Indonesian Lady Family Ran to T.B. Joshua Help with $10,000

Indonesian lady family scoan

Indonesian Lady and her Family in SCOAN

The facial expression of Members on Sunday 21st, August in the SCOAN auditorium were filled with sympathy when an Indonesian Lady with her Family of two Children and a Nigerian husband, came to the SCOAN to share their bitter experiences to Members and Millions of viewers all over the world. In a sober mood, they explained how their lives were transformed to the state of abject poverty after they were pursued from their village in Eastern Nigeria, where they had lived for 5 years by the accusation that her husband had killed his father and niece.

Indonesian Lady Family abject  Poverty

Indonesian Lady and Family Living in Abject Poverty

Prophet T.B. Joshua who is known worldwide for his outstanding humanitarian works, moved by their story and plea for help gave a cash gift of Ten thousand Dollars ($10,000) to the family to start a new life in Indonesia. With the support of Emmanuel TV Partners worldwide the husband, Mr Egesi was promised a job as well as a cash gift of 500,000 naira was given to him and also a promise of a scholarship for their two children back home in Indonesia were given to the family.

Indonesian lady husband thank T.B. Joshua

Indonesian lady and husband thank T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel.Tv Partners

Overwhelmed with joy, they rolled on the floor to thank Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners all over the world for their financial support and the love the Church showed to them throughout their stay in the SCOAN.

Bellow is how the story was posted in the official T.B. Joshua Ministries Facebook page:


Indonesian Lady Husband T.B Joshua

Indonesian Lady and Husband Thankful to God in SCOAN

An Indonesian lady who came to The SCOAN with her husband and their two children shared their haunting life experiences. They had tasted the bitter reality of abject poverty after being pursued from their village in Eastern Nigeria where they had lived for 5 years by the accusation that her husband had killed his father and niece. This had caused the family to flee for their lives and the only place they knew they could run to was Prophet T.B. Joshua at The SCOAN in Lagos. The family narrated their terrible ordeal biting back tears of how they had to look for things like firewood to sell and started hustling in the streets of Lagos just to survive from day to day. Mrs Egesi made her plea to the Emmanuel TV Partners and T.B. Joshua to help her to return to Indonesia with her children as she was tired of all the suffering she passed through.

Indonesian Lady Husband Cash Gift SCOAN

Indonesian Lady and Husband Holding the Cash Gift and Thank God

Mr John Egesi was even moved to tears as he told how life had turned upside down for the family from living comfortably in the village to suddenly being on the streets of Lagos, where they had run for their lives. Every day, he said he would walk the long road to Alaba Market where he hustled, doing whatever he could to get money to feed his family, rarely earning more than 500 naira per day. Many times, the family slept without eating and they constantly moved from place to place, unable to pay accommodation costs.

He thanked God for the day he received a phone call from The SCOAN, saying how they had seen his wife and children in the streets and were inviting him to come. Since then, Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners have been taking care of the family with free accommodation, three good meals daily and an allowance. The children added their thanks to The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV Partners for taking them off the streets and from living among the dustbins.

In response, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners worldwide gave the promise of a job to Mr Egesi as well as the cash gift of 500,000 naira. The costs of procuring new passports, all travel arrangements and flight tickets costing over $7,000 and a cash gift of $3,000 to start a new life in Indonesia as well as the promise of a scholarship for their two children back home in Indonesia were given to the family.

*Photo Capture: TB Joshua Ministries

Prophet T.B. Joshua visit Israel and Greece Received Awards

TB Joshua Israel award

TB Joshua receives award in Israel

After the recent two days South Korea crusade in Sky Dome by Prophet T.B Joshua, the Prophet was suspicious absent from the pastors Conferences organised specifically for the Korea’s Pastors. There it was announced the Prophet will be holding his next crusade in Peru, but since then Prophet T.B. Joshua has not been seen in public nor appear in the SCOAN live Sunday services.

