Ovation Magazine Boss, Dele Momodu Open Letter To Prophet T.B. Joshua

dele momodu tb joshua

Dele Momodu condolence Visit to T.B. Joshua during SCOAN guest house building collapse

My dear Prophet, I’m very certain this letter must come to you as a big surprise. But that is the nature of this column. It is in the character of Pendulum to swing in the direction least anticipated. Today, it has chosen to navigate itself towards you, my dear man of God.

For avoidance of doubt, please, permit me to quickly explain a point so that mischief-makers may not attribute spurious motives to this epistle. I’m not a member of your congregation. I have never been. You and I have never discussed religion or worship. I have never approached you for special prayers or miracles. But I have been a great fan of yours nonetheless, for very exceptional reasons. I shall explain in a jiffy why I admire you warts and all.

No human being is perfect, and I’m sure that includes you, despite being a man of God. I’ve read and heard torrents of good and bad tales about you. But didn’t I read and hear a deluge of fairy-tales about our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, your overall Master? It is normal for human beings to concoct true and imaginary tales about newsmakers. You have been a subject and victim of such incredible rumour-mongering over the decades that I have known you. Some have alleged that you are not a genuine disciple of God. They’ve alleged that you are fetish and use native jazz to heal miracle-seekers. Some have even called your miracles mere optical illusions. That you are nothing short of a magician but these myriad of detractors have never diminished your popularity globally.

I have continued to marvel at your awesome powers as demonstrated to the naked eyes on television, and two or more conclusions have emerged. If you use juju or whatever power to heal people, then it is positive healing. We all turn to doctors, pharmacists, surgeons and others in the days of medical challenges. The drugs we take emanate from herbs, local or foreign. The Indians and the Chinese in particular have been much wiser than us by developing their medicine to international standards. I have tried acupuncture in my adventurous days in Dubai and London. There is nothing wrong if God has given you special access to the secrets of herbs and roots. What makes it even more remarkable and extraordinary is that you escalate and amplify every miracle of yours with loud shouts of the name of Jesus. You’ve never called the names of other Gods or even witches and wizards on the pulpit. There are always local and international visitors to your synagogue of God. None has ever reported that he or she stumbled on an esoteric shrine perchance.

In fact, you have been a major source of foreign exchange earnings for Nigeria. It is difficult to imagine how many religious tourists pour into your church daily from different parts of the world. I’ve travelled extensively in Africa and beyond. There is hardly a flight I’ve flown on, especially in Africa, that I’ve not encountered your sworn and ardent followers. They love you endlessly and swear by your name. Many of them are distinguished personalities, well-educated and intelligent and not ignoramuses as many may wish to suggest. Presidents have attested to your miracles. I will mention one very good example that I am familiar with.

Long before the 2008 presidential election that ushered in President John Evans Atta-Mills in Ghana, you had called me one early morning to ask my opinion and projection ahead of the election. I remember telling you that Nana Akufo-Addo was tipped and favoured to win. Your response was that I was wrong and that God was going to perform a miracle for Professor Atta-Mills. True, the ways of God are not the ways of man. You went all out in your support for Atta-Mills, like you always do for people and causes you champion, and he actually won the election.

I was pleasantly surprised when you called me one early Sunday morning to invite me to the Synagogue. You said you remember how you had called me to support the aspiration of Atta-Mills and the useful tips I gave. Now that the man had won, he was coming for a thanksgiving service in your church and you felt it was only proper for me to be invited to attend. The service had ended by the time I meandered my way to Ikotun-Egbe, but I was fortunate and happy to meet Professor Atta-Mills in one of the private apartments you keep for your august visitors. I sat with Prof and probed him a bit about why he had travelled all the way to Nigeria in search of spiritual fortification. He told me in clear terms that he was not a buffoon and that as a Professor he was expected to act on empirical facts and not on raw sentiment or emotion.

Professor Atta-Mills said you had told him certain things that could never have been guess-work. For, example, he said you predicted with mathematical accuracy the unusual pattern and direction the election was going to take, the controversy that was going to come with it and the precise date the final verdict was going to be delivered, and they all came to pass. He said man being a natural doubter of things unseen should nevertheless not discountenance reality in the face of obvious facts. He said he was convinced that God was truly using you and he had no choice than to return to the Synagogue and publicly proclaim the power of God that had made the impossible possible through your intervention and intercession.

