Glancing through online Nigerian news today, I came across a condolence message from the head of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, to the victims of the deadly stampede during the Hajj in Saudi Arabia that claimed well over 1,000 lives.

According to The Punch, CAN “commiserated with the Sultan of Sokoto and the leader of Nigerian Muslims, Sa’aid Abubakar lll, on the stampede tragedy during the ongoing Hajj in Mina, Saudi Arabia, and expressed its sympathy to the deceased families and all Nigerian Muslims.

”What surprised me about this response was how it stood in such stark contrast to the attitude of CAN to the last major religious tragedy that happened on Nigerian shores – the collapse of a building within The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). Just over 12 months ago, 115 Christians perished in the incident yet CAN remained silent, sending neither a message of condolence to the church’s founder T.B. Joshua nor the families of those affected. In contrast, I learned the Sultan of Sokoto sent his condolences to The SCOAN and T.B. Joshua when this occurred.

Why would CAN condole with their Muslim brethren but stay so loudly silent when tragedy struck one of their own? Is it because they have publicly distanced themselves from T.B. Joshua, proclaiming that he is not of God? Does that give them the right to disregard the countless thousands of Christians who flock to his church on a weekly basis from across the globe? What hypocrisy!

This little example gives further credence to the notion that CAN, especially under Ayo Oritsejafor, has become politicized. It exposes the reality that such messages of condolence seem to be given with a purely political agenda, not because of any genuine concern for those involved.

This sadly reminds me of the billion naira bribe allegedly collected by CAN pastors during last year’s elections in return for canvassing support for the then President Goodluck Jonathan. What of Oritsejafor’s private jet that was used for nefarious purposes in an attempt to smuggle arms from South Africa to Nigeria? When will CAN stop being known for political statements and associations and start being known for spreading Christ’s Gospel and uplifting the poor in society?

By Ikenna Obi – Nigerian living in USA


This post was sent to us by one of our reader “Victory Ark”; it is about the recent visit to The Synagogue Church of all Nation (SCOAN) by an America ministry known as hungrygeneration. The hungrygeneration is the same ministry that hosted wiseman Harry’s U.S.A crusade in washington state U.S.A. This ministry also has been taking groups of americans to scoan about 3 times a year, and advertise it on their site here; http://www.hungrygeneration.net/about/visitscoan/ they also pray for americans who visit their good news church with annoiting water every month.

Anyway this is what we received from Victory Ark today:

Good Morning!

On September 17, 2015, 40 people from all over the United States and Canada, packed their bags and flew on a plane to Lagos, Nigeria in Africa to visit the Synagogue Church of All Nations in hopes to meet with the man of god, Prophet T.B. Joshua.

The moment everyone gathered at gate E9 in Houston, Texas, we could feel the anxiousness and the desperation we all secretly had as we got closer to having the opportunity to step into the arena of liberty in the SCOAN. Trips like these mean something different to every person. Some were there for a sick family member, a personal breakthrough or simply a chance to speak to the prophet. At our arrival we were all sent to our assigned rooms and we patiently waited till the next dawn to see what God had in store for us that week. As Saturday morning approached we were all up early for a warm meal and we headed off to one of several bible studies. Each bible study was ministered by a wise man. They made an hour and a half feel like thirty minutes. The subjects for the bible studies varied from having faith for your challenges to walking in authority with the word of God. Shortly after the first bible study we visited the Prayer Mountain. The Prayer Mountain was a serene place that immediately filled you with peace, even with all of the construction going on, we each had a time of prayer next to a little tree that hovered over the water. It was truly beautiful to spend time in the presence of God while enjoying the wildlife that surrounded us. The purpose for having the Prayer Mountain so exposed to the outside is because the Man of God said he wants people to enjoy nature and God’s creation as we pray and seek him.

As Sunday rolled around, we sat at the visitors section for the 8am service. Something that we were quick to notice is that the entire service was ran by the disciples. Yes, that means that not even the wisemen were out preaching or praying over the people. It was refreshing to see the disciples being used during the prayer with the Morning Water. Wisemen were there overlooking every step but the disciples were leading the prayers. Many who received the prayer with Morning Water were set free and delivered. Afterwards we rejoiced and danced as the choir played songs of praise to give thanks to God for his goodness.

Although, we did not see Prophet T.B. Joshua for the service we had a surprise that was waiting for us. Little did we know that Prophet T.B. Joshua himself was going to pray over the visitors in the Mercy Land, an area located outside the SCOAN building. Sunday night he prayed for many visitors in the Mercy Land that were leaving the next day. We had to wait patiently for Monday night to arrive to receive what all of us had been waiting for. As Monday night came, we were ushered to the Mercy Land and we sat under a large white tent waiting for Prophets arrival. All of our hearts were beating fast as we knew that this would be it, the moment we were waiting for. When prophet arrived he shared a small speech and quickly began the prayer line. One by one we were each taken to him so he would lay hands on us. After he prayed for us we went and chose our faith bracelets. We were overwhelmed with joy as we saw each and every person from our USA group be filled with the Holy Spirit and receive their deliverance.