Certificate Israel T.B Joshua

Certificate Of Recognition Presented to T.B Joshua In Israel

To the amazement of SCOAN members and viewers all over the world, a video was shown of Prophet T.B. Joshua visits to the nation of Israel, where he received an award for his ministry outstanding humanitarian works. T.B Joshua also visited Greece, where he went to the Biblical historic sites including the City of Philippi where Paul and Silas were jailed, and from there the Prophet prayed for viewers all over the world.

TB Joshua picture in Israel

T.B Joshua in Israel

Post on the T.B. Joshua ministries official Facebook page, explains why the Prophet visits those biblical nations, the reasons for the awards and the biblical historical site. The following Statement bellow was posted on the SCOAN official Facebook page:

T.B Joshua Praying Israel

T.B Joshua Praying for someone in Israel

After the recent earthquake in Ecuador Prophet, T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners reached out by chartering a cargo plane which carried 20 tonnes of emergency relief to distressed areas affected by the devastating earthquake. Apart from bringing immediate relief aid, rebuilding of a school and other constructions are taking place. An Israeli rescue and relief organization recognized by the United Nations, ZAKA had taken cognizance of this and numerous other charitable deeds done by Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Team.

ZAKA’s chairman, Rabbi Yehuda Meshi Zahav came to The SCOAN last week and escorts Prophet T.B. Joshua to Israel to award him for his efforts and to also invite him to partner with them to advance the work of God in the nation Israel.

TB Joshua visits biblical sites

T.B Joshua visits biblical sites

During his visit, Prophet T.B. Joshua held meetings with a number of government officials, including the Mayor of Bethlehem – Mrs Vera Baboun, Mr Ayoob Kara – the Deputy Minister of Regional Cooperation in the Government of Israel and his team, Ambassador Ran Ichay – Senior Deputy Director to Prime Minister Netanyahu and Mr Rafi Eitan – Former Mossad Intelligence Officer, who hosted the Prophet in his home.

Paul and Silas prison

Biblical historic Paul and Silas Prison

After his visit to Israel, Prophet T.B. Joshua stopped in Greece where he visited Biblical sites including the City of Philippi where Paul and Silas were jailed and released after singing praise to God while in chains. He took some moments to pray for viewers whilst at this holy place. Indeed, for those whose lives are centered on Christ the best is always yet to come.

Biblical history

Paul and Silas prison Biblical history

Also, another facebook post was posted which show Prophet T.B. Joshua receiving a gift from Mrs Vera Baboun, the first female Mayor of Bethlehem with the following statement:

T.B. Joshua with Mrs Vera Baboun

T.B. Joshua receiving a gift from Mrs Vera Baboun

Prophet T.B. Joshua receiving a gift from Mrs Vera Baboun, the first female Mayor of Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ!

“This relationship will open the door for Emmanuel TV partners worldwide to visit the nation of Israel for pilgrimage.”

*Photo: TB Joshua Ministries

VIDEO: TB Joshua Female Scholar Makes Nigeria Proud In Oxford University

Tb Joshua and SCOAN

Prophet T.B. Joshua

A prodigious Nigerian student is proudly flying the flag for both country and continent in the University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

Olayinka Oduwole has been highlighted as the sole African representative in Oxford University’s ‘Woman In Engineering’, a list containing just 25 female scholars who are excelling in their chosen fields.

“I have been privileged to meet enormously gifted personalities, who are not just academically strong but with ambition to change the world in which they live and leave a permanent footprint in history,” Olayinka wrote in her profile, featured prominently on the University of Oxford’s Department of Engineering Science website.

Olayinka Oduwole, SCOAN, TB Joshua

Olayinka Oduwole

The University of Lagos graduate is at the tailend of a Ph.D. program at Kellogg College, Oxford, after the completion of a successful Master’s degree at University College London, UK.

In contrast to several Nigerian prodigies who are functioning abroad, Oduwole has already stated her resolve to use her invaluable experience to develop her country of origin.