Let me now go to the relationship between us spanning nearly two decades. How did our paths cross? If my memory serves me right, I was approached by one of your media aides at the time, Jide Oshokoya, formerly of Today’s Choice magazine, who said you would like to meet with me. To cut a long story short, I accepted the invitation with mixed feelings. You had been much maligned by your traducers that I did not even know what to believe anymore. But as a good student of philosophy, I chose not to be as paranoid and sceptical as the French philosopher, Rene Descartes, who went to the extreme of doubting his own existence. I was prepared to meet you with an open mind but with every caution in case your intention was to turn me into a church member.

We met at the appointed time, after waiting for a while in a small restaurant on the ground floor before I was taken upstairs by your female staff. I felt a kind of tremor around you as everyone around was awestruck by you. The first thing I noticed was your simplicity and humility. You wore a round-neck t-shirt on top of jeans. We exchanged pleasantries and you told me how much you loved the creativity and originality that you saw in Ovation International magazine. I was flattered. You asked how much it would cost to be featured in such a high quality magazine and once we agreed on the figure you instantly booked 5,000 copies to be sent from our printers in London to the church. I was deeply touched because you did not beg for freebies. Many of our friends do not see media as business. They treat us as lambs of God who carry away the burden of the world, the main reason many media empires collapse ever before they are built.

Let me reiterate at this juncture that you’re a good man for being such a sympathetic benefactor. I never imagined the extent of your generosity until the magazines arrived from England and I asked when we could deliver to you. You shocked me to the marrow as you told me to send only ten copies and go ahead to distribute the remaining thousands of copies through our extensive network and make more money from it. What occurred to me immediately was your native intelligence. Only a sagacious and visionary person would have understood that it was better to spread the publication to every part of Nigeria than restricting it to only church members. Let me say thank you again for that huge support at a time we needed it. I do not forget favours, ever!

You have probably forgotten the next thing you did for us. Soon afterwards, I got another invitation from you, which I gladly honoured. As soon as we sat down, you told me you were in trouble with your beautiful and humble wife, and I asked why? You said your wife queried why she was not featured in the Ovation International magazine edition that had you on the cover. You told me you were surprised because she’s too introverted and had never asked for any form of publicity. I noticed that most of the time she was mingling freely with church workers and the congregation. She never acted like a Queen or First Lady of the church and this endeared her to me. You informed me the only remedy was for me to do another cover in our next edition for both of you. That was how you became probably the only family to feature back to back on our cover. I returned to London and produced an even better cover.

Our friendship grew in leaps and bounds. Though we did not see frequently, sometimes for years, we regularly phoned each other and bonded like brothers. Anytime you saw some wonderful news about me, you called to congratulate and appreciate me despite your breath-taking schedules. The most superlative of our encounters was in 2010 when you heard of my Presidential dream. You did not fold your arms to watch me from afar. I had just boarded a flight from J F Kennedy Airport in New York when my phone rang and you were on the line. “Alagba, where are you?”, you asked in your usual caring voice. I told you I was on a flight from America to London, and you told me to see you as soon as I arrived in Lagos. I was greatly humbled when you said you wished to discuss my presidential bid.

I visited you late one night and spent less than ten minutes, or so, with you. You told me I had no chance of winning the 2011 presidential election but encouraged me to go all the way. You assured me the experience would be very useful and that I would remain very relevant in the affairs of Nigeria, thereafter. Such a man of wisdom you are, Sir. You came in with two carrier bags and you told me they contained your financial contribution. Months later, you invited me again to your home and gave me further assistance despite knowing I could not win that election. You propelled me towards my goal and did not use the excuse of failure to discourage me. You earned my respect.

Let me give one more example of your uncommon love for fellow beings. About two years ago, I had to undergo cataract operations in London. The surgery went well and I was recuperating when suddenly, I received a call from you in the dead of the night. “Alagba, I have just heard about your eye problems.”, you said in that calm voice. I replied the operations were very successful and was grateful for your concern. You offered to offset the bills and I replied that few friends who heard about my ordeal, like Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, Tony Elumelu, Femi Otedola and Tokunbo Afikuyomi had all offered to assist. You still insisted on adding your widow’s mite. You texted repeatedly to ask for an account despite my reluctance. God will never desert you.

I have written all these examples as my personal testimonial to you. In a country where many try to hide behind one finger, I wish to stand tall and tell the world that you are a good man, even if others think or say otherwise. I have read that you wish to abandon Nigeria and migrate to Israel. It will never happen. You cannot and should not allow your enemies run you out of town. God has been very kind to you. Just look back and see your journey from way back in Ondo State. What more can God do for any man who has served him loyally and fervently like you have done.

My dear man of God, I align my voice with those who plead that you remain in Nigeria. I have chosen to do so publicly because I believe it is necessary.