Little did we know that the celebration was not going to end there. After settling back into our rooms, we received exciting news that the man of God was going to meet our group the following morning. We cried and yelled with jubilee that such opportunity arose itself for us. By the grace of God, Prophet came and spoke to us that Tuesday morning and congratulated us for making the trip there knowing that the possibility of seeing him was slim. He said it took a lot of faith for us to do so and because of our faith our prayers were granted. After he spoke to us, he blessed our group with the chance to choose another faith bracelet, anointed stickers and more Morning Water. He laughed and said that he wanted to spoil us so we would miss him! We can confidently say that we all left SCOAN that day with a large smile on our face and in our hearts. This trip to the Synagogue Church of all Nations changed our lives and whats even better is that the best is STILL yet to come.

TB Joshua donates to Police, Military hospital


ACP Agnes Maclean (2nd right) receiving the items from Samuel Sackey on behalf of the Hospital

General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOANS), Prophet T.B Joshua, has donated medical consumables worth over GHc140,000 to the Police and 37 Military Hospitals in Accra.

The founder of SCOANS, headquartered in Nigeria, made the donations separately to the two facilities on Monday, in partnership with the Emmanuel TV through the Ghana’s branch of his church.

Items donated included blanket, medicine trolley, armpit clutches, accoson sphymamometer, latex foam mattress, syringes with needles 2ml, syringes with needles 5ml, wheel chair, hospital bed, drip stand, surgical gloves, among others.

The sum of all items donated to the 37 Military Hospital was estimated at about GHc100,000 while that of the Police Hospital was calculated at GHc40,000.

The donations were in immediate support to the two hospitals after they went through untold pressure following the recent three weeks strike action by medical doctors belonging to the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) across the country.

They were also in further support of the June 3, 2015 fire-flood disaster in Accra and the Central Medical Store at Tema which was razed down by fire earlier this year.

Prophet T.B Joshua through the Passion for Needy, a charitable organisation belonging to SCOANS, recently made similar donations to the 37 Military Hospital in support of some victims of the June 3, 2015 fire-flood disaster who were on admission at the facility.

Presenting the items at the various hospitals on Monday, a senior member of SCOANS-Ghana, Samuel Sackey, indicated that upon hearing of the strike action by the doctors, Prophet Joshua felt the urgent need as a man of God to support the two facilities, realising that they (37, Police Hospitals) were under serious pressure since they never closed their doors to the public during the period under review.

“When the doctors were on strike, the burden was laid on the two hospitals. To alleviate them from the stress they are going through now as a result of that strike action, the Prophet has asked us to make this donation,” Mr Sackey averred.

He indicated that the donations formed part of the church’s corporate social responsibility and love for the people of Ghana.

Ghana Web

T.B. Joshua: Scoan marks tragic guest house deaths

By Ntando Makhubu


Synagogue Church of all Nations members pray during the commemoration service. Picture: Thobile Mathonsi

Johannesburg – When news of the collapse of a church guest house in Nigeria surfaced a year ago, the family of Mpho Mbedzi opened themselves to the possibility she had also perished.

“What followed was the most difficult time of our lives, but TB Joshua stepped in and made it easier to bear,” said Mbetse Mbedzi, father of the late 30-year-old.

The Limpopo man was one of the friends, families, survivors and loved ones who gathered at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand for the remembrance day for the martyrs of faith.

The event celebrated the lives of the 85 South Africans who died under the rubble of the guest house of TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church Of All Nations (Scoan) in Nigeria a year ago. Church representatives from Nigeria also attended.

The crowd sang and danced and gave testimonies about their love and devotion to Scoan senior evangelist Joshua, praising him for the support he had given them since the accident on September 12 last year.

“His support has helped us move forward and stop dwelling in the past,” said Mbedzi.


Thembelihle Mamafa lost her husband and sister-in-law in the Synagogue Church Of All Nations tragedy in Lagos a year ago. Picture: Itumeleng English

He said Joshua had kept them financially afloat as they waited for his daughter’s remains and had kept up the support after her funeral.

While singing and dancing were the order of the day, there were also speeches and testimonies and a chance for survivors and families to express their feelings for Joshua and his church.

On the big screens inside the auditorium and outside, they thanked him for being there for them, and for taking them along with him to Mexico in May.

“We went shopping; we ate anything we fancied and we got to spend time with him,” one teenager, whose sibling was killed, said during her testimony recorded on the trip back from Mexico and played back on the screens.

Being taken on an all- expenses-paid trip overseas was a rare treat, one mother said, adding on top of that she had visited Joshua in Nigeria and had been “spoilt rotten”.

“My daughter told me she was going to Scoan for me, and so the trips, shopping sprees and money I have received are evidence of that,” she said.

The church’s choirs sang and kept the mood vibrant and festive, but when gospel singer Lusanda took the stage and was followed by singer Bongani Nchang, the mood was upbeat as young and old abandoned their seats and danced.

“This is an indication their deaths were not in vain,” Thuli Lukhambule said.

She lost a cousin in the tragedy.

“Our lord and father (Joshua) has wiped tears and taken care of orphans. He is indeed a blessing,” she added.

The Star


wpid-special-message-01.pngIt is important to remember that we are members of a family – the family of God. Consequently, for an occasion like this, God should be the Invitee.

My people, we are here because of our loved ones, who fell asleep in the bosom of the Lord. Our faithful and true God will bring them with Jesus, a Rock against which you can lean even as the winds of mourning howl around us.

As Christians, there comes a time when we will need to say good-bye and sing a “requiem” for our lost brethren. It is right and noble for Christians to gather, pray and say, “Requiescat In Pace”. That is, for the soul of their loved ones to “rest in peace”.

