Synagogue: Lagos certified foundation, says engineer


Foundation of SCOAN collapsed building showed no sign of stress or strain

The Structural Building engineer who supervised the construction of the collapsed Synagogue Church Of All Nations’ building, Engr. Oladele Ogundeji, said on Friday that the Lagos State Material Testing Agency certified its foundation.

The six-storey building within the premises of SCOAN had on September 12, 2014 collapsed, killing 116 persons.

Ogundeji testified before the coroner’s inquest set up by the Lagos State Government to determine the cause of the victims’ death.

Ogundeji, who said he obtained his training in Building Technology and Building Engineering in Yugoslavia, overruled foundational defect as a possible cause of the collapse of the building, which he said had 28 columns.

According to him, the direction and the speed of the fall of the building were not consistent with structural failure.

“According to the drawing and based on the geotechnical reports, the foundations were okay. This project is a technological cause, it can be verified.

“Now, when we were working on site, we did not envisage that something like this would happen but after the collapse, an agency of the state, the Lagos State Material Testing Agency came to the site, they instructed that three bases should be excavated, they took some samples and carried out laboratory tests. They came out with the result; the concrete pad footing passed the test, the reinforcement passed the test and the columns passed the test. Apart from this, the foundation on site that the six-storey building stood upon are still there, they are intact, no rotation and no tilting,” Ogundeji said.

He maintained that in spite of the stress as a result of the collapse the foundation still passed the test conducted by the Lagos State Material Testing Agency, adding that the results were already in the custody of the court.

Asked what would be the signs of a building that collapsed as a result of foundational compromise, Ogundeji said there would have been cracks in both the foundation and the wall, adding that the building would have been tilting weeks before its eventually collapse.

Demonstrating through a schematic diagram of board, Ogundeji said, “If it is a structural failure, the whole building would not come down suddenly on no account and when it is coming down it would be gradual, it may take days, weeks or months and it can take 10 years and there will be cracks that even a layman will see it.

”The witness also tendered before the court the structural and architectural designs of the collapsed building, which were accordingly accepted and marked as exhibits by the coroner, Magistrate O.A. Komolafe.

Ogundeji, while telling the court that the construction followed best practices, said a soil test was conducted before the project kicked off. He added that though his client was responsible for the supply of building materials, he was,however, the one who gave the specification and suggested the supplier.

He named Dangote as the brand of cement used adding that every bag of cement procured was used within two weeks of manufacture because the site storage room was small.

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SYNAGOGUE: approved materials were used for Collapsed building, contractor suspects Sabotage

imageThe coroner’s inquest into the cause of the collapse of a guesthouse at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) last year finally resumed on Thursday 26th February after several delays.

The contractor who handled the construction of the collapsed building, Engineer Akin Fatiregun of Hardrock Construction and Engineering Company Limited, told the coroner that all materials used in the construction of the collapsed building were of world-class standard.

While undergoing cross-examination by counsel to The SCOAN, Olalekan Ojo, Fatiregun submitted that the Project Committee of the church with whom he liaised during the construction of the building insisted on the use of the best available materials for the building.

According to the Engineer, contrary to speculations that the building was originally designed as a four-storey structure, the collapsed building was designed as a six-storey right from the onset and the foundation that was put in place was such that could carry up to a ten-storey building.

He stated further that the building had to be constructed in phases with the first phase seeing the completion of the fourth floor which had to be decked and roofed temporarily to protect it from environmental hazards pending when the church would be ready for the addition of the last two floors.

He informed the court that he worked directly under the supervision of an experienced Structural Engineer, M.O Ogundeji who gave approval for every level of the construction.

According to him, the building didn’t collapse due to structural failure but external factors which suggest a form of induced demolition. Furthermore, he declared to the court that based on his experience, the construction adhered to international standards and showed no sign of stress even after completion.

Engineer Fatiregun also told the court that though the building had not gotten final approval, he was aware the process was ongoing between the church and the appropriate body before the building collapsed.

He submitted that there was a strong suspicion of sabotage which was most likely to have been carried out through induced or controlled demolition because the foundation of the collapsed building remains intact without any sign of stress, crack or pressure. According to him, the whole scenario was baffling.

