A World Free of Homosexuality: The Way Out

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Delivered from Gay

Homosexuality and other sexual dysfunctions have remained one of the most divisive debates in the 21st century. This is one of the issues that have divided both the academic scholars and world leaders on the acceptability of this strange sexual orientation.  Even scientists are not left out in this confusion, as there are different scientific explanations of both those in support and against the act.

Some nations, who prior to this time were against homosexuality, are now enacting laws to protect these set of minorities from victimisation and discrimination thereby, compelling other sovereign nations of the world to accept it as a norm even though common sense proves its abnormal. Likewise, we have nations that abhor this lifestyle and in such nations, people who indulge in this strange practice are sentenced to death and long prison terms. Some even take these persons to secret cells where they are tortured by electrocution and carry out some scientific experiment on them hoping it will set them free from the abnormal lifestyle. But this act of torturing and other ill-practices have been proven to be inefficient. In many cases, this practice has worsened the health of these victims of homosexuality whereby some sustain critical internal injuries and in worst cases, others lose their lives.

However, we thank God for the Ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, the SCOAN; in the midst of this odd practices and the confusion that have been generated among the elite, homosexuals are massively delivered today in the SCOAN through the power in the name Jesus Christ. At present, thousands of homosexuals from all over the world that are being persecuted, discriminated and rejected because of their sexual orientation are being received by the SCOAN for total deliverance.

tb joshua scoan

Countless Homosexuals are Healed Daily in the SCOAN

Despite this great uncommon phenomenon of healing and deliverance of Homosexuals that takes place in the SCOAN, it is disturbing that the world and its established institution seem unconcerned about these great works of total transformation God is doing in the lives of thousands of homosexuals through the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua. At the same time, some are trying to create a negative impression that this transformative healing of the Homosexuals are stage managed even though it is a common knowledge that these healings genuinely take place there, considering the track record of the Prophet.

Therefore, to the newly elected president of USA, Donald Trump and other world leaders that have the foresight of the negative effects these strange practices would have on the future generation, we put forth this suggestion; partner with the Ministry of T.B. Joshua in order to put an end to this unholy lifestyle called homosexuality. It would be of great help to the world if its leaders collaborate with the Prophet so as to put an end to this gay marriage upsurge

God loves sinners but hates sin (Homosexuality) and He is ever willing to set them free. The issue of homosexuality is spiritual. This is why there is confusion among scientist and other academic scholars, for the things of the spirit cannot be discerned by mere human knowledge, it takes spiritual understanding to discern the rationale behind homosexuality.

The world and its established institutions need to humble themselves and look up to God. This is not about Prophet T.B. Joshua but securing the future and sustaining the value of creation; one man to one woman. We have to put a stop to this act in order to avert the wrath of God upon our generations. We should always know that life is a place full of mysteries and uncertainties, where the next phase can’t be determined or known. Our purpose is to make the world a better place and help our brothers and sisters in bondage to embrace the freedom in the power of the name, Jesus Christ.

Watch a gay deliverance video  bellow:

How T.B. Joshua Prophesied the Florida Airport attack, Warn On Domestic Flight Danger

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During the live Sunday Service, January 8, 2017, Prophet TB Joshua warned Nigerians to pray against danger on their domestic flight. Just as he confirmed through one of the SCOAN foreign workers how he Prophesied the American Florida airport attack.

On the danger of the Nigerian domistic flight, the renowned Prophet said what he is seeing concerning one of the domestic flight is worrisome and he has been praying about it.

According to him they should not manage any aircraft or decide to fly more than the number of flights schedule per day due to pressure from customers because he sees danger in the air. He stated that the reason he has not released his predictions for the year was as a result of the terrible negative ones he saw and has been praying to avert them. According to him, he is more concern about the danger on the nation’s local flight because most passengers aboard the airlines comes to the Synagogue. And the devil wants to play a funny game .

” I encourage you to pray Thursdays and Fridays because I see people stranded in the airport and due to pressure I see an airline lifting people hurriedly without checking the condition of the airline. And it’s danger but when we watch and pray it would be averted” Furthermore , he revealed that he informed one of his daughters from America in SCOAN three weeks ago that he saw the attack on America airport.

