tb joshua scoanCervia Ogando stood at a distance in the stands that day. From afar, she saw miracles unfold. She witnessed healing take place. She observed God’s power descend. When would it be her own turn? It was not physically possible for Prophet T.B. Joshua to touch everyone that day. Over 50,000 were inside the stadium. But Cervia knew God could touch each and every single soul there – and she put her trust in Him. As the Mass Prayer started, the Dominican poured out her heart before God. Heaven heard and responded!

“I had chronic diabetes and a tumour in my stomach,” she explained. “I couldn’t go to the toilet without drugs. However, when Prophet T.B. Joshua began offering Mass Prayer, I received my healing! After all the symptoms of diabetes disappeared, I went to a doctor who confirmed my blood sugar is now normal!” For the first time in many years, Cervia went to the toilet without any pain or discomfort. “T.B Joshua didn’t touch me yet his word reached me,” she counselled people. “Just believe!”



tb joshua scoanAmanda Mendez suffered with rheumatoid arthritis for nine long, painful years. What started as a gradual, slight pain soon nosedived into constant agony, causing the Dominican lady to leave her work. Restricted almost solely to her house, if Amanda wanted to go out, she would have to rely on the use of a wheelchair.

Aided by doting family members, Amanda was brought to the Dominican Republic Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua on a wheelchair. “I felt numb when the prophet prayed for me; it felt like a spiritual operation was taking place!” A strength from above fell upon Amanda as she rose from the wheelchair and began to walk on her own. Ever since then, Amanda has moved from strength to strength as the devil’s hand of sickness has been removed from her life. There are no natural words to describe it, except to say, ‘Thank You, Jesus!’


tb joshua scoanJasmeli Mendoza was born with inverted feet. Whilst in her mother’s womb, she did not have adequate space to develop properly and was thus born with an impediment that caused her to often fall down when walking. Running was not an option for the four-year old Dominican girl and she had to wear special boots in an attempt to reposition her feet.

During the Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua, Jasmeli was among those who received prayer on the first day. “Immediately after the prophet prayed for our daughter, she began to run,” her mum explained. “She has been running ever since and has not fallen down once.” No more using the special shoes, Jasmeli threw them away. “It is God who healed me,” the beautiful little girl happily testified!


tb joshua scoan

Soraya Agramonte was booked for surgery on her knee after fifteen years of pain with the debilitating condition of osteoarthritis. The cartilage was damaged, causing her to wear a knee brace constantly. “It got to a stage where I had to leave my work because the pain was too much,” Soraya explained.

Booked for a total knee replacement, the Dominican decided to attend the Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua as it was scheduled to hold shortly before her surgery. “When the prophet prayed for me, I felt the presence of God in an incredible way,” she recounted. Jumping up, she began to walk, jump and run! “There is no more knee replacement now!”


tb joshua scoanCatherine Felix, a dentist by profession, was stricken with pain as a result of scoliosis. Her daily life was filled with difficulties as simple tasks became burdensome and complicated. “As a dentist, I could not stand for long to attend to people because of the pain,” she recalled. The young Dominican was forced to wear a body brace – the only medical solution to try and straighten her curved spine. Nevertheless, the pain only seemed to get worse as time progressed

“When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for me, it felt like something was straightening my back,” Catherine recalled. She slept that night peacefully! Waking up the following morning, every pain associated with the scoliosis had gone! “I started to exercise myself, run and jump – things that were simply impossible for me to do before,” she testified. What a God we have to worship; what a Son we have to praise; what a future lies before us!


tb joshua scoan“See you after school mum! I love you,” said the sweet little girl as she heaved her heavy school bag over her shoulder and ran off into the playground. Her mother could never have expected the complications this seemingly ordinary act would have in her daughters life! Years later, with her back aching unbearably, she was taken to the hospital where the doctors discovered she had severe scoliosis of the spine.

As if the back problem she had was not enough, Miss Leofanys Tejada also had an acute problem with her adenoid glands which made her suffer difficulties in breathing. The problem seemed to be generic as her mum was a victim of fibromyalgia. This led to intense pain all over her body, coupled with three herniated discs in her spine. The problem affected both her arm, hands, knees and neck. She needed a neck collar to sleep at night, had an arm sling and wore braces on both her knees to alleviate the pain just a little.