Meanwhile, the presiding magistrate, Chief Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe has urged all witnesses to see the exercise as a national assignment that should be approached with the highest level of patriotism to ensure that future recurrences are forestalled. He lamented the alarming spate of building collapse in the country and called on all Nigerians to embrace and encourage the culture of doing things right. The court reconvenes on Friday, February 27, 2015.

Nosa Osazuwa, a writer from Lagos, Nigeria, was present during court proceedings.

Radebe is a Disgrace to the South Africa Government

Jeff Radebe

Jeff Radebe

For those who may have come across a recent article credited to a South African Minister in the presidency; Jeff Radebe published by The Citizen: Radebe Blast T.B Joshua, the article shows how desperate the perpetrators of the SCOAN Collapse building attack are out to divert the attention of the public from the reality on ground to a direct attack on Prophet T.B Joshua’s person. Radebe accused the Prophet of making his money through dubious means; he claimed he had information of T.B Joshua recruiting people in Nigeria and places them in wheelchairs to make money.

“That Guy (TB Joshua), I am told, he buys people, gives them money and places them in wheelchairs. Those people are making money. It is the money that talks,” Radebe said.

Radebe hate speech clearly shows he has a personal grudge against Prophet T.B Joshua and his ministry. All of is accusations against T.B Joshua’s ministry are simply speculations from T.B Joshua’s critics void of evidence. Is Radebe calming he is wiser than thousands of South Africans that come to SCOAN weekly for their healings and deliverances? If those countless numbers of healings that takes place in SCOAN are all scam as he wants the people to believe, why many South Africans and other nations of the world continues to visit the SCOAN to get solution for their problems even after this resent tragedy that took many lives. It is an embarrassment for a man in government to allow sentiment and personal hatred to blind is eyes from the truth, Radebe has joined the bandwagons that find pleasure in adding injuries to other people’s misfortune.

On the rescue operation of the building Collapse victim, Radebe who may be seen as being an intelligent man claimed that T.B Joshua barred the rescue workers from retrieving the bodies after the collapse, this accusation from Radebe clearly shows that he is a man without an independent mind, he is one of those that places their judgment on what they are told without independently verifying the truth. Account from the ongoing coronal inquest set to investigate the collapsed building has showed that SCOAN never block or hindered any rescue operation, instead, SCOAN provided 11 ambulances during the rescue operation and also paid the bills of all the expenses that lead to a successful rescue operation.

Radebe even went far to call on the families of the collapse Vitim to take legal actions against SCOAN. For what, I ask Radebe? T.B Joshua should be sued for being attack by an external enemy. Is Radebe even aware of what is going on now, Investigation from experts and majority of opinions from members of the public has shown that the incident was an extraordinary affair and even families of the victims know it was an attack so what is Radebe saying.

Radebe even went too far to insult the prophet personality, he called T.B Joshua an uneducated man and claim he don’t quote bible verse when he preach, as if education is a prerequisite of being called by God, he supposed to know that great men are not measure by their educational qualification or by how good their English vocabulary is, but by their world impact, what is the essences of being educated and yet your environment have not felt your positive impact. If truly Radebe do watch or listen to the prophet message on he should have known that the message of the Prophet are preached with scriptural backing, this viewers of can attest to.

On his doubt of Hiv/Aids healing in SCOAN, we have time without number use this medium to call on the World Health Organization (WHO), any other health organization and media house around the world to visit SCOAN themselves and confirm if those healings that take place there are real, if truly the world appreciate good health. Until proven otherwise Hiv/Aids healing in SCOAN are 100% real. All healing in SCOAN are done openly and broadcast live on anybody that claim he does not believe in the divine healing that is taking places in SCOAN, that’s his ‘cup of tea’, everybody is not expected to believe but don’t criticize what you can’t prove otherwise, that’s what separate the wise from the foolish.

Baseless accusation like this from a minister in the Presidency make one to wonder if the coronal inquest and others investigators assigned with the responsibility to uncover the mystery surrounding the SCOAN collapse building will come out with a genuine report free of bias. Because it is obvious many of these individuals have personal grudges against the Prophet, T.B Joshua which is likely to influence the outcome of their investigation. What else do we have to say, Radebe a minister in the South African Presidency has already taking a prejudicial stand that SCOAN was responsible for the building collapse, an incident undergoing investigation. We hope he publicly apologies to the South African Public for degrading his office by venturing into a controversial issue of this magnitude and taking side even when the case is still under investigation.