The American lady, Angela , who was around, corroborated the story that indeed he called her three weeks ago and told her he saw an attack at the airport. In his words, the Prophet said that people no longer believe in prophets or prophecies which is the work of the devil.

We hope those in the Nigeria aviation sector takes this Prophecy of warning seriously in other to avert the imminent danger.


scoan tb joshuaMiss Esther Kehinde, older sister Deborah and their father came to The SCOAN to thank God for the extraordinary thing He had done in replacing her head with the Cross. Yes, literally the Cross! Esther left the house for school and was expected back in the early evening. However, when the clock struck 7PM, 8PM, and continued to tick away into the late night, panic ran through the spines of her sister Deborah and their father. Deborah and their father united in prayers. Whilst their father prayed with Esther’s picture, Deborah ministered the Morning Water on the bed she shares with Esther and put a demand on the anointing by asking the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to return her sister home safely, wherever she had gone to.

Testimony TB JoshuaRecounting her experience that beggars belief, Esther said on her way back from school, an unknown man had approached and knocked her down unconscious. When she regained consciousness, she found herself in the midst of several wailing captives. She was at sea as to what was happening and why they were crying. Within seconds, she saw people beheaded and sliced into bits. That was the moment it dawned on her that she had been lined up to be killed at any time. As she looked around and at the killers, a demand came in to request fresh blood. “Yes, there is a new arrival,” one of the henchmen said, pointing in the direction of Esther. The thought of being beheaded and her flesh sold to the human flesh and blood buyers rushed through her mind. She was motioned to place her head on the chopping board. She obliged. When the killer raised his ax up to chop off Esther’s head, he cried out saying he saw a Cross instead of a human head. This threw the killer into a frenzy and shoved Esther aside. Another standing by asked Esther, “Which Church do you attend?” Esther responded: “The Synagogue Church Of All Nations.” The man’s next question was about Esther’s Pastor. When she told him that her Pastor was Prophet T.B. Joshua, the man did not hesitate to show Esther the exit. As Esther took to her heels in the direction of escape from the shadows of death, a young boy attempted to escape along with her but he was quickly seized by the killer kidnappers and dismembered within minutes.

Sharing the same testimony as Esther, Deborah told people all over the world that after she offered the prayer, she saw Prophet T.B. Joshua hold Esther’s hand through a bush path and handed her into her hands. “She has been released,” Prophet T.B. Joshua told Deborah in the dream. And indeed, Esther was released and returned home safely to narrate her ordeal through tears of joy. The two sisters and their father thanked God for His goodness in their lives. Esther also advised people all over the world to believe in the anointing in the Morning Water and minister it in faith, in Jesus’ name.

TB Joshua Ministry

​Will A Prophet Be Honoured Among His Countrymen?

T.B. Joshua with Mrs Vera Baboun

T.B. Joshua receiving a gift from Mrs Vera Baboun

The General overseer of the Synagogue Church of all Nations, Prophet T.B. Joshua is a controversial figure that is well known for his massive healings, deliverance and unparalleled charitable works. As humble as the Prophet is in disposition, the controversy surrounding him and his Ministry has made some so called men of God especially those of his own country tag him a false Prophet. Their claims are based on questions like; who mentored him, his theological school, his earthly spiritual father and the controversial pattern of his healings and deliverance. They make these claims as though God does His things according to men’s tradition or has to consult them before He anoints His Prophet but little do they know that the things of the spirit can never be comprehended by man’s point of view; there are biblical histories of great men of God that had an encounter with God and were used to perform great signs and wonders without human mentorship or earthly spiritual fathers. Even this present generation of the church look up to these great Apostles and Prophets of God as heroes of faith.

Nevertheless, according to Prophet T.B. Joshua, what men don’t understand they call names and what they understand they destroy. Even Christ Jesus was maltreated and called all sort of unkind names. The same people who unjustly accused Christ were the once that crucified Him because His teachings and ways were different from man’s tradition. They believed in the Law of Moses while Christ came to usher mankind into the era of grace. Today, Christ Jesus has the greatest followers on earth, for Christians in nations all over the world believe in Him as the only saviour and redeemer.

It seems history is repeating itself because the rejection and name calling Christ and other Apostles of old experienced during their reign is similar to what the Prophet is facing today among his people.

