“We glory in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance, perseverance produces character and character, hope.” Romans 5:3-4

That you face challenges does not mean you are not a friend of God. David never questioned why a giant challenged his future – he simply ran to represent God on the battlefield. That you find yourself between a rock and a hard place does not mean you are not a candidate of Heaven. Stephen never questioned why stones were being hurled – he stood and resembled God in all He stands for. That you face an enemy as close as your mouth does not mean you are not a favourite of Heaven. Job never fainted when a wind pulled down his home – he continued to think, talk, act, plan, work and rule with God.

Every man that walks by faith will have testing. Those afflictions or whatever you call them are for our spiritual benefit so we will learn to pray the more, trust God the more, depend on God the more, have faith in God the more. As Romans 5:3-4 says, we glory in our tribulations, knowing that we become who we are, discover what we know and receive strength of character through testing. Take courage: you are called by the Most High God – soldier on!

Prayer: Oh Holy Spirit, give me the grace to be strong, active and alert in this realm of prayer service, in Jesus’ name.

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EPHESIANS 6:10 – “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.”

Life is a warfare, this is the battle of the ages. Remember, it is not a playground or a bonding meeting, it is a battlefield where only the serious-minded are victorious. Who are we fighting? We are not fighting flesh and blood but the evil spirits that cause tension and pressure in our lives. The best way to fight satan is to completely ignore his existence. What he wants more than anything is for you to be recognizing him all the time. When you are under attack, when you are sensing demonic influence in your everyday life, begin to pray harder and intensify your meditation. The greatest embarrassment you can give to satan is to ignore his existence.

When you ignore him, he will continue to make noise but keep in mind, he is under your foot because you with God are more than majority. In Luke 10:19, we understand that all authority in Heaven and on earth has been given to us as His children. When you step into the believer’s authority, you can boldly tell the enemy to get behind you because you have the name of Jesus Christ at your command.

Today, whatever situation you experience, remember that satan will try to disorganize you but choose not to give him any attention. When he reminds you of your past, just remind him of his future. Jesus is Lord!

Prayer: God, manifest your strength in my weakness. I am not strong but I have Strength by my side. Take more of me and give me more of You, Lord.

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Prophet T.B. Joshua gave Another 50 Nigerian Libya deportees Ten Million

T.B. Joshua Nigerian Libya deportees Ten MillionA JOURNEY OF NO RETURN!

What you are about to read is real-life accounts of Nigerian deportees who just arrived from the nation of Libya and rushed to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, in search of refuge and rescue. Please SHARE this post with your friends, colleagues and family – there are VALUABLE lessons to learn!

No words can adequately describe the suffering passed through by Tracy Stephen. What started as a promise of greener pastures abroad ended in a seven-month nightmare! The young hairdresser was told by a friend in Italy that multiple opportunities were available for her to prosper in Europe, if only she was ready to undertake the “two-week journey” there. Her mother gave instant approval, borrowing money to the tune of N280,000 to finance her  fledgling journey. However, things soon started taking a downward spiral when Tracy reached the Niger border on route to Libya. Packed like a sardine into a small van, a vehicle that was supposed to contain just seven people became the hiding place of over 40. The horrors of that three-day journey through the desert is difficult to describe. Multiple dead bodies lay strewn in the sand as the vehicle hurtled through the wilderness – no food, water or sleep for its choked occupants. The harrowing voices she heard in the desert became a mental torture. Upon arrival, a deep well filled with dirty water provided slight respite – until they learned that a dead body lay in the abyss, rotting for the past week. Encamped in a prison-like environment, Tracy joined hundreds of young men and women who were bent on reaching Europe through illegal means – even if it meant losing their lives.

