prophet T.B Joshua was enough evidence that the ministry of SCOAN and those that died in the collapse building will not get justice from the inquest. The Coronal Magistrate, Oyetade Komolafe was always using derogatory statement to refer to Prophet T.B Joshua as “That man…! Tell that Man…!” threatening the Prophet with the ‘Sword of the State’ and given unnecessary threat of arrest as if the Prophet has already been found wanting by the law.

We are not surprise or taking unaware by the Magistrate verdict. We are in a world were wicked people uses the instrument of the State to perpetrate injustice, where the so called ‘powerful’ manipulate the judiciary to suit their interest. Are we not in a world where the innocent will serve jail terms and the perpetrator goes scot-free, because they are being back by the ‘mighty and powerful’ in the society. Go to the prisons around the world, majority of those inmates are innocent of their crime and yet none can do anything about it thus leaving them, the prisoners at the mercy of those who has interest in their incarceration. Then I ask, is the State owned only by the ‘Powerful or Mighty’ or by every citizen irrespective of their status and influences?

Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe, claimed SCOAN did not get appropriate approval for the collapse building, what about the 20 Million naira SCOAN paid for the building approval with receipt evidence to show for it thus, connotes that the building was endorsed by the appropriate government agencies and this aspect was ignored in the Coronal verdict. Yet none including the media ask questions about this. On what ground will the Lagos State government collect the sum of 20 million naira from the SCOAN for building approval and at the same time accuse the ministry of not getting the approval for the collapsed building? Who is blaming who here, the debtor or the creditor? Very ironic indeed!!… It is only the gullible that can fall for this.

It is certainly true that those behind the building collapse are powerful forces who would want to make sure the truth is not exposed and any move taken by any person or group to expose the truth will be out rightly resisted or frustrated.

It is true that the State is the power; the State is the law; they have all what it takes to win all the legal battle and avert justice, but know this, can they ever win the battle of the mind, those with independent minds know the truth. Remember, the heart is where the truth lies and in due time the truth will prevail. That is why no matter the indictment and campaign of calumny the ministry of SCOAN will continue to grow from height to height because the people know the truth, they can’t be led astray by a Magistrate’s verdict. Even Christ Jesus the founder and Father of the Church was unjustly persecuted and crucified by the world come to talk of His servant, Prophet T.B Joshua.

To those Jurist with good heart, those who uphold justice even at the detriment of their life and career continue with your good works, the LORD IS YOUR STRENGTH and for others, know that the position you occupy was not as a result of self effort, it is a privilege from God with a free-will for you to place culpability where culpability is. Standing for the truth may put you in the bad book of the ‘powerful and mighty’, but know this, history rewards men and women that stand for justice, those who upheld the truth without fear or favor are honored by history.

Remember, “The battle between the stone and the water, in time the water wins.”

Bristow Helicopter Crash Survivors Testify In TB Joshua SCOAN Synagogue


Crash survivors Chukwudi Onah and Dolu Ebiejuara at SCOAN

Two survivors of the tragic incident that saw a Bristow helicopter crash into the lagoon in Oworonshoki, Lagos on Wednesday 12th August, 2015 have testified that it was ‘God’s hand’ that saved them from certain death.

On Sunday 25th October, oil workers Chukwudi Onah and Dolu Ebiejuara appeared in the church of controversial Nigerian Pastor T.B. Joshua to thank God for preserving their lives in the disaster that led to six fatalities, including that of the pilot Jay Wyatt and co-pilot, Peter Bello.

According to Onah, it was ‘Morning Water’ he had received at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) that was instrumental to his survival. “I never leave it anywhere I am going. It’s always with me, along with my Anointing Sticker,” he explained to the congregation.

“On that fateful day, before I left my room, I prayed that God would take charge and thanked Him for journeying mercies,” he continued, stating that he sprayed the ‘Morning Water’ upon himself.

