Prophet T.B. Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

What a life…? What a world…? What a love…?

In this world where everything seems uncertain only one thing is definite, that is love beyond measure. Love that is held when it is unspoken, seen when it is invisible and felt even without touching it. This is the kind of unconditional and absolute love Prophet T.B. Joshua indeed has for the world. He has clearly practiced what is written in the word of God, “Love your neighbors as yourself”, your neighbors may be your enemy and those that do not share the same faith with you, the scripture says, “love them all”.

Notwithstanding the present challenges his Ministry has been put through, the renowned and most criticized Nigerian Prophet, T.B Joshua, who’s Ministry has being under great threat and persecution still lost no time in affecting the lives of those who are in need with his charitable works. It indeed struck my heart to precisely respond at this junction following the striking front page of the Nigeria Vanguard Newspaper and other online News sites that the Prophet donated the sum of N10million Naira to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Kuchingoro Camp, Abuja. This shows that to a man of faith no matter what constitutes an obstacle, he can never be stopped.

Especially, citing the act of injustice in the recently concluded coronal inquest, one would expect Prophet T.B Joshua to be unconcerned with anything that has to do with his nation, but that was not the case. Prophet T.B Joshua has continued to demonstrate that he still has a heart for his people. This single action from the Prophet, confirms that he is not only characterized with extraordinary charisma, but with the utmost perfect example of love among other Church leaders of his caliber.

This selfless action clearly shows that Prophet TB Joshua is not ruled by his situation; he knows that his enemies are not flesh and blood, but supernatural forces. Little wonder his Ministry continues to blossom despite the situation that has come across his way, because he acknowledged the simple fact that the secret of blessings is in giving. The Prophet Just demonstrated to us that as a Christian, we should be thankful to God, even if there is nothing to be thankful about (Daniel6:1-end). When we find ourselves in a critical situation, we should learn not to focus on the situation, but to make the best out of it. That shows that our hard times are not meant to impair us, but to improve us.

In the midst of the persecution, hatred, name calling, insult and injustice, Prophet T.B Joshua is still showing love to his nation, which is an attribute of a genuine man of God. Just like as Jesus Christ rebuked Peter when he chopped off the ear of one of the soldiers that came to arrest Him and still at that spot performed a miracle by restoring the ear of the soldier.

It is said that a true Prophet is not honored in his own town just like the case of Jesus Christ and some of His Apostles; they were unable or did little in their own town. Today, leaders of different foreign nations are calling on Prophet T.B Joshua to come and reside in their country to establish his Ministry there. But the reverse is the case in Nigeria his home; they have little or no value for what they possess. They are misusing the privilege and opportunity of this wonderful gift raised among them by God to liberate the nation and the world at large from tedious circumstances.

Again, let us examine this action of Prophet T.B Joshua donating the sum of N10million Naira, to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Kuchingoro Camp, Abuja. ‘Humanly’, imagine if you where the one passing through the same hatred and injustice the Prophet is experiencing from his people, would you still be concerned about what happens to the nation that is against you? This clearly shows that the Prophet works by faith and not by sight and this again has exposed the earnest genuineness of his power and faith in God.

TB Joshua donates N10m to IDPs, laments camp condition

T.B Joshua

T.B Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, yesterday donated N10 million to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Kuchingoro Camp, Abuja.

Joshua who lamented the condition in which Nigerians displaced by the Boko Haram insurgency in the North East region are living, called for more support to improve conditions in the camps.

Represented by Olorogun Talib Tebite, Joshua also promised the IDPs that the church would also provide a medical ambulance as well as other medications to boost health care delivery in the camp.

The Prophet who enjoined Nigerians to come to the aid of the displaced persons, noted that “as creations of God, we must learn to love our neighbours as our selves by being our brothers keepers especially in need. One way we must express our love for others is in giving”, he added.

Speaking at the event, the Emir of Daura, HRH Umar Farouk Umar, who handed the N10m cheque to the IDPs camp chairman, on behalf of the church, urged them to utilize the money prudently.

The Emir appealed to the IDPs leaders to channel the donation towards the education of children in the camp and the provision of health facility for children and women in the camp.