Recently, Mrs. Vera Baboun the Mayor of Bethlehem (the birth place of Christ) and Fr. Peter Vasko OFN, the President of Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land, sent their Christmas greetings to the Prophet and Emmanuel.tv partners, recognizing the love the Prophet has for the work of God, calling for a persistent cordial relationship and look forward to seeing him again in the Holy Land.

Bellow is the YouTube video:

As ironic as this may sound, biblical history thought us that the forefathers of the Israelites did not value the Prophets of their time. They even crucified Christ Jesus and his apostles. But today, their present generation in repentance have seen the significance of Christ coming and now appreciate the love of Christ in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua. However, the Prophet whom the Israelites now honour for his love for Christ and the Church is the same Prophet most Nigerian clergies still see as false.

Indeed, this is a true reflection of the wise adage of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ that says “A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.” – Mark 6:4. We hope this present generation learn from history and make sure it does not repeat itself.

Would T.B. Joshua’s 2017 Prophecy Be Taken Seriously?

tb Joshua usa election

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Compliment of the season to all our readers. It is our utmost pleasure and thanks to God that we, the publishers and you, our faithful readers made it till the end of yet another wonderful year.  As year 2016 comes to an end, the coming year is filled with high hopes and expectations. However, the New Year will be well prepared for and better off if we know God’s plans for us. The Holy Bible makes us understand that God told Noah He would destroy the world with flood; this warning from God helped Noah to work towards God’s instructions, by building the ark that made him and others who listened to God’s warning escape the unforeseen occurrence. This is why Prophecy is important for everyone because it prepares us ahead of time to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

It is barely a year, since Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied concerning the year 2016. The ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua is well known for its accurate Prophetic utterances and warning on critical issues about individuals, nations, and the world. Few months after his 2016 Prophecy, the forewarned events began to unfold, confirming the accuracy of his Prophecies. The man of God gave numerous advice and warning to nations and leaders of the world. He foretold that:

  • There will be a large scale food scarcity and advised the world especially, African countries to go back to Agriculture.
  • The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari has good intentions for his country but he would do  everything possible to reject the revaluation of the Nigerian currency.
  • There will be excess rainfall in some parts of the world while others will experience drought.
  • There will be uprising of terrorism as a result of political instability in nations of the world.
  • There will be a stability in the then fluctuating South African currency and many more.

He then urged those concerned to take his Prophetic words seriously. But little or none of these prophecies were taking seriously. The neglect of these Prophecies by the concerned nations led to the various challenges – hunger, economic recession and the increase in terrorism experienced this year.

A Prophecy that comes as a warning can be averted if the people concerned take them seriously and pray to avert it; for not all Prophecies that are given are meant to come to pass. However, they can come to pass only if those involved take the prophecies for granted. Just like the Prophecy about the 2016 USA Presidential election, Trump supporters and the American Church took the Prophecy serious and averted it by praying for God’s mercy upon their land.

As the Prophet will always say, “a Prophet shall say that which he shall live to see accomplished.” The people, who refused to take the 2016 prophetic warning serious, can actually see its fulfillment; for they are now a reality. The words of the Prophet should be taken with utmost seriousness because his Prophecies have been proven to be 100% accurate and it is even a rare privilege for us to be in this era of a great Prophet of God, who can communicate the mind of God to individuals and nations of the world.

As we would be ushered into the year 2017, with a Prophetic message from the servant of God, we should therefore see this as an opportunity to know what God has to say concerning our nations and the world at large. We urge the world leaders to listen and carefully heed to whatever prophecy that may concern their nations and the world in order to avert any negative occurrence so as to make our world a better place.

Video: The TB Joshua ‘corpse video’ making grown men cry!

TB Joshua YouTubeA surreal video released on YouTube by Emmanuel TV, the popular channel of Nigerian Pastor T.B. Joshua, has elicited a storm of emotional reactions online.

The clip titled ‘SHOCKING: Living With A CURSED CORPSE’, chronicles the strange account of an elderly woman forced to live with the body of her late daughter for a harrowing fourteen months, accused of being the ‘witch’ responsible for the spate of untimely deaths in her family.