“I intend to use my skills to help encourage young ones in my country into pursuing science and engineering; I intend to help revive the declining state of research in my country,” Olayinka stated on the Oxford University website, who used her as an example of an African student who was excelling amidst the competitive environment of the prestigious university.

Olayinka Profile, TB Joshua , SCOAN, Oxfrod

Olayinka Oduwole Profile

Olayinka, TB Joshua , SCOAN

University Of Oxford Website

The story of Olayinka is inspirational to say the least. From a poverty-stricken home, she was working diligently in church when spotted by Nigerian Pastor and philanthropist, T.B. Joshua.

Recognising her academic prowess and her meagre financial backing, the cleric sponsored her tertiary education in its totality.

“What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you,” Joshua told congregants when announcing he was supporting the young student with £100,000 (N45,000,000) to pursue her Ph.D. in Oxford in 2012.

In a clip uploaded to Joshua’s official YouTube channel Emmanuel TV, Olayinka gives clear advice to her fellow students seeking academic success: “Pray as if everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on you.”

With graduation around the corner, a bright future lies squarely ahead for the young Nigerian engineer.

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist who writes about the Synagogue Church of God.


1 peter 1-7

1 Peter 1-7


There comes a time in our lives where we feel as if the world around us is coming to an end. It is in critical situations like this, that we know who is a man of faith.  Just because you are a Christian does not mean that Satan cannot attack you because anything close to Jesus receives attack.

The question is, are you prepared to face him? That preparation has to do with mind management. What do I mean by ‘Mind management’? Look at the case of Joseph, for example: When Joseph was thrown into the dry pit, we never read that he started crying or that he lost his faith or that he started blaming God! All we know is that he stood his ground because there was a voice in his heart that kept him, encouraged him and gave him strength to overcome the situation in the dry pit. That was why Joseph was not looking down, but he kept looking up at the beautiful work of God.

In summary, Joseph’s Journey started from his father’s house to the dry pit; from the dry pit to slavery; from slavery to the prison and from the prison to the throne. At last he found himself in the position of influence and he was able to re-unit with his family. His life’s experiences teach us two things:

  • No matter how long a lies is sustained, truth will someday prevail.
  • The position of influences must begin with suffering.

It began with a wound – being sold into slavery – and he became a pearl of usefulness (Genesis 37: 23-33). – TB Joshua sermon


James 1:2-4

Joy in Tribulations

At the point of misfortune, Satan is there; ready to use our situation as a bait to trap us to eternal ruin. Satan is there asking, “Where is our God? Why are we suffering? Why don’t we curse God and die?” But know that, in the mind of God, we are created to be a successful person. (Jeremiah 29:11).

God never promised to keep us away from trials but He Promised to see us through. Through our crises, God is what we need Him to be. He’s ready to go through the dry pit, slavery, prison, fire the valley of the shadow of death with us.

As Children of God, God chooses what we go through; we choose how we go through it. So, if you are suffering, cheated, humiliated, hated, sad, poor or in despair, remember: No wound, no pearl. No pain, no gain. No test, no promotion (James 1:2-4). – TB Joshua sermon

Hard Times are Best Times


Hard Times are Best Times

As a Christian, affliction may test you; it cannot destroy you. If gold must be gold, it has to pass through fire. Hard times cannot destroy you as a Christian, just as fire cannot destroy gold. The more fire gold receives, the better it is. The more hard times you experience, the better equipped you are for where you are going. So, as a child of God, when you continue to experience these trying situations, don’t lose heart. The higher Hand that is leading you is leading you to something higher (1 Corinthians 10:13) – T.B. Joshua sermon.

TB Joshua Prophecy on South African economy

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

With the news that South Africa has regained its position as Africa’s largest economy, the spotlight has been thrown back to a ‘prophecy’ given by Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua at the beginning of 2016.

“The [South African] currency that is going up and down will soon be stable,” Joshua told congregants at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) on 3rd January 2016, insisting that “by August”, South Africa’s economic challenges would begin ‘fading’.