On his part, the IDPs Camp Chairman, Philimon Emmanuel said the bulk of the money would used to establish a clinic in the camp.

While parts of it would be utilized in the provision of food and ensuring that children of secondary school age were sent to schools.

“We have been here since January 2014 and up till now we did not see something like this. We did not expect this and we cannot thank the church enough.

“We are going to have a clinic here. If we get a clinic some of our problems will be reduced. Because the first problem for us sickness in the camp and the clinic will address.

“We will buy some food items too and we have to educate our children because up till now our children that are in secondary school are not going to school. It only nursery and primary school that we have here”, he explained.


Video: Tragic Train Derailment In India Foreseen By T.B. Joshua

The fatal train derailment which hit central India this week is said to have been ‘prophesied’ by one T.B. Joshua, pastor of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

A YouTube video, which was uploaded to the church official channel last night, shows T.B. Joshua addressing his congregants on Sunday May 3rd, 2015 regarding the incident that he said was to take place.

Pacing up and down, the ‘prophet’ stated: “I’m seeing a train which derailed and a lot of people were wounded in India. People will surely die”.

Reiterating the ‘vision’, he said, “I’m seeing a train trapped; it went off the rails. A lot will die.” He then went on to urge the congregation to pray for the safety of those on board, saying, “Pray for them; people will be trapped. Pray for the safety of people who enter the train”.

Three months after the alleged prophecy on Tuesday 4thAugust, two passenger trains derailed in quick succession near the town of Harda in Madhya Pradesh state, India. The Kamayani Express was on its way to Mumbai when it derailed late in the night due to a collapsed track as a result of heavy monsoon rains. The Janata Express was traveling in the opposite direction when it derailed soon after. Six coaches from the Kamayani Express and four coaches from the Janata Express derailed.

The twin-incidents proved fatal as they left 27 dead, numerous others injured and train carriages trapped in thick mud and partially submerged in the river. Battling with limited resources and rough visibility, divers using cutting torches managed to pull out trapped passengers and rescued 300 by early morning Wednesday.

Towards the end of the prophecy video, referencing the cause of the derailment, the controversial cleric stated: “As in some cases like this, there was a warning and the whole thing was being managed. They knew about it.

”Not unaccustomed to accidents as a result of flash flooding and monsoon rains, the railway minister, Suresh Prabhu, said flood waters had weakened the tracks. “The prima facie cause of the incident is stated to be flash floods due to heavy rains” he stated.

Outraged at the sorry state of the collapsed railway tracks, Dinesh Trivedi, from the main opposition Trinamool Congress party, told reporters, “It’s totally unacceptable. It’s a symptom of a deep-rooted cancer in the railway system. They knew that the tracks were in that condition but still allowed the trains to run.” Passengers on one of the trains have told local media that water was overflowing onto the tracks when the train attempted its crossing.

India’s railway network, one of the world’s largest, is still the main form of long-distance travel in the vast country, but it is poorly funded. India’s government has pledged to invest $137 billion to modernise its crumbling railways, making them safer, faster and more efficient.

This is not the first time, T.B. Joshua has claimed to have predicted events in India. Back in 2010, T.B. Joshua allegedly predicted the Jnaneswari Express train derailment which led to 148 deaths, one of the worst in the nation’s history. He is also said to have foretold the gunning down of local politician, Hanuman Sharan Shukla during a public meeting on April 15th, 2010.

T.B. Joshua has a lengthy list of prophecies which according to the ministry’s YouTube channel are confirmed by international media. The most recent publicized prophecy was that of the Malaysian Flight MH370. Joshua is said to have stated that the ‘arm’ of the plane would be discovered and that particles of the plane would be washed ashore.

By Halima Babangida

Video: How Prophet T.B. Joshua Prophesied ‘MH370’ Plane Parts Location

Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua has sensationally claimed he predicted how the debris, said to belong to the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, would wash up on the shore of Reunion Island to the West of the Indian Ocean.

It is not the first time Joshua has prophesied about the plane, as his alleged ‘prediction’ of the mysterious disaster 16 months ago went viral, attracting international media attention and garnering over 1,000,000 views in a matter of days.

