Synagogue collapse: Engineer confirms foundation excellence

TB-Joshua-Synagogue-ChurchAt the continued inquest into the cause of the collapse of a building within The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) last September, an experienced engineer has dismissed insinuations that the collapse was caused by a faulty foundation.

Engr. (Dr) Joseph Ibikunle Folayan, a US-trained geo-technical engineer, told the coroner that after visiting the site of the collapsed building, there were no signs whatsoever to suggest that the building’s foundation failed.

“What I saw when I visited the scene of the collapsed building did not in any way suggest that it collapsed due to foundation failure,” Folayan, who has over 50 years of experience in his field, told the court.

“The foundation I saw was not stressed at all and there were no signs to show that it failed. However, what has happened has happened. The unfortunate incident is a wake-up call to the practice and regulation of engineering in Nigeria. We have to put our house in order and do the right thing. COREN has to sit up to its responsibilities”.

Folayan, who is a Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, said he was incompetent to determine whether or not the mystery aircraft that flew over the building had any direct effect on it.

Furthermore, he countered the insinuation that engineering is based on assumption, expressing disappointment that Lagos state witnesses admitted that they had based their reports on assumptions only. “That’s alien to my profession,” the immediately past President of Association of Consulting Engineers firmly stated.

Earlier on, the Lagos State Commissioner for Physical Planning, Mr. Olutoyin Adedamola Ayinde was rebuffed for presenting mostly irrelevant documents to the court.

Most of the documents he tendered before the court were not related to the collapsed building but rather concerned other buildings within the church, especially the main auditorium. The church counsel, Olalekan Ojo, questioned the sincerity of the witness, stating that the coroner was instigated to look into the cause of the collapsed building and not other issues related to additional structures within the church

Many of the court attendants questioned why the commissioner would tender documents that had no direct bearing to the coroner, indicative of a ploy to stifle evidence.

Different stars of the Nigerian entertainment industry continued to besiege the court premises to show their support to the cleric at the center of the controversial inquest – T.B. Joshua. Hip-hop legend, Eedris Abdulkareem and ‘Lord of Ajasa’ led other artistes to the court premises where they insisted that no amount of antagonism can stop the man of God from achieving his God-given purpose on earth.

Eedris spoke glowingly about Prophet T.B. Joshua to the press after the court. “The man of God will be vindicated after the coroner because we all know he has a good conscience and is only being haunted by some people who cannot match his achievements and level of commitment to helping people,” he said, insisting that bias had no place within the Lagos State judicial system.

“What we are doing now is just a tip of the iceberg. Very soon, we will take to the streets to protest against any form of bias against the man of God. And it will be massive”.

Meanwhile, Chief Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe has adjourned proceedings to Wednesday, April 8, 2015.

Forensic Pathologist Says Determining Cause Of SCOAN Collapse Beyond His Jurisdiction

The forensic pathologist who led other pathologists in carrying out tests to determine the cause of death of victims of the collapsed Synagogue, Church of All Nations building, Professor John Obafunwa, has told the coroner that he was mainly concerned with the cause of death of the victims and not the cause of the collapse.


Professor John Obafunwa

Answering questions put to him by counsel to The SCOAN, Olalekan Ojo, the university don and current Vice Chancellor of Lagos State University, stated that it would be wrong and beyond his jurisdiction to probe into the cause of the collapse.

Speaking further, Professor Obafunwa disclosed that out of the 116 corpses that his team handled, only 6 are yet to be identified. On that note, he urged the government that in the event of a recurrence of a tragedy of such magnitude, sufficient announcements needed to be relayed that would enable the public to be aware of the situation on ground, especially family members of those affected.

Asked by the Chief Magistrate, Oyetade Komolafe to make recommendation that would ensure that such incidents are forestalled or better managed in future, Professor Obafunwa said: “There should be synergy among the various rescue organizations. Their activities should be better coordinated. It is high time we had a proper forensic laboratory in the country. We need to also train more personnel in the various areas of forensic pathology. As for the unidentified corpses, we need more awareness through announcements to enable relatives who may not be aware that their family members are involved to do the right thing by assisting us with sample DNAs”.

