tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

“When you are a man of vision, no matter what constitutes obstacles on your way, you can never be stopped: Opposition cannot stop you; blackmail cannot stop you. Instead of pressure and tension to force you to reduce your vision, they would even enlarge your strategies.

Opposition makes a man of vision to discover and develop better strategies to further his cause in the presence of his enemies. A man without opposition has no need to develop strategies.

For example, I am running and somebody is running after me, if that person running after me is an enemy and he increases his speed, I must also double my speed in order to prevent him from catching up with me. The more your enemies are after you, the more you pray. I mean, the more you need to improve your quiet moments for devotion.”

– Prophet T.B. Joshua



tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

“Irrespective of how many times you have tried and failed, so far as you are still alive, you are alive to try again. Don’t give up on what you want to become or achieve in life because Jesus Christ motivates people to try again and again. For each obstacle you face, there is a lot of experience you acquire. If you take a step and you fail, don’t look at that failure – look at the experience you acquire. Experience is the best teacher. So, forget about the failure you have experienced or the disappointment you went through – look at the experience you have acquired along the way. The lessons you learn from your failure prepare you for the responsibilities and challenges of success.” – TB Joshua


tb joshua scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

“I am supposed to bring you the revelation of what you should expect next year. I compiled everything but many of those things are things you know already – because the signs we are seeing now cannot be overcome just in a year. This coming year is a year you must be ready to fight the battle. It’s a battle year – a battle to survive. Think of your survival. It’s a year your children need to sit at your feet and learn from you. Share your experiences with them. It’s a parable. We are in a warfare where the serious-minded will be victorious.”

– Prophet T.B. Joshua (Sunday 31st December, 2017)

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scoan tb joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

“Whatever you receive now, without maintenance, is useless. It is better not to receive something you cannot maintain. It is all about maintenance. It is better not to ask for something you cannot maintain; it is better not to receive something you cannot maintain because it will expose you and put you in the hands of enemies. Without faith, no one can maintain.

If you believe you have achieved something without living right, remember that the beginner is not the owner but the finisher. How do you know that whatever you achieve now, you will be able to maintain it? Without faith, no one can maintain the blessings of God. If you know what it means to be a finisher, you will know what it takes to be a finisher. It takes faith to maintain your position to the end.

The beauty of achievement is when we no longer live and our achievement is still there, continuing to live and linger on in the eyes and ears of the children yet unborn. The children yet unborn want to see things that can influence them to do right. We are not necessarily blessed by God because of today but because of tomorrow.

Your concentration is so much on what you want to achieve. We have so many role models both good and bad in our family and community. Which path are we following? If your name is known today and vanishes tomorrow, what is the value? Don’t be deceived by the little you have.

Are you talking about marriage? If you are thinking of tomorrow, you will not just marry without asking God if this marriage will be able to stand tomorrow. The same applies to your job. Today is ours and tomorrow is God’s. Many marriages stand today but will not be able to stand tomorrow. Many businesses and relationships stand today but will not be able to stand tomorrow.

Faith is maintenance. You maintain your life if you live the life of faith – that is the only way you will be able to maintain your finances and health. You follow Jesus through faith. To follow Him demands faith, employs faith.” – TB Joshua


tb joshua scoan 2018

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Viewers all over the world, Happy New Year! What do you understand by ‘New Year’? It is a gift from God – a part of the Divine nature of God. In the New Year therefore, you are called to God’s kind of lifestyle – His divine essence in terms of faithfulness, steadfastness and love.

God is the reason for the year. If God is the reason, nothing of God can be possible unless our heart is pure. Jesus said in Matthew 5:8 – “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”. Psalm 66:18 says, “If we regard inequity in our heart, the Lord will not hear us”. To regard inequity is to hold offence, pain of the past and bitterness. When you hold a grudge against a brother, you have already grieved the Holy Spirit.

Let us remove every barrier between our heart and the Spirit of God. Viewers, I command that barrier to be removed in the name of Jesus. Be removed! Be removed, in the name of Jesus! This barrier could be an unforgiving spirit, holding offence or pain of the past. Whatever wall, whatever barrier, I command it to be removed. Let there be relationship! Let the relationship between you and God in this New Year be reestablished in Jesus’ Name! Receive a free spirit – a spirit that is free from offence, bitterness, unforgiveness and pain of the past. Receive it in Jesus’ name, I command!

Jesus started with prayer. Prayer is the master key. Let me usher you into the New Year with prayer. Viewers, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”. I believe your relationship with God has been reestablished because our heart is the prayer room. Let us pray!

At the command of Jesus, Peter walked on the sea. At the command of Jesus, Blind Bartimaeus regained his sight. I command every unfavourable situation in your life to cease, to end with the year 2017, in Jesus Christ’s name. In your career, business, health, marriage, family, country – let every unfavourable situation end with 2017! That career that has been asleep, that business that has been asleep, that health that has been asleep – I say, “Good morning to you all!” It is a new dawn! Happy New Year!

Viewers, I know there is something you want me to mention – the prophecy for the year. We must wait for God’s time to make this known to you.


Tb Joshua Peru scoan

Prophet T.B. Joshua

“When I was a child, at my small age, I was very shy – to the extent that I could not stand before a crowd. But for the school of persecution, rejection, intimidation, condemnation and name calling, here I am today – a graduate of persecution, rejection, intimidation and name calling. These things have emboldened me to stand before crowds to preach the Gospel.

Mind you, these things are not brought to pass by anything done by me. All boasting is excluded. There is no room for any man’s boasting of his abilities and powers. It is the Lord’s doing. Mark 12:10-11 – ‘The stone which the builders rejected has come to become the chief cornerstone. It is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes’. That rejection is the Lord’s doing so that He can take all glory and honour on us. That persecution is the Lord’s doing so that He can bring out the best out of us.

Whatever negative comment people must have made in the past about me, God allowed it so that He can use it to speak strength and courage into my life. If I had been loved and accepted by everyone, I would have grown up being a weakling, depending on people to survive – I mean, waiting for people to direct me before I know what to do, say. But man’s rejection provokes God’s direction. When man rejects you, God would start to direct you.”

– Prophet TB Joshua


tb joshua scoan

Prophet TB Joshua

My people of Liberia, shalom! At this period in Liberia, I wish to let you know that you are not alone. Our God is aware of what we go through. He will not leave us to our own strength. This is a time we must pass through. With Him, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Let us pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17). If we know that God is with us, why should we be troubled?

Remember, whether you are a contestant or an elector, a leader or follower, you have a role to play. If you are going to cast your vote, let God’s Word be your standard. Let your conscience be your guide; be convinced in your own heart because anything that does not come from faith is sin (Romans 14:5, 23).