On Friday 31st July, a YouTube video was uploaded to the religious channel ‘Emmanuel TV’, showing three separate occasions where the Nigerian cleric spoke about the missing aircraft, revealing specific details of its fate and whereabouts.

In the first clip dated March 15th 2014, a week after the plane’s disappearance, Joshua waded into the controversy over its location, stating the search should be intensified “between the sea of Indonesia and the Indian Ocean.”

“The particles have gone swimming everywhere,” he vividly illustrated. “It was seized by an object down in the sea.”

Joshua described that parts of the aircraft would only begin to surface after it had ‘decayed’. “When it decays and becomes particles, little bodies could come up on the sea,” he explained.

He then boldly declared the mystery would eventually be put to rest as ‘they will discover the particles’.

Eight days later on March 23rd 2014, Joshua specified the part of the aircraft in question which would be discovered. “The thing I saw was floating on the sea, which is the hand of the plane,” he said, demonstrating with his arm the shape of a ‘wing’.

He bemoaned people’s unbelief, stating that if relevant authorities had contacted him, he would have given specific details as to the location of the missing plane, even if it meant flying over the exact point in the Indian Ocean.

“When something is on the water floating, can you imagine [it] can travel miles if you do not go there to pick [up] the thing which is very close,” he surmised.

The cleric, who is well known for his impressive portfolio of purportedly accurate predictions, encouraged people who questioned his prophetic insight to check his ‘antecedents’ online.

Several weeks later on April 12th 2014, Joshua reiterated his prediction that ‘something held’ the plane deep within the ocean but ‘particles’ of it would eventually surface.

“Go to the shore.” he stated. “You will see some of the facts, evidence – bags, luggage. It has gone to the shore where it cannot move any longer.” He specified the shore in question was “towards the west, Indian Ocean.”

The cleric ended by praying for family members of the 239 victims of the tragedy. “We pray for the loved ones that this concerns because their wound is our wound,” he solemnly stated.

Despite the controversies attached, Joshua said that he was under Divine compulsion to prophesy as it was a ‘gift from God’. “If you don’t say it, the gift will remain dormant,” he explained. “If God sends you to say what is going to happen and you do not say it, He will not send you next time.”

Malaysian authorities confirmed that the debris which washed up on Reunion Island, at the West side of the Indian Ocean, is from a Boeing 777, making it almost certainly the first piece of wreckage recovered from missing flight MH370.

The Malaysia Airlines flight was one of only three Boeing 777s to have been involved in major incidents, along with the downing of MH17 over Ukraine last year and the Asiana Airlines crash at San Francisco airport in 2013.

The component found on the French island bears the number ‘657-BB’, according to photos of the debris, which matches the part for a ‘wing flap’ in the Boeing manufacturer’s manual.

The discovery of the plane debris by a cleaning team on Wednesday sparked worldwide attention, heightened by the discovery on the same rocky beach of a piece of torn luggage, a detergent bottle with Indonesian markings and a Chinese bottle of mineral water.

Environmental experts have explained the plausibility that currents in the Indian Ocean could have carried debris from the crash site in an arch past Indonesia and down to Reunion Island off the coast of Madagascar.

The two-metre, barnacle-encrusted chunk of metal debris has been sent to a specialised laboratory in Toulouse, France for further investigations, the outcome of which is expected to be made public in a matter of days.

The controversial prophecy clip was uploaded to Joshua’s YouTube channel ‘Emmanuel TV’, which has over 210,000 subscribers.

By Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist

South Africa’s Ruling ANC Endorsed the Killing of Innocent South Africans?


African National Congress (ANC), South Africa’s ruling party

The alleged bi-lateral visit to Lagos, Nigeria, by the alleged leadership of the African National Congress (ANC), South Africa’s ruling party. Who in their visit openly show their support to the Nigeria’s Lagos state Governor Akinwunmi Ambode over his plan to prosecute the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) has again confirmed our standpoint that the SCOAN guest house building collapsed, was part of both local and international conspiracy to spark the downfall of Prophet T.B Joshua’s ministry.