You will see me very soon at your door.

All the best, in Jesus’ mighty name…




Please Note: The Photos – Viewers’ Discretion is Advice

The Ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua has release photos of one Mr. Friday said to have been healed of Anus Cancer. According to the post, the Anus Cancer ‘started one day when he went out to look for a job as a driver and had to use the toilet.

‘Upon using it he started experiencing difficulty and then suddenly his anus protruded out of place.

‘The pain was so unbearable to the extend he was unable to sit or walk. When he consulted the doctors, they suggested to cut off the protruded anus.

‘He initially decided not to do the operation, but the severity of the pain made him appeal to his mother to return him to the hospital for the surgery.

‘Lying on the hospital floor in pain and agony, an elderly man noticed Mr. Friday’s horrible condition. The man told him about all the miraculous healings God was doing through Prophet T.B. Joshua and suggested that he go to The SCOAN for prayer.

‘Mr. Firday’s faith was lifted and he left the hospital and decided to seek solution at The SCOAN. In tears of pain, he cried out to Prophet T.B. Joshua to pray for him. Once the man of God prayed the prayer of faith in the name of Jesus, Mr. Friday felt a sensation in his stomach and he immediately knew that healing had taken place.

‘When He went home, he continued to minister to himself the Morning Water he received. All of a sudden, he found himself wanting to use the toilet, something he hadn’t done for a very long time.

‘The excretion almost filled up the toilet. Amazingly, his protruded anus shot back inside his body! Now Mr. Friday is able to sit, walk and run comfortably to the glory of God!

Nigeria will lose billions if TB Joshua relocates — Experts

tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Some stakeholders in the tourism sector on Sunday advised the Federal and Lagos State Governments to dissuade Pastor Temitope Joshua, popularly known as, TB Joshua, from relocating the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) to Israel from Nigeria.

They told the News Agency of Nigeria that Nigeria would lose billions of naira to religious tourism if Temitope Joshua and SCOAN should make the plan real.

NAN reports that TB Joshua, during one of his church services, recently said that he was planning to relocate to Israel from Ikotun, a suburb of Lagos.

It was reported that TB Joshua was in Israel recently where he held meetings with the mayors of Jerusalem, Tiberia and the Jordan Valley.

He was quoted as saying that he was offered different facilities very close to the biblical site of the Sea of Galilee where he could organise meetings for international pilgrims.

NAN also reports that SCOAN established in 1994 does not have another branch in Nigeria outside its international headquarters located in Ikotun.

Some heads of government from African countries had also visited SCOAN to seek spiritual restoration and advice from Pastor TB Joshua

Mrs Ime Udo, the General Secretary of the Nigerian Association of Tour Operators (NANTA) told NAN that Nigeria would lose billions of naira from religious tourism revenue if SCOAN actualised its planned relocation to Israel.

Udo said Joshua’s planned action would lead to a reduction in the human traffic of local and foreign religious tourists that normally patronised SCOAN.

Udo said, “Religious obligations have become a fashionable trend all over the world as a means of expressing beliefs and faith in the ability of God to protect and guide mankind.

“Religious practices both under the auspices of Christianity, Islam and traditional practices have in no small way contributed to the development of tourism in the world.

“Christian pilgrimages to Israel have formed an economic platform for the empowerment of the localities and contributed to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country.

“Also, Saudi Arabia has been benefiting immensely economically from many Islamic faithful who converge there twice annually on holy pilgrimage.

“With these scenarios and many others around the world, it has become valid that religious tourism has become a source of economic revival to a country and its people, “she said.

According to her, thousands of foreign religious tourists visit SCOAN monthly to worship and for other spiritual healings.

She said that these tourists would fly into Nigeria; lodge in hotels, board commercial vehicles, patronise eateries and visit other tourists’ sites around the locality.

Udo said that all these had been translating into huge revenue for the Nigeria economy.

“The local community; hotel operators, food vendors and others around SCOAN must have benefitted from tourists.

“SCOAN has, no doubt, contributed immensely to the tourism profile of Nigeria with several heads of government from various African countries that had visited there to seek spiritual restoration and advise from Pastor TB Joshua,” she said.

Udo advised the Federal and Lagos State Governments to encourage SCOAN to remain in Nigeria as part ways to develop our tourism sector.

A member of SCOAN, Mrs Iyabo Emmanuel, said that she was in church service when their General Overseer, Pastor TB Joshua, announced to the members on the offer given to him by the Israeli Mayors.

Mrs Emmanuel, popularly called “Iya’’( Mother) Synagogue, said that Pastor Joshua never said that he had  agreed to such a proposal from the mayors.