According to Onah, there were no signs of trouble as the flight was going “very smoothly”. However, merely minutes away from arriving at the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos, tragedy struck.

“The chopper suddenly turned,” Onah vividly described. “Everybody became confused. We were shouting Jesus! The chopper was dangling up and down. I didn’t even know when it fell inside the water.”

As the Bristow Sikosky S76 C+ helicopter began descending steadily to the bottom of the lagoon, Onah was strapped heavily into his seatbelt and could not move. “I shouted, ‘God of TB Joshua – save me’ “, he recounted, adding that his lungs soon filled up with water.

According to the SEDCO oil worker, what transpired next can only be termed ‘supernatural’. Staring death in the face, confused and struggling to free himself, Onah said he heard a ‘voice’ speaking clearly to him.

“It’s just as you are hearing me now. The voice said, ‘Your seatbelt.’ I took my hand to the side of the seat belt and it became suddenly loose. The same voice came again and said, ‘Your lifejacket’. I took my hand to the side of the life-jacket and it suddenly inflated. It now carried me up from down to the top of the sea.”

Onah somberly recounted that the two passengers seated directly besides him were among the fatalities. “If not for Jesus, I would have died. I give the glory to Jesus Christ who saved my life,” he said, bringing out the ‘Anointing Sticker’ from his pocket that he had with him on the day of the ill-fated journey.

Dolu Ebiejuara similarly stated that he was a regular visitor to The SCOAN and had ministered ‘Morning Water’ before entering the helicopter that day. Recounting his experience, he said, “All that I saw was the helicopter take a sharp turn and then we were just plummeting down.”

Moments before the crash, Ebiejuara said that he lost consciousness. “All I could remember was that I saw myself swimming. There is no way I could have come out of the helicopter without removing my seat belt but I was not the one. I don’t even know how I came out under the water. I know it is God’s doing because there is God’s hand in the Morning Water.”

The duo both sustained injuries but have since recovered. They were accompanied by more than seventeen family members who came to share the testimony.

Intriguingly, T.B. Joshua himself was not present in the service, making it more than five months since he has been seen in public.

By Ihechukwu Njoku, Freeless Nigeria Journalist reports.

IS CAN’S SYMPATHY GENUINE…? CAN’s Inequity Condolence between SCOAN and the Islamic Community

wpid-oritsejafor-sultan-300x200.jpgIn the month of September this year, two major sad incidences occurred to the world Islamic community which is the ‘crane crash and the stampede’ that both took place at Mecca and the Jamrat Complex (Stoning site) in Mina, respectively at Saudi Arabia; this led to the death and injuries of hundreds of pilgrims that went for this year Hajj in the Holy Land. Coincidentally, the same month last year, on September 12th a building collapsed at the premises of the Synagogue, Church of all nations (SCOAN) Lagos, Nigeria which led to the death of visiting SCOAN pilgrims who were mostly South African nationals.

During the period of the unfortunate incident that took place at the SCOAN, different nations, leaders, groups, and religious bodies from all around the globe sent condolence messages and others even had to visit the Prophet to sympathize with the SCOAN family on the tragic building collapse. But during this period, it is worthy to note that no single word of condolence was sent from the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) nor did any representative of the association pay a visit to sympathize with the head Pastor of the SCOAN, Prophet TB Joshua.

Yet it beats our imagination when it was gathered by the media that the leadership of the same CAN, headed by Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, sent a condolence to sympathize with the Islamic community on the recent crane crash and stampede that occurred in Saudi Arabia. The truth is that, there is nothing wrong for the leadership of CAN to sympathize or send a condolence message to the Islamic community, because the Holy Bible as clearly instructed us to rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn (Romans 12:15), irrespective of religion, race etc. However, the question is “why did the same CAN leadership choose not to extend their heart of sympathy to a fellow Christian ministry that professes Jesus Christ, but rather chose to sympathize with the Islamic nation, Saudi Arabia with a contrary doctrine/ faith?” Irrespective of the fact that SCOAN and CAN are situated in the same nation, Nigeria.