Here is what a South African Citizen has to say about the visit of the ruling ANC to the Lagos State Governor:

” As a South African citizen, I can boldly say that the show of shame put together with the public declaration by the ANC that they backed the persecution of Prophet T.B Joshua and his ministry is nothing, but against the judgment of majority of South Africans that want to know the truth of what actually lead to the death of her citizens. The truth is that the supposed leadership of ANC only came to Nigeria to advance their personal anti-Scoan tendencies. We all know how many of our government officials are not happy with the way many of us always visit the SCOAN for healings and deliverances before the collapse of the SCOAN guest house.

Since the death of our citizens, how many of these ANC members have visited the families of the bereaved that lost their relatives and how many of them have supported the families financially, since the tragedy. Who among them can publicly say, he has shown love and support to the bereaved families than the ministry of SCOAN. None! But they have the audacity to travel all the way from South Africa to Nigeria, to tell the Lagos state government that they support the persecution of SCOAN. A ministry that has done all it takes to make sure that the families of the collapse victims are well taken care of.

I’m a beneficiary of the healing power of God in the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua, when my doctor confirmed me to be HIV positive it was in SCOAN I received my healing and this has happened to many South Africans who also received their healings from various sickness and diseases. All those times that these South African citizens including me received our healings and deliverances in SCOAN, it was not announced in news media or did any member of ANC publicly thanked Prophet TB Joshua for allowing himself to be used by God to heal us, but when it comes to bad news they are all shouting kill him and arrest him.

All those that are behind that show of shame in Lagos, Nigeria, I tell them, those South Africans that died in that collapse building, their innocent blood whom the alleged leadership of ANC have sacrifices in the alter of hate and lies would surly hurt them. They will never go unpunished. Hatred has made our people to support those that are desperately making moves to cover up the killing of our innocent citizens.”

It is obvious that many in the South Africa government don’t want justices to prevail in this matter. They don’t care if innocent South African citizens were sacrifices in the conspiracy to put down the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua. The statement credited to the supposed leadership of the ANC shows that they don’t care if the building collapse was an attack or not against the ministry of SCOAN. What they want is that Prophet T.B Joshua should be arrested and if possible, the Nigeria law support death penalty for building collapse they want the Prophet to be killed.

I’m ashamed to say that, Africans remains the greatest enemies of themselves, even with all the evidence on ground that suggest sabotage. A rational human being expect the ruling South Africa ANC to take a neutral stand thus, calling on the Nigeria government to make sure that a proper and unbiased investigation is done, especially since the ministry of SCOAN and even some South Africa citizens that survived the incident have continue to insist that the building collapse was as a result of sabotage. But that was not the case, the ANC simply came to Nigeria to further their anti-African campaign to persecute their fellow black skin man who has elevated the status of the African races that in history has being a victim of slavering and apartheid-rule.

It pains, when one has to imagine that some persons in Nigeria and other African nations can indeed be part of this dirty conspiracy against their own for a reasons that is still hard to comprehend. May God save the black man!

Collapsed Synagogue Building – International Science Journal Opposes Coroner’s Verdict

The International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Research’ (IJSER) has opposed the verdict of a Lagos State Coroner’s Court ruling on the controversial collapsed building within The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), arguing that the only viable scientific option that can explain the unique nature of the collapse was an ‘infrasonic weapon’.

Lagos State Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe, had earlier ruled that the collapse of the building was as a result of structural failure.

But the respected international journal published the article, titled, ‘Elimination of Structural Failure and the Placement of Chemical Explosives for the Infrasonic Weapon as the Cause of the SCOAN Building Collapse’, written by a weapons expert, Paul Iguniwei.

Iguniwei, who is a lecturer at Kaduna Polytechnic College of Science and Technology, said: “Having analysed the CCTV footage, personally visited the scene and made critical observations, I am convinced an exotic kind of weapon employing the infrasonic characteristic was used to cause the collapse of the building.”

According to Iguniwei, “It was deduced that the collapse resulted from a high energy infrasound absorption by the building leading to a high energy resonance of the constituents’ atoms of the building.”

Upon personal inspection of the ill-fated building site at the SCOAN, the scientist observed that the “foundation columns are still intact, with no stress or cracks on the steel and concrete pillars protruding from the earth”, ruling out the verdict of structural failure as a possible cause.