T.B. Joshua Nigerian Libya deportees Ten MillionWhat the young lady from Edo State witnessed during her ordeal can be termed unimaginable – sleeping next to a colleague to awake and see a corpse besides her, multiple women raped at gunpoint by men at whim, drinking her own urine to quench the burning thirst of the Libyan desert. Finally making it onto a rickety, makeshift inflatable boat, more than 140 desperate individuals attempted the crossing from Libya to Italian seas. None could swim nor did any have a life-jacket. A day into their hellish journey, the immigrants realised that the device supposed to be on board to send a distress signal to the Italian coast-guard was missing. With fuel disappearing and the boat leaking, they decided to return towards Libya. No sooner had they backtracked on their ill-fated journey that the fuel was finished totally, stranding the immigrants in the midst of the high sea – without any food, water or sight of the shore. A man aboard the vessel soon succumbed to the elements and died in their midst but fear of attracting a shark kept them from throwing his decomposing body into the sea. After finally being spotted by a Libyan rescue ship, the immigrants were sent straight to prison upon reaching dry ground. Several months later, through the intervention of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), Tracey was deported to Nigeria, choosing to come to The SCOAN for refuge immediately she arrived.

T.B. Joshua Nigerian Libya deportees Ten MillionThe case of Osama Osifo is equally heart-breaking. Nursing the dream of travelling to Europe since childhood, the 300-level University of Benin student persuaded his brother to sponsor him on a journey he thought would get him out of the ‘hell’ in Nigeria. However, after traversing the dangers of the desert, Osama was kidnapped along with the other occupants of the vehicle he travelled in and held to ransom. With his brother on the phone, his assailants tortured and beat him mercilessly, hoping his cries and shouts of pain would elicit empathy from his siblings. After a month of torture, Osama’s brother mustered up the sum of N250,000 which was sufficient to release him from the ‘den of lions’. However, so far into the journey, the young Nigerian decided to venture forward rather than return. Finally getting to the tip of Libya, he joined thousands of others in a ‘camp’ awaiting for the ‘right weather’ to embark on the treacherous trip across the sea to Italy.

T.B. Joshua Nigerian Libya deportees Ten MillionJust two hours into the journey, his vessel was flagged down by the Libyan coastguard and all aboard arrested for their illegal attempt. Thrown into prison, Osama experienced suffering of unquantifiable proportions. Subjected to the torturous glare of the sun, he was kept in a pit outside for hours on end as punishment for his attempted crossing. Those who died in his presence were uncountable. Getting home to Nigeria, his impression of his homeland has radically changed – “from hell on earth to Heaven.” All of the deportees from Libya were provided two buses by the IOM in Lagos – one to take them to their state and another to take them to The SCOAN! Osama opted for the second vehicle.

Precious Chioma sold everything she possessed to finance her journey abroad. After being informed about “the good life abroad” by her sister. So deep was her desperation that even the thought of her two small children did nothing to dissuade her, she resolved to take her two boys on the journey, not knowing she was about to subject them to an ordeal far beyond their years. After finally reaching Libya, Precious and her two sons were packed in a carriage underneath a huge array of watermelons – alongside hundreds of other desperate immigrants. The crafty attempt to hide the illegal transport of human beings soon backfired however as the choking and cramping became too much for Precious’ little children. Their cries for help and gasps for air soon attracted the attention of local security who uncovered the truth behind the watermelons and arrested all involved. Thrown into prison, Chioma began begging for scraps of food to give her malnourished and dishevelled children. Drinking her own urine and feeding it to her kids soon became a norm. After finally being deported to Nigeria through the intervention of the IOM, Precious joined scores of others who decided to make The SCOAN their first destination to seek refuge from God.

T.B. Joshua Nigerian Libya deportees Ten MillionUpon hearing the harrowing tales of the Nigerian deportees, Prophet TB Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners gave each of them the sum of N150,000 and two bags of rice, totalling an amount of N10,000,000. Counselling the returnees, The SCOAN Evangelists shared a message from Prophet TB Joshua: “It is where God wants you to make it that you will make it, not where you want to make it or where you admire. The job you admire most is not often the job you are destined for but the one you do not admire may turn out to be your destined job. These experiences in life – we often have the full package of it outside class. Experience is the best teacher.”

T.B. Joshua’s Message to Parents Sending their Children Abroad

Tb Joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

“Parents – what legacy have we given to our children? What future have we given to our children? In terms of character? Education? Before sending your child abroad, you must have a thorough basis for that. You are sending such a child to another country with money you are supposed to put down to train them. Who will train your child for you over there? You can’t train your child here and you are sending them abroad for someone else to train – and that person already has responsibilities. It becomes a mess! Who in this world can do this apart from God? It is not too late. If you have sent your children overseas, you can call them back.