FG Petitioned To Expedite Action On Synagogue Collapse Report

The Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) has called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to expedite action on the release of the security report of investigation into the collapsed Synagogue, Church of All Nations building in which over a hundred lives, mostly South Africans, were lost on September 12, 2014.

imageThe human rights group made this call during a solidarity rally held in support of the Founder and General Overseer of the church, Prophet T.B. Joshua at the premises of the church on Monday, February 9, 2015. The group was led by its National President, Comrade Sunny Enenuvwedia, Vice President, Comrade Ade Ikuesan as well as the National Auditor, Comrade Adesegun Aloba.

Speaking to newsmen while inspecting the site of the collapsed building, Comrade Enenuvwedia wondered why the presidential committee set up to look into the circumstances surrounding the incident is yet to release a report. He observed that the essence of the solidarity rally is to ensure that justice is done bearing in mind the international implications of the incident which claimed the lives of foreign nationals.

“Why has it taken the government so long to unravel what happened here,” Enenuvwedia questioned. “Even though I am a layman, I know these foundations are very solid,” he said, standing before the huge foundations of the collapsed building.

“All we are hearing is let the man of God come to court,” he continued. “For what? What is the reason for that? Is it not the building that collapsed? We don’t believe in ethnicity or politicizing issues. We have to attend to issues the way they are. They should allow the man of God to remain where he is and do the work God has assigned to him. Enough of humiliating TB Joshua – CDHR will not stand and see that happen. We will continue to fight for the rights of all Nigerians. We have demanded that the government release this report within two weeks. Let the whole world know the reason for this action.

”The group circulated flyers that questioned many issues pertaining to the collapsed building. For instance, the flyer carried the following questions: who owns the plane that crossed over The Synagogue building several times? Who is the pilot of the plane? Why is the Federal Government quiet about what happened?

The Chairman of the Ogun State chapter, Comrade Folarin Olayinka bemoaned the lack of respect Nigeria had shown for the sanctity of human life. “When you see what has happened here, it is quite unfortunate that Nigeria has become a country where everything is politicized,” he said. “The lives of human beings are no longer valuable to the leadership of our country.”

“We have come to demand justice and agitate against the denial and delayed justice,” he defiantly continued. “We are all aware of what happened at the church here. They said that they have constituted a panel to come up with a report to determine what happened but since then, no report has come out. The Federal Government should come out with the report of the evil that has befallen the church. They should come out to reveal the perpetrators. We don’t want it to be swept under the carpet. It is the cry of the people that has necessitated our coming here today. Anyone that has caused sorrow, we believe that they will not go unpunished,” he concluded.

Speaking on behalf of the church, one of the foreign evangelists showed the human rights group the strength of the foundations, observing that the collapse was a controlled demolition that was planned and executed. He also said that the incident had not stopped foreigners from visiting the church in search of spiritual rejuvenation.

Meanwhile, a delegation of visiting Russians who spoke to newsmen said people from their nation would continue to visit Nigeria because of the great works God is doing through Prophet T.B. Joshua. Spokesman of the delegation, Mr. Ramin Teyyubov who led other members of the delegation to the site of the collapsed building said Nigerians should appreciate their own.

“Russian people and countries from the former Soviet Union love T.B. Joshua, respect this ministry and know what God is doing through him,” Teyyubov stated. “We are joining the Committee for the Defence Of Human Rights and we agree with the questions they are asking. People are asking from our country why this issue has not been resolved yet.”

“All of us live under one God and He sees everything,” the Russian counseled. “I was sitting at home and wondering who the pilot was,who planned this and why the government is still keeping silent. They know what is happening. Weknow Prophet T.B. Joshua, his integrity and how he walks with God. These are very important questions that need answers!

”Representatives of CDHR were then shown the 11 ambulances belonging to The SCOAN that were used during the rescue operation. The human rights group insisted that they were moving to Abuja next to continue their protest until the government released the security report.

The inquest into the cause of the collapse of the building is set to resume on Tuesday 10th February 2015.

Nosa Osazuwa was present during the rally

VIDEO: How T.B Joshua prophesied Nigerian Election postponement

Amidst the controversy swirling around the decision by the electoral commission to postpone Nigeria’s elections by six weeks, Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua has released a video online with a prophecy he allegedly gave one year ago.