Meanwhile more support has continued to pour in for the Founder and General Overseer of The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua, as various groups stormed the court to register their solidarity with the cleric. Speaking to the press after the court proceedings today, some of them said that Joshua is a beacon of hope for the common man, stressing that he does not deserve any form of injustice. They said they were ready to mobilize international action against any person, institution or group that tries to undermine the integrity of Joshua and his ministry.

Organizations such as the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), the West African Student Union (WASU) as well as Nollywood actors under the aegis of the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria (AGN) stormed the court en masse for Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Chief Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe adjourned proceedings to Wednesday, March 25, 2014.

Story by Nosa Osazuwa.

Note: Nosa Osazuwa has always being present throughout the court proceedings. According to monitored opinion from interested parties in the ongoing inquest, Nosa  Osazuwa has being spotted out among other investigating journalists monitory the inquest to be unbiased in is reports on the Coronal inquest taking place in Lagos Nigeria.

Synagogue Collapse: SCOAN Counsel rubbishes statements that claim there was a Concrete Failure

Counsel to The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Olalekan Ojo has faulted some important aspects of the COREN/NBRIRI investigative report submitted to the coroner by Engineer Victor O. Oyenuga who also doubles as witness representing both professional bodies.


According to Mr. Ojo, there are contradictions between the deposition submitted to the coroner by Engineer Oyenuga and the COREN/NBRRI report concerning the quality of concrete used in the construction of the collapsed building.

While his deposition stated that the concrete and other materials used in the building were of good quality, the report of the COREN/NBRRI investigation committee, of which he is a member, stated that the concrete failed.

Speaking further during cross-examination by Mr. Ojo, Engineer Oyenuga agreed that he was never at the site of the collapsed building, fuelling speculations that the report must have been doctored by external forces bent on embarrassing the church and its founder, Prophet T.B. Joshua.

This speculation arose from the behavior of the Chief Magistrate, Oyetade Komolafe who allowed The SCOAN counsel only one hour to cross examine the COREN/NBRRI witness, a measure that was never applied when counsel to the Lagos State Government, Akingbolahan Adeniran cross-examined the same witness a day earlier.

Counsel to The SCOAN also questioned the absence of the signatures of all members of the COREN/NBRRI investigation panel on a report with high legal and social magnitude. Mr. Ojo further wondered how a member of the committee who never visited the site of the collapsed building arrived at his report.

Reacting, Engineer Oyenuga said the report of their investigation was based on assumptions. He further postulated that Structural Engineering, in its entirety, is based on assumptions. This elicited surprise and disappointment from professionals within the court who felt embarrassed at hearing such.  Furthermore, in his oral statement during the cross examination, he admitted that the structure was good but their reports, which was based on assumption, faulted the foundation.

The SCOAN counsel also told the coroner that he would respectfully abide by the rules of the court and would not be intimidated or discharge his duties to his client with fear. He frowned at the glaring bias with which the inquest in being conducted and urged the court to uphold the tenets of fairness and equity in the conduct of the inquest.

Meanwhile Chief Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe has adjourned hearing to Friday, March 20, when the Chief Pathologist to the state and Vice Chancellor of the Lagos State University, Professor John Obafunwa, is expected to conclude his testimony.

Nosa Osazuwa


The interfaith organisation ‘Oodua Muslim-Christian Youth Dialogue Group’ (OMC-YDG) published a touching tribute to Nigerian cleric, T.B. Joshua, in Nigeria’s Nation Newspaper.


Prophet T.B Joshua

“Gold and diamonds we have not; this is the best we can do to show that we are part of your unending success story and that thousands of our members across Nigeria appreciate the humble manner in which you have touched the lives of many,” the statement began.

The group, which promotes interfaith harmony, stated that Joshua’s rise to international recognition from a poverty-stricken background is an inspiration. “Looking at your background, we hope many young people of today will learn, desist from evil, abscond from violence and brigandage and realise that poverty is not a justification for the wanton violence that many young people of today perpetrate, making our society a thorny place to live.

”They implored youth to learn from Joshua’s life. “Pastor T.B. Joshua was very poor, meaning that poverty cannot impede a person’s glorious future,” the statement proceeded. “Let us the younger ones learn. In his younger days, he dropped out of secondary school, due to poverty, the way many people drop out today without hope. His parents could not finance his education, yet he is today giving out scholarships to millions of people spread across the world, without discrimination as to race, religion or creed.