The truth of it is that, till date the CAN leadership has chosen to remain mute on the September 12th incident at SCOAN, neither condolence message nor representative of the body had been sent to the SCOAN and this makes one to wonder if the leadership of CAN is pleased or displeased about the SCOAN tragedy. It is said that actions speak louder than voice; their actions so far has brought about this question; what could an apex Christian body as CAN hold against its ‘Christian’ brother and other brethren who were in one way or the other affected by the last year, September 12th tragic incident?

Looking at the stands of the ministry of SCOAN, having alleged that the building collapsed as a result of terror attack, isn’t it wise for the CAN leadership to get involved in the matter since it’s a body that supposed to stand and protect the interest of the Christian community in Nigeria? And also, Since the SCOAN tragedy seems to reveal that the entire Christian community in Nigeria is under a great threat, isn’t it wise for the CAN to be interested in ensuring that what happened to the SCOAN shouldn’t repeat itself in any other ministry in Nigeria as a way of taking proactive measures?

Now, where is the love in the church of Christ? Is this the kind of love Christ preached when he was on earth? This is sheer hypocrisy! At this point, we would love those with independent minds and persons of good heart to judge this action of CAN. Let the good Christians, Muslims and those of other faith in the world judge this. Is this action from CAN godly or ungodly? May God unite His Church…Amen!

T.B. Joshua donates to Police

Some Police riders on the motorbikes donated by Prophet TB Joshua.

Some Police riders on the motorbikes donated by Prophet TB Joshua.

The Founder and General Overseer of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet T.B. Joshua, has presented three pickup vehicles and 20 motorbikes to the Ghana Police Service to facilitate police patrol activities.

The donation, which included 100 pieces of reflective jackets, was made in partnership with Emmanuel TV, the flagship media agency of the church, through the Ghana branch of SCOAN.

Shared responsibility

Before receiving the donation at the police headquarters in Accra, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr Mohammed Ahmed Alhassan, said the motorbikes would help the police patrol places which could not be accessed with vehicles.

“I am sorry for the armed robbers and other criminals. The motorbikes will be used by armed police officers to ensure that people go about their activities without fear,” he said.

He was happy the truism that crime combat was not the preserve of the police but a shared responsibility with the public was now dawning on society.

Policing, he said, was becoming increasingly complex and demanding. “In fact, it can be dangerous, stressful and dehumanising,” he said.

As a result, Mr Alhassan said, the Ghana Police Service would need the consistent support of all stakeholders including the church, to be able to discharge its mandate satisfactorily.

In line with scriptures, he said Prophet Joshua had brought relief in spiritual and material terms to a number of people through his passion for the needy, support for the aged and victims of natural disasters, while reforming armed robbers and prostitutes.

Peace in Ghana

Speaking on behalf of Prophet Joshua, Mr Samuel Kwame Sackey, who led a delegation from the Ghana branch of SCOAN to make the donation, commended the Police Administration for reducing armed robbery and other social vices and creating a safe environment for businesses.

“Churches now freely attend all-night services and members are not afraid to return home without fear. Investor confidence has been boosted as a result of the peace and safety,” he said.

He lauded the IGP for introducing initiatives such as police visibility, the public confidence reaffirmation programme and transforming the Formed Police Unit and the Motor Traffic and Transport Department.

“Prophet Joshua, Emmanuel TV partners and members of the SCOAN sincerely appreciate these innovations and initiatives and all the benefits these have brought to Ghana,” Mr Sackey said.

He was hopeful that the three top-of-the-range Toyota pickup vehicles and the motorbikes would complement the initiatives of the Ghana Police Service to enhance peace, safety and business growth in Ghana.