It is now one year since our beloved brothers and sisters slept in the Lord. For those of us who find it difficult to let go, we must realise that their death is an unavoidable call – a call to our Heavenly home that no one can disobey.

Of course we all know that this has nothing to do with age, status, rich or poor or even the nature of death itself – as this happened to our predecessors, including the Apostles who paid the supreme price to bring the Gospel to all of us. Some were even beheaded at their prime age. Others were stoned to death in the course of the Gospel. Some others were even crucified upside down, not to talk of the ones that were dropped inside boiling oil.

For those who of us who cannot trace or touch the body of those who are resting in the bosom of the Lord, we must realise that such examples abound among God’s Generals in the Bible.

If you have not yet said good-bye in Jesus’ name, now is your fine grace to do so. You could write a letter to your loved one who slept in the Lord. Express your mind on the good and the bad. Feel free to do whatever you want with the letter. Read and seal the letter. You might decide to share the letter with either your church authority or pastor and do away with the letter as the Spirit of God directs. Once you have done that, leave the rest to the future with expectation as God holds our future.

My people, no mortal man or devil can supersede the plan of God for your life. As a Christian, once you understand and believe this, you set yourself free. Let us set ourselves free from this happening, as it is the will of God, which is unchangeable. When it is the will of God, it happens as His will. If you harbour offence, you cannot stay in God’s will. Let us not harbour offence because it produces more fruit of sin, such as bitterness, anger and resentment, all of which are the purpose and will of the devil.

On a number of occasions, many of us have become victims of maltreatment in the hands of wicked men and women. Honestly you may have been treated unjustly and you get offended. But when you harbour any offence, you fulfil the purpose of your enemy, thereby being pushed out of God’s will. When you free your mind and stop harbouring offence, you will maintain and stay in the course of God’s will. On the other hand, if you continue to harbour offence, you automatically become a victim and captive of the enemy, thereby fulfilling his own purpose and will.

Remember that nothing can come against us without God’s knowledge and approval. Let’s face the fact – if the devil who hates us with passion could have his way, he would not hesitate to destroy us at will. You must keep this exhortation before you.

No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man. But God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond limit (1 Corinthians 10:13). 

Don’t get offended, neither should you harbour any offence. This is the weapon to resist the devil. Remember the message of the Cross: “Father, forgive them,” said Jesus. This message of forgiveness points to the future and not to look behind.

Finally brethren, I will not leave you without stating this simple conclusion – why are we rushing? Can we reach the end of this road without God’s knowledge and approval?

TB Joshua Ministries

Prophet T.B Joshua is STILL a True Man of God!

By Henry Kpakpo Allotey


Prophet T.B. Joshua

It’s been almost two years since I made a declaration that Prophet T.B Joshua is indeed a True man of God. I made that declaration out of my conviction and interpretation of the scriptures. I strictly relied on 1Timothy 3:1-5. which set out the qualities of a Bishop or a Pastor depending on how it’s called in your denomination. That scripture states and I quote ‘This is a faithful saying: If a man reaches out for the position of a Bishop, he desires a fine thing. A Bishop then must be Blameless, the Husband of One wife, Temperate, Sober-minded, of good behavior, hospitable, able to teach, not given to wine, not violent, not greedy for money, but gentle, not quarrelsome, not covetous, one who rules his household well, having his children in submission with full reverence’.

Judging by this lofty standard set forth in the Bible, I strongly believed Prophet T.B Joshua meets these qualities and qualifies as a true man of God. It is instructive to state that two years has gone down the line and many things have happened and several changes have occurred which has made some of my readers question if I still hold on to these same views. I have to state that defending a True Man of God is daunting as Satan has convinced the world that people who believe in Men of God in this age are either stupid or lazy. Let me quickly state one of the change that have occurred and examine whether it negates Prophet TB Joshua’s standing as a true Man of God.

1. Collapse of the Synagogue Building: We heard a harrowing news of how a building housing some guests of the synagogue Church of All Nations collapsed, killing over 100 guests who have journeyed to the SCOAN in search of spiritual nourishment. As usual with the haters, news went viral with most questioning why a True Man of God couldn’t accurately foresee the collapse of the building thereby preventing those painful deaths. Some went as far as assert that these deaths were sacrifices offered to a suppose false god and other lies that clearly is borne out of ignorance of the scriptures. Now let’s ask, does being a true man of God means no calamity can befall you?? Can a man of God see every calamity that will befall him?? Can a True Man of God predict every situation that will come his way? Let’s examine the scriptures for answers.

God is the creator of the heaven and earth; he also created humans with the first couple being Adam and Eve. God created both humans perfect with a purpose of filling the earth with righteous inhabitants. Unfortunately, Adam and Eve broke God’s trust in them when they ate from the forbidden fruit and became washed with sin. The consequence is the numerous problems we continue to face today due to our limitations. Now the question is: If God is ALL-KNOWING God, why didn’t he foresee that Adam and Eve will become disobedient to him by eating the fruit? Does it mean our God is not powerful or fake because he couldn’t foresee that Adam and Eve will break his law and plunge the whole human race into sin? Far from it!! Let’s take another example.