“This is not a fairytale story,” the description of the video reads, “but a real-life, gruesome account of superstition, sorcery and surreal spiritual manipulation.”

After hearing of the octogenarian’s sordid ordeal from an in-law, Joshua invited her from Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria and declared her innocent of the accusation of witchcraft, leading the congregation in prayers on his knees for forgiveness.

A church team subsequently followed Mrs Atta back to her village, organised a befitting burial for the deceased and conveyed the message that the elderly woman was innocent of all devilish activities blamed on her.

Reactions to the lengthy clip were emotion-laden. “I’m a big man but I cried my eyes out while watching this video,” wrote Stephen Mammburu from South Africa. “There are too many sad and evil things happening out there. Just because we don’t come across them doesn’t mean that it’s not happening.”

“I never been so touched and cried like that,” stated Josi Josi, another YouTube viewer. “May God Almighty forgive our faithless generation,” she concluded.

Yamikani Yotamu from Zambia bluntly stated, “I am a man but this made me cry. How do we treat our old mothers like this? God sees!”

A user going by the name of ‘Les Jeunes Thugs’ blamed the incident on primitive superstition. “Thank you TB Joshua – but look at this nonsense which Africa believes. Oh, tears are running down my cheeks!”

However, not all viewers were unanimous in their praise for Joshua’s intervention, Niki Tennison arguing the clip was nothing more than “morbid sensationalism” and not something to be aired publicly.

Emmanuel TV has gained a reputation for releasing controversial YouTube clips, racking up a whopping 450,000 subscribers in the process.

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist


tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Was there a stampede that claimed three lives in the recent SCOAN crusade? Is Tb Joshua really connected to any recent death? Why is the media more concerned about fake News? How do I really know what news to believe presently? Why do the Press and social Media show no interest in the thousands of astonishing healings, deliverances and charities that took place in the cause of the Programme? 

Anyway, it is so disappointing the way good news is taken for granted, while bad ones soar with pride to take over the media. Is it that the public find bad news soothing or the press derives pleasure in the spread of negative and spurious news? Do we really get to the root of pressing issues before we come to a conclusion or we just take whatever we hear out there? These questions keep me pondering.

The social media and other modern news outlet were supposed to be the medium to disseminate real and factual information to the general public. Unfortunately, this medium has been hijacked by wrong hands that delight in feeding the public with lies and spread wrong information to ruin other people’s reputation.

Over the years, the propaganda being carried by the social media and the press has been one of the major challenges of the Church, as they will never spread anything good concerning the Church. Whereas, the Church has been a source of inspiration, rehab to the destitute and a place of hope to billions of people all over the world.

Presently, apart from the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, other men of God are being vindictively criticized. It now seems the easiest way to get attention is to lay slanderous remarks about a man of God and speak ill of the Church.

Even some so called big media houses are now reputably known for their anti-SCOAN tendencies; they never speak well of the Prophet. They always keep mute to good News but would be among the first to create headlines with respect to event that never happened anywhere within the church. The most disturbing part of all is that the ignorant ones out there who don’t care to investigate the source of this fake news take them as the truth.

Despite all the marvellous happenings that took place on the day of the revival that is, the healings, miracles and act of charity, it was only the unfounded allegation of stampede that took over the media space. Is it that the world and its institutions hate the Prophet that they don’t care to put their reputation on the line? Why the spread of spurious lies about the SCOAN and Prophet T.B. Joshua? Who is T.B. Joshua a threat to? Who are those that are against the Prophet and the great works God execute through his hands? Is it that they are hell-bent on seeing his downfall or they are so pained that the challenges faced by the ministry of Prophet TB Joshua have had absolutely no effect on the growth of his ministry?

Even with the negative news and slanderous remarks about the Prophet, he has always kept calm and shown love to all. Little wonder the ministry of SCOAN has continued to blossom; moving from strength to strength.

It seems these anti SCOAN columnists fail to understand that the SCOAN is far beyond negative propaganda and campaign of calumny. Their condemnation against the SCOAN has even contributed to the spread of the Ministry of T.B. Joshua all over the world thereby, serving as a free advert.

We hope the Press change their ways, embrace objectivity in their reports, irrespective of individual opinion about the subject matter. Reputability should be their watchword.