”Referring again to Joshua’s remarkable life-journey, the group continued, “He went to the extent of washing dirty, muddy feet of haggling market people, in the quest for survival. He even worked in a poultry farm, carrying chicken on his head. He woke up without food to eat, without a shelter over his head, yet his dignity was and is as white as snow.

”Specifically hailing Joshua’s nomination among the world’s most famous people last month, the statement continued: “Over the years, we have been watching you lift up the poor and the needy, bring back life into the hopeless, telling people of the backwaters, some of whom have taken to crime and drugs, that there is hope in them, that there is a potential inbuilt that could be developed in them, making you to set up schools where those that our society has condemned are re-energised and made whole.

”The group, based in Osun State and especially active in the South-West, went on, “We thank you for the amazing ways you have transformed the communities dominated by Muslims and the towns and villages where Christians eke out a difficult living. We commend you for giving religion a kind heart and for the reality you offer a famished generation.

”Further lauding the positive impact of the large numbers of foreigners trooping to Nigeria to attend Joshua’s services, the statement continued: “For young Christians and Muslims, here is a story that touches the heart that is worthy emulating. Today, millions of people visit Nigeria for a spiritual encounter the way they visit Saudi Arabia, Jerusalem or Egypt, courtesy of Pastor T.B. Joshua. This represents a source of strength for a weak and maligned country.

”The interfaith group lastly praised the actions of a young Nigerian named Smith Jadesimi, a member of Joshua’s church, who donated his kidney to a young Israeli lady he had never met before. “This single act has improved tenfold the image of Nigeria in Israel,” the group applauded.

Despite the controversies surrounding his ministry, T.B. Joshua recently received the accolade of ‘Yoruba man of the decade’, alongside commendation from another prominent Yoruba group, the Oodua Nationalist Coalition (ONAC).

Story by Ihechukwu Njoku

No Physical Failure On SCOAN Foundation – Engineer Tunde Lasoju

A Deputy Director in the Lagos State Ministry of Works, Engineer Tunde Lasoju has told the coroner that he saw no physical sign of foundation failure at the site of the collapsed building belonging to The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) when he visited to carry out preliminary investigation into the possible cause of the collapse.

imageEngineer Lasoju’s submission contradicted the position of Dr. Olusegun Oyenuga, a member of COREN (Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria) and NBRRI (Nigerian Building and Road Research Institute) investigation committee who earlier told Chief Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe that the report of their investigation showed that the building might have collapsed due to structural defects in the foundation and pillars.

Undergoing cross-examination by counsel to the Lagos State Government, Engineer Oyenuga disclosed that the report of the committee’s findings was based on measurement taken by other members of the committee rather than on the necessary drawings and documents in the possession of the church’s engineers.

He also agreed that he was never at the site of the collapsed building to ascertain things for himself: “I was away in Abuja when the COREN/NBRRI investigation committee visited the site of the collapsed building. I did not participate in the visit but I stand here to present the report because I am a member of the committee”.

It would be recalled that a consultant to the Lagos State Materials Testing Laboratory, Engineer Ayorinde Saheed Oluwaranti had told the coroner that the building most likely collapsed due to structural defects from the foundation. According to the Engineer who said his conclusion was based on speculative assumption, he also made some mistakes in calculations that produced his report.

The spate of contradictions within the controversial inquest has led several groups, including the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights, to hold solidarity rallies calling on the Federal Government to look into the irregularities threatening the conduct and result of the inquest.

Meanwhile, security personnel attached to the coroner’s court had a difficult time controlling crowd at the court as the courtroom was filled to capacity with many persons hanging around outside. An overwhelming level of support has continued to pour in for Prophet T.B. Joshua as the crème de la crème of the Nigerian entertainment industry besieged both the court and the church premises to register their solidarity with the a man described as a harbinger of hope to the downtrodden in society.

Popular musicians, actors and actresses that were present included the Rainmaker, Majek Fashek, Pastor Wadada, W4, BabaSuwe, Lere Paimo, Femi Branch, She Baby, Bimbo Thomas, Murphy Afolabi and Ireti Osayemi.