Watch video above…

“What I am seeing is heavy. I am seeing rain – the cloud is darker. The fulfillment of 2015 – pray for it,” Joshua told congregants on February 9th 2014 in a clip uploaded to YouTube channel ‘Emmanuel TV’.

“Is that not the time of elections? Democracy is sweet – pray that your democracy would not be rubbished,” he continued.

Clarifying further, the cleric added, “I am seeing disagreement at the end of the day and that disagreement can result to anything. Nigeria, these are the challenges you are going to face – challenges of disagreement… They will want to fight; we have to pray.

”The clip concluded with another segment of Joshua addressing his congregation, this time on November 9th 2014. “Pray for your nation,” he said. “If you are able to cross this election, you cross it all. The election you are about to do will determine Nigeria.

”The elections, which were scheduled to hold on February 14th 2015, have been shifted to 28th March, in a move widely criticized as being ‘undemocratic’.

The electoral commission cited security concerns as the reason for the postponement with several areas in the north-east of the country still under the control of Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram.

By Ihechukwu Njoku



Thereafter, on Sunday 9th March, 2014. I left my hotel room early to the church complex (6:00a.m.).  As usual, I witnessed a great number of people already marching into the auditorium led by the ushers. I had reminisced of my church’s Faith Tabernacle of the Living Faith Church, Canaan land, Ota in Ogun State, Nigeria. The SCOAN Sunday live service was awesome; soul inspiring spiritual praises and worship songs includes diverse testimonies and healings, breakthroughs in different facets by the application of the anointing water and stickers and violent prayers by the congregation in symbiotic responds with the SCOAN President T B Joshua.

However, it didn’t occur to me that my spy mission into the SCOAN would have been my last day on this planet, ignorant of the fact that Sunday March 11th 2014, the members of the dreadful northern Boko Haram Sect, had decided to unleash their malicious attack against the SCOAN President and brethren, an attack with obvious detrimental effect on Christians worshiping in the sanctuary of God. This is a similar incident that occurred to one of the branches of my church in Bauchi State, about 12km (7miles) from the State Capital, left 21 dead and about 45 brethren injured, so sympathetic and tragic indeed.

Although, contrary to this inimical act of the aforementioned Sect, which they have masterminded to bomb the SCOAN and brethren including the SCOAN President, T B Joshua, but his prayers that afternoon in the course of the service was vehemently hot, filled with Holy Ghost Fire. Unbelievable! The prayers of the SCOAN President inside the church auditorium threw the Boko Haram Sect members into jeopardy, an impromptu perplexing erupted amongst (5) of the gang members whose mission became unaccomplished, the first of its kind according to the live confession of one the Sect members who ran into the congregation for live confession and refuge, this I personally witnessed. He disclosed his name as Mustapha, claimed been part of the numerous insurgencies carried out by the Sect, but this was a total failure he confessed that the SCOAN President’s prayer was filled with fire which threw them into confusion and they ran helter skelter from the restaurant where they were eating prior to execute their unholy attack against the SCOAN. Mustapha, confessed that the fire became more sensational on them via; the Emmanuel TV channel in the restaurant, this he could not withstand any longer, therefore he decided to come and plead to the SCOAN President, and the rest of his accomplice their whereabouts, quite unknown to him.

Furthermore, he confessed how they drank some concussion in order to intensify their power and maximized fortification to successfully unleash their wicked scheme without pity.

imageOn the whole, I must affirm that my espionage into the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) was quite awesome and an absolute contradiction of my initial concept about the SCOAN. More so, the  generalized ironic philosophy and the ‘wide held critics/notions’ of the church been satanic, I can strongly concur to be a blatant and falsified inference, a negative proposition held with a popular view to discredit T B Joshua and his ministry. One cannot imagine the power of God without having an encounter with Him. God still uses any medium to reach His people. In the (Acts of the Apostles, 19:11) Paul’s handkerchief as an ‘apron’ to heal the sick, even shadows. Water was transformed into wine, (2) two fishes and (5) five loaves of bread to feed about 5,000 people. Based on my findings, may I please reiterate that, the SCOAN President, T B Joshua no doubts is one of the prophets of our time, been used by God to reach this present generation.