“The CCTV footage showed a collapse that is not consistent with other known buildings which have collapsed as a result of structural failure.”

Iguniwei, who referred to the groundbreaking research of French scientist, Vladimir Gavreau, also explained the scientific evidence behind sound being used as a weapon capable of mass destruction. “Resonance can be induced electro-magnetically by an infrasonic pulse generator, which can establish a link, for instance, to a building like that of the SCOAN that collapsed.

“Once this connection occurs, the power level of the generator can be increased, which would automatically transfer the energy to the building. If the power or intensity level is high or very high, the building can suffer a crumbling collapse.”

Iguniwei posited that although it is rare for infrasonic weaponry to be used, there is currently a lot of research ongoing into its capabilities.” Certainly our science tells us that infrasound weaponised with a high enough intensity can cause vibrations to structures at the atomic level causing the kind of destruction we saw happen at the SCOAN premises.”

Human Rights Groups Fight TB Joshua Building Verdict


Prophet T.B Joshua

The Nigerian Human Rights Community (NHRC), a coalition of 135 civil society groups across Nigeria, is the latest to add its voice to the controversy surrounding the verdict of a Lagos State Coroner’s court against The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), the church of popular preacher T.B. Joshua.

In a statement signed by Dr Anselm Oboku and published in the Nigerian Punch newspaper, the human rights groups observed with concern the growing trend of terrorist attacks against churches in Nigeria by Islamic insurgents Boko Haram.

They cited examples of the diffused bomb found in the Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA) in Jos and the attack against the Redeemed Christian Church Of God (RCCG) in Borno, incidents that both happened in close proximity within the month of July.

“After a thorough reflection on the spate of terrorist attacks in Nigeria, one is bound to conclude that concerted efforts should be made by international institutions, governments and corporate institutions to work with the Nigerian government to be able to stem the ugly trend,” read the statement.

Coming to the tragic incident at The SCOAN last year which led to the deaths of116, mostly foreign pilgrims, the NHRC insinuated that there were glaring ‘flaws’ in the verdict about the guesthouse collapse, stating its intention to appeal for international intervention.

“It is our opinion that the Lagos State government and the Federal government needs assistance for a thorough and dispassionate investigation into the incident. It is on this basis that we call on the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Commission to be involved in the probe of the collapsed building at The SCOAN.”

According to the NHRC, the verdict “falls short of global expectations” and “raises serious questions about the capacity of the Nigerian government to deal scientifically with issues that demand a coroner’s inquest”.

The coalition of human rights group supported the contentious claim by the church that sabotage was behind the building’s fatal fall.

“The NHRC believes that there are new evidences that link the collapse of the building to terrorism. By the threats earlier sent to the church and the way and manner the building collapsed, it suggests that the Islamic extremists may have attacked the building due to Nigeria’s war against Boko Haram which found a new wave of support from South Africa.”

The group noted that the attack came days after an arms deal struck between the Nigerian government and a South African private company, further adding that 80% of the victims were South Africans and the timing of the incident coincided with the busiest period for South African visitors to the church. “Was this a revenge attack by terrorists,” Dr Oboku queried.

The statement then called for a more thorough investigation which involves ‘international forensic experts’ who would “examine the particles found at the site of the building if indeed there were materials related to an explosion”.

According to the NHRC, if such actions are not taken, suspicion will remain that the verdict was “a preconceived notion, aimed at putting the church down, which may have beclouded critical examination of the facts before the court.”

The statement comes in lieu of several other groups expressing their misgivings concerning the verdict given by Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe, including the West African Civil Rights Coalition (WACROC) and the O’odua Nationalist Coalition (ONAC).

On Thursday 16th July, Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode stated his intentions to prosecute The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, not on the basis of ‘criminal negligence’ but on their failure to obtain government approval before constructing the guesthouse.

The SCOAN rejected the verdict, claiming it was ‘one-sided’ and ‘unreasonable’. Intriguingly, the church’s founder T.B. Joshua has not been seen in public for more than 2 months, ever since his ‘Miracle Crusade’ in Mexico City in May.