Chief Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe adjourned proceeding to Friday, March 13, 2015.

By Nosa Osazuwa, a writer from Lagos, Nigeria, was present during court proceedings.

TB Joshua Worst Enemy Angelique Tonge Exposed

About two years ago, we came out emphatically about those behind the T.B Joshua Watch. Many were those who thought we were framing innocent people up or on a witch hunt. Some events have vindicated us and the cat is out of the bag. It is said that no matter how you sustain a lie the truth will definitely surface.

In a picture posted on the so called TB Joshua Watch a picture of Angie Tonge, who we accused as the main culprit behind the so called watch inadvertently pasted her picture on the site with a different name. Why the change in name? Is it not an act of cowardice?

Here was a pastor of SCOAN in London who abused her position and was not accountable to anyone. She siphoned lots of money from the church accounts, went on a jet flying from coast to coast until the situation became so bad that she had to tender in her resignation.

She claimed it was because the SCOAN headquarters was trying to control her activities that led to her resignation.

Since her resignation she had embarked on a campaign to vilify the prophet and to peddle untruths. Now it seems the end has come by making a fool of herself by blowing her cover.

Below is an email from one of our reader to prove our point.


Info regarding TBJ watch identity

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Jan 22
to us


Greetings in Jesus’ mighty name.

I’m not sure if you are interested, but there was previously speculation about the authors of TB Joshua Watch as being a group including the former pastors of SCOAN London.

Today I noticed an old story from “Emma” on TB Joshua Watch, including accusations of sexual abuse.
I can prove this person is Angelique/Angie Tonge.

By what I can only assume is an error on her part, the previously anonymous “Emma” account now has a profile photo, clearly being Angie.  I have screen captured it and attached it in case she realises her mistake, please find it attached.

God bless and keep you


BREAKING: Lagos Consultant Admit Error in Faulty Foundation Report

For those that have open-mindedly follows the ongoing coronal inquest into the collapse SCOAN guest house that led to the death of more than 100 visiting members of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) can tell, from how the inquest is being conducted, Prophet T.B Joshua will not get justices from the Lagos state agencies that are witness in the ongoing coronal inquest.

Interest groups, investigating journalists and individuals who so far has being present at the coronal court, has lamented the visible show of biases by the coronal Magistrate and contradicting reports by witness of the Lagos state government agencies in the ongoing inquest and its sadden that all of this accounts has being suspiciously ignored by world media house.

Recently, the structural engineer and a consultant to the Lagos state Material Testing Agency, Saheed Ariyori who testified as a witness on 4th, march, 2015 that the collapse of the guesthouse own by SCOAN was as a result of defective foundation has admitted he is not a professional in sub-soil investigation and that is earlier report of faulty foundation as the cause of the building collapse was an error. He admitted this on the 6th of March, 2015 at the coronal court after being cross examined. It was observed that his initial “error” report contradicted the report generated from the sub-soil investigation already tendered before the coronal court by the same Lagos State Material Testing Agency that Saheed Ariyori is a consultant to.

Here is what Ariyori said when being cross examined:  “We did integrity test on the rubbles that collapsed. The report showed that the concrete used on the collapsed building was good.

“Our investigation report did not show that there were signs of stress on the foundation of the collapsed building.’’

He also confirmed that there were errors in his calculations made before the court on March 4 in which he based his conclusions that the foundation of the collapsed building was defective. Sources: Read through the last four paragraphs.


Foundation of SCOAN collapsed building showed no sign of stress or strain

This again as confirmed our earlier stand of contradicting report and prejudices by the so called expert witness representing the Lagos state government agencies in the coronal inquest. From day one of this tragic incident, all the Lagos state agencies that has in one way or the other gotten involved in this matter has being biased in their report against the ministry of Scoan. We should not be quick to forget the accusation levied against Scoan by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) that Scoan did not allow them to save life during rescue operation, but later CCTV footage presented to the coronal court by the SCOAN Chief Security Officer shown that NEMA and LASEMA where not hindered by SCOAN to do their statutory assignment instead, they came to the rescue site ill equipped and didn’t take their rescue operation serious but they were busy conducting interview when people were still trap under the rubbles. What makes it even outrageous is that most local and international media that where reporting this false allegation by NEMA AND LASEMA against SCOAN kept mute when the truth was finally exposed and some are still propagating this false report until now.