Thus, I can’t imagine his dispositions towards the less privilege in our society, I mean this cannot be quantified in an obvious stratified and capitalist society we find ourselves, a society where input yields into the desired output, the word ‘charity’ has totally gone into oblivion. Emphatically, T B Joshua’s sermons and teachings are very precise, edifying and soul lifting. I can gladly deduce that his teachings on ‘Love dominates and captivates the minds’ of many, this exemplifies the teachings of Christ in the ‘’Golden Rule’’. T B Joshua is filled with the power of God; one cannot imagine the Boko Haram’s Sect inability to unleash their negative vices against the SCOAN. What could have restricted this attack? This still puzzles me. Could this not be the ‘amazing grace and awesome power of God’ in action? This is a dreaded Sect with deliberate intentions from the pit of hell to antagonize the finished work of our lord Jesus Christ, a foe to the entire Christian Faith, of course being responsible for the numerous fatalistic explosions to our Christian Faith. A Sect not minding the consequences that its actions brings upon our nation in the international scene, not considering the innocent souls been wasted, I would have gone into early eternity prior to our creator’s call. God’s power at work using the SCOAN General overseer T.B. Joshua mightily, his prophecies are real and divine. I can discern him having ‘amiable charisma’ that seems beyond that of a mere human being. Inspiring testimonies of the anointing water and sticker – To the Glory of God I was opportune to get the anointing water, also affirmed to the circumstances for marital challenges in my linage during the Saturday’s prophetic service I attended. At this point I begin to reaffirm to the fact that the broad way leads to destruction, the narrow way is life, the fact that salvation is a personal race.

T.B. Joshua: Time to discover the truth

Prophet T.B Joshua

Prophet T.B Joshua

At the peak of the late General Sanni Abacha’s iron –cast rule and his plan to elongate his administration as Nigeria Head of State, when the then five political parties adopted him as the sole presidential candidate, Prophet T.B Joshua was reportedly approached. T.B Joshua revealed to Abacha that God did not approve the tenure elongation and advised him to hand over power to another person elected by Nigerians. Late General Abacha was said to have felt very disappointed, but pleaded passionately to Joshua to help him out because he believed Joshua could do it.

But T.B Joshua told him there was nothing he as a prophet, could do because God had spoken. Abacha allegedly made several efforts to call Joshua thereafter, to no avail. If Joshua had wanted to make money from Abacha’s request, he could have done so, but he didn’t. What happened to Abacha to quit is now history. When President Fredrick Chiluba of Zambia visited synagogue, this reporter was one of other media men that covered the five–day visit.

During the occasion, Chiluba was invited by Joshua to the healing session. When Chiluba witnessed the healing of hundreds of people with various diseases, he, out of excitement, burst into tears, seeing that those things were happening in Nigeria, an African country. Since then Chiluba had being co

ming to the Synagogue to worship God because of his belief in what he saw. Sometimes ago, Prof. Evans Mills from Ghana, seeking to contest a presidential election came to the Synagogue Church. Joshua prayed for him and predicted that the politician would win the election. And it came to pass. About fifteen years ago, a wealthy South African, who was terribly sick, flew to Nigeria to meet Joshua for healing. He came to the Synagogue Church along with his personal doctor. One Saturday when the South African was inside one of the guest rooms, the man died while his personal doctor was attending to him.

The doctor called some of the church disciples and there was confusion. Joshua was hurriedly informed and he rushed to the place, finding the man dead. He ordered his disciples to prepare a bed and lay him there. Joshua laid on the man and after about 10 minutes, the South African was raised alive. During testimony time, the man’s personal doctor testified that medically his patient was dead because he had confirmed him dead. But he expressed surprise how Joshua could raise him to life.

The doctor believed that what happened to his patient was purely a miracle from God. In year 2000 or thereabout, an Army General from Ghana came to the Synagogue Church on wheel-chair for healing. When interviewed, the man stated that he was paralyzed and had remained on the wheel-chair for over 10 years. T.B Joshua touched the Army General’s two legs with his own leg and commanded the man to get up and walk in the name of Jesus Christ.

The man obeyed, stood up and staggered. Joshua touched his two legs again with his own leg, and commanded the man to walk. And he walked. Suddenly, the Army General ran inside the church and there was excitement and jubilation by the Ghanaians and the entire congregation who witnessed the event. Sometime in1996, a woman of about 50 years old with kidney problem was brought to the Synagogue Church during a Sunday service. She told Joshua that she needed N8 million for kidney transplant and begged for financial assistance. Joshua told her he had no money to give her but God would heal her. Joshua pointed his hand towards the woman, she fell and rolled on the ground and that was the end of kidney problem.