“I have been worshipping in SCOAN since 1994 when TB Joshua established it newly in Ikotun area.

“I worked with TB Joshua for 15years before I resigned and ventured into selling of provisions. Then, I was the chef; head of canteen and bakery.

“I am still a full-time member of the church and I will continue to worship there. I am one of those that had benefitted from the church,” she said.

Emmanuel said that many residents and business owners would suffer if TB Joshua should relocate SCOAN from Ikotun.

She said that majority of business owners around the area depended solely on the visitors to the church and they used to patronise facilities around the church.

A hotel operator, Mrs Anthonia Chuks, told NAN that if the rumour that TB Joshua was relocating to Israel eventually turned to reality, the hospitality business in that area and the state would suffer and fold up.

“Ninety–five per cent of guests that lodge in hotels in the community are international and local visitors outside Lagos and they are SCOAN members.

“We have over 130 rooms and are always fully booked every weekend.

“We usually enjoy huge patronage from Fridays to Sundays weekly; and they are mostly SCOAN members from near and far,” she said.

Similarly, Mr Solomon Oyelade, a car-hire operator, said that since the rumour of the planned relocation of the church to Israel, the patronage of cabs had reduced drastically.

Oyelade said that in the past, he used to go to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos seven times in a day to transport international passengers down to SCOAN.

“But, since the incident of collapsed building in the church premises years back, the patronage of foreigners had reduced.

“With this present rumour of relocation, we hardly carry passengers from Airport two times a day. The patronage has reduced beyond expectations, “he said.

Also, Mr Uche Maduako, a food vendor, appealed to TB Joshua not to accept such offer from the Israeli mayors.

He said that behind every rumour there is an iota of truth.

He also urged the Federal and the Lagos State Governments to support the continuing stay of TB Joshua in the country.

“The government should make the country worth staying for him and ensure they support him in all ramifications,” he said.

Maduako urged the government to renovate the bad roads around the church, adding that the condition of the roads was not encouraging.

He said that the contributions and impacts of TB Joshua in that community could not be overemphasis.

“The man of God has contributed immensely to the betterment of the community; employed thousands of graduates and non-graduates to work in the church and in other investments of the church.

“TB Joshua always ensures that there is constant power supply and adequate security in the area,” he said.

By Idris Olukoya (The News Agency of Nigeria)



Prophet T.B. Joshua has donated the sum of seven million naira with five hundred bags of rice to Nigerian deportees from Libya who earlier landed at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos on Thursday, May 11, 2017.

After several years in Libyan prisons, a total of 250 Nigerians deported from the north African country were received at The Synagogue, Church of All Nations on Friday, May 12, 2017. It would be recalled that their deportation, facilitated by the International Organisation for Migration, was widely publicised by the Nigerian media last week.

Arriving at The SCOAN in the early hours of Friday, May 12, the deportees besieged the Ikotun-Egbe premises of the church, insisting they want to see the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua whom they described as the only one who has always hearkened to the cries of Nigerian deportees from foreign countries.

Looking very unkempt, hungry and weak with some of them nursing certain degrees of incapacitation due to the cruelty they underwent in prison, they told journalists that all they wanted from the man of God was financial assistance and spiritual guidance to enable them start life all over again, adding that the Nigerian government has failed to look into their plights.

Speaking on their behalf, one of the deportees who identified himself as Bayo said they had no other choice than to come to The SCOAN because Prophet T.B. Joshua has always extended love to the needy. According to him, “We know the man of God will not allow us go just like that. Having come back to Nigerian with nothing, we are very confident Prophet Joshua well help us so that we can return to our families to start life all over again.”

Receiving the deportees on behalf of Prophet T.B. Joshua who was not on seat, Evangelist Daniel addressed them and shared the word of God with them. While receiving words of exhortation from the evangelist, Prophet T.B. Joshua was contacted through phone and was told about the presence of the deportees.

According to a reliable source, the man of God directed the evangelists to make available the sum of seven million naira with five hundred bags of rice to the deportees, promising to do more in due course. It was singing and dancing galore as the money was shared among the deportees who also took turns to take possession of their bags of rice.

They thanked God for sending Prophet T.B. Joshua to the world and to Nigeria in particular. They urged both the state and federal governments to emulate the good deeds of the man of God.

How T.B. Joshua prophesied victory for Emmanuel Macron in French Election

tb joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

On Sunday 7th May 2017, Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua predicted victory in the French election for Emmanuel Macron merely hours before results were officially announced declaring him the winner.