If you are very observant, you will find out that this recent report by Saheed Ariyori the consultant to the Lagos State Material Testing Agency is suspiciously cover underground, only few news media is talking about this, while because the report seems to exposes the much talk prejudices against T.B Joshua’s ministry by government agencies in the ongoing inquest. But what is on news now is T.B Joshua suit to stop inquest fail, Tb Joshua most appear before the coronal court and other infuriating headlines.

For the sake of transparency, there was nowhere in the SCOAN suit that says the Federal High Court should stop the coronal inquest from conducting their investigation, the aspect of the suit that is falsely propagated by news media is one among other suit that seek to know if the corona had not been extending the inquest beyond its legal acceptable boundaries, if indeed they have gone beyond their boundary, the High court should declare such portion null and void. There is a clear difference between “seeking to stop the corona inquest into the collapse building and seeking to know if the coronal had not been extending the inquest beyond is legal acceptable boundaries”. This is one among countless of biased report from the world media.

They want Prophet T.B Joshua to appear before the court, the question is for what? Is T.B Joshua a structural engineer, even the contractor said the prophet is not directly involved in the construction of the collapse building, so which material evidences do they want from T.B Joshua, is the Prophet a building expert after all the collapse guest house was contracted to a construction company, but why is the coronal Magistrate more interested in T.B Joshua coming to court to testifies. This is left for the open-minded to answer.

The role so far played by majority of both local and international media in this matter is worrisome. It has becomes clear the institutions of the world are against the healings, deliverances and other miraculous happenings that are taking place in the SCOAN and they want to stop the move of God in the life and ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua.

Don’t forget Satan is the ruler of this world majority of the institution in this world is under his control.



A military plane Captured going round the Scoan guest house four times before it collapsed.

Here is the touching experience of Faith Mphelo from South Africa , one of the survivors of the tragic incident that occurred at The SCOAN on September 12th 2014:

“My testimony goes like this: I went to The SCOAN the day before my birthday which was on the 10th of September 2014 to get my deliverance. I am one of the survivors of the building that was attacked on the 12th of September 2014. I was in the dining area during lunch time. I stood up to go and get food when I heard a sound from the top. When I looked, I saw a big crack and that’s when I fell on the floor holding another girl’s hand that I didn’t know personally.

“When the ceiling fell on us, we started to pray. In the space that I was in, there were also other people who survived. We prayed and worshiped our Father in Heaven. After I prayed, I started to confess my sins. That’s when I felt this breeze coming in out of nowhere and also saw this incredible light. At first I couldn’t understand where it came from but then I realised that it was God’s presence.

“For the first time in my life, I was comfortable. Under all that concrete that was above me, it felt like I was sleeping on green grass with Jesus next to me. It reminded me of Psalm 23! I wasn’t scared; I was so brave for the first time in my life. I didn’t sustain any injuries.

“Two days later after being brought out of the building, when I saw the Prophet face to face and he prayed for me, I felt something come out of me. I was freed from the darkness! From that day on I knew who I was in God eyes. I just thank God everyday that I’m alive today.

“If I didn’t listen to God telling me that I should go to The SCOAN, I would have died by now. I would have killed myself and left my daughter behind. I thank God that I’m alive now to see my daughter.

“This was an uncommon challenge and now I know that the uncommon blessing is not only for me but my family also. One thing I’ve learnt is to have love, that love is greater! Love those who do both good and bad to you and greater things will happen for you, in the name of Jesus!

“As a young adult like me who didn’t know who she really was and who was trapped in a cage, I now know my identity in Christ after my life-changing visit to The SCOAN.

”Remember, as Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “Whether we die young or old, what matters is the grace to continue living hereafter. Heaven is our home.”

Synagogue: Lagos certified foundation, says engineer


Foundation of SCOAN collapsed building showed no sign of stress or strain

The Structural Building engineer who supervised the construction of the collapsed Synagogue Church Of All Nations’ building, Engr. Oladele Ogundeji, said on Friday that the Lagos State Material Testing Agency certified its foundation.

The six-storey building within the premises of SCOAN had on September 12, 2014 collapsed, killing 116 persons.