Isaiah was a True Prophet of God who foretold several prophetic messages of God which came to pass. Isaiah was one of the most effective Prophets in the Old Testament who fearlessly and boldly proclaimed the judgmental messages of God during the time of the great apostasy in Israel. Isaiah proclaimed doom for Israel if they do not turn away from their bad deeds and come to Yahweh, their God. Now, if this amazing gift of Prophecy did Isaiah see his own death coming? How did Isaiah die?? According to Bible scholars, Isaiah was sawn asunder by wicked King Manasseh!! Yes, King Manasseh used a saw to cut Isaiah into two! Isaiah could have seen that King Manasseh was after him and probably disappear or escape but No! God allowed Isaiah to suffer this painful death even though he stayed true to him throughout his life! Can we argue that because Isaiah did not see his own death, or prevent himself from dying in the hands of King Manasseh so he is not a True Man of God? Far from it!!!

James was a disciple of Jesus Christ who walked with him throughout his ministry. Apart from being Christ’s disciple, he was also his cousin and thoroughly loved by Jesus. After the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, James was one of the disciples who saw Jesus Christ off to heaven and received Christ final instruction. James was a loyal servant of Jesus Christ! Now what happened to James? At Act 12:2, it was reported that James, the Disciple and cousin of Jesus Christ was brutally killed with the sword by Herod Aggripa, the ruler of Judea at that time! Yes! James, the cousin of Jesus Christ couldn’t foresee his own death and ‘allowed’ Herod Agrippa to kill him!! Can we then argue that James was not a faithful disciple of Christ because he couldn’t foresee and prevent his own death?? Far from it!!

Why have I given all these examples? To prove that calamities do indeed happen to children of God! When calamities happen to Men of God, it’s unacceptable to question their standing in the Lord because they couldn’t foresee and prevent it. Now why do calamities sometimes befall Men of God? Why does God allow calamities to befall his anointed ones?? The answer can be found at Ecclesiastes 9:11 which reads: ‘I returned and saw under the sun that- the race is not for the swift, nor the battle for the strong, nor bread to the wise nor riches to men of skill; but TIME AND UNFORSEEN OCCURANCE BEFALL US ALL’! Do you see the highlighted part? Yes, Time and Unforeseen occurrence befall US ALL, not selected few of protected Men of God! This is the reason why a Man of God can die in an accident, be killed by armed robbers or maimed by a collapsing building and this will never prove he wasn’t a Man of God!God sometimes allow unfortunate things to happen to his people to prove a point.

God allowed the devil to bring calamities upon Job to establish the fact that Job will remain faithful to him no matter the cost. God allowed Jesus Christ to be tortured and die like a common criminal just so salvation can reach me and you. Yes, God is all-knowing and all-Powerful. We can neither question his ways nor judge his methods.

The collapse of the Synagogue Building was unfortunate and could emanate from several factors including sabotage, terrorism or just natural occurrence. In whatever the case, only God can know the true course of what happened. It will be erroneous and wrong to either assert that Prophet TB Joshua loses his God given standing because he could neither foretold or prevent the collapse of the Synagogue building. From the examples I have given, it clearly shows that God sometimes allow situations to happen including painful ones like the death of the 100s in the Synagogue building. This is due to Time and Unforeseen occurrence that happens and this affects all of us.

In conclusion, I still maintain that Prophet T.B Joshua is still a Genuine Man of God with God’s anointing on him to direct all perishing souls to Christ which leads to salvation.

Ghana web



A mother’s ignorance – a daughter’s innocence – a man’s iniquity – all these combined to tell the sorry tale of the Klay family from Liberia. One day 15 year old Bridget was with her friends after school chatting as usual. It seemed like any other day. Soldiers on a peacekeeping mission in Liberia passed and one of them, from Nigeria, pointed her out, telling her he loved her. Dismissing and ignoring the soldier’s hints, Bridget went home and quickly forgot the scene. Relationship was the last thing she had on her mind! Little did she know that her sister who had been behind had excitedly related the events to her mother. On hearing this news, Susannah, the girls’ mother was extremely interested. If a foreign soldier wanted to have her daughter, that would take a huge weight off her shoulders! He would be able to sponsor her to school and it would be one less mouth to feed at home. Poverty had delved deep into the family’s fortunes, deftly dictating the direction of Susannah’s decisions. Bridget was surprised to hear her mother calling her for a heart-to-heart chat.

Susannah convinced Bridget that following the whims of this Nigerian man was the best thing for her future and her family. “He will take care of you and us as well!” she said with a beaming smile. Reluctantly Bridget agreed and approached the man the next day. He obliged by promising to send her to school and provide for anything she needed. The time of courtship was minimal. Before long Bridget was packing her bags, saying goodbye to her mother and everything that was familiar to her. Her destination? Nigeria. As the new young wife of a soldier, she tentatively departed her beloved Liberia in hope of a better life ahead, her childhood innocence gone all too soon.

On reaching Nigeria, things were not quite as Bridget thought they would be. All the promises of school and study fell flat as she found herself stuck in the house, unable to move in a country not her own. Before she knew it, she was pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. Her ‘too good’ husband was not quite as good as he had appeared. Before long, Bridget noticed that on a regular basis, he was bringing different girls into the house, without any heed to her feelings or her presence. Her husband was the commanding and domineering type. If she voiced any word of complaint, he would silence her with heavy beating. Getting tired, he decided to send her to his parents in the village. Bridget found herself in another world not knowing anything or anyone around. She was looked on with scorn and contempt by the relatives of her husband. In the midst of all this, she had become pregnant with her second son.