Ihechukwu Njoku ( Email:, Nigerian journalist specialized in religion and human interest stories reports from Lagos, Nigeria. Njoku says: “Contrary to certain insinuations, I am NOT an official reporter of The SCOAN but do write extensively about the church given the scope of public interest in its activities.”


History has once again repeat itself, the coronal inquest preceded over by Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe, alleged to be setup on a fact finding mission to investigate the circumstance of the last year building collapse at the premises of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) has end up to be an inquest premeditated to cover up the attack on SCOAN, divert the attention of the public on threat to T.B Joshua’s life and indict the ministry of SCOAN for culpability.

History has thought us that those sent by God to destroy the strong holds of Satan in this sinful world has always being enemies to the powerful forces that rule the earth. This verdict has again proven the genuineness of Prophet T.B Joshua’s calling that, he is indeed a Prophet of the Most High God sent on a mission, that mankind will live to remember. All the great Apostle of old in the history of the Church, were always being hunted by the law, from one prison cell to the other, from one judgment seat to another, and from the peril of one powerful king to another, they were being hunted, persecuted and killed for unjust cause; almost all of them died a shameful death.

Many will say how I wish I was alive then, I would have defended the crucifixion of Jesus Christ; I would not have allowed Christ to die such a shameful death. But here before our own eyes, this present generation, the righteous are being persecuted and ridiculed in the court room of injustice and humanity are folding their hands watching. I’m forced to ask, where are the civil right groups? Who are those that are ready to sacrifice their lives on the altar of justice?

Prophet T.B Joshua’s ministry was attacked, in cold blood, members of his church were killed and now those who don’t want to see the righteous live in peace, who have vowed to make sure that this God given vision on earth fall, has once again succeed with their plans to indict the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua. I ask again, when will injustices stop to prevail over justice in our world? When will those that continue to inflict pains on the righteous face absolute judgment from God?
Is this the kind of justice the deceased families want, the verdict of lies and hatred? I pray that this act of injustice will not add to the pain of the deceased relatives that has already known the truth and also may those relatives that has reservations, not fall into the temptation to do the unmindful.

What a world of injustice! They are not talking of the strange plane that went round the guest house, they are not talking of the sudden fall of the collapse building, even the foundation of the collapse guest house is still strong and intact, what about the timing of the collapse incidence, exactly when the visitors where taking their meal when they were expected to be in the collapse building. But now, even those who were courageous enough to speak against the sabotage like the police witness, has now put their career on the edge, their career are being threatened for standing for the truth.

I know of a truth, God has the final judgment. But I ask again, when will that judgment come, will God continue to allow His children to be humiliated by evil men, and will God continue to allow lies to triumph over truth. I know the judgment of God will surely come. You that may be asking similar question, hold your peace. Let our heart patiently wait for God’s judgment, God’s time is the best. The cloud is dark and no one knows what is in the other side. No one knows how the judgment of God will look like, but one thing I know is that the righteous will see reasons to rejoice at the end.

Building Collapse: Five (5) Spurious Lies against T.B Joshua’s Ministry

Prophet T.B Joshua

Prophet T.B Joshua

Few days after the September 12th, 2014 building collapse at the premises of the Synagogue, Church of all Nations (SCOAN), Lagos, Nigeria. There were a lot of conspiracy theories by both government agencies and the press, made-up to mislead the international community and tarnish the reputation of Prophet T.B Joshua and SCOAN. Hearty effort by T.B Joshua’s ministry to rescue the collapse victims, assist the survivals and take care of the deceased families was not acknowledged, rather, they were raising false alarms against the Church, saying, Prophet T.B Joshua must be held responsible for the collapse and be arrested.

Classic evidences from the church’s CCTV footage that showed the manner of the building collapse and photograph evidences from a south African eyewitness that captured the mysterious plane, were downplayed by government agencies and the international media; those evidences have now being classified as ‘conspiracy-theories’ by propagandist desperately making moves to cover-up the SCOAN guest house attack and threat to prophet T.B Joshua’s life.

All the same, we have compiled and want to list out some of the lies now known to be deceitfully fabricated by government agencies and the press to mislead the general public and cause doubt on the position of the church that the building collapse was an attack.