If all those top Nigerians that died of cancer or kidney problems had approached the man of God, their problems could have been solved and they would been alive today. Also in 1999, I personally benefited from Joshua’s spiritual gifts when I used a sticker he gave me to revive my 29 years old first son who was at the point of death. All these were some of the happenings I personally witnessed during the few occasions I visited the Synagogue Church either to cover events or for other personal purposes.

There are many of our leaders in government or politicians visiting the Synagogue Church in the night to solve their problems. There are over two thousand sick people all over the world being healed by the church every month. Yet here is a man being hated and persecuted by his own people, particularly some pastors and prophets are in the fight to condemn this man of God. Some even labeled T.B Joshua as Satan reincarnate. Late Prophet Adewole of the Celestial church of Christ, who predicated that the late Bashorun M.K.O Abiola would win the 1993 presidential election and the military, would not hand over power to him, had earlier revealed to Nigerians and the entire world that God sent Joshua to destroy the works of the devil.

Having witnessed many of Joshua’s healing and prediction, I prayed and fasted for seven days and God revealed to me in 1995, who Joshua is. And since this revelation came to me, I have always feared what would be the repercussion of those castigating, persecuting and doing all manner of wrongs to Joshua. One day, a young man sneaked into the Synagogue Church auditorium with charms when the service was not on. Joshua was inside his office attending to some visitors. Suddenly he rushed out to find the man inside the Church.

Immediately the young man of about 35years saw TB Joshua, he attempted to run away, but Joshua stressed his right hand towards his direction and the man fell down, rolling on the ground. He confessed that a group of herbalists who were protesting that they could not get customers again because of Joshua’s healing of people, gave him N120,000.00 and sent him to come and dump charms inside the church to scare away the people.

All these events were recorded in the church’s archive. If world leaders and personalities like former president Fredrick Chiluba of Zambia, Pascal Lissouba, former president of Congo, the late president of Gabon, Omar Bongo, Andre Kolingba, ex-president of the Central African Republic, Zulu King of South Africa, Goodwill Zwelithini Kabhekuzulu and hundreds of others could recognize and embrace T.B. Joshua, why should Nigerian pastors continue to deride him. I think TB Joshua is a spiritual asset to Nigerians of this generation. If Christians and other men of God are doubting Joshua’s healing power, they should pray to God to reveal if truly he was sent by God.

Written by Ogunwale, a veteran journalist and media Consultant wrote from Lagos


This article was sent to us by one of our readers, a one-time skeptic on the happenings in Scoan we deem it fit to publish it:

Like the story of doubting Thomas, in respect to the numerous testimonies I have watched on, and to actually source for the genuineness, I mean the validity of such healings, deliverances, breaking of ancestral altars, praying for the pregnant women under labor or that are experiencing delayed pregnancy, that is, overdue labor as a result of fibroid and the praying against cesarean session (C.S) and other forms of anomaly prone to women during child birth.

As a born again emphatically, rooted in the Living Faith Church a.k.a “Winners Chapel” (the biggest church in Africa). My doubts are the manner of healing and deliverance, the sheer number of testimonies erupting from the T.B Joshua’s channel and many ‘far and wide’ rumors about SCOAN however, I deem it imperative to source for the authenticity of the aforementioned miracles. Its source and legitimacy became a driving force for me; I developed a skeptic perception against the SCOAN President and the followers of his Ministry’s doctrines. Won’t any world renowned credible organization stand up to scrutinize the alien activities of SCOAN?  to at least put my mind to rest.

More so, the usual deliverance approach and methodology they employ in the church on weekly basis via; the Scoan prayer line/emergency session, all these I presumed were stage-managed between the SCOAN General overseer/ president, T.B. Joshua and his cohorts in order to  initiate or indoctrinate innocent Christians and perhaps the entire Christendom into their strange practices which I tagged as ‘deceptive tendencies’ exaggerated in order to win souls through their drama, deliberately portrayed on the media in the name of salvation, viz; healing, deliverance and reconciliation of broken homes and marriages and so on, which the ministry strongly upholds to it tenets.