In tears of bitterness and pain Bridget called her mother to complain. On hearing her plight, Susannah could not believe her ears. She was convinced her daughter was lying against the man. After all, how could such a kind soldier behave in that way? She accused Bridget of lying and decided to travel to Nigeria herself to confirm the story. When Susannah arrived, the situation went from bad to worse. “He said he would send me to school – yes he did – guess what? This is my certificate!!” said Bridget in a voice of pained sarcasm as she greeted her mother, showing her young son to her. Susannah soon noticed that the soldier was just as wicked as Bridget had claimed. When she complained to him about his beating of Bridget, he in turn proceeded to mercilessly beat her. After a while, he got tired of them and sent mother, daughter and two kids packing with no money in their pocket or clothes on their backs. Homeless, hungry and alone, the Klay family began to move in the streets of Nigeria, looking only for their next meal.

Both mother and daughter had seen Emmanuel TV and witnessed how T.B. Joshua had helped so many people. Determined, the family made a long harsh journey to Lagos and arrived at The SCOAN in desperate need of assistance. All they desired was to return back home. On hearing the plight of the family,T.B. Joshua with the support of the Emmanuel TV Partners presented the family with a generous gift of N400,000 – provision not just for tickets back to Liberia but for their welfare once at home.

In tears, Bridget advised other young people not to rush into marriage and fall for empty promises but to pursue their dreams of education and career first. Susannah advised parents to be very sure of someone’s virtue before giving out any child in marriage. The rash decisions of both mother and daughter have landed them in a situation they would have never imagined. Glory be to God for His mercy and kindness. Any moment from now they will depart Nigeria back to Liberia to start a new lease on life.

TB Joshua Ministries

THREAT OF INFRASONIC/ACOUSTIC WEAPONS; Scientists warn of deadly phase of terrorism

clamp-system-Infrasonic Generator powered by a Laptop

Clamp System Infrasonic Generator powered by a  Laptop

September 12 is around the corner and multinationals and residents of Egbe-Ikotun area of Lagos Mainland will be reliving memories of the collapse of a six-storey building last year, the first of its kind in Lagos, that claimed a record 116 lives, mostly South Africans.

In New York City of America, it was called 9/11 (September 11). In the City of Lagos, Nigeria, it became known as 9/12 (September 12). Thirteen years stood between both tragedies with varying devastations that humbled the security, technology and national ego of both countries.

America held terrorists responsible and the al-Qaedaresponded,”Right ho!” In Nigeria, the suggestion of a possible terrorist attack sparked off a controversy that pitted the state government against science, construction engineers and the Church. Lagos State Government wrestled science and technocrats in the building industry up to the judiciary.

The state-organised inquest indicted the engineers and their employers of ‘criminal negligence’. As you read this, all parties are warming up for the drama that will unfold in the courtrooms in the near future.

Now, buildings had been collapsing in Lagos and other parts of the country in a stereotype pattern that raised no dust, so why did commonsense/logic clash with science and technology in this particular collapse?

Daily Times took the question to military and security experts who expressed apprehension that infrasonic weaponry may have sneaked into the shores of South-Western Nigeria through insurgents that have terrorised the country for six years, claiming over 15,000 lives.

Now, buildings had been collapsing in Lagos and other parts of the country in a stereotype pattern that raised no dust, so why did commonsense/logic clash with science and technology in this particular collapse?

Daily Times features desk took the question to military and security experts who expressed apprehension that infrasonic weaponry may have sneaked into the shores of South-Western Nigeria through insurgents that have terrorised the country for six years, claiming over 15,000 lives to its notoriety.

Retired veteran soldier in the Nigerian army, septuagenarian Michael Oga Oyediran, discussing the reality of infrasound energy weaponry in this part of the world, said he was alarmed at the September 12 incident and how government inquest handled the matter. He spoke at his home at Felele, Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

“Considering the evidence of those engineers and the scientist, I became very worried because infrasound implosion technology was used in my time during the Nigerian civil war.”

A combat captain and blasts specialist in the late General Adekunle-led 3rd Marine Commando during the Nigerian civil war, Oyediran was one of few Nigerian soldiers trained by the British in the blasts and explosives science and technology in 1966. He recalled his first assignment on the field at this exclusive interview.

“Our training in London was extended by three months because we needed time to specialise in some sensitive post-operation radiation control and in the handling of some related equipment.

“I was drafted to the 3MCO, the code name for 3rd Marine Commando, when Nigerian soldiers entered into the then Midwestern State, particularly the Ukwani-speaking town called Obiaruku in 1967.

“One of the most illustrious sons of the town, his name was Idise Dafe, I remember, had a castle by the river side away from the town. He had fled before we arrived, but his American wife and her dog were there, and we had orders to blow up the house.”

Oyediran, who personally conducted the assignment, said the preparation took about three hours but the main operation took only three minutes and it was over.

“The castle came down in a straight line about 8 o’clock in the night; it was so successful that by the time it was daybreak, it was hard to believe that a house once stood there, and there was no debris around it.

“We didn’t call it infrasound energy then, of course, but the process and methods are very similar.”

Also speaking on the September 12 tragedy, Rtd Capt. ‘Tele Olagundoye, also of the 3MCO said in retrospect:

“About ten years ago, bomb blasts and suicide bombings were ‘foreign news’ from places like Afghanistan, the Gaza strip and later in Iraq and so on. Even when insurgency started to build up in the North six years ago, bomb blasts and suicide bombings were still foreign news.”

“But you see, I watched the collapse of that building on YouTube. The way it collapsed brought back memories of some of our operations during the Nigerian civil war and made me fear that terrorism has gone deeply scientific.