1. Some days after the terror attack on SCOAN guest house, a false report was published by the international media quoting the General Manager of the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LSBCA), Mrs. Abimbola Animashahun Odunayo. She was mentioned to have said that her agency had sealed off the SCOAN guest house days before it collapsed and that the church ignored warnings from the agency to stop construction work on the guest house. This untrue report was a cheap lie because there was no time LSBCA served the church a quit notice to stop construction or seal the building. The truth was that, all letters and contravention notices sent to the church by LSBCA were sent Four to five days after the building had already collapsed. This particular misinformation from the media forced SCOAN to quickly release a press statement to debunk the falsehood.

2. Government rescue agencies came to the collapse site ill-equipped; the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), but went on air to lie to the international community that SCOAN delayed them from entering the site to rescue the collapse building victims. They also alleged that the church members were hostile to them and that the church was not cooperative with them in the rescue operation.

This deception by NEMA and LASEMA, both government agencies was widely published by local and international media prompting a massive outcry from the public hence; unkindly calling for the arrest of T.B Joshua and accusing the church of trying to do cover-up, but the church kept silent and was busy keeping records on the truth. T.B Joshua always says, “No matter how long a lie is sustained, truth will someday prevail” and indeed truth prevailed. CCTV footage presented to the coronal court by SCOAN Chief Security officer and testimonies from other agencies that help with the rescue operation shows that SCOAN did not hinder NEMA/LASEMA from doing their job, but it was SCOAN that spearheaded the rescue operation. The church hired rescue experts and heavy-duty equipment and also provided 11 emergency ambulances that were used to convey victims to the hospitals. Both NEMA/LASEMA that were raising false alarm, came to the collapse site ill-equipped, they were busy taking pictures and conducting interview when people were still trapped under the rubble.

3. As NEMA/LASEMA where busy spreading their version of lies to the international community. A journalist name Mr. Nicholas Ibekwe came next on the scene with his accusation of bribe. Mr. Ibekwe who was on a secret mission to SCOAN, recorded a press conferences Prophet T.B Joshua publicly held with a number of journalists and went on social media to announce to the world that he has proof of Prophet T.B Joshua offering journalist bribe of N50, 000 Naira each to publish reports on the collapsed building on his favor. This accusation by Mr. Ibekwe caused a divided public opinion; he then went on to upload an audio clip he alleged was the proof of Joshua offering the bribe. To the disappointment of those who were already calling for the crucifixion of Prophet T.B Joshua, the audio clip did not prove anything; it become obvious the obsessed journalist was simply making a big deal out of the generosity of Prophet T.B Joshua. Here is the link to his alleged bribing proof and a responds by a freelance journalist.

4. During the time witnesses where being called upon to testify in the coronal inquest setup by the Lagos state government to uncover the circumstances and cause of the collapsed guest house, there was a misleading report that was widely published by the international press. The report incorrectly quoted Professor John Obafunwa, a pathologist who led other pathologist in carrying out tests to determine the cause of death of victims of the collapse guest house. The professor was alleged to have ruled out claims of an explosion as the cause of the building collapse, on the basis that none of the collapsed building victims had blast injuries. This deceptive report was intended to deride the position of the church that the collapse was an attack. However, Prof. Obafunwa disclosed that he was mainly concerned with the cause of death of the victims and not the cause of the collapse building and that it would be wrong and beyond his jurisdiction to probe into the cause of the building collapse.

Foundation of SCOAN collapsed building showed no sign of stress or strain

Foundation of SCOAN collapsed building showed no sign of stress or strain

5. Lastly, when the incident just happened, the international community was made to believe that the foundation of the collapsed guest house was designed for just two (2) storey building and the addition of extra four (4) storey building, making a total of six (6) storey building, was done without re-enforcing the foundation of the guest house and this may likely be the possible reason the guest house collapse. This misleading report that was widely published was against the position of the church that the foundation of the building was actually design to carrying more than six (6) storey building. But as of recent, independent investigation done by local and international building experts including, families of the collapse victims on the site of the collapse building has shown that the foundation of the collapse guest house was strong enough to support more than 11 storey building and even till now, the foundation of the collapse guest house is still solid and intact; there is no sign of crack or stress on the foundation.