By: Emelia Ennin Abbey




Glancing through online Nigerian news today, I came across a condolence message from the head of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, to the victims of the deadly stampede during the Hajj in Saudi Arabia that claimed well over 1,000 lives.

According to The Punch, CAN “commiserated with the Sultan of Sokoto and the leader of Nigerian Muslims, Sa’aid Abubakar lll, on the stampede tragedy during the ongoing Hajj in Mina, Saudi Arabia, and expressed its sympathy to the deceased families and all Nigerian Muslims.

”What surprised me about this response was how it stood in such stark contrast to the attitude of CAN to the last major religious tragedy that happened on Nigerian shores – the collapse of a building within The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). Just over 12 months ago, 115 Christians perished in the incident yet CAN remained silent, sending neither a message of condolence to the church’s founder T.B. Joshua nor the families of those affected. In contrast, I learned the Sultan of Sokoto sent his condolences to The SCOAN and T.B. Joshua when this occurred.

Why would CAN condole with their Muslim brethren but stay so loudly silent when tragedy struck one of their own? Is it because they have publicly distanced themselves from T.B. Joshua, proclaiming that he is not of God? Does that give them the right to disregard the countless thousands of Christians who flock to his church on a weekly basis from across the globe? What hypocrisy!

This little example gives further credence to the notion that CAN, especially under Ayo Oritsejafor, has become politicized. It exposes the reality that such messages of condolence seem to be given with a purely political agenda, not because of any genuine concern for those involved.

This sadly reminds me of the billion naira bribe allegedly collected by CAN pastors during last year’s elections in return for canvassing support for the then President Goodluck Jonathan. What of Oritsejafor’s private jet that was used for nefarious purposes in an attempt to smuggle arms from South Africa to Nigeria? When will CAN stop being known for political statements and associations and start being known for spreading Christ’s Gospel and uplifting the poor in society?

By Ikenna Obi – Nigerian living in USA


This post was sent to us by one of our reader “Victory Ark”; it is about the recent visit to The Synagogue Church of all Nation (SCOAN) by an America ministry known as hungrygeneration. The hungrygeneration is the same ministry that hosted Wiseman Harry’s U.S.A crusade in Washington state U.S.A. This ministry also has been taking groups of Americans to Scoan about 3 times a year, and advertise it on their site here; http://www.hungrygeneration.net/about/visitscoan/ they also pray for Americans who visit their good news church with annoiting water every month.

Anyway this is what we received from Victory Ark today:

Good Morning!

On September 17, 2015, 40 people from all over the United States and Canada, packed their bags and flew on a plane to Lagos, Nigeria in Africa to visit the Synagogue Church of All Nations in hopes to meet with the man of god, Prophet T.B. Joshua.

The moment everyone gathered at gate E9 in Houston, Texas, we could feel the anxiousness and the desperation we all secretly had as we got closer to having the opportunity to step into the arena of liberty in the SCOAN. Trips like these mean something different to every person. Some were there for a sick family member, a personal breakthrough or simply a chance to speak to the prophet. At our arrival we were all sent to our assigned rooms and we patiently waited till the next dawn to see what God had in store for us that week. As Saturday morning approached we were all up early for a warm meal and we headed off to one of several bible studies. Each bible study was ministered by a wise man. They made an hour and a half feel like thirty minutes. The subjects for the bible studies varied from having faith for your challenges to walking in authority with the word of God. Shortly after the first bible study we visited the Prayer Mountain. The Prayer Mountain was a serene place that immediately filled you with peace, even with all of the construction going on, we each had a time of prayer next to a little tree that hovered over the water. It was truly beautiful to spend time in the presence of God while enjoying the wildlife that surrounded us. The purpose for having the Prayer Mountain so exposed to the outside is because the Man of God said he wants people to enjoy nature and God’s creation as we pray and seek him.