“But you see, bloody news is just news insomuch as the tragedy happens far away from your terrain. Since these six years of insurgency, Lagos State and the rest of the South-Eastern and South-Western parts of the country have been spared the bloodbath.

“Now, seeing the way government is ignoring dangerous signals and chasing after shadows makes me worry that insurgents may have penetrated and tested the ground of Lagos successfully and authorities don’t even know it yet.

“If government agencies and the judiciary are ignorant of this, they can be excused; but the military and security agencies of today who must have read the history of the Nigerian civil war cannot be excused.”

Characteristics of infrasonic/related weapons

A material science and explosives specialist at the Nigerian Defence Academy Post Graduate School, Kaduna who spoke to our correspondent in confidence for official reasons threw some light on the characteristics of infrasonic and related weapons.

“When a building collapses, especially a high-rise one that holds a large amount of dead-weight besides the live-weights, and after its collapse the foundation columns remain intact, its steel and concrete pillars protruding from the ground are not stressed … that effect can only be the result of high energy infrasound absorbed over a programmed period of time,” he said.

“The way it works is, the strength and constituent atoms of the building will lose their strength (or grip) because a high degree of resonance radiation has penetrated its atoms. It is like when a living person grabs an object firmly; but when the person dies, the ability that made that grip possible will ease out and the grip disappears, then the object inside the grip will fall off, or in this case, disintegrate.

“Also, ultrasound is called the ‘unseen invader’ because it has the ability to cover long distances and dislodge or disintegrate obstacles or chosen targets with little or no loss of energy and intensity and, it achieves all these without being seen. The only evidence of ultrasound or radiation is the damage they have done: that is the wonder and our fear.”

Unraveling the reaction when a connection is made between an infrasonic source and a chosen target, Hassan employed a scientific word ‘Resonance’ which he says, occurs when a connection is made between a source and a target which are vibrating at the same frequency.

“When this happens, the materials become joined and are said to be resonating; and once resonance has been established, an energy exchange takes place on the surface of the membrane of each cell or atom. Therefore, if the source of energy is more powerful, it directly impacts the targeted material, resulting in a biological reaction or, in the case of the collapsed building, a physical reaction.

“Now, let me tell you the worrisome part of this science: Resonance can be induced by generating electromagnetic radiation with a unit called infrasonic pulse generator, which can establish a link with a selected target, for instance again, like that of SCOAN building that collapsed.

“Once this connection occurs, and the power level of the generator is increased (just like you would adjust the power output of your normal generating set while it is working), it will automatically transfer the energy to the building. If the intensity level is high enough, the building can suffer a crumbling collapse.

“When an aircraft was reported to have hovered over that environment a while before the building collapsed, scientists know what has taken place; it is not supposed to be knowledge for governors or judges; but if judges cannot accept analysis of professionals in that terrain, the consequence in the short or long run may turn out to be like holding a tiger by the tail.”

That appears pregnant sir; can you simplify what you mean by ‘consequence’ and ‘tiger-by-the-tail?’

“Okay; suppose for the purpose of this discussion, that the insurgents have knowledge of this area of infrasonic weapons and the government or security men don’t: it means they can choose selected targets and strike at will. And because people would be looking at structural or soil failures for the cause of the disaster that will follow, the terrorists are shielded and free to continue wreaking havoc unknown and unrecognized; that is my definition of holding the tiger by the tail.”

Vibration frequencies (VF)

Daily Times sought to know how sound could possibly become such deadly weapon of mass destruction. A military biochemist who served in the Armed Forces Medical Service (AFMS) during the war, Rtd Major Bob Osarieme revealed that acoustic weapons (another name for infrasonic weapons) are more deadly on living things than on non-living things like structures, buildings, stationary aircrafts, etc. He gave some details.

“All of the chemical reactions in the cells of living organisms or in non-living materials, at the atomic level, are caused by electromagnetic oscillation, pulsations, and vibrations which science classifies as vibrational frequencies (VF). All physical matters vibrate at their VF respectively.

“My worries in the scientific circle go beyond the collapse on September 12 because the scientific knowledge that played out in that collapsed building is not the worst of infrasonic weapons.

“It has been established in our field that increasing the power level of infra and ultrasonic vibrations can destroy internal organs and cause mass deaths of a large number of people caught in it.

“But most worrisome is that, numerous kinds of the generators that produce powerful sonic waves are modified and small enough to be hidden in furniture such as end tables or cabinets in a living house, offices, theatres, and stadiums, etc. Nothing can be deadlier than that.

“Now, this is our fear: if insurgents have advanced their weaponry to that level and our security agencies and army, who don’t even have physical weapons to match theirs, what is that telling you? The SCOAN building collapse will become like a child’s play.”

Could that explain why the September 12 tragedy did not follow the normal pattern of collapses caused by structural failure or failed soil?

“Indeed it does. The approach was so scientific and thorough that it left the government and its agencies with no clue outside the usual known causes of collapsed buildings — even when it did not follow the normal pattern of structural failure or failed soil known in construction engineering.”

In his conclusion, the biochemist referred to the smoothness and success of the operation in a crowded city like Lagos: “It is alarming, and the implication should not be ignored. Whoever would have targeted that building with such concentration must be versed in the science of infrasonic dynamics. It looked more like a tactical strike in the most unsuspected and strategic city in South-West Nigeria, the nation’s commercial hub and capital, and that is an unhealthy development.”