Speaking to congregants at The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), a message equally broadcast live on the popular Christian channel Emmanuel TV, Joshua declared Macron’s victory was connected to his considerate stance on immigrants and refugees.

“It is prayer that will put him there, not anything – because of his heart for refugees and immigrants,” Joshua declared, adding that Jesus Christ too was once a refugee.

“We are praying for him and our prayer will answer,” he authoritatively declared. “I am not a politician but I pray every day for Emmanuel Macron because of what he believes,” the cleric proceeded.

Joshua appealed that most refugees were fleeing war-torn countries and should not be looked down upon because of some who perpetrate evil under such guise.

emmanuel macron

Emmanuel Macron takes the plaudits after the first round. Photo: Shutterstock

“We know there are some bad people among the refugees – but we cannot say because there are some bad people that we reject all of them,” he counselled.

The cleric further emphasised that his statements bore no political sentiment as “we are not playing politics in the Church”.

Several hours later, news broke that after an extraordinary election campaign full of twists and turns, Emmanuel Macron won a dramatic victory over his opponent Marine Le Pen to become the youngest ever French President.

Initial estimates have put Macron winning by 65% of the votes, an astonishing margin given his relatively recent burst onto the French political scene.

The video of Joshua’s prediction was hurriedly uploaded to popular video sharing site YouTube at the conclusion of the church service.

The cleric additionally told congregants that he had just arrived back from Israel where he met the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi David Lau, as well as the Israeli Minister of Tourism, Mr Yariv Levin, further fuelling speculation of an imminent relocation.

Ihechukwu Njoku                                    

France 2017 Election: How T.B. Joshua Prophesy Emmanuel Macron Victory (Video)

Near the end of The SCOAN Live Service on Sunday 7th May 2017, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke concerning the 2017 French Presidential Elections, specifically prophesying a victory for Emmanuel Macron over Marine Le Pen. These were his words:

“In Jesus Christ’s name we pray. Give thanks to God. There is so much uproar in the French speaking country. We look at the two candidates. For me, [I consider] immigrants, refugees – because my Father in Heaven was once a refugee too. So, we pray for any one of them who supports refugees – like Emmanuel Macron. We are praying for him and our prayer will answer! It is prayer that will put him there, not anything – because of his heart for refugees and immigrants. Half of this world are immigrants and refugees. Where will they go? I am not a politician. I pray every day for Emmanuel Macron because of what he believes. What he believes is what my Father in Heaven believes. We will see what we can do to protect these refugees and immigrants. For many of them, it is not their will to leave their country; it is war. When there is war, you run helter-skelter – anywhere you know you can run to. We know there are some bad people among the refugees. But we cannot say because there are some bad people that we reject all of them. No. I am not saying you should pray for him. Me – I am praying for him, Emmanuel Macron, because of what he believes. I listened to his profile – his belief about refugees and immigrants. Today is declaration. We are not playing politics in the Church.”

TB Joshua Ministries

VIDEO: Israeli National TV Station Airs Documentary On TB Joshua’s Planned Relocation

isreal tb joshuaPreparations for Prophet T.B. Joshua’s relocation to Israel seem to be heating up with the airing of a documentary on national Israeli television about the impending arrival of the Nigerian cleric.

Reshet TV, one of the most successful television networks in Israel, aired an 11-minute feature on Joshua in Hebrew, detailing his recent visits to Israel and meetings with government dignitaries.

According to the video’s introduction aired on Isreali Channel 2, “the man responsible for 60% of the tourism in Nigeria announced that he is moving to Israel”.

The documentary, subsequently uploaded to YouTube, was punctured with clips of Joshua ministering on Emmanuel TV, along with his recent journey around Israel.

He is often seen in the company of Rabbi Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, the Founder of Israel’s award-winning rescue agency, ZAKA, who recently presented Joshua with an award in honour of his extensive humanitarian efforts.

“How did you get your power,” an Israeli journalist questioned Joshua in an interview, intrigued by the clips of ‘deliverance from demonic possession’ he viewed on Emmanuel TV.

“From my Father, Jesus, who was born in this land,” Joshua answered with a smile. “I am an inheritance of His grace.”

Interviewing foreign pilgrims who were undergoing baptism at the historical site of the Jordan River, the film-maker questioned a lady whether she had ever heard of T.B. Joshua. “Well, I live in the US and I know him because he is popular in the US,” she responded.

News outlets and social media across Africa have been agog with news of Joshua’s planned move to Israel, several prominent Nigerian government figures calling on the cleric to rescind his decision.

Ihechukwu Njoku