With no other solution offered to the family than a risky surgery, they discovered the Crusade with Prophet TB Joshua and attended. On the prayer line, just a touch of prayer in the name of Jesus Christ brought the power of God on the scene and the years of debilitating pain were brought to a sudden end. Both fell to the ground under the heavy presence of the anointing of God and as they rose to their feet, their braces and supports were removed from them and they started twisting, turning and praising Jesus Christ for His perfect healing in their lives.

Now, both testified to sleeping well without any device or supports or sedative medication they had relied on for so many years and were able to do everything they had been unable to do for many years. Their advice was simple: “Give God time to perfect His plan in your life and when He moves, follow Him with all your heart, because if you don’t have faith, no matter what you do, you can’t please God.”

Nigerian slavery victim interviewed by CNN in Libya spotted in TB Joshua’s church

cnn tb joshua scoan libyaVictory Imasuen, the slavery victim whose story on CNN sparked a global outcry about human trafficking in Libya, has finally returned to Nigeria.

The Edo State indigene, whose emotion-laden interview with CNN’s Nima Elbagir in a Libyan deportation camp was viewed by millions worldwide, shared his life-experiences in T.B. Joshua’s church on Sunday 3rd December, 2017.

The young barber explained that his father died when he was just eleven, adding that he struggled to sponsor himself through school along with his five siblings.

“When I was cutting the hair of one of my customer’s, he advised me to go to Europe where he promised I could earn a lot of money,” Victory recounted.

“I asked the man how much it would cost me. He said N350,000 but I said I only had N140,000 with me.” Victory had been determinedly saving N10,000 monthly for over one year.

The man promised to ‘help’, not knowing that Victory was naively about to use his own hard-earned cash to sell himself into slavery.

Travelling by road on a tortuous journey through Niger, the young Nigerian explained how one of the vehicles in his convoy had a “terrible accident” in the Sahara Desert, killing 30 people instantly.

“Upon arriving in Libya, the driver said he had not been paid his money and we were sold into the slave trade in Sabha.”

Victory said him and ten other Nigerians were ‘sold’ and then “locked up in one small room”. More than 200 slaves were kept inside that inhumane cell.

“They started beating me to call my mother to send money. That was when my mother learned I was not in Nigeria – because I did not tell her before I left,” Victory admitted.

The ransom they demanded – N200,000 – was simply too much for Victory’s poverty-stricken mother to raise.

“For months, I did not hear from her. They kept on beating me everyday and I fell sick. If I went to the toilet, I was shitting blood.”

Victory was beaten three times daily for eight gruelling months. That was his fate as a male.

For the ladies sold into slavery, “they would send them out to do prostitution before selling them to another person; I know of a girl there who was sold three times.”

According to him, most of the enslaved females fell pregnant “without even knowing the father of the child.”

When a picture of Victory’s emaciated condition was circulated in his local community, they managed to come together to raise the money to secure his freedom in March 2017.

After gaining his freedom, Victory attempted to travel to Tripoli, hoping to join the thousands of illegal migrants who would brave the sea to try and reach Italy by boat.

“I didn’t even get to Tripoli before I was caught and taken to prison. I met more than 10,000 Nigerians there. We only eat once a day there – one piece of bread. I would drink salt water.”

While suffering the horrific prison conditions, Victory hatched a plan to reach the deportation camp.

He slipped a note into the female section of the prison, pleading that any of the ladies who was being taken for deportation claim he was their husband.

The ruse worked and Victory was taken to Tripoli’s main deportation camp – one step closer to being repatriated to Nigeria.

It was there Victory granted an interview to CNN. “I decided to speak to them, hoping to get help but at the end, nothing came out of it,” he bemoaned.

Through the intervention of the International Organisation for MIgration (IOM), Victory was finally deported to Nigeria – with nothing but the clothes on his back to show for his “journey through hell”.

“Upon getting to Nigeria, I decided to come to T.B. Joshua because even before I left, I heard of the help he renders to others. I need prayer.”

Osazee Aghimie, another deportee, equally shared his own sorrowful tale, explaining how over 100 migrants died in the boat he was in after it capsized en route to Italy. He narrowly survived only to be thrown into prison and eventually deported.

T.B. Joshua, who had just turned from the Dominican Republic, gave the two men each N200,000. Victory could not hold back tears as he received the gift.

Joshua’s support to the duo is not an isolated instance. This week alone, the cleric gave over N4.4m to Nigerians returning from Libya, and well over N100m ($277,000) has been provided to them by The SCOAN since 2016.

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian writer