Nuggets to ponder:

*Report of Lagos State Material Testing Agency which claimed the guest house collapsed due to defects in its foundation.

*A geo-technical engineer in practice for over four decades, Mr. Folayan, told Magistrate Oyetade that the soil under the foundation of the collapsed building did not fail. He gave professional reasons for his conclusion:

“After the collapse, all foundation pads of the building were intact; the steel and concrete pillars protruding from the ground showed no trace of stress or cracks.

“Especially, the Coroner ignored the CCTV footage which showed the six-storey building falling down in less than four seconds – a manner consistent with controlled or externally induced demolition.

Even an unlearned person can deduce from the CCTV footage that the collapse was not consistent with other known buildings that have collapsed as a result of structural failure, so even a lay man cannot be talking of structural or soil failure here.”

*The interim report and investigation by the Nigerian police force pointed to sabotage by external forces.

An explosives expert and researcher, Mr. Biedomo Iguniwei, who testified before the Coroner had said that the collapse was caused by an infrasonic weapon fired at the Church by the aircraft that hovered over the building.

For the records

One of the early pioneers in infrasonic research was French scientist, Vladimir Gavreau. His interest in infrasonic waves first came about in his laboratory during the 1960s when he and his lab assistants experienced pain in the ear drums and shaking laboratory equipment, but no audible sound was picked up on his microphones. He concluded it was infrasound caused by a large fan and duct system and soon got to work preparing tests in the laboratories.

Also, the possibility of a device that produces frequency that causes vibration of the eyeballs – and therefore distortion of vision – was apparently confirmed by the work of engineer Vic Tandy while attempting to demystify a ‘haunting’ phenomenon in his laboratory in Coventry, England. It was characterised by a feeling of extreme discomfort and vague glimpses of a grey apparition.

It was found that a newly installed extractor fan that Tandy found, was generating infrasound of 18.9 Hz, 0.3 Hz and 9 Hz.

In military application, infrasound has been exploited for its offensive capabilities since the First World War. It was used by the allies of World War I to locate artillery. When sound of any characteristic is being explored or deployed as a weapon to incapacitate, injure, kill or destroy, such a weapon is called an ACCOUSTIC or SONIC weapon. In such cases, the infrasound properties are deployed as an infrasonic weapon.

Now, infrasonic weapons produce both psychological and physical effects. They include highly directional devices which can transmit painful audible sound into an individual’s ear at great distances and infrasonic generators which can shoot acoustic projectiles hundreds of meters causing a blunt impact upon a target.

The psychological impact is that infrasonic generators can cause negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, or depression as well as biological symptoms like nausea, vomiting organ damage, burns or death, depending on the degree of intensity. Also, infrasonic radiation on target may cause other organs to resonate, causing a number of physiological reactions and malfunctions.

Acoustic weapons pose the hazard of being indiscriminate weapons, potentially imposing the same damage on friendly forces and noncombatants as on enemy combatants or other targets.

What infrasound can do

Infrasound is a powerful ultralow frequency (ULF) weapon that could be directional and tunable, penetrating buildings and vehicles. More high intensity infrasound could induce disorientation and reduce sensory motor functions like brain-box, memory storage systems, etc.

A more potent weapon under development in Russia since the early 1990s is a high-powered very low frequency (VLF) modulator. Operating at frequencies below 20 KHz, the device requires only a 1-2 meter dish to project an ‘acoustic bullet’.

Also referred to as emitters, infrasonic and ultrasonic generators and VLF modulators are weapons consisting of a directional antenna dish or specially designed generators which can send acoustic pulse to a general or a specific area.

Military history

According to military records, France was using infrasonic generators which operated at 7 Hz on its civilian population back in 1972. And by 1973, the Squawk Box was used by the British Army in Northern Ireland. It was a directional weapon that could target specific individuals by producing audible sound at about 16 kHz, which turned into infrasound at 2 Hz when it coupled with human ears.

In the early 1990s, Russia had developed a 10 Hz VLF modulator capable of targeting individuals over hundreds of meters, causing pain, nausea and vomiting. It was adjustable up to lethal levels. Since as far back as 1997, the US DOD has had an interest in creating generators in the infrasonic and ultrasonic ranges of 7 Hz and 20-35 kHz respectively which can cause these effects and research has been ongoing to advance them.


It has been known that infrasonic and acoustic weapons exist long before now as shown from the above study.

It is also known in the weapons research community that certain nations have taken the research to the next level.

Infrasound weaponries with high enough intensity can cause vibrations to structures at the atomic level causing the kind of destruction of September 12.

As of today, infrasonic weapons research has gone deeper underground which is inversely proportional to the advances made in production and testing with the consequent destruction like the type seen at the September 12 collapse. If it happened to a building in Egbe, can it be prevented from happening anywhere else in the city or in the country as a whole?

Supposing for one frightening moment – even if for the purpose of this argument – that scientists are right and that insurgents have ventured into the realm of infrasonic/acoustic? The consequence would be a disaster unimaginable.

For some time now, security agencies have handled with caution rumours that Boko Haram may have penetrated Lagos city. Rumours also have it that the sect are threatening to blow up the 3rd Mainland Bridge and some sensitive places in the mega city. Recently word was noised around that some Boko Haram suspects have been arrested in Lagos.