“We often come out of the challenges stronger,” he emphasised in a message broadcast live on Christian television network Emmanuel TV and subsequently reported online by several African media houses.

On Thursday 11th August 2016, online news was agog with reports of South Africa’s rand hitting a fresh 10-month high against the dollar, with emerging markets continuing to gain against the US currency, especially in the wake of the ‘Brexit fallout’.

The Financial Times reported that the rand continued to benefit from the results of the local municipal elections – which saw the ruling ANC party weakened substantially, losing several major metros.

According to Bloomberg, “South Africa’s economy has regained the position of Africa’s largest in dollar terms more than two years after losing it to Nigeria as the value of the nations’ currencies moved in opposite directions.”

Interestingly, the devaluation of Nigeria’s ‘naira’ was equally predicted by the Nigerian cleric days prior to his prophetic declaration about the stabilization of the South African rand.

Emmanuel TV’s YouTube channel, which boasts almost 400,000 subscribers, released a video of Joshua’s prediction.

Tebego Motalaote is a writer currently in Johannesburg, South Africa

The Uniqueness of T.B. Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Love him or hate him, he is a public figure that cannot be ignored. Nigerians have become notorious for trickery and bribery the world over. This is so wide spread that in some places just possessing a Nigerian passport draws the trail of the police.

In almost every country there are crooks and honest people, Nigeria is no exception. The good news is that all is not rotten, in the basket of rottenness.

But what is it that makes T. B. Joshua unique? By the way, I am neither his fan nor his foe. Below find things that T.B. Joshua does, which other men of God don’t.

These are the things that make him a darling of the people despite the negative publicity campaign by his fellow church men and the media.

1. His charity work
He is not the richest when compared to the other Nigerian pastors who are reputedly super rich. One has five personal jets. Just one similar jet stirred controversy in Malawi when our president bought it, but a certain Nigerian pastor has five of them.

Some own big hotels, printing presses, limousines, and big companies. The irony is, you hardly hear of them giving to the poor, the widows, the lame and the blind.

TB Joshua gives liberally, giving out even cars while some are stockpiling them in their compounds.

He gives scholarships and his ministry has helped educate many people up to university level.

2. His humility
He is a down to earth person. He mingles with people, breaks down his English so people can understand while mending marriages and hearts of people.

He is seen having lunch with old people, the lame and what have you. He is seen comforting people and many times he has been heard telling childless parents that he will be their child.

He jokes freely with all while most of the men of God we know, believe in being serious, and by that I mean living a separated life and mingling with nobody.


3. His father heart
He is the only one I know, and I stand to be corrected, who has identified and recruited people, and is training them in his own church.

He is exposing them and even allows them to appear on the television alongside him. Sometimes he even goes backstage while they take charge of the services.

Show me other ministers or leader who has done that. Many others make sure that the television is off limit for any budding or aspiring preacher.

If you find them grooming someone, then, be sure, he is one of their kin and folk, otherwise, no way!

Some feel so insecure that they rush home leaving meetings so that nobody preaches apart from them.

4. He is no globe trotter
Seems like this man knows his mission field. He rarely goes out of his country. He has the courage to send some of his boys to the United States of America to do ministry.

This is a direct opposite of what the ministers we know are doing. T B man is never excited with foreign trips which others would quickly take up at the expense of their local flock.

He is different. People find him where he is based. People from European countries have to swallow their pride and go to Nigeria if they want him. What a contrast to most preachers we know.

I have deliberately left out issues to do with the way he ministers. Not all people agree on that, that’s why others brand him “controversial”.

These issues are more theological than otherwise and as you know, the pew man is not conversant with theological issues. He is a bench warmer and a layman sitting at the back of some church.


from Malawi
Source: olufamous


Tb Joshua Ecuador Relief Materials

Cargo Plane Loading Relief Materials

Relief MaterialsOn April 16th 2016, the nation, Ecuador was hit by a colossal earthquake of magnitude 7.8. The severity of the disaster reverberated throughout the entire country, leaving at least 500 dead and 27,500 injured. Moved by the plight of Ecuadorians, T.B. Joshua – Founder of Emmanuel TV – sent a relief team to Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador and dispatched a Boeing 727 Cargo Plane, which contained 20 tons of relief hygiene materials, perishable, and non-perishable food stuff.