Ogundeji testified before the coroner’s inquest set up by the Lagos State Government to determine the cause of the victims’ death.

Ogundeji, who said he obtained his training in Building Technology and Building Engineering in Yugoslavia, overruled foundational defect as a possible cause of the collapse of the building, which he said had 28 columns.

According to him, the direction and the speed of the fall of the building were not consistent with structural failure.

“According to the drawing and based on the geotechnical reports, the foundations were okay. This project is a technological cause, it can be verified.

“Now, when we were working on site, we did not envisage that something like this would happen but after the collapse, an agency of the state, the Lagos State Material Testing Agency came to the site, they instructed that three bases should be excavated, they took some samples and carried out laboratory tests. They came out with the result; the concrete pad footing passed the test, the reinforcement passed the test and the columns passed the test. Apart from this, the foundation on site that the six-storey building stood upon are still there, they are intact, no rotation and no tilting,” Ogundeji said.

He maintained that in spite of the stress as a result of the collapse the foundation still passed the test conducted by the Lagos State Material Testing Agency, adding that the results were already in the custody of the court.

Asked what would be the signs of a building that collapsed as a result of foundational compromise, Ogundeji said there would have been cracks in both the foundation and the wall, adding that the building would have been tilting weeks before its eventually collapse.

Demonstrating through a schematic diagram of board, Ogundeji said, “If it is a structural failure, the whole building would not come down suddenly on no account and when it is coming down it would be gradual, it may take days, weeks or months and it can take 10 years and there will be cracks that even a layman will see it.

”The witness also tendered before the court the structural and architectural designs of the collapsed building, which were accordingly accepted and marked as exhibits by the coroner, Magistrate O.A. Komolafe.

Ogundeji, while telling the court that the construction followed best practices, said a soil test was conducted before the project kicked off. He added that though his client was responsible for the supply of building materials, he was,however, the one who gave the specification and suggested the supplier.

He named Dangote as the brand of cement used adding that every bag of cement procured was used within two weeks of manufacture because the site storage room was small.

The Punch

SYNAGOGUE: approved materials were used for Collapsed building, contractor suspects Sabotage

imageThe coroner’s inquest into the cause of the collapse of a guesthouse at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) last year finally resumed on Thursday 26th February after several delays.

The contractor who handled the construction of the collapsed building, Engineer Akin Fatiregun of Hardrock Construction and Engineering Company Limited, told the coroner that all materials used in the construction of the collapsed building were of world-class standard.

While undergoing cross-examination by counsel to The SCOAN, Olalekan Ojo, Fatiregun submitted that the Project Committee of the church with whom he liaised during the construction of the building insisted on the use of the best available materials for the building.

According to the Engineer, contrary to speculations that the building was originally designed as a four-storey structure, the collapsed building was designed as a six-storey right from the onset and the foundation that was put in place was such that could carry up to a ten-storey building.

He stated further that the building had to be constructed in phases with the first phase seeing the completion of the fourth floor which had to be decked and roofed temporarily to protect it from environmental hazards pending when the church would be ready for the addition of the last two floors.

He informed the court that he worked directly under the supervision of an experienced Structural Engineer, M.O Ogundeji who gave approval for every level of the construction.

According to him, the building didn’t collapse due to structural failure but external factors which suggest a form of induced demolition. Furthermore, he declared to the court that based on his experience, the construction adhered to international standards and showed no sign of stress even after completion.

Engineer Fatiregun also told the court that though the building had not gotten final approval, he was aware the process was ongoing between the church and the appropriate body before the building collapsed.

He submitted that there was a strong suspicion of sabotage which was most likely to have been carried out through induced or controlled demolition because the foundation of the collapsed building remains intact without any sign of stress, crack or pressure. According to him, the whole scenario was baffling.

Meanwhile, the presiding magistrate, Chief Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe has urged all witnesses to see the exercise as a national assignment that should be approached with the highest level of patriotism to ensure that future recurrences are forestalled. He lamented the alarming spate of building collapse in the country and called on all Nigerians to embrace and encourage the culture of doing things right. The court reconvenes on Friday, February 27, 2015.

Nosa Osazuwa, a writer from Lagos, Nigeria, was present during court proceedings.