Quite captivating enough, the last straw that broke the camel’s back leading to my visit to the SCOAN was the healing of a Pastor, whom I vividly recognized running a degree programme at the University of Port Harcourt – Rivers State, Nigeria. Pastor Mark Pepple. He hails from the same ‘clan’ with me– Bonny Island in Rivers State, Nigeria. This Pastor was struck with a sudden mental disorder (insane) sometime middle last year, during a programme he had at his church’s headquarters at Abuja – Nigeria, a predicament his church could not cope with having engaged in numerous deliverance, series of fasting and prayers for about six months, including his general overseer there in Abuja, all efforts were in futility.

Therefore, in agreement between the church headquarters and General Overseer and the ill pastor’s biological father, he was booked for the SCOAN emergency prayer line session online. Weeks later, they were invited. This I confirmed from the ill pastor’s father whom I knew very well. I actually watched the deliverance clips sometime in November 2013; on a Sunday evening while I was having my dinner after church, to my amazement this sick pastor whom I recognized very well was healed in the name of Jesus Christ by the SCOAN president, T.B Joshua within few seconds, all I could hear was “you demon I command you out in the mighty name of Jesus’’ and sanity was restored instantly, the chains that he was bounded with were unlocked by his biological father, his talking in abstract ceased, sanity was restored, he recognized his biological father and co-pastors who brought him to the Scoan, certainly unknown to him during his incapacitation (mentally). This I watched in my sitting room stricken with absolute amazement. I deliberately had to travel to visit this family some weeks after the footage I watched via; the Emmanuel TV, I engaged on mutual discussion with the delivered pastor and our discussions were quite progressive, he even disclosed his preparation towards his project topics at the University of Port Harcourt.

However, as the doubting Thomas, I made up my mind to personally visit the Scoan for surveillance, I applied for 10 days leave at my place of work, this request was granted by my boss some weeks later, having received my previous month’s wages, I left Bonny Island for Port Harcourt on the 4th of march 2014, then a day after on the 5th of march, was my first journey to the Synagogue Church Of All Nations. It was so hectic; I was confronted with the present petrol challenges, long queues at the petrol filling stations and the terrible traffic situation in Lagos caused delays in my journey; this can be commonly interpreted as driving “bumper to bumper” and choked in a bus at a high temperature climate, it was indeed an uneasy trip anyway, until I alighted at a popular bus park known as “CELE BUS PARK” then boarded an intra-commuter to the SCOAN at Ikotun Egbe, Lagos. When I finally arrived at the SCOAN, I was just in my own world because my visit was uninvited, I never booked online visit, this I found contrary to the standards of the SCOAN, and I deliberately resorted not to conform to its standards anyway, with ulterior motives, in order not to be trapped by their strategies.


Because, I was on a spy mission and this is the reason why I decided to embark on the journey prior to the weekend in order to monitor the mysteries behind these unusual miracles. I to took a critical survey of the activities especially on how the prayer line is been conducted.

Contrary to my initial presumptions and curiosities was the aftermath anyway. I carefully monitored the emergency session, the influx of foreign immigrants across the length and breadth of the globe, the authentication of medical reports from non-private hospitals, and I was disqualified in this rigorous process despite my claims of illness because I don’t have any substantial evidence. In fact, it was a thorough screening exercise to prove the authentication of the medical claims brought by the patients requesting prayer at the SCOAN emergency/prayer line. More astonishingly, I even saw people with ‘HIV/AIDS positive 1\2’ medical reports. Although, I decided to attend the screening earlier i.e. about 2 hours prior to screening (6:00a.m) prompt, rather (8:00a.m) in order to satisfy my doubts if it is truly stage-managed, but I didn’t discover anything fishy anyway, all the people who were healed at the emergency, I personally witnessed their screening and entrance.

Thus, in the course of the last service tagged Prophetic service, the President of the SCOAN went amidst the thick congregation within the auditorium and the overflow revealing prophecies to the brethren chronologically seated, about their immediate confronting predicaments, including the foreign visitors who all confirmed his prophecies to them to be true. I even can’t imagine the military officers all in uniforms, seated amongst the congregation also confirmed his word to them to be true, a cross section of the Nigerian Police Force, Army, Navy, all seated in spite of their Ranks clearly distinguished. Short sermon was preached, healings and prayers were led in the name of Jesus Christ.