Upon arrival, the relief and aid supplies were received by representatives of the Minister of Defense on behalf of the people of Ecuador. The Armed Forces of Ecuador loaded the aid into army trucks and transported to the Emmanuel TV Operations Center, situated close to Esmeraldas City. The supplies were offloaded, repackaged, and distributed to various shelter camps in the Esmeraldas Province.

Tb Joshua Ecuador Relief Materials

Reporting Cargo Plane Loading Relief Materials

Beneficiaries Ecuador Relief MaterialsThe Emmanuel TV Team also extended its relief efforts to a remote village, Chachi de San Salvador, which had also been gravely affected by the quake in the areas of access to clean water and the destruction of its local school. In response to this particular community’s needs, the Team supplied the community with equipment that converts river and unclean water into potable water. The Team is also undergoing a school construction project – at a cost of US$262,000 – to rebuild the entire school complex that was destroyed. The reconstructed school will provide learning facilities for 350 students.

Ecuador Relief MaterialsThe people of Ecuador, as well as its Government, continue to express their gratitude for the Emmanuel TV Ecuador Relief efforts. A grateful beneficiary, from the Chachi community, said: “This is the first aid we have received from another country”. The relief efforts have aided over 5,000 Ecuadorians, totaling over half a million US Dollars.

About Emmanuel TV

Emmanuel TV Team

Emmanuel TV Team in Ecuador

Emmanuel TV is an international TV Station and NGO, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. It was founded by T.B. Joshua, a philanthropist, who has been responding to individual and societal needs across the world. Emmanuel TV has been providing food aid to poor communities in Colorado, USA; promoting women’s rights by providing funds to widows to start small businesses; building a school in Lahore, Pakistan and granting international scholarships – these are among a fraction of its practices. Such humanitarian endeavors are its strides to achieving the international community’s Sustainable Development Goals.

To find out more, click here

SOURCE: Emmanuel TV

Video: How T.B. Joshua Prophecy the Saudi Arabia Attack

Popular Nigerian Prophet, TB Joshua,of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) has revealed that he predicted the bombing attacks that happened in Saudi Arabia yesterday. The Pastor made the prediction on 31st January of this year.

A terrorist attacks which happened in Jeddah, Qatif and the Prophet’s mosque in Madinah, took the lives of atleast five people.

According to a video culled from a live sermon on Sunday, January 31,that aired on the Emmanuel TV channel shows the prophet urging thousands of his SCOAN congregants to also pray for Saudi Arabia as the for their various countries in order to scuttle the ‘evil plans’ of the unnamed attacks.

In his words, ““Saudi as a country – they should pray against attack – that is Saudi Arabia. I am seeing something happen there. Pray for the nation. Saudi Arabia – I cannot locate the place but I am seeing an attack. They should pray – how to unravel the attack. They should watch out.”

“The day, I did not know but I can see attack in the country,” he added.

The prophecy became true on 4th July 2016, when suicide bombers struck in Saudi Arabia. In the morning, the first bomber blew themselves up in Jidda, in a location very close to the United States Consulate. It is by no means a mere twist of fate that the attack coincided with the United States’ Independence anniversary.

Consequently, in the evening, another suicide bomber fulfilled their mission near a Shiite mosque in the eastern region of Qatif. This was followed closely by a third blast in Medina, near the ‘Prophet’s mosque’, known as one of Islam’s holiest sites.

This prophecy comes at the end of a long run of international and often controversial prophecies given over the years by T.B. Joshua. Recent incidents that he has said to have predicted include: the Brussels Terror attack, the Brexit, the Russian plane crash in Egypt among others.