“Now, Christmas is coming. People are arriving home from overseas. You will see them looking good – they will borrow shoes, beautiful clothes, steal credit cards, transfer money in a crooked way – coming home to their motherland to shine, deceiving young ones to follow them. This is the cause of many leaving their countries. In a second, you can look good – make-up can make your face change. Many young people become enticed easily. Just by seeing someone’s photograph living overseas, you want to marry that person – whereas you don’t know the life they are living over there.

“A decorated slave is not only a slave but a big fool. Please, Christmas is coming. Appearance is deceptive. You can see some people out there with flashy and expensive things like cars. Is that what they are back home? Few are what they are back home. Back home – many are homeless, wandering. Be careful – appearance out there is deceptive. Warn your children!

“Take time to study the achievers in the world today – how many achieved those things in a foreign land? It is where God wants you to make it that you will make it, not where you want to make it or where you admire. It is not the job you admire most that is often your destined job. The job you admire most is not often the job you are destined for but the one you do not admire may turn out to be your destined job.”


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God has given everyone plenty of evidence to believe in Him. Doubt comes when you fail to stop long enough to observe all the evidence. Whenever you are struggling with doubt, take time to remember the way God has worked in your life. As you recall God’s track record, you will grow confident that He will work in your present situation as well, that He will never fail you, nor abandon you and that your situation is not like others’ but for the glory of God. When you count your blessings, your doubts will fly away.

Be patient; let God answer your question on His schedule, not yours (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Don’t throw away your faith just because God does not resolve your doubt immediately. When you are wrestling with doubt, keep attending church and stay close to other Christians. Resist the temptation to isolate yourself because doubt feeds on loneliness. As you move closer to God, you will find the strength to trust Him and your faith will grow even stronger.

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We want to reap a booming harvest. Did we plant a booming seed? We want to receive prosperity. Did we plant seeds of prosperity? We want to reap peace. Did we plant the seeds of peace? What you will become tomorrow is determined by the choices you make today. One of the greatest gifts God has given us is the freedom and opportunity to choose from many alternatives that surround us and make decisions – a life full of choices. The choices you make determines who you are before God.

We can choose to walk away from or embrace wrong opportunities. All of us who have fallen made a decision. All of us who have not fallen faced similar temptations but made a different decision.

It is not too late to do the good we can to change the bad we have planted. All of us have made decisions we regret and all of us can be forgiven and start over. Yesterday is history, today is opportunity and tomorrow is mystery. Enforce God’s law in your heart – God will back you. Love and be loved. Show kindness and receive kindness. Show mercy and receive mercy. Plant and reap more of what you have planted.

PRAYER: Act in me, O Holy Spirit, that I may keep my promises and resolutions. Strengthen me, O Holy Spirit, to defend all I promised. Guide me, O Holy Spirit, that I may do what is right at all times in Your sight, in Jesus’ name.

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Tb Joshua PeruUncontrollably welling within, her anger reached bursting point. Only one devilish thought flashed incessantly through her mind – to destroy TB Joshua at all cost. Rushing towards him in a violent fit of rage, a supernatural force suddenly hit her, crashing her to the ground. Evil was defeated!

The malicious spirit of anger had plagued Cezia Carassa’s life for almost as long as she could remember. “I used to hit my husband and punch him in the face,” she recalled. “I used to get really mad. It was really strange force inside me.”

Tb Joshua Peru CeziaCezia didn’t really want to attend the crusade with Prophet TB Joshua but curiosity eventually triumphed and she decided to join 50,000 other attendees at the historic event.

“When the Mass Prayer started, I went down to the pitch because I wanted to destroy Prophet TB Joshua,” she candidly described. “I felt a huge force inside me. I wanted to attack everyone. I wanted to destroy.”

The demonic spirit of anger had been rudely exposed by the Spirit-filled prayer! “When I got near to the prophet, I felt some strength and force pushing me away from him. And then I fell.”

Since that Divine encounter, an incredible sense of peace and tranquility has filled Cezia’s life. “I felt that the opposite force that was pushing me to destroy things were gone. But other force made me new. I felt brand new! When I looked at the mirror, I was not the same. Before I used to look like an angry women, but right now I feel very new. And I look even younger!” Truly, the evidence of Jesus Christ is lives changed!

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