So far so good, time has continued to vindicate SCOAN and Prophet T.B Joshua from any wrong doing. Even the report that alleged SCOAN had no government approval from the collapsed building has being established to be technically untrue because the church has already paid over N20million naira to the Lagos state government for the building approval and the approval for the building was being processed when the guesthouse collapse.

The ill motive behind these spurious lies listed in the article has added to the already general suspicion that the collapse guesthouse was part of an elaborate plot by some group of powerful elite with influence in government and the world media to spark Prophet T.B Joshua’s ‘downfall’, for a reason best known to the plotters and we hope at the end of this turmoil, justice takes its cause.

We also want to use this opportunity to wish the Prophet, T.B Joshua HAPPY 52TH BIRTHDAY!!!!

The CIA Prediction VS T.B Joshua Prophecy of Hope

The just concluded 2015 general election, in the African’s most populous Nation may have come and gone, but history on the successful and peaceful conduct of the election will remain incomplete, without stating the messianic role played by Prophet T.B Joshua all through the period of the election.

Before the March 28, 2015 Nigerian’s presidential election, there were fear that the Nation may end up in crisis after the winner of the presidential election, may have been declared. The fear was triggered by the CIA prediction that Nigeria will break up by 2015. The same year, the nation will be conducting her general elections.

The internal challenge the Nation was facing at that period of time appear that indeed the prediction and prophecy of doom of Nigeria engulfing in crisis is likely to come to pass. The threat from the Boko-Haram terrorist activities in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria, the campaign for an independent state by pro-Biafra secessionist group, the electoral hate campaign by the two leading political parties (PDP and APC) and the tense political atmosphere generated, looks like the most populous black nation on earth is surely waiting to explode in another major crisis that may threaten her existence.

The tension was so much that the wealthy were carrying their families and relations out of the country, while those who could not afford to travel out of the country left the town for their villages. Those from the northern part of the country with business in the south close their shop and travel back home, while those from the south with business interest in the north left their business and travel back to their state of origin because they felt they were safer in their state, if peradventure there are crises after the election.

In the middle of all these tension in Nigeria, Prophet T.B Joshua’s guest house was mysteriously attacked on September, 12, 2014. This attack lead to the death of hundreds of his members mostly, foreign visitors, but the prophet who know what was on play did not allow the incidence to weigh him down. With all the name calling, campaign of calumny and persecution, Prophet T.B Joshua did not loose focus; he was busy communicating the mind of God regarding the coming election directly to the incumbent president, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and his aide, to salvage the Nation from an imminent crisis that will destroy millions of lives and properties.

The Prophet was said to have told the incumbent President that God said, whatever the outcome of the election, his regime has come to an end. He should accept the outcome of the election to save the lives of millions of Nigerians. Prophet T.B Joshua was also said to have previously shared many revelations about Nigeria to the President that has eventually come to pass.

Shortly before President Goodluck Jonathan’s historic call to the President-elect Gen. Mohammed Buhari (Rtd.), Prophet T.B Joshua called the President, saying to him, “Your Excellency- all you need to say is thank you, Jesus, even when it seems there is nothing to be thankful for. He said, ‘thank you, man of God’. Before I knew it, I saw the news on CNN that he had congratulated his opponent,” – Prophet T.B Joshua.

It was that historic concessional call from Goodluck Jonathan to the President-elect Gen. Muhammad Buhari (Rtd.) that brought calmness to the tense political atmosphere in the Nation. Today, there is no electoral crisis in Nigeria, the doom prediction of the Nation’s breaking-up after the 2015 general elections did not come to fulfillment and these was made possible by an incumbent President that has the fear of God, listened to His warning and remain obedient to God’s word through the instrumentality of His Prophet, T.B Joshua.

Maybe if the leadership of the Nation had listen to the Prophetic warning from T.B Joshua then, the present Boko-Haram deadly attack in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria would have been stopped at the beginning. Nevertheless, we say thank you Jesus for helping your Nation to surmount her challenges.