In the light of all the hush hush information management, it is expedient that the government of President Muhammadu Buhari should fall back on his military pedigree and ensure that what experts fear most does not come to pass. With the alliance being formed by governments of the Chad Republic and the Cameroonian security forces, our own security forces should make haste and ensure the security of the electorate they have vowed to protect.

Intensive investigation and probing should be geared towards accessing the infrasonic and acoustic option so the insurgents don’t beat us to that as well. The Chibok girls nightmare is still starring the nation in the face.

A stitch in time, saves nine.

Additional source: International Journal of Scientific Engineering & Research (IJSER, 2014 EDITION). IJSER is a one-stop open access source for a large number of high quality and peer reviewed journals in all fields of science, engineering and technology.

Daily Times


Prophet T.B. Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

What a life…? What a world…? What a love…?

In this world where everything seems uncertain only one thing is definite, that is love beyond measure. Love that is held when it is unspoken, seen when it is invisible and felt even without touching it. This is the kind of unconditional and absolute love Prophet T.B. Joshua indeed has for the world. He has clearly practiced what is written in the word of God, “Love your neighbors as yourself”, your neighbors may be your enemy and those that do not share the same faith with you, the scripture says, “love them all”.

Notwithstanding the present challenges his Ministry has been put through, the renowned and most criticized Nigerian Prophet, T.B Joshua, who’s Ministry has being under great threat and persecution still lost no time in affecting the lives of those who are in need with his charitable works. It indeed struck my heart to precisely respond at this junction following the striking front page of the Nigeria Vanguard Newspaper and other online News sites that the Prophet donated the sum of N10million Naira to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Kuchingoro Camp, Abuja. This shows that to a man of faith no matter what constitutes an obstacle, he can never be stopped.

Especially, citing the act of injustice in the recently concluded coronal inquest, one would expect Prophet T.B Joshua to be unconcerned with anything that has to do with his nation, but that was not the case. Prophet T.B Joshua has continued to demonstrate that he still has a heart for his people. This single action from the Prophet, confirms that he is not only characterized with extraordinary charisma, but with the utmost perfect example of love among other Church leaders of his caliber.

This selfless action clearly shows that Prophet TB Joshua is not ruled by his situation; he knows that his enemies are not flesh and blood, but supernatural forces. Little wonder his Ministry continues to blossom despite the situation that has come across his way, because he acknowledged the simple fact that the secret of blessings is in giving. The Prophet Just demonstrated to us that as a Christian, we should be thankful to God, even if there is nothing to be thankful about (Daniel6:1-end). When we find ourselves in a critical situation, we should learn not to focus on the situation, but to make the best out of it. That shows that our hard times are not meant to impair us, but to improve us.

In the midst of the persecution, hatred, name calling, insult and injustice, Prophet T.B Joshua is still showing love to his nation, which is an attribute of a genuine man of God. Just like as Jesus Christ rebuked Peter when he chopped off the ear of one of the soldiers that came to arrest Him and still at that spot performed a miracle by restoring the ear of the soldier.

It is said that a true Prophet is not honored in his own town just like the case of Jesus Christ and some of His Apostles; they were unable or did little in their own town. Today, leaders of different foreign nations are calling on Prophet T.B Joshua to come and reside in their country to establish his Ministry there. But the reverse is the case in Nigeria his home; they have little or no value for what they possess. They are misusing the privilege and opportunity of this wonderful gift raised among them by God to liberate the nation and the world at large from tedious circumstances.

Again, let us examine this action of Prophet T.B Joshua donating the sum of N10million Naira, to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Kuchingoro Camp, Abuja. ‘Humanly’, imagine if you where the one passing through the same hatred and injustice the Prophet is experiencing from his people, would you still be concerned about what happens to the nation that is against you? This clearly shows that the Prophet works by faith and not by sight and this again has exposed the earnest genuineness of his power and faith in God.

TB Joshua donates N10m to IDPs, laments camp condition

T.B Joshua

T.B Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, yesterday donated N10 million to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Kuchingoro Camp, Abuja.

Joshua who lamented the condition in which Nigerians displaced by the Boko Haram insurgency in the North East region are living, called for more support to improve conditions in the camps.

Represented by Olorogun Talib Tebite, Joshua also promised the IDPs that the church would also provide a medical ambulance as well as other medications to boost health care delivery in the camp.

The Prophet who enjoined Nigerians to come to the aid of the displaced persons, noted that “as creations of God, we must learn to love our neighbours as our selves by being our brothers keepers especially in need. One way we must express our love for others is in giving”, he added.

Speaking at the event, the Emir of Daura, HRH Umar Farouk Umar, who handed the N10m cheque to the IDPs camp chairman, on behalf of the church, urged them to utilize the money prudently.

The Emir appealed to the IDPs leaders to channel the donation towards the education of children in the camp and the provision of health facility for children and women in the camp.

On his part, the IDPs Camp Chairman, Philimon Emmanuel said the bulk of the money would used to establish a clinic in the camp.

While parts of it would be utilized in the provision of food and ensuring that children of secondary school age were sent to schools.

“We have been here since January 2014 and up till now we did not see something like this. We did not expect this and we cannot thank the church enough.

“We are going to have a clinic here. If we get a clinic some of our problems will be reduced. Because the first problem for us sickness in the camp and the clinic will address.

“We will buy some food items too and we have to educate our children because up till now our children that are in secondary school are not going to school. It only nursery and primary school that we have here”, he explained.

Source: http://www.vanguardngr.com