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Ask T.B. Joshua For Divine Intervention – Botswana Tell Nigeria

The citizens of Botswana have called on Nigerians to seek divine intervention from their popular televangelist, Prophet T.B. Joshua, to put an end to the act of terrorism ravaging the country by Boko Haram.


A report from Yarona FM News, one of Botswana’s leading radio stations, sampled public opinion concerning the appeal by the African Union for its members to send soldiers to Nigeria to assist in the fight against Boko-Haram.

According to the report, majority of Botswana  that participated in the opinion poll urged against the Botswana Defense Force troops being sent to provide military aid to Nigeria but proposed divine intervention from Prophet T.B Joshua as the right option to stop terrorism in Nigeria.

“Some members of the public who say sending soldiers away would expose them to unnecessary dangers argue, among other things, that Nigeria should look to the famous televangelist TB Joshua for divine intervention,”

Facebook user, Thero Matsuakata, commented:

“When you send soldiers there, they will be fighting the wrong battle. These people are led by evil spirits! Prophet T.B. Joshua talked about this long ago.”

This was the opinion of the majority, however there was a minority that voted FOR aid provision.

”It should be recalled that T.B. Joshua is well know to the people of Botswana. His crusade dating back to 2005, has packed the National Stadium in Gabarone.”

The SCOAN Emmanuel TV Channel still remains one of the most popular TV channels in the country.

Will the Nigeria Government and citizens harken to this call from their fellow Africa brothers that believed the Nation of Nigeria has all it takes to end their problem if only they will leave sentiment aside and seek the help of God through, Prophet T.B Joshua.


NB – A lady by the name of Patience Amaka ( sent me this piece, requesting that I publicize it, presumably given the numerous online articles I have written about SCOAN. It is well worth a read! Thanks.


A former member of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God named Grace Venn has vented anger at church authorities for ‘deceiving her’ about controversial Nigerian Pastor T.B. Joshua.

In an impassioned rant on YouTube, Grace revealed that the strong stance of prominent leaders in The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) against T.B. Joshua had affected ‘millions’ negatively.

“I have asked God to help me to forgive all these so-called Christian “mighty” ministers of God for misleading me and millions of people for decades now, accusing Prophet T.B. Joshua and SCOAN to be the devil’s handiwork,” she irately commented on one of Joshua’s numerous online videos.

“Because of the attack on Prophet T.B. Joshua by CAN, PFN and by all these great men of God and the members of their churches, millions of souls like me and members of my family who could have received our deliverance through Prophet T.B. Joshua have suffered for nothing,” she further alleged.

Venn described how she knew of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN)over 20 years ago but refused to attend the church because of the warning she received from church leaders.

“I lived just 3 bus-stops from the SCOAN in Ejigbo but I never stepped inside the church for one day, even for one minute. My family and I vowed never to step our feet there because Redeemed church members were ALWAYS being warned by our church leaders who were preaching seriously to us NEVER to go near SCOAN premises and to shun Prophet T.B. Joshua,” she exploded.

However, according to the former Redeemed member, Joshua’s crimes causing him to merit such denunciation were never revealed.
“We were never told what Prophet Joshua’s sins were and how he offended anybody to warrant such verbal attacks and curses from fellow Christians who say they know God and hear from God,” she added.

According to her, these warnings against Joshua continue to be sounded by ‘jealous’ church leaders. “Until today, the Redeemed Church and other church leaders in Nigeria and overseas are still warning their members never to go near SCOAN. May God forgive these church people who are misleading, deceiving and hindering millions from receiving their deliverance and blessings from God through Prophet Joshua!”?

It is only after Venn relocated to London, UK that she did some personal investigations and arrived at the conclusion that the warnings peddled by her church leaders against Joshua were based on falsehoods.

“What is paining me now is that now I know the value of SCOAN and Prophet T.B. Joshua, I am living in London, thousands of miles away from Nigeria… We allowed ourselves to be deceived and misled because we listened to jealous accusations from these people who say they are ‘God’s ministers’. Unknown to us, they were being used by satan to deceive millions of Christians in Nigeria,” she concluded.

The video Grace shared her experiences on detailed the confession of Pastor Gabriel Ikpenwa, a former Assistant Pastor at Redeemed, who narrated how he once preached in crusades that T.B. Joshua was the ‘Anti-Christ’ before his own personal marital problems led him to The SCOAN where he found solace and deliverance.

By Ihechukwu Njoku