As Sunday rolled around, we sat at the visitors section for the 8am service. Something that we were quick to notice is that the entire service was ran by the disciples. Yes, that means that not even the Wisemen were out preaching or praying over the people. It was refreshing to see the disciples being used during the prayer with the Morning Water. Wisemen were there overlooking every step but the disciples were leading the prayers. Many who received the prayer with Morning Water were set free and delivered. Afterwards we rejoiced and danced as the choir played songs of praise to give thanks to God for his goodness.

Although, we did not see Prophet T.B. Joshua for the service we had a surprise that was waiting for us. Little did we know that Prophet T.B. Joshua himself was going to pray over the visitors in the Mercy Land, an area located outside the SCOAN building. Sunday night he prayed for many visitors in the Mercy Land that were leaving the next day. We had to wait patiently for Monday night to arrive to receive what all of us had been waiting for. As Monday night came, we were ushered to the Mercy Land and we sat under a large white tent waiting for Prophets arrival. All of our hearts were beating fast as we knew that this would be it, the moment we were waiting for. When prophet arrived he shared a small speech and quickly began the prayer line. One by one we were each taken to him so he would lay hands on us. After he prayed for us we went and chose our faith bracelets. We were overwhelmed with joy as we saw each and every person from our USA group be filled with the Holy Spirit and receive their deliverance.

Little did we know that the celebration was not going to end there. After settling back into our rooms, we received exciting news that the man of God was going to meet our group the following morning. We cried and yelled with jubilee that such opportunity arose itself for us. By the grace of God, Prophet came and spoke to us that Tuesday morning and congratulated us for making the trip there knowing that the possibility of seeing him was slim. He said it took a lot of faith for us to do so and because of our faith our prayers were granted. After he spoke to us, he blessed our group with the chance to choose another faith bracelet, anointed stickers and more Morning Water. He laughed and said that he wanted to spoil us so we would miss him! We can confidently say that we all left SCOAN that day with a large smile on our face and in our hearts. This trip to the Synagogue Church of all Nations changed our lives and whats even better is that the best is STILL yet to come.

TB Joshua donates to Police, Military hospital


ACP Agnes Maclean (2nd right) receiving the items from Samuel Sackey on behalf of the Hospital

General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOANS), Prophet T.B Joshua, has donated medical consumables worth over GHc140,000 to the Police and 37 Military Hospitals in Accra.

The founder of SCOANS, headquartered in Nigeria, made the donations separately to the two facilities on Monday, in partnership with the Emmanuel TV through the Ghana’s branch of his church.

Items donated included blanket, medicine trolley, armpit clutches, accoson sphymamometer, latex foam mattress, syringes with needles 2ml, syringes with needles 5ml, wheel chair, hospital bed, drip stand, surgical gloves, among others.

The sum of all items donated to the 37 Military Hospital was estimated at about GHc100,000 while that of the Police Hospital was calculated at GHc40,000.

The donations were in immediate support to the two hospitals after they went through untold pressure following the recent three weeks strike action by medical doctors belonging to the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) across the country.

They were also in further support of the June 3, 2015 fire-flood disaster in Accra and the Central Medical Store at Tema which was razed down by fire earlier this year.

Prophet T.B Joshua through the Passion for Needy, a charitable organisation belonging to SCOANS, recently made similar donations to the 37 Military Hospital in support of some victims of the June 3, 2015 fire-flood disaster who were on admission at the facility.

Presenting the items at the various hospitals on Monday, a senior member of SCOANS-Ghana, Samuel Sackey, indicated that upon hearing of the strike action by the doctors, Prophet Joshua felt the urgent need as a man of God to support the two facilities, realising that they (37, Police Hospitals) were under serious pressure since they never closed their doors to the public during the period under review.

“When the doctors were on strike, the burden was laid on the two hospitals. To alleviate them from the stress they are going through now as a result of that strike action, the Prophet has asked us to make this donation,” Mr Sackey averred.

He indicated that the donations formed part of the church’s corporate social responsibility and love for the people of Ghana.

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